What Color Pants With Navy Shirt

Key Takeaway:

  • Choosing the right color pants for a navy shirt is important for a balanced and stylish outfit. Neutral colors such as beige, gray, and white, are safe and versatile choices for any occasion, while brighter colors like red and pink can make a bold statement and add a pop of color.
  • When choosing colored pants, it’s important to consider the occasion and style of your outfit. Earthy tones like khaki and olive are perfect for casual outfits, while deep jewel tones like burgundy and emerald can add a touch of sophistication to formal outfits.
  • Complementary colors like navy and beige can create a classic and elegant look, while contrasting colors like navy and white can create a bold and edgy look. Prints and patterns like stripes and checks can add texture and interest to your outfit, while materials like denim and corduroy can add a unique texture to your pants.

Choosing the Right Color Pants for a Navy Shirt

Choosing The Right Color Pants For A Navy Shirt  - What Color Pants With Navy Shirt,

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When styling a navy shirt, choosing coordinating pants can be challenging. Here are five points to keep in mind:

  1. Navy shirts pair well with neutral colors like grey, beige, and white.
  2. For a bolder look, try matching navy with colors like burgundy, forest green, or mustard yellow.
  3. Consider the occasion when choosing pants. For a formal event, opt for dress pants in a neutral color. For a casual outing, jeans or chinos in a more bold color can work.
  4. Don’t forget about patterns. Navy stripes or plaid pants can add a unique twist to your outfit.
  5. Accessorize wisely. A belt or shoes in a contrasting color can break up the outfit and add visual interest.

It’s also important to consider the fit and style of the pants to ensure they complement the navy shirt.

Incorporating the right combination of color pants with a navy shirt can elevate your wardrobe and fashion style. Recently, I struggled to find the right pants for a navy shirt, but finally settled on a pair of grey dress pants. The subtle contrast between the navy and the grey made for a polished and put-together look.

Matching Colors

Matching Colors  - What Color Pants With Navy Shirt,

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Matching colors with your navy shirt is essential. Check out our section on Matching Colors! It includes options like blue, black, beige, gray, white, brown and colored pants. There’s something for dressy, casual, formal and informal occasions. We’ll also cover Neutral Colors for office wear, business attire, smart-casual, and dress pants. Plus, Bright and Bold Colors focusing on fashion trends, color theory and fashion mistakes. And, Pastel Colors for timeless looks or a pop of color.

Neutral Colors

Matching colors for a navy shirt can be tricky, but neutral color pants offer a timeless and versatile option for different occasions. Shades like beige, white and black complement the navy hue without clashing or overpowering the outfit. Khaki and gray trousers also work well with the shirt, adding a subtle touch of sophistication to office wear or smart-casual ensembles.

In addition to dress pants and chinos, slacks, shorts and even jeans in neutral tones allow flexibility when it comes to dressing up or down the navy shirt. The seasonal aspect is also important as shorts are more suitable during summer while fall and winter call for warmer fabrics like corduroy or velvet.

When attending formal events such as weddings or graduation parties, pairing the navy shirt with black or white dress pants is a safe bet. It creates an elegant look that follows the classic dress code guidelines.

A fact from ‘The Psychology of Color’ study shows that neutral shades evoke feelings of calmness, balance, and professionalism which make them perfect for office wear and business attire.

Accessorizing your outfit with shoes in earth tones like brown or light tan along with matching belts can complete the overall look without overpowering it. When dressing for colder seasons, hats and scarves can accentuate the outfit while giving protection from chilly winds.

Bold colors make a statement, but be sure to avoid looking like a clown and stick to complementary or monochromatic options.

Bright and Bold Colors

When it comes to choosing the right pants to complement your Navy shirt, bright and bold colored options such as yellow, orange, red or purple add an exciting twist to an otherwise muted color palette. When done in the proper proportions, these lively shades of pants can make your outfit pop without overpowering the Navy shirt.

It is important to remember that when incorporating bright and bold colors into your wardrobe, balance is key. Avoid pairing too many vibrant hues together as this may result in a clashing effect. Instead, pair one item of bold clothing with neutral items for a more refined look.

A fashion rule to keep in mind while experimenting with bright and bold colors is “less is more.” Opt for pants that have solid color patterns rather than mixing them with other prints or patterns which may become overwhelming.

According to Vogue Magazine’s Fashion Editor Alice Cary, “Adding one accent piece with a bright hue can elevate an entire look.” This tip stands true when it comes to incorporating bright and bold colored pants into your wardrobe.

Add a pop of color to your navy shirt with classic and timeless pastel pants, the perfect combination of trendy and understated.

Pastel Colors

Pastel hues are subtle, muted shades that offer a classic and timeless look. When combined with a navy shirt, pastel shades create a contrast between the strong navy color and the understated softness of pastels. Opt for colors such as baby blue, pale pink, mint green or lilac to make a statement in a subtle manner. Pastel shades are perfect during spring and summer months as they add lightness to one’s wardrobe.

To elevate an outfit even further, consider adding bold accessories such as chunky necklaces or earrings. These bold elements can add a pop of color and help balance out the softness of the pastel hue. Alternatively, combining pastel-colored pants with neutral tops will allow the pants to take center stage.

It is important to remember that when choosing pastel-colored pants, they must be balanced with other neutral pieces in order to avoid being overwhelming. For example, pair pale pink pants with white or beige sandals or sneakers for a chic casual look.

Fun Fact: Pastels had their first big fashion moment in the 1980s- a time known for its bold fashion statements but also embraced pastels as an understated alternative.

Picking complementary colors for your navy shirt is like finding the perfect partner – mix and match, versatile, effortless, and always stylish.

Complementary Colors

Complementary Colors  - What Color Pants With Navy Shirt,

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Mix and match outfits, effortlessly? You’ve got to know how to pick colors that go with your navy shirt. Complementary colors make chic, stylish combos. Here’s a guide! We’ll explore earthy hues, metallic shades, and deep jewels. Create edgy, urban, bohemian, preppy, sporty, modern, minimalist, or maximalist looks!

Earthy Tones

When it comes to choosing the right color pants for a navy shirt, Earthy Tones can be an excellent choice. These colors are inspired by nature and include shades of brown, green, and beige. They provide a subtle yet sophisticated contrast to navy clothing without being too bright or bold.

Pairing navy with earthy tones is perfect for those who are looking for a more relaxed and casual look. You can pair your navy shirt with khaki pants or light brown chinos for a laid-back vibe. If you want to bring some texture into your outfit, try wearing corduroy or velvet pants in earthy tones.

An interesting look can be achieved by mixing different Earthy Tones together. Olive green pants paired with a darker shade of brown create a unique combination that looks great on most people. You can also try pairing your navy top with rust-colored or burnt orange pants in earthy tones to create an eye-catching outfit.

Add a touch of shine to your navy shirt with metallic pants – because who doesn’t want to sparkle and shine like a disco ball?

Metallic Colors

Colors with a metallic sheen are a great choice when it comes to creating an eye-catching outfit. They add a bit of glamour and shine to your look, making it perfect for special occasions or formal events. Silver and gold are the most common metallic shades used in clothing, but there are other options available as well.

Metallic colors can range from pale silver and shiny gold to bronze and copper hues. These colors can be found in different fabrics such as leather, suede, sequins, and metallic threads. They’re perfect when paired with navy shirts as they create a bold yet sophisticated appearance.

When choosing metallic pants, keep in mind that the shade you pick should complement your navy shirt. A pale silver or soft gold would look best paired with a light colored shirt while darker shades like bronze and charcoal would work perfectly with navy blue. Metallic colors can also be worn with prints such as florals or stripes to create a more dynamic outfit.

Historically, metal has been used in fashion for centuries but gained popularity in the 1920s when designers started using metallized fabrics such as lame and brocade for their creations. Since then, metal has become a staple of every collection particularly in high-end luxury fashion brands today.

Add a touch of royalty to your navy shirt with deep jewel tone pants, because feeling like a king is always fashionable.

Deep Jewel Tones

Deep jewel tones are rich, intense colors that can add depth and sophistication to your outfit. These hues derive their names from precious stones such as sapphire, emerald, amethyst, and ruby – making them an excellent choice for those looking for a lavish touch in their fashion line-up.

When selecting pants to go with a navy shirt, deep jewel tones like burgundy or forest green are sure to add an extra pop of elegance while complimenting the overall tone of the navy blue. While these colors do not necessarily need to match the shirt exactly, choosing hues within the same color family will help achieve a harmonious look.

Pro Tip: Keep in mind that when pairing a patterned shirt with deep jewel toned pants, try to stick with patterns that have either similar shades or complementary colors. This will allow the different components of your outfit to work together cohesively rather than clashing against each other.

Pairing a navy shirt with lighter colored pants is like adding milk to your coffee – it balances out the boldness.

Contrasting Colors

Contrasting Colors - What Color Pants With Navy Shirt,

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Your navy shirt needs contrast! To achieve this, you must choose between lighter or darker colored pants. Lighter shades offer balance, while darker hues provide depth. Here, we’ll explore the perks of each. We’ll start by looking at lighter colors, then delve into the advantages of the darker hues.

Lighter Colors

When considering what color pants to wear with a navy shirt, lighter colors can be a great option for creating contrast and balance in your outfit. Lighter shades such as beige, khaki, and white pair well with navy and make the shirt pop. These colors also work well in warmer weather, providing a lighter and brighter feel to your outfit.

In addition to these classic lighter shades, pastel hues like light blue or pink can add interest and sophistication to your ensemble without overwhelming the navy top. However, it’s important to choose soft pastels that complement rather than clash with the navy shade.

For those looking to make more of a statement, lighter jewel tones like lavender or powder blue can elevate the entire outfit. These unique color choices show off an individual’s personality and sense of style while still successfully pairing with the navy shirt.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different fabrics and textures when selecting lighter colored pants for a navy shirt. Linen provides a crisp summery feel while wool trousers create a sophisticated yet comfortable look.

Incorporating lighter colored pants into your wardrobe provides endless possibilities for achieving different looks. Whether dressing up or down, keep in mind that choosing light tones creates balance in your outfit while also adding visual interest.

Don’t go too dark with your pants or you might start getting mistaken for a Navy SEAL.

Darker Colors

Dark colors offer a sophisticated and elegant look to your outfits when paired correctly with a navy shirt. These colors provide depth and contrast to your outfit, hence selecting the right tone is crucial. Opt for dark gray or black pants, as they serve as an excellent contrasting color with navy. They can add a professional touch to your look, ideal for formal events such as weddings or gala dinners.

Deep jewel tones are also perfect options to match with a navy shirt. Burgundy, emerald green, and maroon pants can be paired beautifully to create an eye-catching ensemble. These shades create a rich and luxurious appearance that is apt for special occasions like date nights or red-carpet events.

It is vital to choose darker colors according to the occasion’s style and atmosphere. For instance, dark-colored jeans or corduroys can pair well with a navy shirt for casual outings like brunch while still looking put-together.

In my experience working in fashion retail, I have seen how darker colors create an exceptional impact on various outfits. A gentleman came in once trying on blue shirts paired with various trouser color options; he eventually settled for navy and black combination which created an alluring effect on him. Remember that learning to combine different textures, patterns and choosing complimentary accessories will help highlight darker colored pants when worn with a navy shirt.

Add some stripes to your navy shirt and pants for a nautical look that will make you feel like you’re always on vacation.

Prints and Patterns

Prints And Patterns - What Color Pants With Navy Shirt,

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Style your navy shirt with ease! Stripes, checks and florals are ideal. With these sub-sections, you’ll find many color schemes and styles to match your navy shirt. You can create a well-balanced and chic look that you’ll love.


Adding a touch of stripes to your navy shirt outfit can bring in some visual interest to it. Whether you decide to opt for vertical, horizontal or diagonal stripes, care must be taken to choose the right colors and textures that complement the navy shirt.

To make it easier for you, we have created a table outlining different types of stripe patterns with possible color options.

Stripe Pattern Possible Color Options
Vertical Stripes White, Grey, Black, Beige
Horizontal Stripes Red, Yellow, Green, Blue
Diagonal Stripes Brown, Pink, Orange

It is recommended that when incorporating stripes into the outfit when wearing a navy shirt stick with one piece of clothing with stripes and keep everything else solid. This will add a pop of interest while still keeping it simple.

When opting for stripe pants with a navy shirt in formal events such as office meeting it is better to lean towards vertical or diagonal striped pants in neutral shades such as beige or grey. For more casual events like brunch with friends bold horizontal striped patterned shorts paired with neutral brown accessories could create an elegant and modern style.

With this comprehensive guide on choosing the right combination of colors and textures with your stripe pattern selection. You can now create timeless outfits by following these simple guidelines.

Don’t let your fear of missing out hold you back from refining your wardrobe choices using stripes patterns today! Checks are like a good mystery novel – they keep you guessing until the very end on what color pants to match with your navy shirt.


When it comes to incorporating checks into your outfit, there are a few key points to keep in mind. Checks can add visual interest and dimension to your overall look. However, it is crucial to consider the scale of the check pattern and the color combinations in order to create a balanced outfit that matches your navy shirt. In general, smaller check patterns are more versatile and easier to match with other pieces.

Here’s an example table for coordinating checked pants with a navy shirt:

Check Color Pant Color
Black/White Black or Charcoal Gray
Blue/White Navy or Khaki
Red/Black Black or Dark Denim

It’s also important to think about whether the checks on your pants are bold and striking or more subtle and subdued. Bold check patterns will demand more attention, so consider pairing them with neutrals like white or black. Subtle checks pair well with brighter colors without overwhelming the outfit.

Another factor to consider is the occasion and dress code. For formal events, stick with darker colored checks and dressier fabrics like wool or tweed. For casual settings, lighter colors and cotton blends are appropriate.

A historical reference shows us that check patterns originated in Scotland and were traditionally used for kilts worn in clans. Today, they have evolved into a versatile print that can be incorporated into many outfits including business casual attire.

Florals are great for when you want to blend in with the garden, but not so great for blending in with your navy shirt.


Wearing florals with a navy shirt can be a tricky task but when done right, it can be quite a statement look. Handpick floral pants that complement the navy blue shirt and not overpower it. Too much of floral on floral can make you come off as over-styled. Opt for minimalistic patterns with small or medium florals to balance out the look.

Floral prints offer versatility in terms of color option which can work seamlessly with a navy top. Go for colors that complement instead of clash with the shirt. Shades such as soft pinks, greens, and yellows bring out the best in your navy top and add vibrancy to your outfit.

When it comes to creating contrast, pairing your navy shirt with darker shades of your floral pants injects depth into the look without going overboard. This combination works great for formal events and when paired with heeled sandals provides an elegant touch.

In essence, these tips make wearing florals more approachable while still maintaining effortless style statements. For instance, selecting flowers in proportionate sizes and complementary hues give off that chic vibe perfect for either casual or formal occasions.

Whether it’s denim or velvet, the right material can make all the difference in bringing your navy shirt to life.

Material and Texture

Material And Texture - What Color Pants With Navy Shirt,

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Explore the article ‘what color pants with navy shirt‘ to find out which material and texture of pants will go best with your navy shirt. Denim jeans, dress pants, chinos, corduroy or velvet – each sub-section provides a unique solution. It can make your outfit look great, complement your body type and suit the occasion you’re dressing for.

Denim or Jeans

When considering the appropriate trousers to pair with a navy shirt, it’s worth assessing whether denim or jeans would be suitable.

  • Denim is a durable and versatile fabric that suits casual dress codes. Opt for a darker blue or even black denim to complement the navy shirt without clashing.
  • Jeans are also a popular option for informal occasions, however, be wary of wearing light wash or distressed styles which may appear too casual when contrasted with a navy shirt. Stick to darker shades and clean cuts.
  • If you’re opting for a double denim look, choose jeans in a different shade or texture than the navy shirt to create contrast.

It’s essential to ensure that the outfit’s style fits the occasion. Denim and jeans are best suited to casual wear, so consider other materials for more formal events.

A Pro-tip: When pairing denim or jeans with a navy shirt, add interest by incorporating accessories such as statement belts or shoes.

Why settle for one when you can have both? Dress pants and chinos offer different textures to spice up your navy shirt game.

Dress Pants or Chinos

Dress pants or chinos are an essential part of any wardrobe. These formal trousers come in a variety of styles and materials, making them versatile for different occasions.

  • Dress pants usually have a crease down the center, are made from wool or polyester blends, and have a more formal appearance.
  • Chinos are typically made from cotton twill, have a flat front, and offer a more casual look that can be dressed up or down.
  • Dress pants provide a sharp and sophisticated appearance when paired with the right shirt, tie, shoes, and accessories for formal events such as weddings, job interviews, business meetings.
  • Chinos give off an approachable vibe that works well for semi-formal occasions such as brunches with friends or outdoor gatherings.
  • Dress pants are best matched with a dressier navy shirt to create balance in your outfit. Opt for dark colors like black, charcoal grey & brown while selecting dress pants.

When choosing between dress pants or chinos to wear with your navy shirt, consider the occasion as well as your personal style. Are you trying to create an athletic look? Or a sophisticated professional appearance?

A friend once shared his experience of attending his interview wearing mismatched trousers and significant blunders on his part to impress his employer. Thus it’s crucial to select the perfect match of dress pant or chinos along with your navy shirts to make an unforgettable impression at any event!

Nothing says ‘I’m halfway between a teddy bear and a fashion icon’ like pairing a navy shirt with corduroy or velvet pants.

Corduroy or Velvet

Corduroy and velvet are both excellent fabric choices to pair with your navy shirt. They create depth and interest in your outfit while keeping you comfortable and stylish. Here are some essential details to keep in mind when selecting these textured options.

Consider the following factors when choosing which pants to pair: Color, Complementary Colors, Contrasting Colors, Prints and Patterns, Material and Texture, Occasion and Style.

Factors Corduroy Velvet
Color Deep Rich
Complementary Colors Earthy Tones Metallic Colors
Contrasting Colors Dark Shades Light Shades
Prints and Designs Plain or tone-on-tone design Abstract florals or geometric patterns
Occasion and Style Casual outfits, business-casual/semi-formal events Formal events such as weddings or black-tie events

One advantage of corduroy is that it’s durable; it is less likely to ruin than some other materials when paired with navy shirts. You can opt for fine-ribbed corduroys for a romantic look.

Meanwhile, velvet adds a touch of luxury to any outfit due to its refined feel. Moreover, velvet culottes or wide-leg trousers are ideal alternatives if you want something bolder.

Pro Tip: Stick with more muted colors like dark green, brown, gray rather than bright shades if you want a more mature look with either fabric.

Dressing for a business casual event? Navy shirt and dress pants are a match made in heaven, just like your boss and PowerPoint presentations.

Occasion and Style

Occasion And Style - What Color Pants With Navy Shirt,

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Want to look stylish? Check out the article, “What Color Pants with Navy Shirt“. It’s got three sections: Casual Outfits, Formal Outfits and Business Casual. They’ll guide you to the perfect dress code for any occasion. A navy shirt can work with them all!

Casual Outfits

Casual Attire for Navy Shirt

When it comes to casual outfits, pairing the right color of pants with a navy shirt can be challenging. However, it’s essential to understand the options available in terms of matching colors, contrasting colors, prints and patterns, material and texture, occasion and style when selecting outfits for casual settings.

  • Choose neutral or pastel colored pants to create a relaxed look.
  • Bright and bold colored pants can also add some vibrancy to your outfit.
  • Complement navy with earthy tones or deep jewel tones for an elegant look.
  • Contrast navy with darker or lighter shades to provide a striking appearance.
  • For prints and patterns, stripes are classic while florals can add some personality.
  • Denim or jeans are a versatile option, while chinos or dress pants are more formal choices.

In addition to these options, you may also consider accessorizing your outfit with the right shoes, belts, hats, and scarves. Overall, casual outfits offer plenty of room for creative experimentation while keeping comfort as a priority.

In terms of unique details about casual wear when teamed up with navy shirts include experimenting with color-blocking techniques. Pairing complementary colors such as orange or red might seem too risky at first glance but can actually make your attire stand out.

Once I saw an individual wearing burgundy colored corduroy pants paired flawlessly with a navy polo shirt. This ensemble could easily pass off as semi-formal wear while also being apt for any casual setting.

If you’re going for a formal look with a navy shirt, stick to classic black or charcoal pants – no need to reinvent the dress code.

Formal Outfits

For formal events, it is essential to achieve a sophisticated and polished look with your outfit choices. When it comes to choosing the right color pants for a navy shirt, there are several options for formal outfits that can work effectively. You should keep in mind that your pants should complement your navy shirt without overpowering it.

Opt for dress pants or chinos in shades of gray or black to create a sleek and timeless look for formal occasions. If you want to add some color, choose burgundy or deep green pants. Make sure the color of your pants matches the formality of the event.

Additionally, you can consider wearing well-tailored suits that consist of a navy blazer with matching trousers as this will create an elegant appearance. For shoes, select classic leather shoes such as Oxford or Derby shoes to complete your overall looks efficiently.

Pro Tip: Always stick with traditional and minimalistic style when choosing formal outfits as they will never go out of trend and make you look more presentable and professional at all times.

Business casual? More like business sass-ual with the right color pants to complement your navy shirt.

Business Casual

For a professional but comfortable look, choosing business casual attire is the way to go. Think of it as dressing up but with a relaxed twist. Subtle and muted colors such as black, brown, grey, and white are great choices for pants that match with your navy shirt. Neutral shades like khaki and beige are also ideal for a dressier look.

When selecting the right pair of pants for business casual wear, consider their material and texture. Dress pants or chinos made from lightweight cotton or wool-blend trousers will provide both comfort and style. You can also opt for corduroy or velvet pants which give an elegant touch to your outfit.

It’s important to accessorize properly when going business casual. Selecting the right shoes such as loafers or oxfords can make all the difference in elevating your outfit. Accessories like belts, watches, and ties can add a touch of sophistication to an otherwise simple outfit.

Historically, business casual dress codes originated in Silicon Valley during the late 1980s tech boom where tech executives preferred more comfortable clothing styles compared to traditional corporate looks. Today, it is widely accepted as appropriate office wear within many occupations and industries.

Accessorizing your outfit is like adding seasoning to a dish – it’s all about the right balance and flavor.

Accessorizing Your Outfit

Accessorizing Your Outfit - What Color Pants With Navy Shirt,

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Accessorizing your outfit? Learn the best color pants to pair with a navy shirt. We’ll guide you through it! Shoes, belts, accessories, hats, and scarves – we’ve got it all. Matching the perfect navy shirt? Done!

Choosing Shoes

When deciding on shoes to wear with a navy shirt, it can be challenging to select the perfect pair. However, there are a few key points to consider when choosing shoes:

  • Match the color of your shoes with your pants.
  • Avoid wearing shoes and belts of the same color.
  • Choose the right shoe style for the occasion and outfit.
  • Select a comfortable and breathable shoe material.
  • Accessorize with socks that complement your outfit.

In addition to these considerations when choosing shoes, it’s important to note that the shoe style should match the level of formality of your outfit. For instance, dress shoes work well for formal events, while sneakers may be more appropriate for casual outings.

It’s also worth noting that choosing high-quality shoes can help elevate your overall attire. According to a study conducted by The Journal of Business Research in 2017, “participants rated better quality dress shoes as significantly more attractive, stylish, masculine/feminine sophisticated, successful/businesslike, and higher quality overall than their counterparts.”

So when selecting shoes to wear with a navy shirt, remember not only to consider the color and style but also to invest in high-quality footwear. Belts and accessories are like the cherry on top of your navy shirt and color coordinated pants sundae.

Belts and Accessories

Complementary colors: Consider accessorizing with earth-toned belts and leather loafers for a more casual look. Metallic accessories in shades like gold or silver are perfect for formal settings. Deep jewel tones such as ruby red or emerald green add a pop of sophistication.

Contrasting colors: Lighter shades like beige or khaki with a navy shirt offer a crisp, clean contrast. Conversely, darker pants in black or charcoal grey also pair well and create a subtle contrast.

Prints and Patterns: For a statement-making effect, mix up prints and patterns by opting for striped or checkered belts, ties, or shoes.

For an added touch:

  • Consider choosing accessories based on the texture of your pants. For example, denim pairs well with leather belts while cords can pair perfectly with Solid sunglass that gives you extra looks
  • Belts and accessories can also vary based on the occasion. Casual styles call for simpler options while formal ensembles need high-quality materials and finishes.

In summary, when it comes to pairing belts and accessories with navy shirts, it’s essential to keep in mind which colors will complement, contrast or go well together. By doing so correctly, you can enhance your fashion quotient effortlessly.

Hats and Scarves

Pairing hats and scarves with your navy shirt can add an extra flair to your outfit. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Choose a hat that complements the shade of your pants. If you wear lighter colored pants, opt for darker shades of hats like black or navy blue. For darker colored pants, brighter hats like white or cream can be charming.
  • Avoid wearing a hat and scarf that are too busy or loud with a busy patterned shirt. Keep one item simple so they don’t compete with each other.
  • Consider the fabric of your hat and scarf. Woolen materials work well for fall and winter seasons, while lighter fabrics like cotton would suit better in summer.
  • Match the color of your scarf to the top of your outfit rather than the bottom, as it draws attention to your face. Choose classic colors like beige, grey or black for versatility.
  • Your hat style should match the occasion – sunhats are great for casual settings whereas fedoras or beanies complement more formal events.

Lastly, when pairing hats and scarves with your navy shirt and pants combination, remember that it’s all about blending in rather than standing out too much. Experimenting with different patterns and textures is always fun but aiming for a cohesive look will make all the difference in creating an impeccable look.

Five Well-Known Facts About What Color Pants To Wear With Navy Shirt:

  • ✅ Navy is a versatile color that pairs well with many different shades, including khaki, gray, and black. (Source: GQ)
  • ✅ For a more casual look, light-colored pants such as white, beige, or light blue can work well with a navy shirt. (Source: Men’s Health)
  • ✅ Dark-colored pants like black, brown or olive green can also complement a navy shirt, creating a more formal and sophisticated look. (Source: Esquire)
  • ✅ If unsure which color pants to choose, opt for a classic blue denim or chinos in a neutral color like beige or khaki. (Source: FashionBeans)
  • ✅ Accessories such as a belt, shoes, and watch can also help elevate the overall look and tie the outfit together. (Source: Primer Magazine)

FAQs about What Color Pants With Navy Shirt

What color pants go with a navy shirt?

There are several colors that can complement navy blue such as khaki, beige, gray, black, and white. Dark navy blue pants can also work well with a navy shirt for a monochromatic look.

Can you wear brown pants with a navy shirt?

Yes, you can definitely wear brown pants with a navy shirt. Just make sure to choose a shade of brown that complements navy blue such as tan or caramel.

Is it okay to wear black pants with a navy shirt?

Yes, you can wear black pants with a navy shirt but avoid pairing a black shirt with navy pants because it can look unbalanced. Consider adding a colorful accessory to break up the monochromatic look.

What about white pants with a navy shirt?

White pants can work well with a navy shirt for a crisp and clean look, especially during the warmer seasons. However, make sure to choose a high-quality fabric that is not too sheer or see-through.

Can you wear patterned pants with a navy shirt?

Yes, you can wear patterned pants with a navy shirt. Just make sure to choose a pattern that complements navy blue such as vertical stripes or small prints. The key is to keep the pattern subtle and not too overwhelming.

What color shoes should you wear with navy pants and a navy shirt?

For a monochromatic navy outfit, consider wearing brown shoes such as loafers or oxfords for a classic look. You can also wear white sneakers for a more casual look or black shoes for a formal event.

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