What Color Birthstone Is December

Key Takeaway:

  • December Birthstones come in a variety of colors: Traditional December birthstones include turquoise, zircon, and tanzanite. Other modern, alternative, mystical, spiritual and healing birthstones are also available to choose from.
  • Turquoise is a popular December birthstone: It is a blue-green stone that is often opaque. It can be used in a range of jewelry settings, including cabochons, faceted stones, and beads. It is believed to have multiple metaphysical properties.
  • Zircon and Tanzanite are also December birthstones: Zircon is a popular diamond alternative that comes in a range of colors, including blue, yellow, brown, and red, while Tanzanite is a blue-purple stone that is highly prized for its rarity and beauty. Both stones can be cut and polished in various shapes for use in jewelry and have unique symbolic meanings.

December Birthstones

December Birthstones  - What Color Birthstone Is December,

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December is associated with three birthstones: Tanzanite, Zircon, and Turquoise. Tanzanite is a modern birthstone discovered in 1967 and is prized for its blue to purple color range. Zircon is a traditional birthstone that has been used for centuries as a substitute for diamonds. Turquoise, a mystical birthstone, has been used throughout history for its healing and spiritual properties. For those born under the sign of Sagittarius, the birthstone is Tanzanite, while Capricorns have the option of either Zircon or Turquoise. Each birthstone holds its own unique meaning, such as Tanzanite symbolizing spiritual awakening and Turquoise promoting healing and protection.

If you’re looking for alternative birthstones, you could consider Blue Topaz or Lapis Lazuli. Blue Topaz is said to promote mental clarity and improve communication skills, while Lapis Lazuli is believed to help with self-expression and enhance intuition. When choosing a birthstone, consider the birthstone’s meanings and how it aligns with your personality traits. By wearing your birthstone, you may enhance your strengths and reach your full potential.

Turquoise Birthstone

Turquoise Birthstone  - What Color Birthstone Is December,

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Learn more about the Turquoise birthstone! This guide gives insights into its beautiful color and shapes. Plus, discover the unique properties associated with it. Explore its rich history and symbolism. It’s believed to promote healing and spiritual growth. Discover the many wonders of this precious gemstone!

Characteristics of Turquoise Birthstone

Turquoise Birthstone highlights the unique qualities it possesses. Its distinct appearance and symbolism have made it an iconic gemstone in December. Turquoise is known for its blue-green color, which symbolizes serenity, calmness, and balance of emotions. It also has a waxy or dull luster and is typically opaque.

The Characteristics of Turquoise Birthstone are as follows:

  • It is a hydrated phosphate mineral with copper and aluminum.
  • It forms when water percolates through rocks containing copper rich minerals.
  • Turquoise ranges in color from sky blue to greenish-blue or olive green.
  • The color depends on several factors like region, chemical composition, presence of other minerals.
  • It has a Mohs hardness scale rating between 5 to 6
  • It can be worked into various shapes such as smooth beads, cabochons, or even carved sculptures

Besides that, it is believed to offer health benefits such as aiding respiratory issues, reducing inflammation, and enhancing immunity.

Recent researches suggest that the Turquoise birthstone was one of the first fortunate stones in history used by people spanning back thousands of years.

In Conclusion, Turquoise Birthstones hold significant value for December-born individuals because of their unique characteristics and meanings. It continues to find numerous uses in modern-day jewelry owing to its aesthetic value but at times comes at hefty prices.

If you’re born in December and love turquoise, you’re in luck – your birthstone not only looks cool but also symbolizes health, protection, and good fortune.

Symbolic Meaning of Turquoise Birthstone

Turquoise Birthstone holds deep meaning and symbolism that has been revered for centuries. It represents wisdom, protection, peace, and good fortune. This birthstone is believed to protect the wearer from negative energy and bring good luck to their life.

The color blue in turquoise is symbolic of communication, clarity of thought, and emotional balance. The ancient Egyptians adorned their kings and queens with turquoise as a symbol of power and wealth.

Additionally, Turquoise Birthstone is considered to be a healing stone that promotes physical and emotional wellbeing. It is associated with the throat chakra, which governs communication, self-expression, and creativity. This stone helps in generating successful relationships by enhancing intuition, trustworthiness, and empathy.

Interestingly, Turquoise Birthstone‘s significance is not restricted only because of its vibrant color but also its hardness on the Mohs scale (5-6). It makes it suitable for carving intricate designs on jewelry pieces.

A story suggests how significant turquoise was during ancient civilization: “According to Native American mythology: A rite of passage for young warriors attending Sacred Fire ceremony required blackening their faces with charcoal powder made from diverse plants; however eating them might have severe health implications! To alleviate this issue they discovered an alternative – crushing turquoises into powder after smudging it into them resulted in a perfect black paint.”

The symbolism behind Turquoise Birthstone never fails to impress audiences worldwide since it bridges spiritual relevance with modern fashion styles so effortlessly.

Why settle for one shape when you can have a zircon birthstone in every cut and color of the gemstone rainbow?

Zircon Birthstone

Zircon Birthstone  - What Color Birthstone Is December,

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Inspect the multifaceted Zircon birthstone! We’ll discover its traits and symbolic meaning. Birthstone colors and gemstone shapes are plentiful, so it’s crucial to comprehend the unique features of zircon. We’ll explore these properties, making it a favored choice of Natural stones aficionados. Plus, uncover the metaphysical properties of the zircon birthstone for those interested in gemstones.

Characteristics of Zircon Birthstone

The Zircon Birthstone is a precious stone that carries unique properties and symbolism. Zircon is known for its durability and clarity, which makes it an excellent gemstone for jewelry. The characteristics of the Zircon Birthstone include its hardness, luster, and refractive index.

  • Hardness – the Zircon Birthstone has a score of 7.5 on the Mohs scale, indicating it’s strong enough to withstand wear and tear.
  • Luster – The Zircon Birthstone comes in two types: diamond-like brilliant or glass-like shimmering.
  • Refractive Index – The Zircon birthstone has a high refractive index of 1.93 to 1.98.

Furthermore, the colorless variety of this birthstone is rare, but the most common color of zircon is brownish-red or yellow. It’s also available in green, blue, and dark red colors.

Historically, zircon was used as a substitute for diamonds in ancient times because of its durable features; however, during medieval times, people believed that zircons possess healing powers that can enhance one’s overall physical well-being. Despite being mistaken as fake gems due to their affordability compared to other similar rocks such as diamond and sapphire throughout history; today, they are considered one of the most beautiful gems worldwide with growing popularity amongst people opting for it over other precious stones.

Zircon may not be a girl’s best friend, but its symbolic meaning of balance and stability makes it a valuable addition to any December birthday.

Symbolic Meaning of Zircon Birthstone

Zircon birthstone has deep-seated symbolic meanings that have been passed down from ancient times. Associated with wisdom, honor, and prosperity, this rare gem embodies the essence of spirituality and virtue. It is also believed to promote self-awareness and mindfulness while creating inner peace and harmony.

The rich symbolism of zircon birthstone stems from its natural properties. This precious gemstone is known for its dazzling brilliance, transparency, and color range. While some zircons are colorless, others may exhibit a variety of hues ranging from reddish-brown to greenish-blue. The transparent varieties are particularly prized for their unique ability to refract light, producing a rainbow-like effect.

According to ancient lore, wearing zircon birthstone can stimulate the chakras in the body and align them with higher spiritual planes. It can also help one overcome negative emotions like anger, envy, and mistrust while fostering positive traits like compassion, empathy, and generosity.

Interestingly, zircon birthstone has played an important role in human history as well. The gem was used by ancient civilizations like Persia and Greece as a talisman to ward off evil spirits and promote good luck. In medieval times, it was thought to protect against poison while serving as an antidote for the plague.

In modern times too, zircon birthstone continues to be associated with hope, happiness, and good fortune. It is often given as a gift on special occasions like weddings or birthdays to signify love and devotion. Whether you believe in these mystical properties or not, wearing a zircon birthstone can add an element of charm and elegance to any outfit whilst being a stylish addition to your accessories collection.

Get lost in the stunning depths of tanzanite, the birthstone that will have you forgetting all about those other gemstones on the birthstone chart.

Tanzanite Birthstone

Tanzanite Birthstone  - What Color Birthstone Is December,

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Curious to learn more about the Tanzanite birthstone and its special place as a December birthstone? Don’t worry, we’ve got the answers. Let’s take a look at the beautiful Tanzanite birthstone and delve into its characteristics. This includes gemstone shapes, metaphysical properties, and unique symbolic meanings as a December birthstone. We’ll also explore the Tanzanite birthstone’s powerful symbolism that December babies will appreciate.

Characteristics of Tanzanite Birthstone

Tanzanite Birthstone Characteristics:

The Tanzanite Birthstone is a gem that has properties which make it unique and highly prized. Tanzanites are rare, occurring exclusively in Tanzania, and possess a prismatic crystalline structure that imparts a range of distinctive characteristics.

The characteristics of Tanzanite Birthstone are:

  • Color: The most significant feature of this gemstone is its vivid blue-violet color that ranges from pale blues to rich velvety hues.
  • Hardness: It has a hardness ranging from 6.5 to 7, making it moderately durable and suitable for setting in various types of jewelry.
  • Cut: Due to its strong pleochroism, the tanzanite’s cut is critical to its appearance as it must enhance both color and brilliance.
  • Rarity: Tanzanites are one of the rarest gems globally, with only one known source worldwide.
  • Origins: The tanzanite birthstones were discovered relatively recently in 1967, and since then have become an immensely popular choice for people looking for a unique and precious gem.

Tanzanite stones offer a range of features unmatched by other stones; they boast high clarity levels besides being rare, giving them great value. Their unusual mix of colors makes them very desirable among collectors as well as anyone seeking something wholly natural.

For those seeking out these incredible gems, it is essential to remember the proper care techniques to protect their investment’s longevity. They should clean their jewelry regularly with mild soapy water and avoid exposure to harsh chemicals or heat sources like sun lamps or ovens that may damage or dull the gemstone’s finish.

Unlock the mystical power of the Tanzanite birthstone and let its symbolic meaning guide you towards enlightenment.

Symbolic Meaning of Tanzanite Birthstone

The Tanzanite birthstone has a deep symbolic meaning that represents spiritual awareness and personal transformation. This precious gemstone is believed to help one access their deeper consciousness while also encouraging honesty and truthfulness. The symbolism of Tanzanite Birthstone also reflects emotional balance and peace, enhancing positivity, and promoting self-awareness. This rare violet-blue stone is considered an exquisite representation of one’s innermost thoughts, perceptions, wisdom, and enlightenment.

Tanzanite Birthstone has unique metaphysical properties that bring about a serene sense of tranquility in the wearer’s life. It is believed to soothe anxiety levels and lower stress levels in individuals who wear this gemstone. This birthstone connects one with the higher realm and awakens psychic abilities such as intuition and clairvoyance. Additionally, it inspires creativity while calming the mind to improve focus during meditation.

Tanzanite is only found in one place globally, near Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. It was first discovered in the late 1960s by a Masai tribesman named Ali Juuyawatu Erasto who stumbled upon the deep blue gemstones while tending his cattle. Tanzanite wasn’t widely recognized until Tiffany & Co started promoting it under its brand name a few years later.

Five Facts About What Color Birthstone is December:

  • ✅ The birthstone for December is turquoise, a blue-green gemstone that has been prized for centuries. (Source: American Gem Society)
  • ✅ Turquoise is believed to have healing properties and has been used by native cultures for medicinal purposes. (Source: Southwest Silver Gallery)
  • ✅ Other gemstones associated with December are blue topaz and tanzanite. (Source: Gem Society)
  • ✅ Blue topaz is the most popular alternative birthstone for December. (Source: Jewelry Shopping Guide)
  • ✅ Tanzanite is a relatively new gemstone, discovered only in the 1960s in Tanzania. (Source: Smithsonian Magazine)

FAQs about What Color Birthstone Is December

What color birthstone is December?

The birthstone for December is turquoise, which is most commonly blue-green in color.

Is there a different birthstone for December?

There are actually three birthstones for December: turquoise, tanzanite, and zircon.

What is the meaning behind the December birthstones?

Turquoise is said to bring good fortune and symbolize friendship, while tanzanite represents abundance and spiritual growth. Zircon, often mistaken for diamond, represents strength and honor.

Do the birthstones for December vary depending on tradition or culture?

Yes, some cultures may have different birthstones or assign different meanings to the same stones. For example, in Hindu tradition, lapis lazuli is the birthstone for December.

Can I wear a birthstone that is not my own?

Of course! Birthstones are a fun way to add meaning and personal significance to your jewelry, regardless of your birth month. You may even choose to wear multiple birthstones representing loved ones or special events.

Where can I find jewelry featuring December birthstones?

Many jewelry stores offer pieces featuring birthstones, and there are also plenty of handmade and custom options available on websites like Etsy. It’s always a good idea to do some research and read reviews before making a purchase.

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