What Color Dress Goes With Navy Suit

Key Takeaway:

  • A navy suit is a versatile piece of formal attire that can be paired with different colored dresses to match your style. Consider the occasion, your skin tone, hair color, and personal preferences when choosing a dress color.
  • Neutral colors such as black, beige, and gray are safe choices for matching with a navy suit. Accessorize with statement jewelry, a clutch, or handbag to complete the outfit.
  • A white dress can create a classic and timeless look. Choose different materials and dress styles to suit different occasions and seasons.
  • A blush pink dress can be a flattering option for those with warm skin tones and can be paired with metallic accessories for a sophisticated look.
  • Light gray dresses are a great option for those who want a subtle and understated look. Consider your body type and personality when choosing the dress cut and design.
  • Avoid clashing colors such as orange, red, bright pink, and yellow when pairing with navy suits. Consider the contrast and mood of the colors before pairing.
  • When accessorizing with a dress, choose statement jewelry, dress shoes, and a clutch or handbag that compliments the dress color and style.

Matching colors with navy suit

Matching Colors With Navy Suit  - What Color Dress Goes With Navy Suit,

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Make your navy suit stand out! Start with neutrals: they offer versatile accessories. Whites provide a classy look for any occasion. Blush pinks are perfect to flatter your skin and hair tone. Light grays offer a refreshing look for all body and personality types. Create the perfect outfit now!

Neutral colored dress

The ideal dress color to match with a navy suit is a neutral tone. Neutral colors like beige, ivory, cream and khaki complement the navy suit perfectly. This creates an elegant, sophisticated look that can be perfect for formal events, interviews and business meetings. Neutral colored dresses come in different styles, designs and fabrics. Depending on the occasion, one can choose from maxi dresses, cocktail dresses or even jumpsuits that blend well with the navy suit.

When accessorizing a neutral colored dress with a navy suit, it’s important to select accessories that enhance the overall look without overdoing it. Clothing accessories such as belts or scarves should complement the outfit rather than clash with it. For example, a narrow black belt will pair well with a light-colored dress and navy blazer.

It’s worth noting that different shades of neutral colors possess different energies and vibes; beige has subtle sophistication, while cream can appear warmer and softer. It’s essential to choose what you feel personally comfortable wearing without compromising classiness.

Pro Tip: To add depth to an outfit pairing a neutral-colored dress with navy suits experiment by combining different textures such as lacework or silk fabric for added dimension. If you’re going to a wedding, a white dress may be a bold choice, but at least you’ll match the bride if you accidentally catch the bouquet.

White colored dress

A suitable choice for a navy suit would be a white dress. White is a classic and elegant color that complements the navy blue well. It is an ideal color for formal occasions as it gives a clean and polished look. A white dress can come in various designs, materials, and lengths to fit the occasion and personal preferences.

When opting for a white dress with a navy suit, choose one made of high-quality materials like silk, cotton or linen for added elegance. The simplicity of this color provides an opportunity to accessorize with pieces that emphasize your style while adding pop of colors. Wearing subtle jewelry, a sleek pair of nude pumps or high heels make you look more fabulous in that navy suit.

It’s essential to keep in mind when choosing a white dress that it should fit smoothly with the theme of the event or place – some events have strict rules about what to wear – so consider this while selecting your attire.

It’s generally suggested by fashion experts that wearing white holds particular significance when it comes to the subject of weddings; As per bridal magazines in 2019 had shown that 25% opted for ivory/champagne shades over traditional white dresses.

Blush pink: the color that works for all skin tones, hair colors, eye colors, and even those with picky dress preferences.

Blush pink colored dress

A subtle yet striking look can be achieved with a dress of blush hue paired with a navy suit. Blush pink is an excellent choice for those who prefer light and less vibrant colors. This dress color complements various skin shades, but it suits people with fair skin tones as it creates a soft contrast. For hair and eye colors, blush pink pairs well with all hair colors except blonde or platinum blonde, as the color blend is too subtle. However, the shade looks stunning when paired with blue, green or brown eyes.

As for the dress preferences, strapless or off-shoulder dresses that fall at knee-length flatter most body types. The recommended accessories include gold jewelry, nude-toned high heels and clutch bag of neutral hues like beige or tan.

Pro Tip: While dressing up in blush pink and navy suit combo, ensure your make-up colors are minimalistic to maintain a balanced look. Opt for natural foundation tones and delicate eye makeup while avoiding harsh lipstick tones like red or fuchsia.

A light gray dress is the perfect choice for the sophisticated minimalist, the classic fashionista, and anyone who wants to blend in with a concrete wall.

Light gray colored dress

A suitable dress color to match with a navy suit is light gray. This combination exudes elegance, sophistication, and modernity. The neutral tone of the dress helps to balance out the boldness of the navy suit, making it more versatile in terms of accessorizing choices. Light gray-colored dresses are perfect for people who possess minimalist personalities and prefer subtle aesthetics.

Additionally, light gray-colored dresses are ideal for different body types. The color has a slimming effect on the body, making it flattering for those with wide hips or thighs. It also accentuates the curves of those with a pear-shaped figure or hourglass-shaped figure.

When choosing a light gray dress to match your navy suit, make sure that it is not too dark or too pale. A mid-to-light shade would be perfect as it complements the deep tones of the suit while still giving enough contrast.

As with any dress choices, it’s essential to know which colors you should avoid clashing with when matching your light gray dress with a navy suit. Colors like orange, red, bright pink and yellow are best avoided as they tend to clash and look jarring when paired together.

To accessorize your light gray dress effortlessly, choose jewelry that contrasts well with both your navy suit and dress but does not overdo it. Avoid wearing too many accessories as this could take away from the simplicity of this elegant outfit combo.

In terms of shoes, nude pumps or strappy heels would be perfect as they elongate legs and help create an overall chic appearance.

Finally, complete the look by carrying a clutch or handbag in complementary colors without being too flashy or distracting attention from this sophisticated ensemble.

With all these tips in mind, fear not in trying out different dress colors for different personalities and body types because experimenting can lead one to surprising discoveries!

Unless you’re trying to channel a traffic light, avoid pairing a navy suit with clashing colors like red, orange, or bright pink.

Avoiding clashing colors

Avoiding Clashing Colors  - What Color Dress Goes With Navy Suit,

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Want to wear a dress with your navy suit and not clash? Choose dress colors to suit your body shape, age, height and attitude. Orange, red, bright pink or yellow are great choices. Each has individual qualities, dress combos and coordination tips. You can make the best decision for you and your navy suit.


When matching colors with a navy suit, it is important to avoid clashing colors such as orange. This bold color may seem too overwhelming and out of place when paired with a navy suit. Instead, opt for more neutral tones that complement the navy suit well.

Neutral colored dresses such as beige or nude can tone down the business-like look of a navy suit and add a feminine touch. White can also bring out the versatility of the navy color. Blush pink creates an elegant contrast while light gray complements the blue tones in a navy suit perfectly.

On the other hand, when picking accessories to go with your dress, you can choose bold pieces that incorporate shades of orange in them if you still want to add this color into your outfit. A great metallic jewelry piece like earrings or necklace can do wonders for any outfit.

Remember that fashion is all about personal style and experimenting with different dress colors for different body shapes. Dress combinations are not limited to specific rules, but following these simple guidelines can help achieve a more put-together look.

Wearing red is a timeless choice, unless you’re trying to blend in with a bullfighting ring.


Pairing the right colors with a navy suit can be critical to achieving a polished and professional look. When it comes to red dresses, they should generally be avoided as they can clash with the suit, resulting in an unpleasant appearance.

  • Instead, consider choosing dress colors for different age groups such as neutral hues, white, blush pink or light gray. These will complement the suit effectively.
  • If you still want to incorporate red into your outfit, try doing it subtly through accessories like earrings or a scarf.
  • Avoid dressing entirely in one color which could create monotony of texture and could make the outfit uninteresting.
  • Remember that dress pairings are key to creating a put-together ensemble.

It’s worth noting that while avoiding clashing colors is crucial, accessorizing with complementary shades can elevate your outfit’s sophistication level. Make sure that you’re picking shoes, clutch or handbag and jewelry that complement both the dress and suit.

As with any fashion advice, these tips are not set in stone – everyone has different tastes and comfort levels. One lady I know who was attending her daughter-in-law’s wedding wore a beautiful Deep Red floral dress that worked extremely well with her husband’s navy suit—they looked strikingly gorgeous together!

Don’t wear a bright pink dress unless you’re prepared to be mistaken for a flamingo.

Bright pink

Pink is a playful and energetic color. However, when it comes to combining bright pink with navy suit, one should be careful. This color combination might not be suitable for all occasions.

Bright pink may suit well with other colored fabrics, but not necessarily with the navy suit. Instead of opting for bright pink dresses as navy suit partners, try going for soft shades of pink or blush tones that are neutral in nature.

Incorporating soft pinks instead of bright ones while matching with a navy suit can add elegance and sophistication to your outfit. Plus, it will give you a classy look at events where being overdressed is not an option.

It’s essential to note that choosing a dress that complements your height can make all the difference. Therefore, play around with different dress colors for different heights before finalizing the perfect dress code combination for yourself!

According to fashion stylist Karen Thomas, “When dressing for formal occasions such as weddings or black-tie events, choose timeless and classic accessories like diamond studs or pearl necklaces that will complement the navy-blue suit beautifully.”

You can wear a yellow dress to show off your sunny disposition, but beware it may clash with your navy suit and cause a storm.


Matching dress colors with navy suit is crucial to create an overall aesthetic appeal. Yellow, a bright hue that can project vivacity but must be used carefully. It’s not recommended to pair yellow dresses with a navy suit because the contrasting palette will clash and overpower each other.

It’s important to note that dress colors represent different attitudes while coordinating with other clothing items. For instance, blue dress symbolizes light heartedness which could compliment well with white accessories.

To add some uniqueness to your wardrobe without using yellows, try incorporating mint green color dresses for a playful and confident look. This soft tonal color could instantly freshen up the surroundings while maintaining the elegance within your outfit.

Don’t miss out on looking attractive in your navy suits – choose the right dress colors for different attitudes and coordinate them perfectly with your ensembles.

Dress to impress with the perfect shoes, accessories, and clutch or handbag to match your navy suit.

Accessorizing with the dress

Accessorizing With The Dress  - What Color Dress Goes With Navy Suit,

Photo Credits: colorscombo.com by Dennis Wilson

Need to accessorize your navy suit? Pick the perfect dress extras! Carefully select dress shoes, accessories, jewelry and a clutch or handbag that will look amazing with the suit. Here, we’ll talk about different ways to rock navy blue plus ideas for picking the right embellishments.

Sub-sections covering jewelry, shoes and clutch or handbag selection are included.


Enhancing the elegance of a navy suit with suitable dress embellishments is crucial. Choosing jewelry that complements the dress and adds to its overall appeal is an art. It is best to opt for simple dress details that don’t overshadow the necklace or earrings. Matching metals with the navy suit’s buttons or cufflinks can look impeccable.

A subtle variation in dress accouterments can create a unique charm like wearing a simple silver pendant necklace instead of chunky jewelry. The addition of luxurious, elegant pearl necklaces can be one of the perfect dress accents that infuse gracefulness to an outfit.

Matching earrings, bracelets, and other accessories should be selected wisely as they are essential dress highlights when paired with a navy suit. One must pick ornaments according to their neckline, sleeve style, and bracelet length.

While it might be tempting to go for bright hues or bold jewel tones, it’s best not to overdo it when accessorizing with jewelry. Keeping it simple yet sophisticated will add finesse and transform any basic look into a glamorous one effortlessly.

I remember attending my cousin’s wedding where I wore a light pink full-length gown with minimalistic diamond studs and an understated diamond bracelet matching my engagement ring. A classic diamond line bracelet would have clashed too much making it gaudy; hence understated luxury was perfect for the occasion.

Dress shoes can make or break your outfit, so choose wisely based on the style, cut, length, and fit of your dress.


  • Dress shoes are the most appropriate footwear for formal events and occasions.
  • Stick to classic leather oxfords or brogues in black or brown shades for a sophisticated look.
  • Wingtips and loafers can be opted for semi-formal events as well as casual gatherings.
  • Avoid wearing sneakers or sporty shoes with your navy suit, as they do not complement well with the overall outfit.

While it’s essential that your shoes match with your navy suit for a complete look, don’t forget that the style, cut, length, and fit of your dress also play an important role.

It’s worth noting that the style of dress shoes you choose must also match with the formality level of the event. For example, ankle boots might not be suitable for formal evening weddings but could work well for daytime outdoor events.

In true history, men used to wear polished leather shoes known as pumps during formal events in the Victorian era. These pumps came in various colors such as black and white, ideal for pairing up with dark suits like navy.

Your handbag can make or break your outfit, so choose wisely based on the dress’s focal points, shape, and size.

Clutch or handbag

Accessories like handbags or clutches play a key role in completing your overall look when matched with a navy suit.

Dress Color Suggested Handbag/Clutch Colors
Neutral Colored Dress Brown, beige, nude
White Colored Dress Black, metallic, silver, gold
Blush Pink Colored Dress Mauve, taupe, light pink
Light Gray Colored Dress Navy, black, white, metallic tones.

When it comes to selecting the right handbag/clutch for your dress color and shape keep in mind the focal points of your dress. For example – if you have a ruffle sleeve or an off-shoulder neckline – keep the accessories simple so they don’t compete with other details.

A study conducted by ‘British Heart Foundation’ showed that women carry around two pounds worth of stuff in their bags.

Five Facts About What Color Dress Goes With Navy Suit:

  • ✅ A white dress shirt is a classic option to wear with a navy suit, creating a sharp, timeless look. (Source: GQ)
  • ✅ Light pink and light blue dress shirts also pair well with navy suits, adding a subtle pop of color. (Source: Esquire)
  • ✅ Avoid pairing a navy suit with a black dress shirt, as it can create a somber, heavy look. (Source: Business Insider)
  • ✅ Neutral-colored ties, such as grey, burgundy, or forest green, complement navy suits well. (Source: The Idle Man)
  • ✅ When choosing shoes to wear with a navy suit, brown, tan, or oxblood colors are a versatile and stylish option. (Source: Men’s Journal)

FAQs about What Color Dress Goes With Navy Suit

1. What color dress goes with navy suit?

There are several colors that would go well with a navy suit, including red, pink, white, beige, black, and gray.

2. Can I wear a patterned dress with a navy suit?

Yes, you can. Just make sure the pattern is not too loud or clashing with the color of the suit.

3. Is it appropriate to wear a bright-colored dress with a navy suit?

It depends on the occasion. For formal events, it’s best to go for a more subdued color. However, if you’re attending a more casual event, you can wear a brighter-colored dress.

4. Can I wear a navy dress with a navy suit?

It’s best to avoid wearing the exact same shade of navy as the suit. Try to choose a dress in a complementary color, such as a light blue or a pastel shade of pink or purple.

5. Should I match my accessories to my dress or my suit?

You should match your accessories to your dress, not your suit. This will tie your entire outfit together and make you look put-together.

6. Can I wear a long dress with a navy suit?

Yes, you can. A long dress would look great with a navy suit, especially if the dress is a solid color or a subtle pattern.

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