What Color Shoes To Wear With Navy Blue Dress

Key Takeaway:

  • Choosing the right shoe color for a navy blue dress is important for outfit coordination. Neutral-colored shoes, such as beige, nude, and grey, are a safe and versatile option for any occasion.
  • For a bolder look, consider opting for bold-colored shoes like red, pink, yellow, green, or purple. These options are great for adding a pop of color to your outfit and expressing your personality.
  • Accessories can help enhance your navy blue dress outfit. Gold or silver jewelry and brown or black belts complement a navy blue dress well. When selecting shoes to match with your navy blue dress, consider the occasion, and select formal or comfortable shoes depending on the event.

Choosing the Right Shoes for a Navy Blue Dress

Choosing The Right Shoes For A Navy Blue Dress  - What Color Shoes To Wear With Navy Blue Dress,

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Want to match your shoes to your navy blue dress? Pay attention to colors that match and complement. Neutral-colored shoes such as beige, nude, and grey go with any shade of blue. Add a bit of fun to your outfit with bold-colored shoes in red, pink, yellow, green, or purple. Get the right balance and you’ll be covered!

Neutral-Colored Shoes

When it comes to pairing shoes with a navy blue dress, neutral shoes can be a safe and sophisticated choice. Beige shoes can match well with any skin tone and provide an elegant touch to the overall outfit. Nude shoes are also a great option for achieving a sleek look, especially if you opt for heels that complement the length of your dress. Grey shoes offer a modern twist to neutral tones and can pair well with silver or white accessories.

To complete your look, add gold or silver jewelry depending on the occasion. A brown belt can also elevate the overall appearance of your dress while remaining subtle and tasteful.

It’s important to keep in mind the event type when choosing which colored shoes to wear. For formal events, black heels would be the classic choice when matching with navy blue dresses. On the other hand, for casual events, white sneakers or tan sandals would be a chic alternative.

Fun fact: According to Footwear News, beige is one of the most popular shoe colors sold by major retailers such as Macy’s and Nordstrom.

Add a pop of color to your navy blue dress with bold shoes that say ‘I didn’t come here to blend in’.

Bold-Colored Shoes

Bold and Vibrant Footwear Choices to Pair with Navy Blue Dresses

Amp up the stylish quotient of navy blue dresses by pairing them with bold shoes in vibrant hues. Here are some noteworthy choices that will instantly elevate your outfit:

  • Make a statement with striking red shoes
  • Add a pop of color with flamboyant pink shoes
  • Brighten up your look with eye-catching yellow shoes
  • Go for a standout look with verdant green shoes
  • Elevate your style game with regal purple shoes

For a distinctive and personalized touch, do not shy away from bold shoe colors that can enhance the overall look of your outfit.

When it comes to experimenting with different shades of navy blue dresses, complementing them with vibrant footwear is the key. In addition to making a fashion statement, remember that each shade has its charm and conveys a unique emotion or mood.

Immerse yourself in the world of colors and style options to select the perfect pair of bold shoes for your navy blue dress. Fear of missing out? Try bold shoe choices for an instant style upgrade.

Add some bling to your navy blue dress with gold or silver jewelry and a matching belt.

Accessories to Pair with a Navy Blue Dress

Accessories To Pair With A Navy Blue Dress  - What Color Shoes To Wear With Navy Blue Dress,

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Accessorize your navy blue dress with our section on “Accessories to Pair with a Navy Blue Dress”! Focus on “Jewelry” and “Belts” for the perfect look. Navy blue goes great with gold or silver jewelry, brown or black belts, and matching belts for your dress. Explore the benefits of accessorizing with these items!


When selecting jewelry for a navy blue dress, consider the occasion and other accessories you’ll be wearing.

Gold jewelry: This classic option provides a warm contrast to cool-toned navy without overpowering the color. A simple pendant necklace or hoop earrings are timeless choices.

Silver jewelry: For those who prefer cooler tones, silver is a perfect choice. It complements navy beautifully and adds a modern touch. A statement cuff or delicate stud earrings both work well.

Avoid wearing chunky or overly flashy items that could clash with the simplicity of the dress. Belts are like the supporting actors in a navy blue dress outfit, but with the right choice of brown or black, they can steal the show.

For a formal event, opt for understated gold or silver jewelry that complements the dress without competing for attention. In more casual settings, play up your personality by adding accessories that reflect your style while still complementing the dress.


Belts not only complete a look but also define a woman’s silhouette. Choosing the right belt with your navy blue dress can make or break your overall appearance.

  • Brown Belts – For a casual daytime event, accessorize your dress with a brown belt to add warmth and texture to the outfit.
  • Black Belts – Sophisticated and classic, black belts are perfect for creating an elegant look at formal occasions. They also create a stunning contrast against navy blue dresses.
  • Matching Belt for Navy Blue Dress – A matching belt in the same shade of blue as the dress is a great way to keep things simple and avoid distracting from the classic nature of navy.

It is worth noting that while belts can complement an outfit, always consider your body shape when selecting one. Too wide of a belt can break up an outfit and shorten your waistline.

To ensure maximum impact, pick out jewelry that complements the color of belts you choose. Pieces like gold hoops perfectly illuminate against blue hues, whereas silver bangles work better with black leather belts.

Choosing accessories based on the occasion is key in order to stay on-trend and stylish yet appropriate.

By considering all these tips you can easily elevate your fashion game while choosing a perfect belt for your Navy Blue Dress.

When it comes to occasions, a navy blue dress can go from formal to casual with just a change in footwear – because who said you can’t have comfort and style?

Occasions to Wear a Navy Blue Dress with Certain Color Shoes

Occasions To Wear A Navy Blue Dress With Certain Color Shoes  - What Color Shoes To Wear With Navy Blue Dress,

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Dressing perfectly isn’t easy. You need to know which color shoes go with your navy blue dress. Here’s a guide to help you decide.

For formal events like a navy blue cocktail dress or formal dress, black, golden, or silver heels are the way to go. When dressing casually, white sneakers or tan sandals will pair well with your navy blue dress.

Formal Events

For formal occasions, it is crucial to pick the right shoes for your navy blue cocktail dress or formal dress. To complement the elegance of the dress, opt for black heels, golden heels or silver heels.

Black heels are timeless and classic, they go well with any dark clothing item such as a navy blue dress. If you want to add a touch of glamour, choose golden heels that bring a luxurious vibe to your outfit. Silver heels on the other hand create an elegant look that is perfect for formal events.

When choosing a shoe, make sure you consider its comfort level as well. For instance, if you will be standing for long periods of time, choose comfortable yet stylish footwear.

Remember to match your shoes with complementary accessories such as gold or silver jewelry options to maintain a coordinated look. By following these tips, you’ll have the perfect outfit for any formal event.

In addition, it’s also important to note that it’s good etiquette to avoid wearing sandals or sneakers with dresses at formal events as they may come across as too casual and inappropriate.

During my sister’s wedding party last year in Houston; my aunt had a breathtaking navy blue cocktail dress that she matched perfectly with golden high-heeled shoes. She looked absolutely stunning!

Pair your navy blue dress with white sneakers or tan sandals for a casual chic look that screams ‘I’m effortlessly stylish’.

Casual Events

For a relaxed outfit with navy blue dress, pairing it with appropriate footwear is essential. Choose from white sneakers or tan sandals to create a fresh and casual look. For a more polished appearance, opt for nude or beige shoes that complement the neutrality of navy blue. Tying your dress together with complementary jewelry such as gold or silver will elevate the look even further.

When attending casual events, choose comfortable footwear that matches your personality. White sneakers offer a laid-back vibe while tan sandals are perfect for summertime excursions. Pairing them with a navy blue dress creates an effortless yet refined ensemble that can be accessorized with either gold or silver jewelry.

For unique outfit ideas with navy blue dresses, explore distinct color schemes by pairing them with bold colored shoes or accessories. Avoid overcomplicating outfits by sticking to neutral colors such as black or brown for belts and using bold colors sparingly, like yellow or green accent shoes.

Don’t let yourself miss out on the myriad of possibilities when it comes to pairing an outfit with navy blue dress. Experiment boldly and confidently to create looks that suit any occasion!

5 Well-Known Facts About What Color Shoes to Wear With Navy Blue Dress:

  • ✅ Nude or beige shoes pair well with navy blue dresses, giving a clean and sophisticated look. (Source: Who What Wear)
  • ✅ For a pop of color, red shoes can make a statement when paired with a navy blue dress. (Source: Glamour)
  • ✅ Metallic shoes, such as silver or gold, can add some sparkle and elegance to a navy blue dress. (Source: StyleCaster)
  • ✅ Black shoes can be a safe and classic choice when paired with a navy blue dress. (Source: Harper’s Bazaar)
  • ✅ Bright-colored shoes, such as pink or green, can add a fun and playful touch to a navy blue dress outfit. (Source: InStyle)

FAQs about What Color Shoes To Wear With Navy Blue Dress

What color shoes to wear with navy blue dress?

Choosing the right color shoes to pair with a navy blue dress can seem tricky. But, there are a few options that work really well:

  • Black shoes – A classic choice that goes well with almost any color, black shoes look great with navy blue too.
  • Metallic shoes – Silver, gold, or bronze are great options to add a touch of glamour and shine to a navy blue dress.
  • Nude shoes – Nude or beige shoes are a subtle and sophisticated choice that make the legs look longer and slimmer.
  • Red shoes – For a bold and trendy look, bright red shoes can create a striking contrast with navy blue.
  • White shoes – A fresh and summery option, white shoes pair well with a navy blue dress, particularly for daytime events.

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