What Color Matches Maroon

Key Takeaway:

  • Maroon is a shade of red that pairs well with other warm colors like pink, orange, and brown. Neutral colors like beige and cream also complement maroon.
  • When choosing colors to match with maroon, consider the occasion and venue, as well as your skin tone and hair color. Complementary, analogous, and monochromatic color schemes are good options.
  • If you want to incorporate maroon into your outfit, try clothing in the form of dresses, tops, pants, and accessories like shoes, bags, and jewelry. Maroon makeup, including lipstick and nail polish, is also a great way to add the color to your look.

Understanding Maroon

Understanding Maroon  - What Color Matches Maroon,

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Maroon is a deep, rich color that is often associated with elegance and sophistication. It is a shade of red that has a brownish tint, which gives it a distinct hue that can be challenging to match with other colors. Understanding the nuances of maroon color can help you create stunning color combinations and enhance the overall aesthetic of your designs.

When it comes to understanding maroon, it is essential to recognize that it is a complex color that can vary in shade and hue. The depth and richness of the color can be affected by a range of factors, including lighting and surrounding colors. This is why it can be challenging to find the perfect color to match with maroon, especially if you are not familiar with its many nuances.

However, by understanding the undertones of maroon, you can create beautiful, cohesive color schemes. Maroon has a range of undertones, including purple, brown, and red. Choosing colors that have similar or complementary undertones can help you create a color palette that works well with maroon.

Additionally, it is crucial to consider the context in which you are using maroon. For example, if you are using it in a room with natural light, you may need to choose lighter colors to complement it, while in a room with artificial light, you may need to choose deeper, more saturated colors to match it.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your design by mastering the art of matching maroon. By understanding the unique qualities of this color, you can create stunning color palettes that will enhance any design. Incorporate maroon shade, maroon hue, and maroon color into your designs and see the beautiful results for yourself.

Colors That Match Maroon

Colors That Match Maroon  - What Color Matches Maroon,

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Enhance your knowledge of matching colors with maroon. Take a dive into the colors that complement maroon. To make perfect combinations, explore various red shades, including deep red. Also, look into pink shades like pastel and blush pink. Check out burnt orange and tangerine colors, too. Brown shades like copper and chocolate brown, plus beige and cream neutrals, can all be great options.

Red Shades

When considering Red Shades to match Maroon, it’s important to keep in mind the specific shade of Maroon being used. Burgundy shades are particularly complementary to darker shades of Maroon, while brighter shades like cherry or ruby may work better with lighter variations. Additionally, the saturation levels of the two colors should be considered to ensure they blend well together.

To add more depth and dimension to a Maroon pairing with Red Shades, try layering different shades of red throughout the outfit or accessories. For example, accessorizing with a dark burgundy leather bag and wearing bright cherry-red heels can bring added visual interest to an otherwise monotone outfit.

In fact, Hollywood actresses have been seen pairing their maroon gowns with varying shades of crimson lipsticks! This is proof that there are endless possibilities when it comes to matching colors with maroon and experimenting with different hues can result in creating award-winning looks!

Who needs a Prince Charming when you have a stunning pair of blush pink heels to go with your maroon dress?

Pink Shades

As an associate color of maroon, pink shades make a great combination. The subtle nature of blush pink and pastel pink colors offset the boldness of maroon, making it more attractive. Pink colors are perfect as an accent to a maroon base color.

Using the blush pink hue creates a relaxing atmosphere for your outfit or home décor. It pairs very well with darker shades of maroon and complements neutral tones like black or white. Pastel pinks also work especially well with maroon, bringing out an impressive contrast between the two colors.

Adding pink shades to the mix is a great way to give your outfit or interior space character and depth without overdoing it. The trick is in choosing complementary shades that bring out the best in both colors.

These hues can add warmth to any skin tone when used as clothing or accessories like hairbands, bags, shoes, jewelry, or even watches. Pink can be insinuated into lipsticks and blushes as well.

Once my friend had to attend a formal event where she wore a beautiful maroon dress paired with pastel pink heels that accentuated her attire perfectly!

Why settle for a plain old orange when you can rock a sassy burnt orange or tangy tangerine with your maroon ensemble?

Orange Shades

Orange Shades, an equally bold color as maroon, can be paired with the right color to match the outfit. As a warm and vibrant color, it complements well with dark colors such as black and brown.

To visualize the matching of orange shades with maroon effectively, refer to the table below:

Orange Shades Description
Burnt Orange A deep reddish-orange hue that matches perfectly with darker shades like maroon.
Tangerine A bright orange color that contrasts well with rich Maroon shades for an elegant look.

Apart from burnt orange and tangerine, several other shades of orange are equally trendy in fashion. These include amber, pumpkin, peach, coral hues.

Maroon’s pairing is not limited to specific colors; however, one has to understand which shade goes well with which occasion and venue. Pairing maroon outfits with burnt orange or tangerine accessories can add vibrancy and warmth to your overall aura.

In a recent fashion event at Milan Fashion Week Winter 2022 Collections, models showcased unique outfits blending maroon clothes matched impeccably with burnt orange accessories such as shoes, bags etc giving a beautiful definition to their attires.

Brown shades are like the sidekicks to maroon – chocolate brown adds depth, while copper brings the bling.

Brown Shades

Here is a table that visually shows various brown shades which can pair well with maroon:

Brown Shades Description
Chocolate Brown A dark, rich shade of brown that complements the intensity of maroon.
Copper A warm and vibrant shade of brown that adds depth to the overall look.

In addition to chocolate brown and copper, lighter shades such as beige or tan may also add an interesting contrast when paired with maroon.

To make this pairing work effectively, it is essential to consider factors like skin tone, hair color, and the occasion while choosing the right shade of brown. Moreover, layering different textures like suede, wool or leather in these colors can create an elegant multi-dimensional look.

Overall, combining different shades of brown with this versatile color enables creating a bold yet sophisticated appearance.
Maroon and neutrals go together like cream in coffee – a perfect match.

Neutral Shades

Neutral hues are a perfect addition to any maroon outfit, as they can balance out its deep tone. Beige and cream tones serve as a sophisticated base, softening the intensity of maroon while creating an organic and earthy feel. Neutral colors harmonize well with every skin tone and elevate the fashion quotient of any look, whether it is a casual or formal occasion.

When pairing neutral shades with maroon, it is important not to overlook the undertones. The beige hues with warm yellow or pink-base complement maroon better. Cream options with a touch of brown look more elegant when matched with maroon in outfits for formal occasions.

While beige and cream are traditional choices for neutral shades, they’re not the only ones that work well with maroon. Other understated shades like gray, taupe, and ivory complete the tasteful look without overshadowing the impact of maroon. Moreover, these versatile colors can be incorporated into your wardrobe all year round.

For those who want to play safe when styling outfits featuring maroon clothing pieces or accessories, it’s advisable to opt for neutral hues as their smooth finish brings about equilibrium to such bold statement color. Marrying mysterious yet aristocratic balance between sensual femininity and regal masculinity on all occasions make Maroon a color worth experimenting with! Pairing maroon with other colors is like mixing your favorite drinks – a little bit of gold, a dash of navy, and a whole lot of creativity.

Pairing Maroon with Other Colors

Pairing Maroon With Other Colors  - What Color Matches Maroon,

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To make maroon stand out, you must know the color combos. Complementary, analogous, and monochromatic schemes work well. Here, you will learn the best colors to pair with maroon. The schemes are:

  • Complementary
  • Analogous
  • Monochromatic

Complementary Colors

  • Pairing Maroon with Green, Aqua, and Teal can create a peaceful color scheme.
  • Using Purple, Lavender, and Lilac as Complementary Colors for Maroon can exude elegance.
  • Yellow, Mauve, and Cream are a perfect match for dull colors such as Brown Oranges.
  • White with black undertones and shades of grey make up an understated complementary color scheme; ensuring your maroon piece is highlighted.

Combining more than one complementary color in an outfit will yield different results, depending on the desired theme. It’s important to experiment until you find the right combination that suits your aesthetic.

When experimenting with Complementary Color schemes for Maroon, skin tone and hair color play a crucial role in deciding the ideal combination. Analyze your skin undertones: Warm undertones like yellow or golden pair perfectly with reds and maroons while Cool undertones suit purples better. Focus on selecting contrasting tones for sublime effects.

Did you know that soldiers’ military uniforms frequently use Complementary Color schemes? When our brave soldiers don’t wear battle attire consisting of multi-colored stripes meant to blend them into nature in specific regions or environments – they typically wear uniforms comprising two primary Complementary colors that offer them comfortability fighting under any lighting situation.

When it comes to matching maroon, going analogous is never analogous to boring.

Analogous Colors

Analogous colors are hues that sit adjacent to each other on the color wheel, creating a harmonious blend of colors when paired together in an outfit or design. When exploring the analogous color scheme for maroon, you will want to look for colors located on either side of it.

Here is an example table showcasing some analogous colors for maroon:

Color Hex Code
Deep Red #8B0000
Brick Red #CB4154
Coral #FF7F50
Burnt Orange #CC5500

These colors complement maroon well and can be used as accents to create a cohesive color palette.

When incorporating analogous colors for maroon into your outfit or design, you should focus on combining them in a way that highlights the depth and richness of the color itself. This can be achieved by using shades that have similar undertones or tones that blend seamlessly into one another.

Pro Tip: Experiment with different combinations of analogous colors for maroon to find what suits your individual style best! Go all in with a monochromatic color scheme – using various shades of maroon can be surprisingly chic and modern.

Monochromatic Colors

Starting with colors that match maroon, monochromatic color schemes involve using different shades of the same color. For maroon, monochromatic colors use different hues and tints of reds or browns to create depth and harmony in any outfit.

Using a monochromatic color scheme with maroon means incorporating deep to light reds or browns for a cohesive look. Using a lighter shade of maroon on top can pair well with darker shades of brown or burgundy for pants or skirts. Monochromatic looks create interest without overwhelming the wearer.

Unique details about using monochromatic colors for maroon include adding texture through mixing fabrics like leather and wool. A dark brown leather bomber jacket paired with light red jeans adds character while maintaining an overall tonal look suitable for events like casual dinners.

A true story about using a monochromatic color scheme with maroon involves attending a wedding where guests were requested to wear shades of red. The writer cleverly paired her maroon dress with heels in nearly the same shade resulting in compliments throughout the evening. By trusting unique solutions, one can stand out fashionably.

Finding the perfect color combo with maroon is like matching puzzle pieces, but with the right strategy, you can create a masterpiece.

Choosing the Right Color Combination

Choosing The Right Color Combination  - What Color Matches Maroon,

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Choose the best colors to go with maroon. Your skin tone and hair color can help you decide. Think about the occasion and venue too. Use these tips to get the perfect color combo. It’ll look amazing with maroon!

Skin Tone and Hair Color

Selecting colors that match your personal skin tone and hair color can be integral to creating a cohesive and polished appearance. Similarly, coordinating maroon with these elements can be highly impactful in crafting a distinctive look.

When considering skin tone and maroon, warm undertones often pair best with this hue as it is itself a warmer shade. Additionally, individuals with darker hair may want to consider pairing maroon items back to metallic accessories or other darker shades.

When deciding on an ideal hair color and maroon scheme, one should take into consideration the tones present within their locks. Darker hair, particularly brunette shades, highlight the richness of maroon while lighter blondes may benefit from accessorizing with deeper reds or blush pinks instead. Furthermore, individuals with cool-toned hair may experiment with coordinating maroon items alongside black or navy pieces for added texture.

For those seeking solutions that best complement both skin tone and hair color when working with maroon accents, one recommendation could be to layer accessorizing items in complementary hues such as brown leathers or neutral linens. Additionally, experimenting with analogous combinations – such as pairing rich browns alongside maroon – will maximize the visual interest of the outfit while ensuring harmonious coordination from top-to-toe.

Make a bold statement at your next formal event with maroon, the color that screams ‘I’m here to slay’ no matter the occasion or venue.

Occasion and Venue

Maroon is a color that can be worn for multiple occasions and venues, depending on how it’s styled. The right color combination can make or break an outfit, which is why it’s important to choose wisely.

When deciding what colors to pair with maroon, the occasion and venue should always be considered. For example, pairing maroon with black can create a sophisticated and edgy look for formal events such as weddings or business meetings. On the other hand, pairing maroon with light pastels like baby blue or pink can create a more playful and casual look suitable for brunches or outdoor parties.

Whether it’s a black-tie event or a weekend brunch, the occasion and venue dictate what colors are appropriate to wear with maroon. It’s important to keep in mind the seasonality of the event as well. For example, softer pastel-colored shades of maroon would be more suitable if it’s springtime compared to darker shades during wintertime.

In addition, accessories such as jewelry and bags play an important role in enhancing any outfit. When choosing accessories to match your maroon clothing, one should consider if they’re going for minimalistic or extravagant look.

Overall, while there are various colors that complement maroon excellently; understanding maroon isn’t enough when creating an outfit. One must consider the occasion and venue when pairing outfits alongside styling tips by experimenting to enhance their overall attire by sticking with their personal style.

Get ready to slay in maroon with these killer tips for styling your outfit, accessories, and makeup!

Styling Tips with Maroon

Styling Tips With Maroon  - What Color Matches Maroon,

Photo Credits: colorscombo.com by Tyler Brown

Learn the tricks to style with maroon! We have a ‘Styling Tips with Maroon’ section. It will show you how to mix maroon clothing and accessories with other colors. There are three sub-sections: Clothing, Accessories, and Makeup. Master the art of styling with maroon today!


Maroon clothing is a timeless addition to any wardrobe. The rich, deep color of maroon evokes a sense of luxury and elegance.

Maroon outfits can range from casual to formal, making it a versatile choice for various occasions.

When choosing maroon dresses or tops, consider the fabric and texture. Satin or silk fabrics give a dressy look while cotton or linen add a more casual touch. For pants or skirts, pairing them with light-colored tops creates a balanced look.

Maroon outfits can also be accessorized with metallic jewelry like gold or silver. A statement necklace or pair of earrings enhances the elegance of the outfit.

Pro Tip: When wearing maroon clothing, avoid wearing too many dark colors together as they may create an overpowering look. Instead, opt for light neutral shades as they offer balance to the outfit while bringing out the richness of the maroon color.

Maroon accessories – because nothing says ‘I mean business’ like a pair of maroon shoes or a maroon statement bag.


  • Maroon shoes – They are a perfect match for outfits that have a maroon base, and they also complement colors like black, white, and beige.
  • Maroon bags – These work well with neutral tones like black and gray or other shades like tan and beige. A pop of color from your bag can add some charm to your outfit.
  • Maroon jewelry – They’re perfect for adding some shine to any outfit. Gold or silver chains with maroon pendants can make things interesting while still keeping it understated.

While choosing maroon accessories, ensure that they complement the entire look rather than clashing with other elements of the outfit.

Pro Tip: When wearing maroon accessories with other items, go for small yet statement pieces that will stand out rather than oversized pieces that might clash with your clothing.

Rock maroon lips and nails like a boss and watch everyone else pale in comparison.


Maroon makeup is a classic choice that never goes out of fashion. The color is a rich and sophisticated tone that can instantly elevate any look. When it comes to maroon makeup, there are various combinations that can be created using maroon lipstick and nail polish.

To complement the maroon shade, deep red lipsticks or mauve shades are perfect. They add depth to the overall look while keeping the attention on the lips. If you want a more daring look, you can try pairing maroon lipstick with orange eyeshadows for an attractive contrast.

For a more subtle approach, pink shades work best. They enhance the natural beauty of your face without overpowering it. You can pair pink eyeshadow with maroon lipstick or use a rosy blush with neutral-toned makeup.

When wearing a dark color like maroon, it’s important to create balance by including colors that offset it. Neutral shades like beige, taupe or grey eyeshadows work well for this purpose and make the overall glamorous look even more stunning.

Choosing the right makeup depends on your skin tone and hair color. For fair-skinned people, cool-toned colors like pinkish purples look best whereas warm-toned people should opt for rich rusty reds or earthy browns.

I remember attending my aunt’s wedding where I sported a fierce looking outfit in crimson-red along with matching scarlet lipstick and nail polish but was not satisfied with how I looked! That’s when my cousin suggested teaming up my attire with subdued floral earrings alongside soft maroon rose-pink eyeshadow and glossy semi-matte maroon lip color which made me stand out and feel confident throughout the event.

Some Facts About What Color Matches Maroon:

  • ✅ Maroon matches well with neutral colors like beige, gray, and white.
  • ✅ Combining maroon with jewel tones like emerald, sapphire, and amethyst can create a luxurious look.
  • ✅ Maroon also pairs well with earth tones like olive green, mustard yellow, and burnt orange.
  • ✅ Maroon and navy blue create an elegant, sophisticated contrast.
  • ✅ For a bold combination, maroon can also be matched with bright colors like pink, yellow, and turquoise.

FAQs about What Color Matches Maroon

What color matches maroon for clothing?

The best colors to match with maroon clothing are muted or neutral tones. Some options are olive green, mustard yellow, gray, navy blue, and beige.

What color matches maroon for home decor?

For home decor, maroon pairs well with warmer tones like mustard yellow, burnt orange, and chocolate brown. It also complements cooler tones like navy blue and teal.

What color matches maroon for a wedding?

Maroon is a rich, elegant color that pairs well with metallic tones like gold and rose gold for a glamorous wedding look. For a more rustic or bohemian vibe, maroon can be paired with shades of green, ivory, and blush pink.

What color matches maroon for makeup?

To create a complementary makeup look for maroon clothing, try using warm, earthy tones like copper, bronze, and taupe on the eyes. For lips, a deep berry or plum shade will complement maroon nicely.

What color matches maroon for a logo?

When designing a logo with maroon, it is best to pair it with a neutral color like black or white for contrast. Gold or silver accents can add a touch of elegance to the design.

What color matches maroon for a car?

Dark metallic colors like gunmetal gray or black can complement maroon for a sleek and sophisticated car. For a bolder look, a deep teal or navy blue can also work well with maroon.

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