What Among Us Color Are You

Key Takeaway:

  • The color you choose in Among Us can say a lot about your personality: Taking a personality quiz or analyzing the characteristics of each color can help you discover which color best represents your traits.
  • Among Us is a space-themed game that allows players to take on the role of a crewmate or an impostor, with the goal of identifying the impostor or sabotaging the crew’s tasks. Choosing a strategic approach and working effectively with your team is important to succeed in this online multiplayer game.
  • The importance of color in Among Us goes beyond aesthetics: Colors can indicate a player’s identity, traits, and role in the game. Understanding the unique tasks, visual tasks, and common tasks associated with each color can help you play more effectively and interact more efficiently with other players.

Discovering Your Among Us Color

Discovering Your Among Us Color  - What Among Us Color Are You,

Photo Credits: colorscombo.com by Mark Rivera

Discover Your Among Us Color is a personality quiz that can help you determine your character color in the popular space-themed game Among Us. The quiz consists of a set of questions that evaluate which color you are most compatible with based on your personality and behavior in different situations.

  • Questionnaire – The quiz asks you a series of questions that help determine your personality and playing style.
  • Analysis – The answers are analyzed using a complex algorithm to determine the most compatible character color for you.
  • Result – After completing the quiz, you will receive your Among Us color along with a detailed description of the qualities and traits associated with your character color.
  • Personalization – The quiz is designed to provide a personalized experience and help you understand your character color better.
  • Variety – The quiz offers a variety of different questions to ensure a unique experience every time you take it.
  • Accuracy – The quiz is generated using data-driven algorithms, and the results are accurate and reliable.

Interestingly, the Among Us game was inspired by the real-life game “Mafia” and was developed by the game studio “InnerSloth.” The game was initially released in 2018, but it gained popularity in 2020 due to its unique gameplay and social features. Now, it has become one of the most popular and played games around the world.

What is Among Us?

What Is Among Us?  - What Among Us Color Are You,

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To grasp Among Us, you must know the strategies. These involve deception, teamwork, and voting off teammates.

Color plays a huge part in the game. It affects visuals, characters, skins, and mini-games. Plus, it affects gameplay in tasks, emergency meetings, sabotage, venting, crew report, and admin, electrical, common, and unique tasks. So, take the plunge and explore the space-themed world of crewmates and impostors!

How to Play Among Us

In the game Among Us, players take on the role of crewmates or impostors in a space-themed setting. To start playing, you need to first choose your character color and customize your avatar with hats and pets.

Here’s a simple 5-step guide to playing Among Us:

  1. Start by joining an online multiplayer game or creating your own private game with friends.
  2. Mingle with other players and complete assigned tasks if you’re a crewmate, or sabotage tasks and deceive others if you’re an impostor.
  3. Call emergency meetings to discuss suspicious behavior and vote off suspected impostors.
  4. Use strategy and teamwork to outsmart the impostors, making sure all tasks are completed while identifying any suspicious individuals.
  5. Maintain friendships among the crewmates but also keep a wary eye out for anyone who might be hiding their true intentions.

It’s important to note that deception plays a key role in Among Us. You must use your wits and social skills to stay informed about what’s happening in the game, even as alliances shift and suspicions rise. It’s all about using deduction, strategy, and careful observation to come out on top.

To improve your gameplay experience, consider talking regularly with other players via voice chat or messaging tools. This can help build communication skills among teammates, which is essential in voting out any impostors among them.

So go ahead and embrace the fun of playing Among Us! With its exciting mix of teamwork, deception, and strategy, it promises hours of engaging gameplay for all kinds of players. Why settle for boring colors when you can be an emoji-inspired character with Among Us skins?

The Importance of Color in Among Us

Colors play a crucial role in the popular mini-game, Among Us. Each player has to choose a unique color as their identity, represented by a cute emoji character. The color you choose has the power to communicate your personality and preferences in the game.

In Among Us, colors enable players to identify other crewmates’ tasks and monitor their movements during emergency meetings or when reporting crewmate deaths. In case of sabotage or venting by an imposter, the colors will indicate whether they are behaving suspiciously.

Beyond functional use, the color you pick speaks volumes about your personality and preferred playing style. It is believed that some players might opt for certain colors depending on current trends or skin choices.

Certain colors come with unique responsibilities while playing Among Us and have specific characteristics associated with them. Red is seen as a natural leader, while blue is an analytical thinker. Green represents peacekeeping, pink indicates being social-minded, orange is considered unpredictable or wild card players, purple brings creativity into strategy planning, yellow is often the detective who uncovers clues meticulously but quietly observed. Black is often viewed as someone who observes silently without drawing attention to themselves; white solves problems effectively by coming up with quick solutions due to their calm nature.

Pro Tip: To avoid confusion amidst similar basic tasks (commontasks), unique responsibilities (uniquetasks) or visual tasks (visualtasks), it’s recommended to choose colors that stand out from others and aren’t too similar to ensure efficient gameplay in Among Us!

Find out which Among Us color matches your personality with this fun and quirky personality quiz!

Which Among Us Color are You?

Which Among Us Color Are You?  - What Among Us Color Are You,

Photo Credits: colorscombo.com by Zachary Perez

Take our quiz and learn your Personality in Among Us!

Red is for Leaders. Blue stands for Planning and Analysis. Green = Peacekeeper. Pink excels at Socializing. Orange = Unpredictable and Wild. Purple means Creativity. Yellow is the Detective. Black is the Observer. White solves Problems.

Find out which color fits you best!


As the leader of the pack, crimson has a responsibility to make their team complete tasks. With their leadership traits, they are confident in making decisions and motivating others to follow along. This color represents strategy, power, and determination. In Among Us, reddish characters can steer their fellow crewmates on the right course through the obstacles that come their way.

Red Among Us characters are natural leaders who exude confidence and intelligence. They understand how to work with different personality types and can find ways to negotiate people’s differences while still keeping everyone on track. Their dominant personality often makes it easy for them to stand out among their peers as an authoritative figure without being pushy or overbearing.

Contrasting with other colors in this game, reds have unique qualities where they take charge of situations even under pressure. Furthermore, these individuals possess remarkable strategic planning skills which help them excel during emergencies. They use this trait as an advantage when figuring out imposters’ hidden agenda in the game.

A friend once shared that they were playing Among Us with a participant who chose to play as red. Despite not knowing much about the game at first, they quickly took control and became a trustworthy aid for other players during that particular round. The player led everyone around diligently based on logical reasoning and helping them complete tasks smoothly while also avoiding being killed by imposters hiding amongst them.

Blue may be the color of trust in Among Us, but it’s also the color of strategic masterminds and cunning thinkers.


This Among Us color is known for its strategic thinking and analytical abilities. Often relied upon for making critical decisions, blue players tend to be proactive in their approach. With a sharp attention to detail and an ability to see through deceit, they’re instrumental in identifying impostors and saving the crew.

As players of this color embody a unique blend of intelligence and precision, their contributions are deemed invaluable in crucial moments. When dealing with high-pressure situations, blue players utilize their analytical approach to assess all angles before making decisions. This provides them with an added advantage when it comes to critical tasks such as emergency meetings.

Interestingly, blue players also have an artistic side which they develop when not strategizing or analyzing situations. They enjoy creating unique items and expressing themselves through various mediums.

One player who embodied these traits was the legendary “Sapphire” whose strategic mind and tactical acumen helped him win against some of the best impostors on his journey to become a Grandmaster detective.

Green may not be the flashiest color in Among Us, but its traits as the peacemaker make it the unsung hero of the game.


Green: The Peacemaker

One of the colors you can choose to play as in Among Us is Green. This color symbolizes peace and tranquility. In the game, it means that you are likely to be a calming influence on the other players and someone who avoids conflict.

As a Green player, you are known for your ability to keep the team together and avoid any arguments between crewmates. Your role is important as it helps maintain harmony in the group. You may not be loud or aggressive but your opinion carries weight in decision-making, thanks to your diplomatic approach.

As a Green player, you possess some unique traits that make you stand out from other colours. You often feel responsible for maintaining balance and unity within the group. You are empathetic and intuitive; this allows you to understand what others need and when they need it.

To fully embrace your role as a peacemaker, try encouraging communication among players during meetings, so that everyone understands each other’s perspectives better. Additionally, remind crewmates not to rush into hasty decisions which may end up causing chaos later.

Playing as the Green character on Among Us is an honorable position where your input can have great value. Enjoy playing as this character and remember to use these traits to help keep peace among all players to ensure success in every mission!

Choose pink in Among Us if you want to socialize and make friends (or betray them, your call).


Pink: The Social Butterfly

The color pink in Among Us represents a player with an outgoing, extroverted personality who enjoys socializing and interacting with others. This player is likely to make friends easily and is more interested in building relationships than focusing on the game’s objective.

As the social butterfly, the pink player brings a fun, playful atmosphere to the game, and others enjoy their company. They are usually talkative, engaging, and willing to assist other players when needed.

Apart from being sociable, it is essential to note that pink players are also intelligent strategists who can think on their feet. As valuable team members, they often build alliances with other players that help them navigate the game’s complexities smoothly.

If you have a pink color personality in Among Us, highlight your strength of charisma and learn how to balance your socializing tendencies with accomplishing objectives in-game. You could become good at working in groups while still making lasting friends.

Orange in Among Us: Like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.


The Unpredictable Orange Among Us Color:

One of the nine colors you can choose from in Among Us is orange. Orange players are known for being wildcards, with their unpredictability adding an exciting element to the game. They are spontaneous and love taking risks, making them a fun addition to any crew.

Orange characters in Among Us often act on impulse, following their gut feelings instead of planning out their moves. This trait can make them a bit unpredictable, but it also makes for some interesting gameplay as they keep others on their toes with unexpected actions.

It’s important to note that being a wildcard doesn’t necessarily mean playing recklessly. It just means having a different approach to playing the game than other more methodical colors. Orange players may surprise everyone by suddenly completing tasks or calling emergency meetings when least expected.

In one game, an orange player surprised everyone by acting sus, only to be cleared at the very end when they revealed they had been trying a new bluffing strategy. This shows that orange players can be both strategic and spontaneous depending on the situation.

Overall, if you’re drawn to the orange color in Among Us, embrace your wildcard nature and have fun keeping your fellow crewmates guessing!

Feeling purple today? Get ready to flex those creative muscles and outsmart your crewmates in Among Us!


The Creative Mind

Among Us players who choose the purple color are known for their creative personalities. They enjoy exploring new and innovative ways to complete tasks, and often bring fresh ideas to group discussions.

In-game, Purple players tend to think outside of the box when it comes to finding imposters, making them valuable detectives. They also have a strategic mindset that allows them to outwit opponents and manipulate situations in their favor.

Purple players are also observant and detail-oriented, noticing things that others might miss. They have an eye for design and aesthetics, making their living spaces and workstations stand out with unique decorations.

Overall, choosing the Purple color in Among Us showcases one’s creativity, strategic thinking skills, attention to detail and unique flair.

Yellow in Among Us is the Sherlock Holmes of the group, always analyzing and investigating – but don’t worry, they won’t make you feel like a suspect… unless you are.


One of the colors in Among Us is yellow, which represents the investigator. This character is highly analytical and observant, always searching for clues and patterns to help identify imposters. They are able to find details that others might miss, making them a valuable asset to any team.

As an investigator, yellow players prefer to take a careful approach when playing the game. They tend to focus on gathering information and piecing together evidence rather than taking impulsive actions. While they may not be as vocal as some of the other characters, their insights are often critical to identifying imposters and solving puzzles.

It’s important for players who identify with yellow to use their detective skills wisely and trust in their observations. While they may not be the most glamorous or outspoken characters on the team, their unique perspective can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Don’t miss out on the chance to play as an investigator in Among Us – embrace your inner detective and hone your investigative skills!

Black may seem like the quiet observer in Among Us, but don’t underestimate their ability to spot the imposter lurking in the shadows.


As an Among Us Color, Black represents the Quiet Observer. This player tends to keep a low profile while silently keeping tabs on everyone else. They’re not the most social among the crew and may appear suspicious because of their reserved nature.

Black’s minimalistic approach to gameplay can be deceiving, though, as they are always observing others’ moves and picking up on clues that may point towards an Imposter in their midst. They don’t mind letting others take control of the situation while they quietly work behind the scenes.

What sets Black apart is their innate ability to make calculated decisions based on what they’ve observed. Similar to Chess masters, they think several moves ahead and aren’t afraid to take risks when it comes down to it.

If you identify with Black’s traits in Among Us gameplay, keep honing your observational skills. You bring a unique set of talents to the table that will undoubtedly benefit your team in unexpected ways. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you have something important to add – your companions will appreciate your insights!

White in Among Us may be the quiet observer, but they’re also the ultimate problem solver – they’re basically the Batman of the game.


Representing problem-solving skills in Among Us, the color white is known for its amazing ability to find solutions. The color reflects an individual who loves working by themselves and can find answers quickly. White is a strategic thinker who assesses situations logically before making decisions.

In addition to being a problem solver, white characters in Among Us are analytical thinkers and excellent listeners – they take in all information presented to them before drawing conclusions. They work smart and systematically, focusing on the task at hand until it’s done perfectly.

White individuals have exceptional attention to detail too; they care about the small things that others might overlook. These character traits help them excel in their roles as crewmates or impostors alike.

A few suggestions for those who identify with white include taking breaks when necessary to avoid burnout and working collaboratively with others when appropriate. As part of a group, your problem-solving skills will be even more beneficial, plus it allows you to get different perspectives on various issues.

Discover the traits and characters of each Among Us color and find out which shade suits your strategic thinking, social butterfly or creative mind.

Characteristics of Each Among Us Color

Characteristics Of Each Among Us Color  - What Among Us Color Are You,

Photo Credits: colorscombo.com by Brandon Mitchell

Find out your personality traits through the online game Among Us! Analyze the qualities of every color – Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, Purple, Yellow, Black, and White. It could give you more knowledge about yourself or those around you. Get insights from this game!

Red: The Leader

In the game of Among Us, red stands out as a color that portrays leadership qualities. Red players are seen as strong leaders who can take charge of situations where decisions need to be made. They have an inherent sense of authority, confidence and control that commands the attention of others.

Red players are not afraid to take risks and often prefer taking a more direct approach to solving problems. They strategically think ahead, assessing risks and weighing them against potential benefits. Their intuitive decision-making skills come from their ability to analyze situations and people quickly.

Furthermore, red represents passion and drive – essential qualities for good leadership. Players with this color tend to be assertive and persuasive, easily motivating others towards success through their actions.

To succeed as a leader in the game, it’s important for red players to communicate effectively and create powerful alliances – using both tactics as well as personal charisma.

In summary, choosing red means embracing your strengths in leadership and inspiring confidence in your fellow players. Donning a red costume might just propel you into the role of commander-in-chief when playing among friends or opponents.

Blue may be the color of sadness, but in Among Us, it’s the color of strategy and cunning.

Blue: The Strategic Thinker

The blue-colored character in Among Us is known for their strategic thinking abilities. They are quick to analyze the situation, assess the risks and rewards involved before taking action in a level-headed manner. They often lead a mission by devising strategies that maximize the chances of success while minimizing the potential consequences.

These players are meticulous with details, attentive to clues, and can think on their feet. Their analytical and logical skills set them apart from others, making them effective problem solvers.

It’s important to note that being a strategic thinker doesn’t mean that they are always correct or infallible, but rather they excel at making informed decisions based on a combination of quantitative and qualitative data.

Players with blue among us colors are known for their cool-headedness under pressure and resourcefulness when confronted with unexpected challenges. Whether playing as an imposter or crewmate, they remain alert and understand their role within the team.

Interestingly, there’s no scientific evidence indicating that personality traits can be determined solely by your color choice in Among Us, but it is fun to explore different possibilities.

Green is the Among Us equivalent of Switzerland – always striving for peace in the chaos of the game.

Green: The Peacekeeper

Players with the color green in Among Us are known as ‘the peacekeeper.’ They have a unique ability to resolve conflicts between others and maintain order within the group. Their natural empathy and understanding of the supporting role make them vital components to any successful crew.

Green players excel at compartmentalizing situations and analyzing each one’s merits on its own, removing themselves emotionally from circumstances that envelop their teammates. While focused on preserving the group’s harmony, they do so without becoming biased towards individual members.

Moreover, Green’s peacefulness doesn’t necessarily mean pacifism. Instead, greens’ hard work finds middle ground in collaboration or defusing conflict within a team rather than pitting individual players against one another.

Interestingly, a player playing with the green color once calmed down an argument between two players by engaging both of them in a logic-based conversation that ensured neither side felt threatened or belittled by the other but it resolved all aspects of an issue peacefully.

Think pink and fly high in social skies with your Among Us crew.

Pink: The Social Butterfly

Pink: The Life of the Party

Pink is often considered the life of the party in Among Us. As the social butterfly, players can count on them to lighten the mood and keep everyone engaged during gameplay. Their outgoing personality often makes them popular among crewmates and imposter alike.

Players who choose pink as their color tend to be friendly, talkative, and enjoy being around others. They are natural organizers and love hosting events. Pink is also known for their persuasiveness, able to convince others to see things from their perspective.

One unique detail about pink is that they have a strong memory. They can recall details about previous games with ease, making them useful during discussions about past events.

Pro Tip: If you are playing as pink, use your persuasive skills to convince others during meetings. You may be able to sway opinions towards your own goals.

Orange is the Among Us color equivalent of a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get.

Orange: The Wildcard

Indulging in Among Us gameplay? Orange: the wildcard is one of the colours that one can choose. This colour represents an unpredictable persona and can change their game strategy within seconds, hence making them a challenging player to anticipate. The orange player knows how to make smart decisions quickly while remaining under the radar, which makes them a hard soul to read for their fellow players.

The orange player’s impulsive nature has both pros and cons. They may be able to deceive their team members by throwing curveballs and choosing uncertain paths, but they also increase their chances of being discovered as imposters if they are overly reckless. Additionally, orange players have a natural ability to analyze situations outside of the box with their intelligence.

While red and blue colors represent leadership and intelligence in Among Us and keep the spacecraft running smoothly, respectively, orange color adds an element of unforeseeable risks which makes the game more interesting.

History has shown that many great experiments or gambles have come from someone who thinks differently from everyone else. It’s essential to embrace diversity when playing games like Among Us because individuals like Orange add excitement that reshapes strategies for themselves and other players while keeping things uncertain but fascinating all at once.

Who says creativity can’t be deadly? Watch out for those purple players in Among Us.

Purple: The Creative Mind

Purple: Unlocking the Creative Mind

The purple among us character is widely known as the creative mind. This color represents people who possess high levels of creativity and imagination, allowing them to approach challenges in unique ways. Their ability to provide innovative solutions for problems is essential for any team.

The purple players tend to think outside the box and are not afraid to voice their ideas, even if they may seem unconventional. They have excellent problem-solving skills which they often utilize when helping plan strategies for accomplishing goals. They can visualize outcomes that other crewmates may not be able to see.

Additionally, purple individuals have strong communication skills that enable them to articulate and express their thoughts clearly. This allows others in the crew to understand their views better and work more effectively together.

To help bring out the best in purple players, it’s recommended that crewmates listen intently when they speak, ask questions about their ideas, and also offer feedback respectfully. By giving them adequate attention and showing an open-minded attitude towards their ideas, they will feel valued for their contributions and continue to push creative boundaries that will positively impact team performance.

“Yellow is always on the case, making sure no imposters slip by unnoticed – Sherlock who?”

Yellow: The Detective

In Among Us, the color yellow represents The Detective. This player is highly observant and analytical, paying close attention to every detail during the game. Adept at spotting when other players are lying or acting suspiciously, The Detective uses their skills to get to the bottom of mysteries in the game.

As a Detective, players who choose the yellow color will possess a sharp mind and a penchant for logic-based challenges. They will take their time while playing, carefully gathering information before making any accusations. In group settings, they often act as moderators, keeping an eye on everyone’s behavior and speaking up if necessary.

If you’re playing as The Detective and want to enhance your skills even more – try practicing by analyzing different types of behavior in everyday situations. Being observant and drawing conclusions based on evidence is not just limited to games; it can help you in many areas of life. Additionally, if you want to improve communication with other players while being The Detective – make notes and share them during discussions- this may help build trust with your teammates during gameplay.

Black may seem unassuming, but don’t underestimate their keen observation skills in Among Us.

Black: The Quiet Observer

The deep and brooding black is often associated with a sense of mystery and intrigue, which makes the Among Us color Black: The Quiet Observer an enigmatic personality. This persona is known for its ability to observe and analyze situations without making their presence known.

Black: The Quiet Observer is a silent player who quietly observes the gameplay while keeping an eye on every detail in front of them. Their shrewdness and perceptiveness make them a formidable opponent, as they can easily identify suspect moves on the game board.

This strategy is often used by players who want to play it safe or who are still getting comfortable with the gameplay. They prefer to sit back and let others take center stage, only speaking out when they sense something is wrong or have useful information to share.

What sets Black: The Quiet Observer apart from other players is their ability to synthesize all the information gathered, relying on their critical thinking skills to analyze and make informed decisions. It’s a strategic approach that works well for observant players who prefer to take their time before acting.

In one particular game session, there was a Black player whose minimally intrusive attitude helped them manage to observe another player sabotaging within minutes of starting the game. They patiently waited then reported just in time before any major damage could be done.

White may be the color of purity, but in Among Us, it’s the shade of the devious problem solvers.

White: The Problem Solver

With their analytical and logical mindset, White players in Among Us are known as “The Problem Solver”. They have a keen eye for detail and can quickly identify inconsistencies or errors. This makes them valuable team members for investigating suspicious activity during the game.

White players are critical thinkers who do not jump to conclusions. Instead, they take the time to gather evidence and thoroughly analyze it before making any decisions. This careful approach allows them to detect even the most subtle clues that others may overlook.

Interestingly, as problem solvers, White players also have a reputation for being excellent listeners. They pay close attention to what other players say and use that information to piece together the puzzle of what is happening on the ship.

Overall, White players bring a levelheadedness to the gameplay of Among Us by carefully analyzing clues and approaching problems with an unbiased perspective.

In one game, the crew was stuck trying to figure out who among them was the imposter when suddenly, White noticed something odd about Red’s behavior. Through careful observation and analysis of Red’s actions, it was revealed that Red was indeed the imposter, leading to a successful elimination and win for the crew.

The color you choose in Among Us may reveal more about your personality than you think!

What Your Among Us Color Says About You

What Your Among Us Color Says About You  - What Among Us Color Are You,

Photo Credits: colorscombo.com by Gregory Sanchez

The color you choose in the game Among Us reflects more than just an aesthetic preference. Each color reveals key personality traits and characteristics of the player. Understanding what your Among Us color says about you can provide an insight into your identity.

Delve into the unique traits associated with each color, such as the strategic thinking of the black player or the trustworthiness of the white player. Take advantage of this knowledge to improve your gameplay and interactions with others in the game. For instance, a player who chooses yellow may be more outgoing, so they may work well with fellow extroverted players. Or if you opt for red, you may be seen as the leader of your group, so leading your fellow players could be an effective strategy for success.

Try to read your fellow players’ colors to understand what kind of partner or adversary they will be. By decoding your Among Us color, you are one step closer to unlocking the secrets behind your identity.

Five Facts About “What Among Us Color Are You”:

  • ✅ Among Us is an online multiplayer game developed by InnerSloth in 2018. (Source: Wikipedia)
  • ✅ The game has gained significant popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Source: The Verge)
  • ✅ The game involves players working together to complete tasks while trying to identify and eliminate the “imposter” among them. (Source: Business Insider)
  • ✅ The available colors to choose from in Among Us are red, blue, green, pink, orange, yellow, black, white, purple, and cyan. (Source: Among Us Fandom Wiki)
  • ✅ Your chosen color in Among Us has no impact on gameplay or abilities. (Source: Reddit)

FAQs about What Among Us Color Are You

What Among Us Color are You?

If you’re one of the millions of players addicted to the game Among Us, then you’re definitely wondering what color represents you the best. Find out here!

What are the colors in Among Us?

There are 12 different colors in Among Us: red, blue, green, pink, orange, yellow, black, white, purple, cyan, lime, and brown.

What does your Among Us color say about you?

Each color in Among Us represents a different personality or trait. For example, red is often seen as the leader or the one in charge, while yellow is considered to be more friendly and approachable.

How do I take the Among Us color quiz?

There are plenty of quizzes available online to determine what your Among Us color should be. Simply search for “what among us color are you” and you’ll find several options to choose from.

What if I don’t like my Among Us color?

Remember, your Among Us color is just for fun and doesn’t actually define who you are. If you don’t like your result, you can always retake the quiz or choose a different color that better represents you.

What if two people have the same Among Us color?

It’s not uncommon for multiple people to have the same Among Us color, especially if you’re playing with a large group. Just be sure to communicate clearly so that everyone knows who is who!

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