What Color Are Dany’S Eyes

Key Takeaway:

  • Dany\’s eye color is described as violet in the ASOIAF book series, but in the Game of Thrones TV series, actress Emilia Clarke\’s natural brown eyes were used instead.
  • The disparity between the book and the TV show has sparked fan speculation and controversy over the true color of Dany\’s eyes, with some theories suggesting that they are green or hazel, while others believe that they are blue like the dragons she raises.
  • The debate over Dany\’s eye color is further complicated by the prophecy of Azor Ahai and the significance of the colors blue, green, and brown in High Valyrian and Dothraki language, leading to various interpretations in fan art and Essos trade.

The character Dany

The Character Dany  - What Color Are Dany

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Unlock the secrets of Dany, the Targaryen queen, better known as “Khaleesi” and “Mother of Dragons“. Look into her past, including her brother Viserys and House Targaryen’s history. Emilia Clarke portrays her perfectly, with her silver hair and Valyrian features having a big impact.

Childhood and family background

Dany’s Roots and Family History

Dany’s familial background holds great significance in the development of her character. As a member of House Targaryen, she was born into royalty. Her father, Aerys II Targaryen, was the last Mad King of Westeros, while her brother, Viserys, was once the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. However, after their family was ousted from power during Robert Baratheon’s rebellion, Dany and Viserys lived as exiles and beggars.

Growing up with an unstable and cruel brother in a foreign land shaped Dany’s tough exterior. Her childhood was fraught with hardship; they struggled to survive day-to-day until they were taken in by Magister Illyrio Mopatis who arranged for Dany to marry Khal Drogo. This arrangement led Dany on a path towards becoming a powerful leader within the Dothraki culture that would ultimately shape her conquest of Westeros.

It is important to note that her family lineage also includes Rhaegar Targaryen — who is portrayed as a more respectable figure than his father Aerys II.

From whom it is hinted at through fan theories that Jon Snow might be related to Daenerys from connections through Ned Stark and Lyanna Stark.

Overall, Dany’s family roots greatly influence her position within society along with actions throughout the series.

When Emilia Clarke was cast as Dany, the producers saw her silver hair and immediately said ‘We need a dragon, STAT!’

Physical appearance

The Valyrian character Daenerys Targaryen, commonly known as Dany, is renowned for her striking appearance. Her features and physique are central to her character development, highlighting her strength and power as a ruler. Dany’s distinguished traits include her radiant silver hair which stands out against her bronzed skin. She is often adorned in luxurious clothing that symbolizes her noble standing and connection to the Targaryen dynasty.

Dany’s other significant physical trait is her captivating eyes that have sparked much speculation among fans of the series. Her almond-shaped eyes are described as “purple” in the book series, while in the TV adaptation, actress Emilia Clarke portrays Dany with blue-tinted contact lenses to depict her role more consistently with the books’ description. The enchanting nature of Dany’s eye color accentuates her Valyrian heritage while also emphasizing her supernatural connection to dragons.

One fascinating detail about Dany’s eyes that has garnered much conversation revolves around their true color translation from page to screen. While some fans defend that purple-colored eyes are not reasonable as it can quickly be mistaken for blue or gray, others argue that changing something central to a character’s identity for aesthetics risks devaluing them entirely. This difference in interpretation has led to various pieces of fan art depicting Dany with different shades of purple or blue eyes.

Fans who love Game of Thrones and admire Emilia Clarke may find interest in learning about the discrepancies between Dany’s eye color variants and why this particular detail holds such significance within its fanbase.

Is Dany’s eye color more like the blue-eyed dragons or the green-eyed witch from The Wizard of Oz? Fans debate while Dorothy just rolls her hazel eyes.

Eye color of Dany

Eye Color Of Dany  - What Color Are Dany

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Two sources describe Dany’s eye color as blue: the book series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ by George RR Martin, and the TV series ‘Game of Thrones’ by HBO. But consider the range of blue hues: Viserion’s icy temperament, Rhaegal’s green-eyed monster, Drogon’s fiery wrath.

In ‘Wizard of Oz’, Dorothy claims her eyes are blue when returning to Kansas. But did you know in some places they are said to be green, brown, or even hazel?

Description of Dany’s eyes in the book series

Dany’s eyes in the book series have been described as a violet hue, sometimes appearing closer to lilac or amethyst depending on the light. This unique color is attributed to her Targaryen heritage, as it is a notable characteristic among their family members. George RR Martin expertly uses vivid language to depict Dany’s eyes as both beautiful and piercing, holding an intense gaze that conveys her strength and courage.

Moreover, the color of her eyes is also used symbolically throughout the ASOIAF series, which adds depth to both Dany’s character development and the overall plot.

It is worth noting that some fans have interpreted Dany’s eye color to be blue instead of violet due to various factors such as different editions of the book or personal perception. However, Martin has confirmed in interviews that he intended for her eyes to be a shade of purple.

Interestingly enough, there are subtle hints of amber or gold present in certain lighting conditions when describing Dany’s eyes throughout the book series. This could be attributed to the fact that Martin has also noted that Valyrian features can vary greatly from person to person despite their shared ancestry.

Overall, Dany’s violet eyes are a memorable aspect of her character in both the books and TV series adaptations. They serve as a visual marker of her Targaryen heritage and add another layer of complexity to her overall persona.
Dany’s eyes are the only thing on Game of Thrones that haven’t changed in eight seasons – maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s CGI.

Description of Dany’s eyes in the TV series

Since the introduction of Game of Thrones on HBO, fans have been captivated by the character Daenerys Targaryen, better known as Dany. One aspect that has drawn particular attention is her eye color. In the TV series, Dany is portrayed with blue eyes, which has caused some controversy among fans who disagree with this depiction. Some argue that her blue eyes are not accurate to the book series and go against her Targaryen heritage where silver hair and purple eyes are dominant traits. Despite this, the portrayal of Dany’s blue eyes in the show has been consistent throughout all seasons.

In addition to being portrayed with blue eyes in the TV series, Dany’s eye color has also been a subject of interpretation in fan art. Some artists choose to depict her with silver or violet eyes, while others prefer to stick with her show appearance and portray her with blue eyes.

It is worth noting that author George R.R. Martin never explicitly stated Dany’s eye color in the book series. However, he did describe other characters’ eye colors in detail, leading some fans to believe that he intentionally left Dany’s ambiguous to allow for different interpretations.

Overall, while there may be debate over what color Daenerys Targaryen’s eyes should be, HBO chose to portray her with blue eyes consistently throughout their adaptation of Game of Thrones.

Fan speculation surrounding Dany’s eye color is more confusing than trying to understand High Valyrian or Dothraki language.

Fan speculation and controversy

Fan Speculation And Controversy  - What Color Are Dany

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Uncover the mystery of Daenerys Targaryen’s eye color to dive deep into the fan speculation and controversy of Azor Ahai’s prophecy. Fan theories and elements from various Essos languages fuel the debate. Different interpretations of Dany’s eye color appear in fan art – reflecting both Essos trade and Valyrian steel’s importance.

The debate over the true color of Dany’s eyes

The true color of Dany’s eyes has been a topic of debate amongst fans of the series. Her eye color is essential to her character description, which forms the basis for further fan theories.

Various interpretations have been made about the color of Dany’s eyes, causing a controversy among fans. The discussions around her true eye color are varied, and some argue whether it is violet, lilac or blue.

In fan art, different artists depict Dany with different variations of eye colors. Some show them as purple-violet while others display them as pale-blue colors. Such depictions have added to the confusion and debates on the true identity of Dany’s eyes.

It is imperative to note that in the book series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’, George R.R Martin refers to Daenerys’ eyes as “amethyst,” whereas in HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’, they were represented as blue-green. This raises questions on what interpretation best fits with respect to Essos languages.

According to an interview with HarperCollins Publishers, Martin confirmed that Emilia Clarke’s eyes (who played Daenerys) were Brown.

Fan artists trade in Essos, but even Valyrian steel couldn’t cut through the debate over Dany’s eye color.

Different interpretations of the eye color in fan art

Different portrayals of Dany’s eye color have been the subject of much discussion in the fan art community.

Interpretation Description
Amber Eyes Some fan artists depict Dany with warm amber eyes, with varying shades of golden-brown hues.
Violet Eyes Other fans illustrate Dany’s unique heritage by giving her purple or violet-colored eyes, an identifying feature shared by Targaryens.
Ruby Eyes In some illustrations, Dany is given ruby-red eyes, which could symbolize her passion and thirst for power.

Interestingly, while the books describe Dany’s eyes as “purple,” many fans were surprised to see them depicted as a light blue or greenish hue in the TV series.

One possible reason for these discrepancies could be the Essosian trade and introduction to Westerosi Valyrian Steel within the storyline. This resultantly paved the way for more personal interpretations among fan artists who want to convey their own distinct version.

For an even greater range of interpretations through media, it would be interesting to explore augmented reality apps that would allow us to see how various versions compare side by side.

Overall, this controversy highlights once again how crucial visual elements are in shaping characters’ identities and how our imagination shapes them over time.

Five Facts About Dany’s Eye Color:

  • ✅ Dany’s eye color is described as violet in the book series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. (Source: Bustle)
  • ✅ In the HBO television series Game of Thrones, Dany’s eye color was changed to blue to match the actress Emilia Clarke’s natural eye color. (Source: Screen Rant)
  • ✅ Some fans speculate that Dany’s eye color is a hint at her Targaryen bloodline, as purple eyes are a distinctive feature of their family. (Source: Insider)
  • ✅ Dany’s eye color has been a topic of discussion and debate among fans for years. (Source: Winter is Coming)
  • ✅ Regardless of the exact color, Dany’s eyes are often described as striking and intense, adding to her commanding presence as a character. (Source: The Mary Sue)

FAQs about What Color Are Dany’S Eyes

What color are Dany’s eyes?

Daenerys Targaryen, also known as Dany, has violet-colored eyes in the books. However, in the TV show, she has blue eyes.

Why were Dany’s eye color changed in the TV show?

The decision to change Dany’s eye color from violet to blue was made for practical reasons. It was easier to maintain Emilia Clarke’s natural eye color than to have her wear violet-colored contacts throughout filming.

Is Dany’s eye color important to the plot of Game of Thrones?

Dany’s eye color is not significant to the overall plot of Game of Thrones. It is simply a physical characteristic of her character.

What do Dany’s eyes symbolize?

As with many details in Game of Thrones, there are various interpretations and theories about the symbolism of Dany’s eyes. Some suggest that her violet eyes represent her connection to magic and the otherworldly, while others believe that her blue eyes symbolize her emerging ruthlessness and coldness.

What other characters in Game of Thrones have unusual eye colors?

In the books, some of the other characters with unique eye colors include the Stark children (who have the “Stark look” of grey eyes), Melisandre (who has red eyes), and the Targaryens (who traditionally have violet eyes).

Can I buy violet-colored contacts to cosplay as Dany?

Yes, there are many online retailers that sell violet-colored contact lenses that you can wear to cosplay as Dany. However, it is important to make sure you are purchasing them from a reputable source and following proper eye care guidelines when wearing them.

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