What Color Is July Birthstone

Key Takeaways:

  • The July birthstone is Ruby: The color of the July birthstone is primarily red and symbolizes passion, love, and nobility. It is said to bring good health, prosperity, and protection to the wearer.
  • Ruby is a high-quality gemstone: Factors such as cut, clarity, and carat weight affect the quality of ruby. It is crucial to ensure certification before buying a ruby gemstone.
  • Care for your July birthstone: To maintain the quality of your July birthstone, keep it away from harsh chemicals and direct sunlight. It is recommended to clean and maintain the gemstone with mild soap and water regularly, ensuring proper storage in a secure setting.

Understanding July Birthstone

Understanding July Birthstone  - What Color Is July Birthstone,

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To understand July birthstones, you need to know about them. Discover the colors and their significance. July birthstones have a rich history – explore why and what they signify. Find out the deeper meaning of July birthstones for people born in that month.

What is a Birthstone?

A birthstone, also known as a natal stone, is a gemstone that represents the month of a person’s birth. Each month has its unique birthstone colors and meaning. Birthstones have been used throughout history for jewelry, talismanic purposes, and healing properties.

Birthstones date back to ancient times when civilizations believed in the power of gemstones and their connection to astrology. The first recorded instances of birthstones were found in the Bible’s Book of Exodus, where twelve different stones are associated with twelve months of the year.

Each birthstone has its unique meaning and significance, making it a popular choice for gifts and personal adornment. For people born in July, Ruby is the traditional birthstone for July, representing passion, energy, and love. Other July birthstones include Carnelian, Onyx, and Moonstone.

The concept of assigning specific gemstones to individual months began during 18th-century Poland when jewelry makers started associating colored stones with astrological signs. Romans believed that certain gems caused influence over people’s personalities so they decided to wear them on an amulet around their necks or wrists.

The tradition continued into the Middle Ages when crystal healers prescribed special gemstones for different ailments; rubies were given to repair digestive systems. Today- this age-old practice remains popular because it allows individuals to connect with their spiritual selves while enhancing their wardrobe choices at the same time.

Therefore, understanding what each stone represents can help you make informed decisions about what jewelry works best for your personality!

Before the Zodiac signs, people thought wearing the right birthstone could protect them, so show off your ruby with pride.

History of Birthstones

Birthstones are a significant part of human history, with their origin tracing back to biblical times. Throughout history, people have believed that wearing a gemstone corresponding to their birth month brings good luck and prosperity in their life journey. The use of birthstones as per historical records was first mentioned in the Bible by Aaron’s breastplate, studded with twelve precious stones representing the twelve tribes of Israel.

The concept of assigning specific gemstones to months gained momentum in the 15th and 16th centuries and was popularized in Poland where people started subscribing to it for astrological reasons. It then became an integral part of western culture, spread across different cultures.

Unique details about birthstone colors signify different meanings according to ancient customs. July Birthstone is Ruby portrayed as red which signifies power and passion. Ancient folklore suggests that rubies can help chase away darkness and protect against wickedness.

An interesting fact supported by GIA (Gemological Institute of America) research regarding the history of July Birthstone is that rubies originating from Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) were historically some of the most sought after, even more than diamonds, because they were rare yet highly desirable due to their vibrant color saturation – which adds value and makes them unique amongst other rubies from around the globe.

July babies are blessed with the fiery power of the ruby, bringing them passion, protection, and a striking addition to their jewelry collection.

Significance of July Birthstone

A significant gemstone for people born in July is the ruby, which has been associated with deep meanings and rich history. Ruby symbolizes love, passion, prosperity, and vitality. It is also believed to have healing properties, bringing positive energy to the wearer.

Rubies are associated with close connections and loyalty as it represents the heart’s deepest emotions. This July birthstone meaning signifies a lasting and loving bond between two individuals who share the gift of ruby. Ruby is not only can be an extravagant gift but also a rare one that carries deep significance.

In traditional cultures like Hinduism, ruby was seen as more than just a precious jewel; it was considered an amulet that protected them from harm and brought good luck in business dealings.

Ruby may be costly due to its rarity, but there are other birthstones for July that can fit various needs and budgets such as Carnelian, Onyx or Moonstone. All these stones are believed to provide protection against negative energies while bringing positive influences into one’s life.

There is no shortage of stories about rubies’ significance throughout history – one of the most famous being about King Solomon offering his wife a Ruby on their wedding day, which symbolizes a strong bond between two individuals.

July babies are truly lucky to have Ruby as their birthstone – it’s the perfect gem to represent passion, love, and a fiery personality.

July Birthstone: Ruby

July Birthstone: Ruby  - What Color Is July Birthstone,

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Discover distinct features of July Birthstone: Ruby. Explore its characteristics & colors. Learn about its texture, carat weight & durability. Introduce ruby colors & their meanings as July Birthstone color. Highlight factors influencing ruby color & its significance. Discuss famous rubies for July Birthstone ring, necklace, bracelet, pendant & earrings.

Characteristics of Ruby

Ruby Gemstone’s Distinctive Properties

Ruby gemstone is July birthstone, known for its breathtaking and unique features that makes it an incomparable choice among other precious stones.

  • Radiance: Ruby is a red variety of the mineral corundum, known for its brilliant red hue that originates from the chromium and iron ions within it.
  • Hardness: One of the hardest minerals on earth, ruby has a score of nine on the Mohs scale, making it highly durable and scratch-resistant.
  • Rarity: High-quality rubies are exceptionally rare and make an excellent investment.

What sets the july birthstone ruby apart is that its distinct properties create an allure that captures the attention of anyone who beholds it.

As each ruby gem is unique, understanding how to differentiate between high and low-quality stones can be challenging. It’s worthwhile seeking professional knowledge while selecting your ruby gemstone to ensure quality richly matches its breathtaking appearance.

With such a seducing stone at one’s dispense, one shouldn’t resist adorning oneself or gifting others with this stunning July birthstone ruby.

Ruby comes in shades of red, reminding us that July is the hottest month and this gemstone is just as fiery.

Colors of Ruby

Rubies come in a range of colors that play an important role in determining their quality and value. Knowing the different colors of ruby can help buyers make informed decisions when purchasing gemstones.

The following table shows the different colors of rubies:

Colors Description
Pigeon-blood Red The most sought-after color, it has hints of blue and is intensely saturated.
Pink-Red A lighter hue with pink undertones.
Orange-Red Also called Burma Ruby, this color has orange undertones.
Purple-Red This variation contains purple hues but is less valuable than pigeon-blood red.

Ruby color plays a crucial role in their value. For example, Pigeon-blood red rubies are highly valued due to their rarity and intensity. Alternatively, the vivid pink-red hue is still valuable but is less rare compared to Pigeon blood-red coloring.

Unique details regarding the color of rubies include the effects that underlighting creates on variations such as purple-red rubies. In addition, higher-quality rubies tend to have evenly-distributed saturation throughout the stone without any dull patches or dark spots.

Don’t miss out on owning a high-quality July birthstone. Understanding ruby color and its significance can ensure you make a wise investment in your jewelry collection. Adding just the right amount of heat and pressure can turn a dull Ruby into a dazzling July birthstone masterpiece.

Factors Affecting Ruby Color

The appearance of a ruby is greatly influenced by its color. The following factors are known to affect the color of rubies.

Factor Description
Chromium Content The presence of chromium gives rubies their red hue.
Natural Inclusions Inclusions, such as rutile needles or silk, can affect color and clarity.
Cut and Shape The cut and shape will determine how well the light interacts with the gemstone, which affects its color.

Additionally, light conditions play a critical role in ruby’s appearance. Under natural daylight, the stone’s true colors can be seen; while incandescent light makes it appear more orange-red and fluorescent light can make it look more purplish-red. Ruby color may vary from pink to deep red and depends upon the location where it was found.

Recommended Suggestions:

  • To maintain ruby’s vividness, keep it away from sunlight for an extended period.
  • Store your July birthstone jewelry in a cool, dark place when not wearing them.
  • Avoid exposing it to chemicals like bleach or other harmful substances.
  • Additionally, use warm water with mild soap to clean dirt from your jewelry periodically.

Add some sparkle to your jewelry collection with these famous red gems fit for any July birthday bling.

Famous Rubies

Some of the world’s most notable and sought after red gemstones belong to the July birthstone, Ruby. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most prominent Rubies in history.

Ruby Weight Description
The Sunrise Ruby 25.59 carats Natural, untreated pigeon blood red color with exceptional clarity and brilliance, set in a ring.
Burmese Ruby Tiara A historic tiara made for Queen Elizabeth II with a set of dazzling Burmese rubies set amongst diamonds.
Mogok Ruby Necklace Set An antique necklace made with several large deep-red rubies from Mogok mines in Burma, complemented with diamond-studded centers.

It is worth mentioning that while many famous rubies are owned by royalty and dignitaries; there are also many contemporary jewelry designers who feature them in their latest collections. A number of these bespoke pieces include july birthstone rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants and earrings.

To make sure you choose the best quality ruby for your collection or to gift someone special; lookout for certain attributes like its natural colors ranging from dark pinkish-red to pigeon blood-red, high clarity levels free from visible imperfections and cuts that maximize its light-refracting effect.

To keep your July birthstone looking stunning at all times; it’s important to clean it regularly and avoid subjecting it to rough handling. Additionally, wearing them in light and airy settings allows for maximum exposure to natural light and proper ventilation.

July birthstones are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get – carnelian, onyx, or moonstone, but they all come with their unique properties.

Other July Birthstones

Other July Birthstones  - What Color Is July Birthstone,

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Want to look at July birthstones beyond the ruby? Carnelian is a great option. It’s known for its striking orange color and supposed ability to help the wearer stay grounded. Onyx is a sleek black gem associated with strength and protection. Moonstone is also a popular choice, with its captivating iridescence and link to intuition and femininity.


Color Red-Orange
Hardness (Mohs) 6.5 – 7
Transparency Semitransparent to opaque
Luster Vitreous or waxy
Cleavage/Fracture Pattern No cleavage, conchoidal fracture
Symmetry/Shape Rarely found as crystal formation, most often found in nodules or small masses

Carnelian’s unique properties include its ability to enhance creativity, courage, and confidence. It is also believed to have healing powers for lower back pain, rheumatism, arthritis, and depression.

To avoid missing out on these powerful properties, consider incorporating carnelian into your jewelry collection and daily routine.

If black is your color, you’ll love the onyx as July birthstone – elegant, mysterious, and just like your humor.


Onyx is considered a powerful stone that can help you stay focused and centered. Its rich dark color represents power, authority and courage. Its uses range from being used for meditation practices or worn as a talisman for protection against negative energy. In addition, there are many variations of onyx available in different colors like red, green, blue or brown which possess different healing properties based on their hue.

It’s important when choosing your perfect onyx stone to evaluate its quality before purchase. The cut should be precise with minimal flaws visible to the naked eye. The clarity should ensure that there are no blemishes or scratches present. The carat weight will determine the size of the stone while certification guarantees authenticity and quality.

If you’re looking for a versatile gemstone piece to add to your collection with remarkable abilities suited for July borns then Onyx is definitely worth considering. With its timeless appearance coupled with notable benefits linked to it both physically and emotionally make it an ideal addition for anyone seeking inner peace during all aspects of life – Don’t miss out!

Moonstone: For those who prefer a subtler July birthstone, this iridescent gem brings a touch of magic to any jewelry collection.


Moonstone, a July birthstone, is a gemstone known for its unique optical phenomenon called adularescence. Adularescence appears as a soft shimmering light that moves across the stone as it is viewed from different angles.

Property Information
Chemical composition Potassium Feldspar
Mohs hardness scale 6-6.5
Colors White to colorless, gray, yellow, green, pink, and brown
Affordability Moonstones are generally affordable and accessible in various sizes and shapes.

Interestingly, ancient Romans believed that moonstone was formed from the rays of the moon and held strong associations with lunar goddesses. Moonstone is also believed to have healing properties as it can help balance hormones and emotions.

If you’re considering purchasing or owning a moonstone piece of jewelry, make sure to get one with high cut quality for maximum adularescence effect. Also, be careful not to expose your moonstone jewelry to harsh chemicals or ultrasonic cleaners.

Don’t let the chance slip by without owning a piece of Moonstone jewelry with unique adularescent properties. Shop for them today!

Certify your love with a high-quality July birthstone.

How to Determine the Quality of July Birthstones

How To Determine The Quality Of July Birthstones  - What Color Is July Birthstone,

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To find out the quality of your July birthstone, cut, clarity, carat weight, and certification are all essential. Cut affects its look, clarity is a measure of quality. Carat weight is its size and certification proves it’s genuine. Let’s look at how these elements determine the quality. Cut, clarity, carat weight and certification are the decisive factors.


Achieving the perfect cut is crucial to enhancing the beauty of your July birthstone. The manner in which a gem is cut determines its fire, sparkle, and overall visual appeal. A well-cut July birthstone, such as Ruby, will reflect light internally, creating brightness and sharpness that is bound to be appreciated.

To achieve a perfect cut for July birthstones like Ruby, it requires expertise and skill. It involves considering various factors such as depth, symmetry, proportions, and angles. Gem cutters take different approaches when working on different types of gemstones.

The uniqueness of one’s July birthstone quality depends heavily on how well it has been sliced and shaped while ensuring consistency of angles to reflect light throughout the stone. This quality factor can be determined through certificates provided by laboratory grading companies that verify the authenticity and quality of your July birthstone.

Pro Tip: Ensure to source your July birthstone from licensed dealers who provide certificates regarding authenticity and quality grading affirmation so as not to compromise on the value of your precious stone.

A clear July birthstone is worth more than a muddled explanation of what it is.


Achieving transparency in the July birthstone is highly crucial to determine its quality. The clarity characteristics of a ruby or any other July birthstone define its flawlessness and transparency. The fewer inclusions and blemishes, the better the clarity of the gemstone.

Analyzing using a jeweler’s loupe or magnifying glass can help you identify any visible inclusion or flaw that affects the stone’s transparency. Additionally, lab tests by professionals ensure genuine certification, which gives accurate clarity information.

To achieve optimal clarity in your July birthstone, remember to pay attention to internal and external flaws since they reduce light reflection through the stone. Opt for stones with higher clarity ratings for an excellent-looking jewelry piece.

Pro Tip: Always prioritize getting certifications from reliable sources when evaluating July birthstones for quality before purchasing them.

When it comes to determining the quality of your July birthstone, carat weight is just one piece of the glittering puzzle.

Carat Weight

Measuring the purity and worth of july birthstones, carat weight plays a significant role. The heavier the stone weighs, the more value it holds.

Carat Weight Description
Less than 1 Considered small in size but good for earrings.
Between 1-3 Average weight of ruby engagement rings.
Greater than 3 Rare, expensive and highly valued stones.

Apart from being rare and expensive, the carat weight also indicates the overall quality and health of a july birthstone.

Interestingly, july birthstone certification can aid you in evaluating not only the carat weight but also other vital factors like cut, polish, symmetry etc.

According to GIA reports, Rubies weighing more than fifty carats are considered extremely rare and valuable. Ensure your July birthstone is certified for quality, or risk it being worth as much as a chocolate frog in Azkaban.


Quality certification is important when purchasing a July birthstone. Certification ensures the authenticity and quality of the gemstone being purchased. Reputable laboratories such as GIA, AGS, and IGI offer certification services for July birthstones.

It is recommended to only purchase birthstones that have been certified by a reputable lab. This assures the buyer that they are getting what they paid for in terms of quality, carat weight, and authenticity. In addition to these main factors, some labs may also include details on color grading and fluorescence levels.

It is important to note that some gemstones may not come with certifications due to their rarity or unique properties. In this case, it is recommended to consult with a trusted jeweler who can provide information on the gemstone’s origin and properties.

Not all certifying labs are equal; be sure to research which lab best fits your needs when purchasing a July birthstone. Trusted jewelers often work with reputable labs that they can recommend to their customers.

According to GIA, Rubies from Burma are considered to be of highest quality due to their bright red coloring known as “pigeon blood” red.

Keep your July birthstone shining like a star with these top maintenance tips.

How to Care for Your July Birthstone

How To Care For Your July Birthstone  - What Color Is July Birthstone,

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For the best july birthstone care, follow these steps! Cleaning and maintenance tips are key to keeping your birthstone looking great for years. In addition, remember to use the recommended settings for July birthstones to keep them looking stunning.

  1. Regular cleaning: Clean your July birthstone regularly gently with warm soapy water and a soft brush. Rinse and dry with a soft cloth.
  2. Avoid exposure to chemicals: Keep your July birthstone away from harsh chemicals, perfumes, and cosmetics.
  3. Store properly: Store your July birthstone in a soft pouch or cloth and separate it from other jewelry to avoid scratches or damage.
  4. Use recommended settings: To keep your July birthstone looking its best, use the recommended settings for each type of gemstone, such as prongs or bezels.
  5. Have it professionally cleaned: Periodic professional cleaning will keep your July birthstone looking its very best.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

For ensuring the longevity and radiance of July birthstones, maintaining proper care and cleaning is crucial. Here are some essential tips for July birthstone care, July birthstone maintenance, and July birthstone cleaning:

  • Regular cleaning: Clean your July birthstones gently using warm water, mild detergent, and a soft-bristled brush or cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or ultrasonic cleaners that can damage the precious gem.
  • Store carefully: Keeping your July birthstone jewelry in a separately padded box or pouch can help prevent scratches, dust accumulation, or accidental damages while handling it.
  • Avoid exposure to heat: Exposure to extreme temperatures can cause the color and clarity of the stone to diminish. Hence avoid placing your July birthstones directly in sunlight, fireplaces or hot vehicles.
  • Professional inspection: It is best to get your July birthstone jewelry checked by a professional jeweler at least once a year for loose gems or any other potential damages that need repairing.

It is important to take care of your July birthstones regularly to preserve their natural beauty and significance. By following these maintenance tips, your piece will continue sparkling for generations to come!

Make your July birthstone pop with a stunning setting that will have everyone saying ‘ooh la Ruby!’

Recommended Settings for July Birthstones

To bring out the full beauty of July Birthstones, it is essential to consider the recommended Juy birthstone settings. Creating unique settings that reflect one’s style and preference will make the jewelry more appealing and personal.

A perfect way to showcase the various recommended July birthstone settings is by creating a table highlighting different designs and styles, making it easier for clients to choose from. Some popular options include prong, bezel, pavé, channel, and tension. Each setting has its unique features that hold or secure a particular type of gemstone in place.

One of the distinctive details to note in july birthstone setting is that choosing metal colors can greatly enhance the stone’s color intensity or dilute it. For instance, ruby stones look magnificent when set with warm-toned metals such as yellow or rose gold.

It’s intriguing to know that many designers prefer working with july birthstone because they offer an extensive range of hues, allowing them to create dynamic designs that stand out on different occasions.

(Source: Belinda Jewelz)

Five Facts About July Birthstone Color:

  • ✅ The July birthstone is the ruby, which is known for its deep red color. (Source: American Gem Society)
  • ✅ The ruby symbolizes love, passion, and energy. (Source: International Gem Society)
  • ✅ Rubies are one of the hardest gemstones, with a score of 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. (Source: The Spruce)
  • ✅ The most valuable rubies are those that are transparent and have a deep red color. (Source: Geology.com)
  • ✅ Rubies have been prized throughout history and are featured in many works of literature and art. (Source: GIA)

FAQs about What Color Is July Birthstone

What color is July birthstone?

The birthstone for July is the ruby, which is typically a deep red color.

Is there any variation in the color of July birthstone?

While the most common color for rubies is a deep red, there can be variations in hue and intensity. Some rubies may have pink or purple undertones, while others may be a brighter, more intense red.

What does the color of July birthstone signify?

In many cultures, the deep red color of the ruby is associated with love, passion, and energy. It is often seen as a symbol of courage, strength, and vitality.

What are the characteristics of a high quality July birthstone?

A high quality ruby will have a deep, vibrant color and good clarity. It will also be free from cracks or inclusions, which can affect its beauty and value.

Are there any famous July birthstones?

One famous ruby is the “Sunrise Ruby,” a 25.59-carat stone that sold at auction for over $30 million in 2015. Other notable rubies include the Black Prince Ruby in the British Crown Jewels and the Smithsonian Institution’s “Rosser Reeves Star Ruby.”

Can the color of a July birthstone be enhanced?

Yes, the color of a ruby can be enhanced through a process called heat treatment, which involves subjecting the stone to high temperatures to deepen its color and improve its clarity. However, it is important to note that not all rubies are heat-treated, and that treated stones may have reduced value.

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