What Color Goes With Black

Key Takeaways:

  • Black is a versatile color that can be paired with a variety of colors, including neutral colors like white and gray, complementary colors like red and green, and bold colors like yellow and orange.
  • Incorporating colors with black in fashion can be achieved through color-blocking, accessorizing with statement pieces, and incorporating patterns like floral, animal prints, and stripes.
  • Colors to avoid pairing with black include colors that are too similar, such as navy blue, and colors that clash, such as neon colors or pastels with high contrast.

Colors that go well with black

Colors That Go Well With Black  - What Color Goes With Black,

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We have the perfect guide for you to match your black outfits. From neutral to complementary and contrasting colors, we got it all! Let’s explore the pros of each color and how they work with black.

White, Red, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, Gray, and Metallics – all with their special keywords and attributes that will make your look even better.


The color that complements black in an aesthetically pleasing manner is widely known to be a classic hue that denotes purity and sophistication. It’s a timeless combination that easily adapts to various stylistic expressions across the different industries, particularly fashion.

White is considered by many as the ultimate go-to complementary color for black due to its stark contrast and seamless compatibility. This versatile shade comes in different variations, from ivory to cream, which allows for added texture and depth when paired with black. For formal events, white works great as a base layer under a black tuxedo jacket or gown, accentuated with silver metallics. Alternatively, a white shirt worn with solid black pants can create an effortless minimalist look.

To make the most of this pair in fashion wear, one can take advantage of color-blocking techniques where apparel items with both colors are combined boldly for a high-impact pop. Additionally, subtler patterns like stripes or polka dots featuring both colors can add subtle visual interest without being overwhelming.

When pairing white with black, it’s suggested to avoid any neon-accented hues as they clash harshly against the monochromatic elegance of the two colors. Instead, neutrals such as beige or brown provide softer contrasts that complement their shared sleekness.

Overall, incorporating white is often considered an easy solution to inject some contrast into all-black looks. Its complementary nature adds elegance and sophistication when styled correctly; hence it remains a classic choice for fashion enthusiasts worldwide. When in doubt, add a pop of red with statement accessories to your all-black outfit and watch heads turn.


The bold and vivid hue of the color often accentuates black with a touch of luxury that is perfect for statement pieces or accessories. Red symbolizes passion, confidence, and love, which is why it can elevate any black fabric. A little addition of red to an all-black outfit instantly makes the entire look classy and sharp.

Red could be paired with black in a variety of ways to achieve elegance in fashion attire. A full length red overcoat on top of a black dress or pants creates an exquisite contrast. Alternatively, try adding red stilettos to complete an all-black outfit to make them pop more prominently – especially if it is a sleek and monochromatic look.

Unique details that may set apart the pairing of black and red are unique accessories such as gloves or hats that would add a stylish effect while highlighting both colors’ strong presence.

According to color psychology by Colorhunt.co, various shades of red represent alertness, excitement and getting people’s attention. These attributes when paired with black can create an emotional reaction through interest and admiration in anyone who catches sight of you wearing such an ensemble.

Who needs a bouquet of flowers when you can just wear a pink outfit with floral patterns?


The color that goes well with black in fashion is a beautiful pastel hue commonly known as hot pink. Pink is a bright and bold color that can make an outfit pop. Pairing black with pink creates a playful and feminine look that is perfect for spring or summer. Hot pink contrasts beautifully with the intensity of black, making it stand out even more. It can be incorporated into clothing through floral patterns or accessories such as scarves and handbags.

To incorporate pink with black in fashion, one can try color-blocking by pairing a hot pink blouse with black pants or skirts. This technique adds depth and dimension to an outfit while still making a statement. Another option is to use pink accessories like shoes, belts, and jewelry to break up the monotony of black.

When combining colors, it’s essential to avoid pairing similar shades together – such as dark blue or purple – with black because they absorb too much of the attention and make colors appear washed out. Moreover, red should also be avoided when pairing it with black since it would resemble Halloween costumes.

When pairing black with earth tones like yellow, you’ll look like a stylish bumblebee buzzing through a forest.


Associated with joy and optimism, yellow is a wise choice for pairing with black. The combination of these two colors can create a striking contrast that looks elegant and beautiful together.

Adding yellow to your black outfit allows you to stand out while remaining minimalistic. Since it’s a bright shade, it instantly attracts attention. Consider using earth tones on your accessories or shoes for an added natural and balanced touch.

One fantastic approach to flaunting the vibrant combination of yellow and black is by adding it into floral patterns or geometric prints. If you are not sure about how to pair these colors, solid color-blocking or graphic jewelry could also do wonders in enhancing your look.

To add more variety to your wardrobe, play around with different shades of yellow such as mustard for a more subdued effect or lemony neon shades if you intend on making a bold statement.

Pairing black with bold orange is like putting a tiger in a geometric cage – fierce and eye-catching.


Bold citrus colors like tangerine and apricot complement black for a modern aesthetic. Geometric patterns with pops of orange add energy to minimalist outfits, while bold orange accessories can liven up all-black ensembles. Adding vivid hues of orange to black gives an edgy yet chic look.

Interestingly, the combination of black and orange originates from Halloween when the colors were used to represent darkness and autumn harvest respectively. The tradition has carried on and grown popular in fashion over the years, making this bold pairing a timeless choice.

Black and blue may not sound like a great combo, but in fashion, they make the perfect frenemies.


In fashion, blue is a versatile and timeless color that pairs well with black. Its cool tones complement the high contrast of black, making it an excellent choice for creating a chic and polished look. Blue can be used in various ways, including as a statement piece or as a subtle accent.

To incorporate blue with black in fashion, one option is color-blocking. For example, pairing a navy blue blouse with a black skirt creates a chic look with a bold modern design. Accessories such as blue shoes, scarves, or jewelry can also add pops of color to an all-black outfit. Patterns like stripes or polka dots in blue and black are fun and playful options.

When pairing colors with black in fashion, there are some shades to avoid. Bright neon colors or pastels may not be the best choice when pairing with black because they can clash and create an unbalanced effect.

Historically, blue has been used in clothing for centuries. In ancient Rome, wearing royal blue clothing symbolized wealth and status among nobles. Blue dye was also prevalent during the Renaissance period, where artists painted portraits featuring royal figures wearing intricate blue garments. Today, designers continue to use shades of blue in their collections to create various vibes from sophisticated to fun and casual.

Pairing black with earthy greens is like bringing a little slice of nature into your wardrobe, without the bothersome mosquitoes.


Earth-inspired and nature-inspired colors tend to complement black really well. Green, specifically a deep hunter green or forest green, can provide a striking low contrast pairing with black. The lushness of green is warm and very inviting. This pairing is perfect for autumn fashion lineups and outdoor events.

Incorporating green with black in fashion can be achieved through color-blocking using a solid-colored, structured dress or top in one color paired with fitted pants or skirt in the other color. Accessories like a chic scarf or clutch bag could incorporate both colors as well.

To add an element of design, patterns like floral print dresses combining dark greens with light colors can make for beautiful outfits that still utilize these two earth-toned colors together.

However, be cautious not to pair pure bright shades of green like lime or neon as it may create an overpowering contrast affecting the overall look. Stick to more subdued hues of greens that are packed with subtle earthy tones and deeper pigments.

Gray may be a monochromatic choice, but it’s metallic shades and subtle patterns add the perfect amount of dimension to a black outfit.


In fashion, the color gray pairs perfectly with black for a monochromatic look. Gray gives an elegant and timeless vibe to any outfit. Metallic colors like silver and gold can add some shine and glamour to the overall appearance while maintaining a subtle and chic feel. Subtle patterns in shades of gray, such as pinstripes or checks, can add texture and depth to an all-black ensemble.

Pro Tip: When pairing gray with black, opt for different shades of gray instead of a single flat color to create dimension in the outfit.

Add some high contrast with metallic colors – because who says black can’t shine?


Pairing black with metallic colors is a good choice to add some shine to your outfit. The high contrast between these shades creates an eye-catching and stylish look.

It’s important to note that not all metallics go well with black, but silver and gold are classic options that never disappoint. These two colors work well with black because they provide a luxurious and sophisticated touch.

To achieve the best pairing, consider using metallics as an accent color rather than the main focus of the outfit. For example, small details like a belt buckle or jewelry can create a chic and modern look.

Other metallic colors like rose gold, copper, and bronze can also add some personality to your outfit but be cautious not to overdo it. Overdoing it can cause overwhelming attention grabbing.

Add a pop of color to your fashion arsenal by playing mix-and-match with accessories, shoes, handbags, jewelry, scarves, hats, belts, sunglasses, watches, makeup, nail polish, and even hair color.

How to incorporate colors with black in fashion

How To Incorporate Colors With Black In Fashion  - What Color Goes With Black,

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Incorporate colors with black in fashion? Color-block! Contrasting colors add drama. Accessorize with statement pieces to bring a pop of color. Patterns like florals, animal prints, and stripes incorporate color and texture. A fun way to dress up your wardrobe!


Integrating colors through color blocking involves pairing and mixing hues to achieve a seamless yet striking look. The idea is to juxtapose contrasting colors together to create an eye-catching and bold ensemble that truly stands out.

One way to successfully pull off this trend is by selecting two opposite shades and then building your outfit around those tones. For instance, combining black with white or metallics can produce a chic and timeless flair. Other creative pairings may include green with pink or blue with yellow; these unexpected combos can make for a fun and energetic outfit, especially when using blocky shapes and bold patterns.

Accessorize like a boss with bold statement pieces that make your outfit pop, or go home and cry into your plain black scarf.


  • Belts: One simple but effective way to accessorize black outfits is by adding a belt in a bold color like red, yellow, or even metallics.
  • Jewelry: Match colorful jewelry pieces, such as earrings and necklaces, with black tops or dresses for enhanced visual contrast and appeal.
  • Bags: Incorporate bags that are not only stylish but functional too. Bright-colored cross-body bags can also provide a pop of color without being overpowering.

It’s essential to avoid over-accessorizing when wearing black since it may diminish the overall effect of the outfit. Hence, keeping in mind the situation and outfit’s formality level while pairing accessories is crucial.

When using statement accessories as part of the dress code, make sure they are compatible with each other in terms of design and hue combination.

To perfect accessorizing with colors when dressed in black, sticking to complementary shades will ensure you stay fashionably sophisticated every time.

Let’s add some patterns to our black-on-black wardrobe and pretend we’re not basic at all.


In a table for incorporating patterns, we can include various design options such as:

Pattern Description
Floral patterns perfect for spring and summer wear
Animal prints add a bit of edginess to outfits
Stripes give a classic feel
Polka dots have a playful aesthetic
Paisley adds richness and history to outfits
Plaid give off a preppy vibe

Each pattern has its own style and can be used to create a distinct look when paired with black. For example, stripes give a classic feel while polka dots have a playful aesthetic. Floral patterns are perfect for spring and summer wear while animal prints add a bit of edginess. Paisley adds richness and history. Combining these different patterns with black clothing creates bold and daring outfits that are sure to turn heads. When mixing patterns with black, it is crucial to find balance and avoid overpowering any one piece.

Interestingly, many of these pattern options have been popular for centuries across various cultures around the world. For instance, paisley originated from Persia over two thousand years ago before becoming popular among British shawls in the 18th century.

In summary, patterns are an excellent way to integrate colors into black fashion without compromising on elegance or style. Each pattern presents unique design options that can be paired according to individual preferences. Pairing black with clashing colors is like throwing a rave in a library – it just doesn’t make sense.

Colors to avoid pairing with black

Colors To Avoid Pairing With Black  - What Color Goes With Black,

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Black is a versatile color that pairs well with numerous shades. However, certain tones might not blend well with its contrasting characteristics. When deciding on the colors to combine with black, it is essential to avoid vivid and neon hues that can overwhelm the subtlety of black’s sophisticated charm.

Here are five colors that you should avoid pairing with black – orange, neon green, bold red, bright yellow, and hot pink. These shades might clash with black or generate too much visual noise. Instead, choose muted and neutral colors that complement black’s dark, subdued tones like gray, cream, navy, and earthy tones. It is crucial to take into account the color theory and the mood you want to evoke while selecting the colors to pair with black.

A pro tip is to use metallic colors like gold or silver to highlight and contrast with black’s elegant character.

Five Well-Known Facts About What Color Goes With Black:

  • ✅ White is the most classic and versatile color that pairs perfectly with black. (Source: The Spruce)
  • ✅ Bold and bright colors such as red, yellow, and pink can create a striking and dramatic look when paired with black. (Source: Who What Wear)
  • ✅ Neutrals like grey, beige, and nude are easy and safe options that go well with black. (Source: InStyle)
  • ✅ Metallics like silver and gold can add a touch of glamour and sophistication to a black outfit. (Source: Harper’s Bazaar)
  • ✅ With black as a neutral base, other colors like blue, green, and purple can also work well depending on the shade and tone. (Source: Elle)

FAQs about What Color Goes With Black

What color goes with black for outfits?

Black can be paired with a variety of colors for an outfit, including white, red, light blue, pink, silver, and gold.

What color goes with black for home decor?

Black can be paired with neutral colors, such as white, beige, and gray, as well as bold colors like orange, yellow, and purple for home decor.

What color goes with black for a wedding?

Black can be paired with shades of pink, purple, or blue for a wedding color scheme. You can also add a pop of metallic gold or silver for an elegant touch.

What color goes with black for a logo?

Black can be paired with white or a bright contrasting color, such as red or yellow, for a logo. This creates a clean and bold design.

What color goes with black for a car?

Black can be paired with metallic shades like silver, gold, or chrome for a car. You can also add a pop of color with red or blue detailing.

What color goes with black for accessories?

Black can be paired with a variety of colors for accessories, such as pastel colors like pink or green, or bold colors like red or orange. Metallic colors like gold or silver also work well with black accessories.

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