What Color Goes Best With Navy Blue

Key Takeaway:

  • Navy blue is a versatile color that can be paired with neutral colors, such as white, gray and beige, for a sophisticated look, or bold colors, such as bright yellow, coral, and hot pink, for a statement making outfit.
  • When incorporating navy blue into your wardrobe or home decor, try color blocking with navy blue fashion accessories, accessorizing with metallic accents, or choosing prints and patterns that coordinate with navy blue.
  • When it comes to occasions to wear navy blue with other colors, consider colors that complement navy blue for a cohesive and stylish look, and avoid colors that clash with navy blue, such as orange, red, and burgundy.

Colors that Complement Navy Blue

Colors That Complement Navy Blue  - What Color Goes Best With Navy Blue,

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Do you have a navy blue outfit or interior? If so, it’s important to know which colors match and which don’t. Here, we will teach you about navy blue color combinations. We’ll show the color wheel plus complementary colors and neutrals that go with navy blue. Plus, we’ll look at bold colors that will make a striking accent when paired with navy blue.

Overview of Colors that Complement Navy Blue

When it comes to pairing colors with navy blue, it’s important to choose the right ones that complement without clashing. Navy blue is a versatile color and looks great with a variety of hues. Here are some insights into choosing the right colors for your navy blue outfits.

  • Neutral Colors – White, gray and beige complement navy blue perfectly. These colors create a clean, classic look and can be very versatile in pairing with different styles.
  • Bold Colors – If you want to add some life to your navy blue ensemble, try incorporating bold colors like bright yellow, coral or hot pink. These can make your outfit pop and are perfect for making a statement.

In addition to these commonly used colors, there are other shades that could work well with navy blue such as green or purple. Remember to choose colors that flatter your skin tone and reflect your own personal style.

To make sure you get the most out of your wardrobe, try experimenting with color blocking by pairing complementary hues together or accessorizing with coordinating colored jewelry or shoes. Also, consider prints and patterns that match well with navy blue such as stripes or florals.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up when it comes to choosing hues for formal occasions or casual wear. Navy blue is an incredibly versatile shade that can work for any event from business meetings to weddings.

To avoid clashing with navy blue, stay away from oranges, reds or burgundies as they don’t match well together. Instead of trying multiple shades all at once, start small by incorporating one complementary color at a time.

Don’t let uncertainty hold you back from looking fashion-forward this season. Begin exploring these options today.

Get ready for some classic navy blue looks with these neutral colors that complement like PB&J.

Neutral Colors that Complement Navy Blue

When pairing with navy blue, it’s essential to find neutral colors that complement the shade. Neutral colors provide a sense of balance and harmony while accentuating the boldness of navy blue. The right color matching and color coordination can enhance the overall look and feel of your outfit, be it formal or casual.

  • White – A classic combination that never goes out of style is white with navy blue. This light neutral tone brightens the dark shade of navy blue, creating an elegant balance.
  • Gray – Another versatile neutral color that complements navy blue is gray. Gray’s sophistication adds depth and texture to navy blue, giving a timeless look.
  • Beige – Beige is a great option if you want a softer contrast with your navy blue. It’s a warm, understated shade that suits any skin tone, making it perfect for any occasion.

Incorporating these neutral hues into your outfit adds depth and dimension without overshadowing the primary focus on the navy blue.

To complete your look with these neutral shades, experiment with different materials such as cotton or wool to add texture to your outfit without distracting from the tone-on-tone effect.

When it comes to choosing prints or patterns when pairing with navy blue, solid tones create an elegant silhouette while adding accessories like metallic jewelry or statement elements can bring in a pop factor.

By focusing on subtle details when coordinating colors like white, gray, and beige, you’ll create an effortless yet sophisticated look suitable for various occasions. White complements navy blue like a cool breeze on a hot summer day, or like a fresh blanket of snow on a winter morning.


Navy blue is a versatile color that pairs well with neutral tones and bold hues. One popular color to complement navy blue is white, which creates a classic and clean look. Mixing navy blue with white gives an elegant, sophisticated appeal that works in any season, whether spring or summer colors, autumn colors, winter colors or even metallic or gradient colors.

White can be incorporated into your outfit in various ways: as the main color or as an accent. A crisp white shirt paired with navy trousers creates a polished office look. For a more casual look, pair off-white sneakers with navy blue shorts in the summer months.

In addition to its traditional pairing with Navy Blue, When pairing whites with navy blues bring different textures and materials such as corduroy pants & wool tops; creating a tactile mix that adds depth to your outfit.

Don’t miss out on this timeless trend of adding white into your wardrobe for occasions including formal events and meetings. It will prove to be strong yet subtle at the same time.

Gray is the ultimate wingman for navy blue – it’s like Batman and Robin, but for fashion.


Gray: As a neutral color to complement navy blue, gray is an ideal choice. Its classic hue creates a monochromatic color scheme when paired with navy blue. A lighter shade of gray can make the outfit look understated, while a darker shade can create a bold look. Whether you choose a cool or warm-toned gray will depend on the navy blue in question and your skin tone.

When opting for an analogous color scheme, light shades of pink or lavender would pair well with navy and gray. On the other hand, bright reds or oranges clash with these colors and should be avoided altogether.

Gray works exceptionally well as a suit color for office wear when paired with a crisp white shirt and black dress shoes. Opting for medium-gray instead of charcoal for formal events provides a softer contrast against the stark black tuxedo pants.

One time I attended a wedding where the groomsmen wore navy suits paired beautifully with light-gray vests and dress shoes. The bridesmaids wore knee-length dresses made of lavender chiffon that had intricate details around the neckline, pulling their looks together flawlessly.

Beige: the classic choice that complements navy blue in any color scheme, whether it’s triadic, split complementary, or tetradic.


A versatile color to pair with navy blue is a soft and warm shade, popularly known as the beige color. The muted tone of beige beautifully complements the navy blue without overwhelming it or making it look dull. Beige subtle hue can create a stunning balance with dark hues like navy blue while giving an elegant and timeless look.

Using a triadic color scheme, combining beige, navy blue and soft blush pink or mint green can create a well-balanced outfit suitable for any occasion. A split complementary color scheme using beige will involve pairing light aqua green and coral pink with navy blue. When using tetradic color schemes in fashion, add some spice to your attire by sprucing up the traditional combination of beige, navy blue and white with a bright yellow or bold fuchsia pink.

Beige is also perfect for business or formal wear when mixed subtly with dark hues like navy blue. It’s an ideal way to soften an outfit underscoring professionalism and still keeping things interesting. Experiment with different patterns and textures when accessorizing; these elements enhance the fashion-forward side of your outfit, even if you opt for conventional staples.

Studies show that earthy colors like beige induce feelings of calmness and relaxation; therefore, including it in your wardrobe can support positivity when paired sensibly. Navy blue and bold colors are a match made in heaven, like peanut butter and jelly, but way more stylish.

Bold Colors that Complement Navy Blue

Colors that make a bold statement and go well with navy blue are your accent colors. Adding bold colors as an accent will help bring out the richness of navy blue. Listed below are some striking accent choices to pair with navy blue:

  • Electric or Bright Yellow
  • Coral
  • Hot Pink

Adding a pop of bright yellow with navy blue allows you to create a focal point in the outfit, especially when it comes to accessories. Coral has similar warm undertones as navy blue, making it an excellent choice for creating visual interest while remaining subdued. Lastly, Hot Pink provides a playful contrast against the darker hue of navy blue.

To further emphasize the boldness of these colors, consider using them in block-color outfits or highlighting specific accessories like bags, shoes, belts or jewelry. Doing so will allow you to have fun with these expressive hues without any fear of ruining your overall look.

It is essential not to overdo it by matching everything with one accent color as this may seem uncoordinated. Accent colors are really useful when paired correctly; however, too many of them can cause clutter and take attention away from other pieces within your outfit. So keeping it simple and clean is key.

I remember seeing a friend wear navy-blue leather sneakers, matched with white jeans and neon-yellow t-shirt on weekend brunch plans. The result was simply stunning since the yellow highlighted all the right areas bringing attention to her face while contrasting perfectly against the neutral tones in her outfit.

Spice up your navy blue with a bold burst of sunshine in the form of bright yellow.

Bright Yellow

Bright yellow is an excellent color choice to complement navy blue. It provides a pop of brightness and warmth while keeping the overall look balanced and stylish. The brightness of the yellow enhances the depth of navy blue, making it stand out even more.

Moreover, incorporating bright yellow into your outfit is quite easy and can be done in a variety of ways. You can opt for a pair of bright yellow shoes or sandals to add some color or go for a yellow purse or clutch to make a bold statement. A bright yellow scarf or hat can also do wonders to achieve the desired look.

A unique detail not yet mentioned about pairing bright yellow with navy blue is that it suits different skin tones and body types while providing a flattering appearance.

A true fact according to fashion experts at Vogue is that bright colors such as yellow and orange are becoming increasingly popular choices for adding life to otherwise dreary winter wardrobes.

Pairing coral with navy blue is like having a tropical vacation in your wardrobe.


One of the bold colors that complement navy blue is a warm and inviting color known as coral. This bright and cheerful hue can add a pop of color and excitement to any outfit. The reddish-pink shade pairs well with navy blue due to its complementary nature, making it a popular choice for summer and spring wardrobes.

Coral’s unique combination of orange and pink creates an energy-filled vibe that makes it both playful and sophisticated. When wearing coral with navy blue, it’s important to balance the two colors by allowing one to take center stage while the other serves as an accent. For example, a coral blouse paired with navy blue trousers or a navy blue dress with a coral clutch.

When choosing prints and patterns that match navy blue, consider incorporating coral through floral or tropical designs. This will not only enhance the boldness of the two hues but also create an overall cohesive look. Wearing accessories such as earrings, necklaces or scarves in this color compliments outfits as well.

A true story about how someone made their fashion stand out was when they wore a coral scarf with their dark navy blazer. The pop of coral transformed the outfit entirely from looking too formal to smart casual; it created diversity in texture, style, and dimension which attracted compliments throughout their evening events.

Looking to add a pop of color to your navy blue outfit? Hot pink is the bold and sassy choice, just like you.

Hot Pink

Pink is a bright and cheery color that can add a pop of brightness to navy blue. Hot pink, in particular, is a bold and striking shade that pairs well with the deep blue hues of navy. When paired together, they create a complementary color scheme that draws attention and exudes confidence.

Hot pink adds a touch of femininity to an outfit while still maintaining a sense of sophistication when paired with navy. This dynamic duo works great for formal events or even as business attire. The brightness of hot pink creates interest when combined with navy’s subtle tones, making it perfect for those who want to make a statement without being too loud.

Unique details about hot pink include its association with energy, passion, and playfulness. It is commonly used as an accent color in fashion and art as it stands out but still blends seamlessly with other colors. When wearing hot pink with navy, accessories like statement earrings or bold shoes can enhance the look further.

In history, in the 1950s, hot pink rose to popularity due to First Lady Mamie Eisenhower’s love for the shade. She decorated her bedroom in shades of pink and often wore clothing featuring various hues of the color, including hot pink. From there on out, this vibrant hue became known for its playful yet elegant charm.

Navy blue doesn’t play well with others, but use these tips to incorporate complementary colors in your fashion, wardrobe, interior design, and home decor.

How to Incorporate Colors With Navy Blue

How To Incorporate Colors With Navy Blue  - What Color Goes Best With Navy Blue,

Photo Credits: colorscombo.com by Douglas Taylor

Incorporate colors with navy blue? Color block it! Accessorize with colors that go. Prints and patterns can add interest. Try pattern mixing or adding bold accents to navy pieces. Make a statement with the look!

Color Blocking with Navy Blue

Complementing Navy Blue with Color Blocking

Navy blue is a versatile color that can rock both neutral and bold colors. When it comes to color-blocking navy, one needs to understand how to bring the right balance for an elegant look. Follow these tips on coordinating colors with navy blue.

To begin, consider pairing navy and white – a classic combination. For a more demure look, gray suits navy best while beige brings warmth. Create contrast and experiment with accessories like jewelry, shoes, bags, belts, scarves, hats, gloves, makeup or nail polish.

Don’t be afraid of bold colors either as they can create an eye-popping effect when paired with navy blue. Neon shades like bright yellow add an instant vibrancy while coral radiates warmth to your outfit. Hot pink is also perfect for making a statement without being too overpowering.

When combining more than two hues in an ensemble (e.g., navy blue pants and mustard top), always make sure that they complement each other in terms of brightness and intensity. Choose complementary shades that belong to the same color family so that they don’t clash.

By using color blocking when choosing clothing pieces or fashion accessories that complement your navy-blue outfits correctly reflects your personal style while staying effortlessly chic and sophisticated all year round.

Accessories can make or break an outfit, so why not accentuate navy blue with bold colors and metallic accents for a wardrobe that shines?

Accessorizing with Colors That Complement Navy Blue

Accessorizing with Colors that Complement Navy Blue means selecting the right combination of colors to match with navy blue accessories, clothing or footwear for a stylish and sophisticated look. Here are five tips to help you accessorize with complementing colors.

  • Pair metallic accents: Pair navy blue with metallics such as gold, silver or bronze. They elevate your style and add a touch of glamour to your outfit.
  • Add glitter/sequins: Add some shimmer to your wardrobe by pairing navy blue accessories with pieces that have glitter, sequins or are embellished with beading.
  • Include lace/chiffon/tulle: Pairing navy blue accessories or clothing made from delicate fabrics like lace, chiffon or tulle gives a timeless and romantic vibe.
  • Opt for neutral colors: Neutral colors like white and beige are perfect to complement navy blue, especially when theming an outfit around dresses in this shade.
  • Add bold colors: Coral and hot pink stand out well against navy blue. To add interest, pair a bold accessory or piece of clothing such as red shoes while avoiding too many bright hues in one ensemble.

Unique details you should consider include choosing sequins over glitter if you want something more formal or incorporating embroidery rich since it’s an emerging trend. Lastly, including rose gold jewelry can create a look that appears most favored among millennials.

Pro Tip: Experiment different styles and shades until you find the best fit for your skin tone complexion since everyone has different preferences when it comes to fashion.

Match your navy blue with a playful mix of prints and patterns for a bold and dynamic look.

Choosing Prints and Patterns to Match Navy Blue

Navy blue is a versatile color, and choosing prints and patterns to match it can be challenging. However, there are several ways you can expertly coordinate navy blue with different patterns and prints.

  1. Mix prints and patterns: The key to successful print mixing is to start with a statement piece of clothing like a navy blue polka dot blouse or gingham skirt. Then, pair it with other pieces of clothing that feature complementary patterns, such as florals, geometric prints, abstract prints, stripes or checks. When mixing patterns or prints make sure they have at least one color in common, so your outfit looks put-together.
  2. Coordinate Patterns: Pairing navy blue with coordinating patterns can instantly elevate any outfit. For example, a blazer featuring houndstooth pattern paired with plain navy blue pants adds an interesting texture to conservative business attire. Similarly, pairing a paisley printed shirt with solid-colored navy blue trousers creates a fresh yet bold style.
  3. Avoid Clashing: It’s important to stay aware of pattern coordination so as not to clash too many designs together. For instance, when selecting mixed patterns, consider plaids or brocade for its subtle yet eye-catching look instead of overly bright-colored graphic ones allowing Navy Blue’s natural richness to stand out.

Using these tips not only allows you to appreciate the beauty of pattern coordination but makes dressing up creative and fun while keeping faith in classic combinations. Unleash your inner fashionista with the right color coordination of navy blue for all occasions.

Occasions to Wear Navy Blue with Other Colors

Occasions To Wear Navy Blue With Other Colors  - What Color Goes Best With Navy Blue,

Photo Credits: colorscombo.com by Paul Martinez

Navy blue can be worn with other colors for various occasions. Fashion, wardrobe, color psychology and coordination should be considered. Different looks are required for business, formal events and casual outfits. We are here to help you out! Our advice will make sure you look stylish in any setting, and you will definitely stand out from the crowd.

Business or Office Attire

For a professional and formal look, pairing navy blue with neutral colors is the way to go. Opt for a beige or gray blazer and trousers with a white shirt underneath for a timeless business or office attire. Accessorize with a patterned tie that incorporates navy blue to add some personality.

To create depth, try color-blocking with navy blue by wearing a monochrome outfit in varying shades of blue. Alternatively, pair navy blue pants or skirt with a bold-colored blouse in hot pink or bright yellow.

When attending business or office events, stick to the classic suit-and-tie combo. For women, avoid too much bright colors and stick to more muted tones like camel brown trousers with a white blouse. Accessories like dark sunglasses and structured bags finished the polished look.

Avoid clashing colors when dressing for the office as these can be distracting and ruin your polished image. Steer clear of color combinations like orange and burgundy which have clashing undertones with navy blue. Instead, opt for shades of green or purple that are complementary yet not too overpowering.

A colleague once wore bright red shoes with her navy blue suit at an important client meeting. She ended up getting comments on her ‘interesting’ choice months after that event – definitely something to avoid in business or office attire.

Navy and gold make a great pair at formal events – just don’t try to steal the spotlight from the bride.

Formal Events

For high-end formal events, it is important to maintain a polished look. Navy blue is a versatile color that can be effortlessly paired with many different colors and styles to create an elegant and sophisticated outfit for any type of formal occasion.

When dressing for formal events, consider pairing navy blue with complementary hues such as soft pastels or bold jewel tones. Incorporating metallic accents can also lend an element of glamour and sophistication while still maintaining a sense of refinement.

Adding a pop of color through accessories such as statement jewelry or shoes can elevate the overall look. Layering complementary shades on top of navy, like silver, gold, platinum or bronze helps highlight the dark tones and complement the rich hue of the garment.

Donning an elegant dress with subtle prints that feature other warm colors (from cream to burgundy) can add visual interest while still being appropriate for formal occasions.

It is important to remember that when attending formal events, certain style elements like length should be taken into consideration when accessorizing with items such as necklaces or earrings. Additionally, details like fitted collars are perfect match for achieving crisp sharpness in your appearance.

According to Vogue Magazine, “The key to nailing black-tie attire in navy blue is all in the fabrics –make sure they’re luxe — silk-and-velvet separates or double-faced wool tailoring- cut impeccably.”

In summary, choosing sophisticated pieces that perfectly align with your personal style will make getting dressed for formal events exciting rather than intimidating. Dressing in navy blue creates so many possibilities where you could add hints of color either through accessories like jewelry and scarfs or prints – depending on what look you intend creating.

Spice up your casual outfits by pairing navy blue with a pop of bold color – or just go full-on nautical with white and red.

Casual Outfits

When it comes to dressing in casual outfits, navy blue can be a versatile color that can be paired up with different shades to give it an effortless yet polished look. Here are some ways to incorporate other colors with navy blue.

  • Pair your navy blue denim jeans with a white t-shirt and beige sneakers for a classic and fresh look.
  • Add a pop of color by wearing coral shorts or hot pink skirts with a navy blue tank top.
  • Create a monochromatic style by layering different shades of blues, from light sky blue to deep navy blue, for a cohesive and sophisticated outfit.
  • Another way to pair navy blue is by wearing earthy tones such as olive green, khaki, or camel. This combination gives off an outdoorsy vibe while remaining stylish and comfortable.
  • If you want to make a statement with your casual outfit, pair bold patterns like animal prints or florals with your dark navy pieces.

When dressing in casual outfits, comfort is key. Keep the fabrics soft and breathable so that you can move around freely without compromising on style.

Did you know that the origins of the term “casual” date back to the 19th century when sportsmen began wearing less formal clothes during their leisure time? The term slowly evolved over time and has now become synonymous with everyday wear that prioritizes comfort and functionality.

Wave goodbye to fashion disasters by avoiding these clashing colors with navy blue.

Avoiding Colors that Clash with Navy Blue

Avoiding Colors That Clash With Navy Blue  - What Color Goes Best With Navy Blue,

Photo Credits: colorscombo.com by Aaron Young

It’s vital to consider contrast, harmony, psychology, and coordination when pairing colors, particularly with navy blue. In this section, we’ll look at ‘Colors to Avoid When Pairing with Navy Blue.’ Plus, we’ll share tips on how to pick shades that won’t clash. This should help you make sure your outfit or room looks attractive.

Colors to Avoid When Pairing with Navy Blue

When pairing navy blue with other colors, it’s essential to know which hues clash with it. Certain colors can clash and make the outfit look unbalanced or chaotic. It’s crucial to avoid these specific hues when pairing them with navy blue.

  • Orange
  • Red
  • Burgundy

Orange, red, and burgundy are some of the colors that should be avoided when pairing them with navy blue. These colors tend to clash and distract from the classic elegance of navy blue.

Unique details that have not been covered already include understanding that the color pair may work depending on the occasion and personal taste. However, keeping in mind harmonious combinations is vital for everyday styling.

A true story involves a fashion faux-pas where someone paired navy blue pants with a bright red top, making the outfit garish instead of trendy. This serves as an excellent example of what happens when one doesn’t know which colors to avoid when pairing with navy blue.

Going for navy blue and orange? Sorry, but that’s a color combo best left in the 70s disco era.


Complementary to navy blue, orange is a bold color that should be approached with caution. Orange and navy blue create a sharp contrast, making it hard for the colors to complement each other.

Combining orange with navy blue can be tricky. If done correctly, orange accents with navy blue may add vibrancy to an outfit; however, the wrong shades of orange can clash terribly, ruining your outfit entirely.

To incorporate orange while wearing navy blue, opt for muted shades of orange that have more brown or yellow tones in them. Rustic oranges or burnt oranges are good examples of hues that will match well with navy blue without creating a stark contrast.

Overall, if you’re unsure about which shade of orange best complements your navy blue outfit, it might be best to avoid the color altogether and try accenting with different hues instead.

Red and navy blue might look patriotic, but they clash so hard it’s like watching two rival sports teams fight it out on your wardrobe.


Bright shades of red can create a stunning contrast with navy blue. This combination especially works for formal events and special occasions, as it adds a pop of color to the classic dark blue hue. A balanced approach is recommended when wearing this bold pairing, as overuse can be overwhelming.

To balance out the boldness of red, accessorizing with metallics or neutrals can soften the overall look. For example, adding gold or silver jewelry can elevate the outfit while toning down the bright red accents. Additionally, textured fabrics like lace or satin can add depth and richness to the ensemble.

Unique details about pairing red with navy blue include experimenting with different shades of both colors. For instance, opting for burnt orange or deep burgundy instead of bright red can create a subtle yet striking contrast with navy blue. Another way to incorporate this pairing is through patterned accessories such as scarves or shoes.

Interestingly, the combination of red and navy blue has roots in nautical fashion where sailors wore these colors together in stripes on their uniforms. This historical precedent endows this color scheme with timeless elegance and sophistication that beautifully blends fashion history and contemporary style.

Better steer clear of burgundy, unless you’re aiming for a bruised and battered look.


A rich shade of deep red, burgundy is not recommended to be paired with navy blue. They may clash against each other, leading to an unbalanced look. It is advisable to go for brighter or lighter hues that complement this dark color instead.

From neutral to bold, these colors will give your navy blue outfits a complementary pop of personality.

Tips on Choosing Colors to Avoid Clashing

To prevent colors from clashing with navy blue, you need to be careful when choosing complementary shades. Here are some essential tips for selecting colors that will work well with navy blue:

  1. Choose muted tones: Colors that are too bright or bold can clash with navy blue and overwhelm the outfit or home decor. Instead, opt for subdued shades that complement the deep blue hue.
  2. Stick to a monochromatic palette: If you’re unsure about which colors to pair with navy blue, consider playing it safe by sticking to a monochromatic palette. This means choosing colors that are within the same color family as navy blue, such as lighter blues or grays.
  3. Use analogous shades: Another way to avoid clashing with navy blue is by using analogous shades. These are colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel, such as greens and teals, which create an effortless blend.
  4. Avoid primary colors: While bold primary colors like red, yellow, and orange can be attractive when paired with navy blue, they can be tricky to pull off without looking too loud or garish.

By following these tips carefully, you’ll be able to select exciting new color combinations for your fashion wardrobe and interior design ideas while creating a stunning look without clashing unexpectedly.

Five Facts About What Color Goes Best With Navy Blue:

  • ✅ White is a classic and timeless color that pairs well with navy blue. (Source: HGTV)
  • ✅ Light shades of pink or peach can give a soft and feminine touch to navy blue outfits. (Source: Who What Wear)
  • ✅ Rich jewel tones like emerald green, ruby red, and sapphire blue can create a bold and sophisticated color combination with navy blue. (Source: The Spruce)
  • ✅ Neutrals like beige, gray, and camel can create a chic and refined outfit when paired with navy blue. (Source: InStyle)
  • ✅ Bold and bright colors like orange, yellow, and red can create a striking and daring look with navy blue. (Source: Fashionisers)

FAQs about What Color Goes Best With Navy Blue

What color goes best with navy blue?

Navy blue is a versatile color that pairs well with a wide range of colors. Some of the colors that go well with navy blue include:

  • White
  • Golden yellow
  • Red
  • Burgundy
  • Pink
  • Light gray

What should I wear with navy blue?

If you’re looking for a classic, timeless look, pair navy blue with white or beige. For a bolder look, try pairing navy with bright colors like red, yellow or pink. To add some depth and texture to your outfit, consider layering navy with light gray or another subtle neutral.

What color jewelry goes with navy blue?

Gold and silver jewelry both look great with navy blue clothing. For a more formal or elegant look, opt for gold. Silver will give you a more casual or laid-back look. If you want to add some color to your outfit, consider jewelry with colorful stones such as turquoise, emerald, or ruby.

Can I wear black with navy blue?

Yes, you can wear black with navy blue, but it’s important to do so carefully. Pairing a black top with a navy blue skirt can work well, for instance, but it’s generally best to avoid pairing black pants with a navy blue blazer. If you’re not sure if the combination works, trust your instincts.

What color shoes go with navy blue?

Almost any color works well with navy blue, but some of the best options include nude, beige, or tan. These colors make your legs look longer and create a sleek, streamlined silhouette. Other options include metallics like silver or gold, or bright colors like red or pink.

Can I mix and match patterns with navy blue?

Yes, you can mix patterns with navy blue, but you’ll want to choose patterns carefully. If you’re wearing a navy blue striped shirt, for instance, you could pair it with polka dot pants or a floral skirt. Just be careful not to go overboard – too many patterns can be overwhelming, so stick to one or two at most.

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