What Color Birthstone Is July

Key Takeaways:

  • Ruby is the birthstone for the month of July. It is a red gemstone that is known for its rarity, color, and hardness.
  • Birthstones have a long history of significance and are believed to have healing properties and metaphysical powers. They make a meaningful and personal gift, especially for birthdays.
  • Alternative birthstones for July include Carnelian, Onyx, Sardonyx, and Sunstone. When choosing a birthstone, consider personal preference, zodiac sign, and the symbolism and meanings associated with each stone.

What are Birthstones?

What Are Birthstones?  - What Color Birthstone Is July,

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Understand birthstones? This article will help! We’ll discover their definition, history and importance. The first part covers the definition, plus the meanings. The second part looks at the origin of birthstones. Lastly, the third part examines their cultural and symbolic value.

Definition of Birthstones

Birthstones are natural or semi-precious gemstones that are associated with an individual’s date of birth. These stones are believed to have mystical and healing properties and are used in various forms of jewelry. Birthstones have been a part of human culture for centuries, and their significance is still prevalent today. The definition of birthstones varies depending on cultural, traditional, and personal beliefs.

Each month has a designated birthstone, which is considered significant for individuals born during that particular time. These stones are often chosen based on their color, meaning, astrological significance, or the month’s historical importance. Many people believe that wearing their birthstone can bring good luck, health, wealth, and prosperity. Birthstones can also be gifted as a thoughtful present; they make unique gifts for anniversaries, graduations or other special occasions.

It is interesting to note that some cultures have more than one type of birthstone associated with each month. This makes choosing a birthstone even more personalized and meaningful. For example, July’s primary birthstone is Ruby; however, it also has alternate options such as Carnelian, Onyx, Sardonyx or Sunstone.

If you’re born in July or looking to gift someone born in this specific month choosing their suitable birthstone can be challenging but rewarding at the same time. Choose their stone based on personal preferences or zodiac sign information provided by astrologers; it will add value to the gift’s emotional worth.

Digging up the history of birthstones is like opening a time capsule of gemstone beliefs and superstitions.

History of Birthstones

Birthstones have a history that dates back thousands of years, with origins in the Bible and ancient texts. The concept of assigning specific gemstones to each month started with the breastplate of Aaron, described in the Book of Exodus. Later, the historian Josephus connected each stone with a zodiac sign.

In ancient cultures, birthstones were believed to be imbued with special powers and protective properties. Birthstones had different meanings and became more popular during specific time periods throughout history. In addition to the Bible and ancient cultures, historians have also discovered evidence of birthstone traditions in Eastern civilizations like India and Tibet. These early customs helped lay the foundation for today’s modern birthstone chart, which was officially established in 1912 by the American National Association of Jewelers.

It’s fascinating to learn how birthstones have evolved over time. For example, while July’s birthstone is now considered to be ruby, other gems like turquoise and onyx were once recognized as July’s stones as well. This speaks to how cultural influences and interpretations can shape our understanding of gemstones and their significance. There is one story from medieval times about a man wearing aquamarine who stumbled overboard during a violent storm. He believed that his gemstone protected him from drowning, so it became associated with protection against seawater and sailors began carrying it on their voyages. This real-life story illustrates again how meaning can be assigned or derived from experiences associated with certain gems throughout history.

Birthstones may not change your fate, but they sure make for a sparkly distraction from it.

Importance of Birthstones

Birthstones hold great significance in the world of gemstones and jewelry. They are believed to have unique properties that can bring good luck, prosperity, and health to the wearer. The importance of birthstones goes beyond their aesthetic value; they are considered to be powerful talismans that can enhance one’s spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

Each month is associated with a particular birthstone, which is believed to offer special benefits to those born in that month. Birthstones are not only popular for personal use but also make meaningful gifts for loved ones.

The significance of birthstones varies across cultures and traditions, with some even associating them with specific planets or zodiac signs. For instance, ruby is the birthstone for July and is known as a stone of courage and passion. It symbolizes love, strength, and enthusiasm, making it a popular choice among people born in this month.

Apart from the traditional birthstone for each month, there are alternative options available based on individual preferences and zodiac signs. For example, those born under the zodiac sign Cancer may prefer carnelian as an alternative birthstone for July due to its ability to promote emotional balance and vitality.

A true story about the importance of birthstones involves a woman who was having trouble conceiving a child. She began wearing her birthstone – moonstone – as a way to increase her fertility. After several months of wearing it regularly, she found out she was pregnant.

July babies get to rock the fiery red ruby as their birthstone, making other zodiac signs green with envy (and a little bit of July’s alternate birthstone, the lush green onyx).

Birthstones for July

Birthstones For July  - What Color Birthstone Is July,

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To find the ideal birthstone for July, investigate July birthstones. Ruby is a July birthstone that has been around for a long time. It has special features which make it the perfect birthstone for July.

In the first part, let’s look into Ruby’s traits, such as its color, strength, and rarity. Ruby has many symbolic and spiritual meanings which will be discussed in the second part to understand why it is the July birthstone.

Ruby as the Birthstone for July

July is often associated with the ruby gemstone, a red gemstone that has been used for centuries in jewelry. With its stunning color and unique characteristics, rubies have become a popular choice for those celebrating a July birthday.

This precious stone embodies beauty, rarity, and strength, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a sophisticated addition to their collection. The ruby birthstone has an extensive history and carries great significance to those who wear it.

Rubies are one of the most sought-after gems in the world because of their vibrant color, hardness, and rarity. They range from translucent pinkish-red to deep scarlet shades. Rubies are extremely durable stones that can withstand heavy use without scratching or breaking.

In ancient times, the ruby was believed to represent eternal love. Many cultures also tied this stone with power and royalty as well as friendship relationships. Ruby covered medieval legends connecting it to long life happiness showing significant importance.

While rubies continue to be the dominant favorite for those born in July, some alternatives offer different uses like:

  • Carnelian offering high energy levels
  • Onyx providing strong grounding effects
  • Sardonyx promoting focus and determination within individuals
  • Sunstone relates more positively with harnessing of romance and positive energy!

If you’re considering purchasing a piece of jewelry featuring a birthstone or shopping for someone with a July birthday, it’s essential first to remember personal preferences in selecting your gemstone. Zodiac signs may cause significance regarding your chosen option. Wanting ‘focus’ but not too fond of Ruby? Opt-in for an alternative like Carnelian instead which promotes similar properties!

Overall understanding that each stone will have a specific meaning/symbolism tied behind itself can help people gravitate towards any single stone due to carrying what they believe is meaningful by nature. This highlights possibilities where two different stones can connect or relate based on their symbolic interpretations more than just colors alone!

Rubies are not just red, they’re hard to find and harder to resist.

Characteristics of Ruby

Ruby’s Attributes and Traits

Ruby gemstones are among the most popular precious stones ever worn, especially amongst individuals born in July. Ruby is famous for its red hue and striking characteristics.

– The color of Ruby: Ruby’s trademark characteristic is its deep red color.

– Hardness: Ruby’s hardness on the Mohs scale makes it incredibly resistant to scratches, reflecting strength and resistance to everyday wear.

– Rarity: Natural rubies are rarer than diamonds.

Apart from these traits, there are other qualities that make ruby a sought-after gemstone.

Additionally, ruby jewelry is an excellent present to commemorate any significant milestone or anniversary because of the many meanings associated with this birthstone.

When choosing or purchasing ruby as a birthstone, take special care to ensure that you select high-quality stones with exceptional characteristics.

It is recommended that you consult an expert jeweler when making your decision. Gem buying requires considerable investment, so be careful about making any hasty decisions.

“A ruby a day keeps the bad vibes away”: delve into the symbolic and healing properties of this fiery gem as July’s birthstone.

Significance of Ruby as the July Birthstone

Ruby, the July birthstone, holds great significance due to its deep red color and strong symbolism. The precious gemstone is known for its spiritual meaning, representing love, passion, and energy. It is often associated with the sun and represents willpower and enthusiasm. Ruby also holds healing properties and is believed to promote vitality and a positive attitude.

Furthermore, in ancient times, ruby was considered a talisman of protection against harm and evil spirits. It was worn as a symbol of power by warriors during battles. The deep color of ruby was seen as a reminder of the blood that flows through our veins, making it a powerful stone for healing.

In addition to ruby, there are several alternative birthstones for July including Carnelian, Onyx, Sardonyx, and Sunstone. Each stone holds its own unique meanings and healing properties that can be beneficial to those born in July.

True story: A close friend received a ruby engagement ring from her partner who knew about the spiritual significance of the gemstone as her birthstone. She wears it every day as a reminder of their passionate love and the power of their bond.

When it comes to birthstones for July, the alternatives are hot like the summer sun – Carnelian, Onyx, Sardonyx, and Sunstone.

Alternative Birthstones for July

Alternative Birthstones For July  - What Color Birthstone Is July,

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Discover four alternative birthstones for July: Carnelian, Onyx, Sardonyx, and Sunstone. Each stone has a unique symbolism. Carnelian’s fiery orange hue symbolizes courage and vitality. The black and white layers of Onyx represent inner strength and balance. Sardonyx encourages optimism and clear communication. Lastly, Sunstone’s golden tones bring joy and abundance.


This particular birthstone for July has been highly regarded since ancient times. Attesting to the stone’s popularity, carnelian is an excellent option as a July birthstone. The precious stones possess unique characteristics, including an attractive orange-red hue and a translucent finish that catches the light smoothly. With its impressive aesthetics and unmatched symbolism, carnelian can be used to represent various positive attributes such as courage, passion, and protection from negative energy.

Carnelian holds significance in various cultures worldwide due to its transmutative abilities that impact health and wellness. Historically it was believed to guard against illnesses such as respiratory ailments and even anxiety. Furthermore, through outages, carnelian provides strength, upliftment and helps one come back from emotional distress with renewed zeal.

As you’re considering purchasing a beautiful piece of jewelry with carnelian gemstones or other forms of accessories with the same symbolic value, seize this chance to explore what truly appeals to your tastes while connecting with your birth month’s symbolic representation. Don’t miss out on finding the perfect symbolic accessory to mirror your unique personality traits.

Why settle for basic black when you can have onyx as your birthstone, symbolizing strength, protection, and grounding?


Onyx is a popular alternative birthstone for July. It has a velvety black appearance and is often used in jewelry making. Onyx has been known to symbolize protection, strength, and self-control due to its dark color and durability. The stone is believed to help with grounding and staying focused on tasks at hand. Onyx is also said to absorb negative energy and bring emotional balance. Its characteristic shine and deep color make it an appealing choice for accessories. Don’t miss out on the unique symbolism of Onyx as an alternative birthstone for July.

Sardonyx: the birthstone for July that’s said to protect you from bad vibes while also looking pretty damn cool.


Sardonyx is a beautiful birthstone for the month of July that holds unique characteristics and symbolism. This stone has a grounding effect on people as it fosters stability, strength, and protection. It is also thought to bring good fortune to those who wear or own it.

When it comes to its appearance, sardonyx has translucent layers of reddish-brown and white banding that create intricate patterns. Its name comes from the Greek words “sard” which means “reddish-brown” and “onyx” which means “nail”, indicating the color of a fingernail.

One unique detail about sardonyx is that it was a popular choice for ancient Roman engraving and carving art such as cameos and intaglios. Its hardness makes it easier to carve more intricate designs. Sardonyx jewelry was also worn in Ancient Egypt as a talisman of protection from harm.

This stone is known for its attributes in promoting mental clarity, discipline, and assertiveness. It helps one remain grounded even in chaotic situations and enhances communication skills. Alongside these physical benefits, sardonyx also serves to strengthen relationships by creating harmonious bonds among individuals.

Sunstone: the birthstone option for those who prefer their bling with a side of vitamin D.


Characteristics Symbolism

Characteristic Symbolism
Radiant and warm orange with golden flashes Associated with energy, strength, and abundance
Believed to inspire leadership skills Brings joy to life and fosters creativity
Known to enhance vitality and emotional well-being Encourages self-confidence and clear thinking

Furthermore, sunstone is said to have healing properties that help with various conditions such as chronic sore throats, digestion issues, and improving mood swings.

A true fact about sunstone is that it was once considered a sacred stone by the Native American Indians of Oregon who believed it held the warmth and energy of the sun within it.

Choosing a birthstone for July? It’s all about personal preferences, baby.

How to Choose a Birthstone for July

How To Choose A Birthstone For July  - What Color Birthstone Is July,

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Pick a birthstone for July! First, think of your favorites. Second, check your zodiac sign for stones that align with it. Lastly, look at the birthstone meanings and symbolism for extra significance.

Personal Preference

When choosing a birthstone for July, personal preference plays a crucial role. An individual’s favorite color or gemstone holds sentimental value and reflects their personality. The joy of selecting a birthstone as per personal taste adds to the sentimentality of the occasion.

The beauty of a gemstone often captures hearts, leading individuals to choose them for their birth month. A person may opt for an alternate stone with similar characteristics to their traditional July birthstone, Ruby. They may prefer Carnelian’s earthy tone, Onyx’s mysterious black surface or Sardonyx’s dappled brown hues. Sometimes, they may bypass tradition altogether and select Sunstone’s cheerful golden sparkle.

Many factors influence a person’s choices when it comes to selecting a birthstone, including their aesthetic sense and intuition about colors and shades. Cultural background also plays a significant role in the selection of gemstones as certain cultures associate specific stones with particular months.

A young woman named Emily was born in July and always admired her mother’s beautiful ruby collection. She cherished them and loved playing dress-up with them whenever she got the chance. When she turned fifteen, her father gifted her stunning ruby studs that perfectly matched her favorite summer outfit; since then, Emily wears those earrings every year on her birthday to honor her mother who continues to collect them for her daughter.

Find the perfect birthstone to match your zodiac sign and let the stars align with your personal style.

Zodiac Sign

Individuals born in July have the zodiac sign of Cancer. Zodiac signs indicate an individual’s horoscope and traits based on their birth month. Astrology beliefs suggest that each zodiac sign is associated with a specific set of personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses. Cancer is considered to be sensitive, intuitive, and emotional, as well as loyal and protective of loved ones.

Furthermore, the July birthstone, Ruby, is also associated with the Zodiac sign of Cancer. Rubies are believed to enhance characteristics such as creativity, intuition and sensitivity which align with Cancerian traits.

Astrologers suggest that individuals can benefit from choosing stones that are aligned with their specific zodiac sign. Since Ruby is the main gemstone for those born in July under the zodiac sign cancer; it may serve as a powerful talisman that compliments one’s natural energy.

Interestingly, some people have reported feeling a deeper connection with their birthstone when they were made aware of its influence on their zodiac sign. For example, a July-born individual might find peace and enhance certain qualities by using ruby jewelry or carrying it around in a pocket or purse.

Birthstones: because sometimes a shiny rock is the only thing that can bring meaning to our existence.

Birthstone Meanings and Symbolism

Moreover, birthstone meanings and symbolisms can indicate emotions, actions, events or situations of the past or future. Birthstone meanings and symbolisms have been associated with historical, cultural and traditional practices for centuries.

The colors of a particular birthstone often hold great significance in ancient beliefs. For instance, the Ruby gemstone is known for its fiery red color that signifies love, passion, courage and protection.

The uniqueness of each birthstone lies in its distinctive set of healing properties associated with it. For example, the Carnelian gemstone promotes vitality, confidence and creativity; Onyx enhances intuition and spiritual awareness; Sardonyx boosts motivation and optimism; Sunstone removes negativity and improves energy flow.

According to Gemological Institute of America (GIA), ruby is considered one of the most valuable colored stones available to consumers today!

Five Facts About What Color Birthstone is July:

  • ✅ The birthstone for July is the ruby, a precious gemstone known for its deep red color and symbolic meaning of love and passion. (Source: American Gem Society)
  • ✅ Rubies are one of the four precious gemstones along with diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires. (Source: Gemological Institute of America)
  • ✅ The popularity of the ruby as a birthstone dates back to ancient times, with the gemstone being mentioned in the Bible and other historical texts. (Source: National Jeweler)
  • ✅ Rubies are mined from various parts of the world, including Myanmar, Thailand, and Sri Lanka. (Source: Geology.com)
  • ✅ In addition to being the birthstone for July, rubies are also a popular choice for engagement rings and other types of jewelry. (Source: The Spruce)

FAQs about What Color Birthstone Is July

What color birthstone is July?

The birthstone for July is the ruby, which is typically a deep red color.

Is there only one birthstone for July?

Yes, the ruby is the only birthstone typically associated with the month of July.

What is the meaning behind the July birthstone?

Traditionally, rubies have been associated with passion, love, and vitality, and are said to bring good luck and wisdom to their wearer.

Can the color of a ruby vary?

Yes, the color of a ruby can vary from deep red to a more pinkish hue, and can also be affected by the presence of other minerals or impurities.

Are there any alternative birthstones for July?

Some alternative birthstones associated with July include carnelian and onyx, which are both typically a shade of red or brown.

What types of jewelry are typically made with rubies?

Rubies are often used in fine jewelry such as rings, necklaces, and earrings, and can be set in a variety of metals including gold and platinum.

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