What Color Goes Well With Maroon

Key Takeaway:

  • Understanding the psychology and theory of maroon color can help guide color choices in fashion and home decor. Maroon represents strength, power, and sophistication.
  • Colors that complement maroon include shades of pink, peach, coral, soft blues, greens, fawn, beige, whites, and creams. When combining colors with maroon, consider using the color wheel to find complementary colors, choosing colors in similar tones, pairing with neutral colors, or adding accents for contrast.
  • When aiming for a contrasting effect, pair maroon with bright yellow, orange, turquoise, teal, lilac, purple, dark green, navy blue or red and burgundy. Consider the occasion and mood when combining colors with maroon, whether it’s for your wardrobe, home decor, or a wedding.

Understanding Maroon Color

Understanding Maroon Color  - What Color Goes Well With Maroon,

Photo Credits: colorscombo.com by Raymond Campbell

Maroon color is a rich, deep reddish-brown hue that exudes luxury and sophistication. The color psychology of maroon suggests that it represents confident and powerful demeanor. Maroon color theory dictates that it is created by blending red and brown mixed with varying shades of black and white. This creates a darker shade that significantly elevates the look of any dress or accessory. Maroon is currently in vogue with several trending fashion styles and has been embraced by the fashion industry all over the world.

When choosing colors to wear with maroon, it is essential to consider the color wheel. Colors that are adjacent or complementary to maroon, such as shades of pink, gold, brown, black, gray, navy blue, or beige, go well with it. Darker shades of blue or green can be worn with maroon, but they should be used in moderation. For instance, pairing a maroon sweater with black or navy blue jeans, or wearing a maroon shirt with khaki chinos will work better than a purple pant.

To really elevate a maroon outfit, experiment with metallic or sparkling accessories. This will add a touch of glamour and create a stunning contrast. For instance, adding playful jewelry such as gold or rose gold earrings, bracelets, or necklaces to an all-maroon outfit adds a touch of sparkle and shimmer that stands out. Additionally, choosing to wear makeup with warm tones, such as a classic red lip or peachy blush, helps to complement the warmth of the maroon color.

Colors that Complement Maroon

Colors That Complement Maroon  - What Color Goes Well With Maroon,

Photo Credits: colorscombo.com by Sean Allen

Finding the perfect color combo with maroon? We’ve got you covered! To start, think pink, peach, and coral. These shades bring out the beauty of maroon. Soft blues and greens can also create a stunning contrast. Want something more subtle? Try fawn and beige hues to bring a neutral warmth. Finally, whites and creams make for a refreshing and minimalist effect.

Shades of Pink

Pink tones can complement maroon color, creating a sophisticated and elegant appearance. Lighter shades of pink, including blush and baby pink, bring a delicate touch to maroon outfits or decor. Meanwhile, dusty pink and mauve bring a romantic feel while still maintaining an upscale aesthetic. The combination of darker pinks with maroon brings depth and richness to an outfit or interior space. Choosing the right shade of pink can influence the final look, so experimenting with various hues is recommended to find the perfect match.

Incorporating shades of pink into a maroon color palette can be accomplished in several ways. Utilizing accessories such as scarves or jewelry in lighter pinks allows for a subtle introduction of the tone while still making an impact. Incorporating curtains or pillows in dusty pinks creates dimension in a room without overpowering other elements. Mixing lighter and darker shades of pink together with maroon adds depth and interest to outfits.

Unique details can be added by using metallic hues alongside shades of pink when working with maroon as well. Copper, gold, silver, or rose gold hues paired with various shades of pink provide elegant accents that elevate the overall look.

According to Pantone Color Institute’s Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman – “The combination of red and green implies nature but balanced more toward excitement and passion.” Hence, pairing bright green with maroon also provides a striking contrast that stands out across fashion designs and home interiors alike.

Overall incorporating shades of pink into a maroon palette offers versatility for any occasion, from everyday fashion wear to formal events or home decor. By utilizing various tints and tones within the color family as well as pairing them with contrasting hues results in creative combinations that will impress yet preserve sophistication.

If Maroon and Peach had a baby, it would be the perfect color combination for any summer event.

Peach and Coral Tones

Complementing maroon doesn’t need to be a daunting task. Incorporating peach and coral tones is an excellent option that adds a touch of playfulness and brightness to maroon’s richness. These warm colors pair exceptionally well with maroon as they create a balance between cool and warm tones. Peachy undertones bring out the earthy warmth in maroon, whereas a bright coral shade contrasts beautifully against its depth.

Furthermore, these colors look especially striking in monochromatic outfits when paired with different textures and finishes, adding depth and interest to any look. For instance, combining soft coral pinks with a maroon cashmere sweater can create an elegant and sophisticated appearance perfect for winter evenings.

Peach and coral tones also work well as accents in prints or used for accessories such as scarfs, shoes, or handbags. A beautiful scarf with peach or coral hues can add fun pops of color to a simple neutral outfit.

Overall, incorporating peach and coral tones will bring joyous warmth while complementing the richness of deep shades of Maroon. By combining these colors carefully, one can create sophisticated looks suitable for both formal events and casual outings. Don’t miss out on this unique combination!

Pair maroon with soft blues and greens to evoke the feeling of a tranquil forest, minus the mosquitoes.

Soft Blues and Greens

Soft blues and greens are complimentary colors to maroon. These hues bring a sense of calm and freshness to any color palette and can add depth to the overall feel of your ensemble. Blue tones such as sky blue, powder blue, and baby blue create a harmonious contrast with maroon while green shades like sage green, olive, or moss green complement the richness of maroon. Combining these soft blues and greens with maroon is an excellent choice for creating a relaxed yet sophisticated ambiance in fashion or home decor.

These soothing tones work particularly well with natural materials such as wood, bamboo, or jute in furniture and textiles. Soft blues paired with creamy whites give a coastal vibe that brings an effortless elegance to room decor. Using sage-green textiles on a maroon sofa or throw pillows will give a welcoming earthy touch to any space.

A subtle way of using these complimentary hues could be by incorporating them into jewelry or accessories. While wearing maroon clothes, adding small accents of soft blues will provide balance and harmony. For example, try pairing a maroon blazer with an aquamarine brooch pinned on the lapel.

Pro Tip: When incorporating soft hues like blues and greens in your clothing or interior decoration ideas always remember to use correct proportion by following color rules derived from the color wheel for a consistent look throughout your designs.

These colors may sound boring, but they’re a perfect match for maroon – they’re like the reliable wingman that always makes the main color look good.

Fawn and Beige Hues

Colors in the fawn and beige spectrum can complement maroon beautifully. These soothing and neutral tones work well to tone down the boldness of maroon, creating an elegant visual contrast. Pairing maroon with fawn or beige colors adds depth and sophistication to any outfit or interior décor.

You can use shades like sand, cream, tan, raw sienna or taupe to match with maroon for a timeless and subtle look. Mixing these hues can accentuate different textures and layers in your ensemble, making your overall appearance stand out.

When considering fawn and beige hues with maroon, stick to tones that harmonize well. Colors that are not too warm or cool are perfect for adding depth to your Maroon base color while also creating a stunning balance. You can mix multiple beiges and browns for depth or try pairing them with metallic accents like gold or copper for an opulent touch.

Fawn and Beige hues are versatile when it comes to creating a monochromatic look when you pair them together elegantly. The monochromatic approach works best when looking for both eyes catching designs in clothes as well as contemporary interior designs.

According to Elle Décor “Beige is anything but boring — it’s neutral” which means combining fawn & beige hues with your favorite outfit might just bring out its fashion statement giving it an incredibly chic makeover.

Don’t be afraid to mix maroon with whites and creams – it’s the perfect balance between sophistication and comfort.

Whites and Creams

White and Creams, the Lighter Shades that Match Maroon

Maroon is a deep color that looks exquisite with light colors such as whites and creams. The softness of these shades complements the depth and richness of maroon perfectly.

  • White: Pair maroon with white for an elegant and clean look. It creates a timeless combination that you can use in both formal and informal attire.
  • Ivory: Use ivory with maroon for a warm and classic combination. It adds a touch of vintage charm to your outfit or home decor.
  • Off-White: If you want to create a more modern look with maroon, try combining it with off-white. This shade adds a contemporary feel to the ensemble.
  • Cream: The pairing of cream with maroon results in a cozy and comforting atmosphere that’s perfect for winter settings. Cream works best as an accent to add depth to your outfits or interiors.

Whites and creams are versatile colors that offer many opportunities to enhance the beauty of maroon in various settings like fashion, home decor, or wedding themes. To combine whites and creams properly with maroon, one must consider factors such as occasion, mood, textures, contrast levels before making choices.

For instance:

  • Using sturdy fabrics like cotton or linen add visual interest when paired together while delicate materials like silk & lace work beautifully when layered on each other.
  • To create contrast use bold accents like leopard prints over white while keeping the rest of the palette muted.
  • In Summer, swap heavy cream tones for lighter ones like ecru off-whites brightened up by natural lighting.
  • When pairing maroon jackets with skirts in whites and creams choose tones that match each other’s contrasts.

These tips will help you discover new possible combinations with maroon and Whites and Creams forever. Pair maroon with bright yellow or orange to give your outfit a pop of contrast and make those around you question your fashion choices.

Colors that Contrast Maroon

Colors That Contrast Maroon  - What Color Goes Well With Maroon,

Photo Credits: colorscombo.com by Bradley Nelson

Searching for colors to wear or decorate with maroon? Look no further! Explore colors that contrast with the deep, rich hue. Here, you’ll find perfect combos for your outfits and interior design. Bright Yellow & Orange, Turquoise & Teal, Lilac & Purple, Dark Green & Navy Blue, and Red & Burgundy, will all complement maroon beautifully.

Bright Yellow and Orange

To achieve a perfect balance between these colors, it’s essential to use them sparingly. Usage in small quantities will keep the strong hues from dominating the beauty of Maroon, creating an unwanted sensory overload.

Combining a bright yellow or orange top with dark pants or skirts in maroon can create a visually appealing outfit. Similarly, by using bright yellow or orange accessories like shoes, necklaces, earrings against deep maroon sundresses can add charm and definition to your demeanor.

Aim for aesthetic proportionality between bright yellow and orange when used with Maroon. This ensures that the vibrant colors blend well into your design language. The idea is to create synergy between colors rather than letting them clash.

Overall, Bright Yellow and Orange are excellent choices for creating dazzling combinations with Maroon. However, their extensive radiance demands cautious deployment. So try experimenting in varied ways until you find an outcome you adore!

Adding a pop of turquoise or teal to maroon is like adding a splash of summer to your winter wardrobe.

Turquoise and Teal

In combining colors with maroon, turquoise and teal can be used to provide a bold pop of color that contrasts well with maroon. These shades of blue-green can add vibrancy and energy to an outfit or space when paired with maroon.

It’s important to note that using too much of these bright hues can be overwhelming, so it’s best to use them sparingly as accents rather than the main color. When combined in small amounts, turquoise and teal can provide a fresh and exciting contrast to the deep red tones of maroon.

Some examples of how to incorporate turquoise and teal with maroon could include using teal accent pillows on a maroon couch or incorporating a turquoise necklace with a maroon dress.

When choosing colors to pair with maroon, it’s essential to consider the occasion and mood as well as the color wheel. By sticking to similar tones or pairing with neutral colors, you can create a cohesive and balanced look that incorporates the bold contrast of turquoise and teal.

Pair maroon with lilac or purple for a combo that screams ‘royalty, but make it fashion’.

Lilac and Purple

Purple and lilac hues can bring out the richness in maroon. These colors lie adjacent to maroon on the color wheel, making them complementary tones that work harmoniously. Adding lilac or purple to your maroon ensemble adds a pop of color without being overly bold.

When pairing maroon with purple or lilac tones, it is crucial to consider the tone of each shade. Deep purples can add depth and richness to a maroon-centric look, while light lilacs can bring a sense of airiness and brighten up darker outfits.

Incorporating lilac or purple can be ideal for weddings, spring events, or summer outings. Lighter shades of purple in floral prints work exceptionally well when paired with warm-weather weddings. However, deep purples combined with maroon are perfect for winter occasions such as holiday parties.

I recall going to a fall wedding where the bridal party featured dresses in different shades of deep purple, which complemented their groomsmen’s maroon suits flawlessly. It was an elegant combination that I will never forget.

Mixing maroon with dark green and navy blue will make you feel like a sophisticated mastermind plotting world domination… or just creating a killer outfit.

Dark Green and Navy Blue

The earthy shades of dark green and navy blue contrast well with the boldness of maroon. These colors create a sense of depth and richness when paired together. Dark green has a calming effect, while navy blue gives an air of sophistication to any ensemble.

When choosing these shades to complement maroon, consider pairing them in textiles such as tweed or wool for a classic look. Alternatively, use accessories such as ties or scarves in these hues to add subtle contrast.

For unique details about combining these colors, consider using patterns that incorporate all three shades for added interest. Another option is to use different textures or finishes in each color for added dimension.

In history, these colors were popular during the Victorian era and were often used in men’s clothing. It was believed that dark green represented stability and reliability, while navy blue represented power and authority.

Red and burgundy: like a vampire’s dream wardrobe.

Red and Burgundy

Maroon, being a deep red-brown hue, pairs exceptionally well with its lighter or brighter versions- like reds and burgundies. By using these shades in moderation, you can create an elegant and sophisticated look. The combination of maroon and red/burgundy creates a statement look that can be achieved by pairing the colors together in an outfit or decor palette.

When it comes to combining maroon with reds and burgundies, the key is to use subtle contrasts between them. To bring out the best in your maroon color, pair it with burgundy or deeper shades of red. You can opt for a stylish pair of shoes or accessories that add pops of burgundy or red hues to your maroon outfit.

To make this color scheme work in design projects, incorporate lighter shades of both reds and burgundies. Use neutral accents like white pillows, gold metal fixtures, and dark wood furniture to enhance the beauty of these hues.

Pro Tip: Avoid overwhelming yourself with bright colours when trying to match outfits with maroon; rather stick to tonal variations of contrasting colors.

Get creative with maroon accessories – because who says your home decor, wedding colors, or makeup looks can’t match your favorite lipstick shade?

Tips for Combining Colors with Maroon

Tips For Combining Colors With Maroon  - What Color Goes Well With Maroon,

Photo Credits: colorscombo.com by Brian Wilson

To mix maroon with other colors, think of accessories, home decor, wedding colors, clothing and make-up. Consider the color wheel to find complements. Choose colors in similar tones. Also, mix it with neutral colors. Add accents for contrast. Lastly, consider the occasion and mood. This is key to creating a harmonious color scheme while still showing maroon’s symbolic depth.

Use Color Wheel to Find Complements

Using the color wheel can be an effective method to find colors that complement Maroon. It is a tool that helps identify the relationships between different colors and their respective hues. By using this technique, you can easily find colors that work well with Maroon.

Here are the Six steps to use Color Wheel to Find Complements:

  1. Start by locating the position of Maroon on the color wheel.
  2. To find its complement, move directly across from Maroon on the wheel.
  3. The complementary color of Maroon is Lime Green, which can create a beautiful contrast when used together.
  4. Alternatively, split-complementary colors such as yellow-green and blue-green can add depth and balance to a design.
  5. Analogous colors that lie adjacent to each other, such as red and orange, can also offer cohesion to a palette.
  6. Triadic colors like violet and green along with Maroon create an exciting contrast in designs

Additionally, consider tones of colors as they play an essential role in matching them with maroon. Colors with similar or harmonizing shades like coral tones, soft blues, or beige hues work well together as they help bring out the best in each other.

Some suggestions for using this technique include pairing Maroon with neutral shades like white or cream for a classic and timeless look or adding accents of contrasting colours like bright yellows or turquoise for an edgier vibe. It’s essential to choose color combinations based on occasion and mood while keeping factors like cultural significances in mind. Overall using the color wheel helps in finding more unique color palettes while making it easier for designers to create cohesive design schemes around maroon without clashing elements.

Matching tones with maroon is like finding your soulmate – they just click.

Choose Colors in Similar Tones

Colors in similar tones are a great choice to pair with maroon, creating an elegant and harmonious color scheme. By choosing colors in similar tones, you’ll ensure that they are consistent with the same level of saturation, whether light or dark.

  • One way to choose colors in similar tones is to opt for shades of pink, such as blush or rose gold.
  • Another option is to use peach and coral tones, which work well with maroon as they contain a hint of red undertones.
  • Soft blues and greens also make excellent choices as they balance the warmth of maroon while lending calmness to the ensemble.

When opting for colors in similar tones, keep texture and finishes in mind while pairing. For instance, velvet fabrics go well with soft-toned pastels while satin lends a rich finish suitable for deeper shades.

It is important to note that the key to choosing complementary colors lies in getting your colour balance right- You do not want maroon to overpower other colors completely.

Let’s take this fact- According to Vogue Magazine’s 2021 color trend forecast report, marsala shades lend contemporary elegance when combined with nature-inspired hues like olive green and sand-beige.

Pairing maroon with neutrals is like adding a pinch of salt to a perfectly cooked dish – it enhances the richness without overpowering it.

Pair with Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are perfect to pair with maroon to create a classic and elegant look. The pairing of maroon with neutral shades is ideal for occasions like formal events, corporate meetings, and weddings.

  • Opt for beige tones – Maroon works well with tones of beige as it creates a subtle, sophisticated look that is perfect for work attire.
  • Go for white – Pairing maroon with white can achieve an effortless yet refined look and is perfect for a summer day or casual setting.
  • Pair with gray – Maroon and gray complement each other perfectly as the dark shade of gray complements the deep tonality of maroon.
  • Black never fails – Black is the go-to neutral color that pairs well with everything, even maroon. It’s perfect for creating a sleek and polished look.

Adding neutral colors when pairing with maroon creates a balanced contrast and calms down the richness of the maroon color. The combination of the two colors results in creating harmony within the outfit while adding elegance.

Marriage ceremonies have incorporated this trend into their themes where neutral colors like beige, white, black, or grey are used within their wedding party’s attire to balance out bright colors such as maroon.

According to fashion experts at Vogue.com, “black has always been associated complexly symbolically” (Vogue Magazine).

Adding accents to maroon is like adding salt to caramel – it enhances the flavor.

Use Accents to Add Contrast

By introducing accents of contrasting colors to your maroon outfit or decor, you can create a more dynamic and visually pleasing overall look. These accents can be in the form of small details, such as accessories for an outfit or decorative pillows for a room, or larger pieces like statement furniture or bold color blocks on walls. Utilizing contrasting colors with maroon will help highlight and emphasize the depth of this rich hue.

To incorporate accents that add contrast to your maroon, consider using complementary colors from the color wheel. For example, pairing turquoise with maroon creates a striking combination that plays off each other’s intensity. Additionally, you can experiment with jewel tones like deep purple or bright mustard yellow to add pops of color that harmoniously work alongside maroon.

Incorporating contrasting accents can also be achieved through texture and pattern. Consider combining multiple textures within your decor scheme such as silk drapes paired with fuzzy throw blankets in complementary hues. Patterns featuring florals or geometric shapes can also bring life and energy to your overall design concept.

Historically, accenting and complementing colors has been used by artists and designers for centuries. The practice is based on knowledge about how certain hues interact with one another visually. By utilizing these ideas in practical applications, we can create exciting spaces that stimulate the senses while still maintaining a sense of balance and harmony within the color palette.

Before pairing maroon with colors, consider the occasion and mood to avoid looking like you just stepped out of a Halloween party.

Consider Occasion and Mood

When combining colors with maroon, it’s important to consider the occasion and mood. For formal events and serious occasions, pairing maroon with neutral tones like beige or cream would work best. On the other hand, for lively events such as parties and weddings, bright and contrasting colors like yellow or lilac can create a fun atmosphere.

Additionally, keeping in mind the mood you’re trying to set will help you choose complementary colors more effectively. If you’re going for a sophisticated and elegant look, pairing maroon with soft blues or greens can produce a calming effect. However, if you’re going for bold and dramatic, try combining it with deep navy blues or bright oranges.

Consideration of the occasion and mood will further enhance your color coordination skills when working with maroon. It will help you achieve the desired effect more efficiently by bringing harmony to outfits and settings.

Interestingly enough, color psychology suggests that certain colors evoke different moods among people. Therefore, considering specific hues dependent on the occasion may help convey particular emotions during an event excellently.

Some Facts About What Color Goes Well With Maroon:

  • ✅ Maroon looks great with gold accessories for a luxurious look. (Source: Society19)
  • ✅ Light shades like beige, cream, and white pair well with maroon for a soft and elegant look. (Source: College Fashion)
  • ✅ For a bold look, pair maroon with jewel tones like emerald green or sapphire blue. (Source: Who What Wear)
  • ✅ Maroon and navy blue also make a classic and sophisticated pairing. (Source: Elle)
  • ✅ Maroon looks great with denim for a casual yet stylish look. (Source: StyleCaster)

FAQs about What Color Goes Well With Maroon

What colors go well with maroon?

Some colors that go well with maroon include navy blue, grey, olive green, blush pink, gold, and beige.

Can I pair maroon with bright colors?

Yes, you can pair maroon with some bright colors like mustard yellow, turquoise, and coral. However, be careful not to overdo it and stick to one or two bright accent colors.

Is black a good color to pair with maroon?

Yes, black is a great color to pair with maroon. It creates a classic and sophisticated look that is perfect for any occasion.

What colors should I avoid with maroon?

Colors to avoid with maroon include bright, neon hues like hot pink and electric blue. Also, avoid pairing it with other deep shades, such as dark green or purple, as they might clash with the richness of the maroon.

What about metallic colors with maroon?

Metallic colors, such as gold or silver, complement maroon beautifully. They add a touch of glamour and elegance to any outfit or decor.

Can I use patterns with maroon?

Yes, you can use patterns with maroon. However, it’s best to choose a pattern that has some maroon in it, and pair it with complementary solid colors to balance out the look.

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