What Color Suit Should I Get

Key Takeaway:

  • Consider your skin tone, personal style, and the occasion when choosing a suit color: Your skin tone can help determine which colors are most flattering for you, and the level of formality of the occasion can determine the appropriate suit color. Personal style also plays a role, so choose a color that you feel confident and comfortable in.
  • Navy blue, charcoal gray, and black are popular and versatile suit colors: These classic colors can be dressed up or down and work for a variety of occasions.
  • Accessories can help enhance the overall look of your suit: Matching your shirt and tie, as well as choosing coordinating shoes, can help elevate your outfit. Consider adding trendy accessories like bow ties, pocket squares, or lapel pins to add some personal flair.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Suit Color

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Suit Color  - What Color Suit Should I Get,

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Choosing the right suit color can be tricky. To help you pick the perfect one that suits your skin tone, occasion, and style, here is a step-by-step guide. We will look into the effects of skin tone, the psychology of colors, and various occasions and personal styles. This will give you the best answer!

Skin Tone

The color of a suit can speak volumes about an individual’s personality and style, but it is important to consider one’s skin tone when making a choice. This is because the color of the suit can complement or clash with the skin, which could greatly impact the overall appearance.

When selecting a suit based on skin tone, individuals with fair skin should opt for lighter shades such as beige or gray, which bring out their natural complexion. On the other hand, dark-skinned individuals should go for brighter colors that contrast their complexion like white, tan or navy blue. Those with olive skin are fortunate as they can wear most colors without worrying about clashing with their complexion.

Another factor to consider when choosing a suit according to one’s skin tone would be the occasion and setting in which it will be worn. For instance, darker suits are often preferred for formal occasions while bright-colored ones are appropriate for casual events.

It is essential to remember that these are just guidelines and that personal style always trumps tradition. Accessorize a suit well, and you’re good to go!
Choosing the perfect suit color for any occasion is like finding a needle in a haystack, but with this guide, you’ll be the sharp-dressed man turning heads at every event.


When it comes to choosing the right suit color, one of the factors to consider is the occasion. The suit you wear should not only complement your personal style but also be fitting for the event you are attending. For destination or beach weddings, lighter colors like beige or light gray can be a great choice, while for a city hall wedding or evening events, darker tones like black or navy blue are more suitable. For formal events and black-tie events, darker colors and tuxedos are expected.

Outdoor weddings and holiday parties offer more flexibility in color choice. Here, you can opt for bolder colors like burgundy or even experiment with patterns. Cocktail parties provide opportunities to showcase individuality through unique color combinations.

To make sure that you look your best at any occasion, pay attention to other details such as the shirt, tie and shoe color that will complement your suit. It is essential to consider every aspect of dressing up before stepping out.

To have a perfect fit and stylish look for any occasion, consider checking out different options available at department stores, online retailers or bespoke tailors. Do not miss out on making an impression by picking the right color for your next event!

With personal style, you can finally stop being a suit in a sea of suits and become the suit that stands out.

Personal Style

Your preferred attire should be determined by your fashion sense when selecting formal, business or casual suits. A personal statement is critical when it comes to selecting the best suit colour. However, it’s crucial to consider current fashion trends and events before selecting a colour.

Choosing the right suit color is like picking a life partner – it’ll stick with you through thick and thin, so choose wisely.

Popular Suit Colors to Choose from

Popular Suit Colors To Choose From  - What Color Suit Should I Get,

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Confidently choose the perfect suit color. Popular colors include: Navy Blue, Gray, Black, Brown, Beige, and Burgundy. Each hue has its own appeal. A navy blue suit provides a classic look, while a burgundy suit makes a bold statement. Know the popular colors to find the perfect suit for your style! Solid color or a subtle or bold pattern, it’s up to you.

Navy Blue

One of the most popular and versatile suit colors is the deep shade known as Navy Blue. This classic hue is suitable for both formal events and everyday wear, making it a reliable color choice for professional men. A navy blue suit provides a polished look, adds depth to the wearer’s appearance and matches well with bold accessories.

When choosing a navy blue suit, consider the event’s formality and your personal style. The fabric, fit and quality of the suit are also crucial factors to keep in mind. Match a navy blue suit with solid white or light-colored shirt, bright silk tie, black or brown shoes and belt. The complementary color scheme brings balance to the ensemble.

Unique details that set navy blue apart include its dark shade that accentuates its elegance while maintaining its subdued nature, making it almost universally flattering regardless of skin tone this shade seamlessly blends into any wardrobe for even the most monochrome-minded man.

To ensure you stand out in your navy blue suit, accessorize appropriately. When matched with lavender shirts or other complementary pastel tones it can add visual impact without being too loud or gaudy; this color combination evokes sophistication while remaining modern.

Overall, adding a navy blue suit to your wardrobe will increase your dressing options and helps in versatile outfit choices. It affords one an air of authority at important events without being too overtly attention-grabbing.

With these tips, selecting and wearing a classic and stylish navy blue suit becomes effortless yet impactful – Be ready for when those two words meet! Gray suits are like your ex, reliable and boring, but you can always spice things up with the right accessories.


When it comes to choosing a suit color, gray is a classic and versatile option. It can range from light silver to dark charcoal, making it suitable for a wide variety of occasions and skin tones. Gray suits are especially popular in business settings, as they convey professionalism and sophistication.

Gray suits can be paired with a variety of shirt and tie colors, depending on the occasion and personal style. A white or light blue dress shirt is a classic choice, while brighter colors like pink or lavender can add some personality. Pairing a gray suit with a bold patterned tie can also make a statement.

For those looking for something unique, there are several shades of gray to choose from beyond the traditional charcoal. Lighter shades like dove gray or silver can be perfect for summer weddings or more casual events.

Pro tip: When choosing a gray suit, pay attention to the fabric and texture as well. Tweed or herringbone textures can add some depth to the color and make it stand out even more.

Feeling a bit rebellious? Opt for a black suit and let the darkness inside you reflect on the outside.


Choosing a dark suit color can make men look sleek and professional, and black is no exception. Black suits are often worn to formal events or business meetings as it exudes sophistication and elegance. The color symbolizes authority, power, and strength, making it a go-to option for men who want to make a bold statement.

Black suits are timeless classics that have been in style for generations. The versatile hue allows for easy pairing with most shirt and tie colors, making it a convenient choice for any occasion. Men can opt for a slim-fit black suit paired with a crisp white dress shirt and black dress shoes for a sleek look suitable for formal events.

When selecting accessories to complement the black suit, men should choose darker shades of their preferred color to maintain consistency. Accessories like leather shoes, ties or bowties ought to be in darker hues to ensure coherence in the outfit.

Once I met an executive at an exclusive hotel he wore a bespoke tailored black suit, I immediately noticed when he walked into the room. His commanding presence was accentuated by his attire that was exceptionally cut and pressed. The luxury of the fabric had added such depth to the texture of his attire that I couldn’t help noticing how effortlessly it matched his finesse attitude; this instance made me realize that an elegant Black suit is always going to be one of the most sophisticated on-trend looks any man could have in his wardrobe collection.

Brown suits may not make you the center of attention, but they’ll definitely make you look like you know how to blend in with the furniture.


Opting for a warm and versatile brown suit can be a great alternative to traditional suit colors. Brown suits can add depth and sophistication to your wardrobe while remaining practical for a variety of occasions.

A chestnut or chocolate brown suit can add depth and elegance to your outfit. These shades of brown represent power, stability, and dependability, making them ideal for business meetings or formal events. Darker browns are also easy to pair with accessories like black shoes or a crisp white shirt.

For a more casual look, lighter shades of tan or beige brown can be an excellent option. Lighter shades are perfect for spring or summer weddings, outdoor events or garden parties. A beige linen jacket paired with white chinos creates the ultimate ensemble.

Adding simple textures such as tweed, herringbone, and wool can help elevate any brown suit into one that is unique and fashion-forward. These textiles tend to add depth but not overwhelm the suit’s color scheme.

Incorporating bold accessories into your outfit can take your look from bland to sophisticated quickly. A charcoal grey tie paired with a light beige jacket creates an effortless aesthetic that will turn heads at any occasion.

To find exactly what you’re looking for in terms of apparel options online is imperative. We recommend perusing sites like Mr Porter– they stock global designer clothing brands in all styles including bespoke suits from esteemed tailors like Richard James who offer made-to-measure services both online and in-store.

Overall, when it comes to selecting a brown suit- don’t shy away! It’s often easy for much-needed versatility in any tailored collection. Moreover, experiment with colors, textures accents- invest in classic accessories so that you’ll always have memorable outfits on-hand without compromising on style. Why wear beige when you can wear every other color in the suit rainbow?


When selecting a color for your suit, beige can be a great option to consider. This tone is often associated with simplicity and elegance, making it ideal for both formal and informal events. Beige also provides a neutral base that is easily paired with accessories of any color or pattern.

In addition, the lighter hue of beige gives off a relaxed and approachable vibe, which can be perfect for certain occasions such as outdoor gatherings or daytime events. However, when choosing this color, it’s important to consider your skin tone and personal style to ensure that the beige complements rather than clashes with your overall look.

For those with warmer skin tones, beige can enhance natural undertones and offer a flattering contrast. Cooler skin tones may consider pairing beige with cooler accent colors to create an eye-catching appearance. When shopping for beige suits, it’s recommended to opt for high-quality materials to prevent any potential “washed-out” effect commonly associated with lighter hues.

I once met a gentleman at a summer wedding who wore a perfectly tailored beige suit that flattered his skin tone and provided an ideal backdrop for his light blue shirt and yellow tie. The suit allowed him to stand out in all the right ways while remaining classy and stylish throughout the event.

Add some heat to your wardrobe with a burgundy suit that says ‘I’m confident, but also a little dangerous’.


Burgundy is a deep red hue that can add sophistication to any outfit. This rich color is perfect for those who want to stand out in formal events or private gatherings. Burgundy suits are best suited for fall and winter events, but they also work well in other seasons. The color complements many skin tones and can easily match with various accessories, making it versatile and fashionable.

The burgundy color is associated with qualities such as luxury, elegance, and refinement, which make choosing this color for your suit an excellent choice for more formal events. It can be paired with other colors like ivory or white to create stunning contrasts that will help you stand out on your special day.

What makes burgundy suits even more unique is the fabric used in their production. The use of luxurious materials like velvet or silk can significantly enhance the richness and depth of the color.

For those who want something different from traditional black or navy blue suit colors, burgundy could be the perfect choice. Whether attending a wedding or business meeting, a burgundy suit can help you make a statement while showcasing your refined sense of fashion.

If you’re looking to elevate your style further with minimal effort, teaming it up with suitable accessories such as brown leather shoes or a black bowtie can do wonders in complementing your attire.

Ultimately, choosing burgundy as your suit color could be an excellent decision that adds flair to any event while keeping you stylishly sharp. Why not try it out?

Matching suits for couples: because nothing says ‘we’re in sync’ like coordinating outfits at a formal event.

Suit Color Combinations for Different Occasions

Suit Color Combinations For Different Occasions  - What Color Suit Should I Get,

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To be suited to the event, you must comprehend the combinations of colors that work best. Here, ‘Suit Color Combinations for Different Occasions’ will teach you about the right solutions for couples and coordinating accessories. We will explore options for:

  1. Formal Events
  2. Business Meetings
  3. Weddings
  4. Casual Events

Formal Events

When attending formal events, it’s essential to choose the right suit color based on various factors. The tone of the event should guide you in selecting a suit that will be appropriate and respectful for the occasion.

For formal events, it is crucial to choose a suit in colors like black, navy blue or grey as these shades have a traditional and sleek look. For an elegant twist, consider playing with fabric texture and sheen levels. It’s important to be careful not to dress too boldly using bright colors or patterned suits.

A well-fitted suit from a high-quality fabric material is paramount when attending formal events. Ensure to select the right size and have adjustments made by a reputable tailor for your comfort and appearance.

To make sure your outfit stands out in a tasteful way, try accessorizing with subtle accents including cufflinks, pocket squares or tie pins that complement your chosen colour.

Don’t miss out on any opportunity to impress by getting your suiting wrong at formal events – trust us – choosing the right shade makes all the difference!

Show up to your next business meeting in a gray suit and they’ll never know you’re secretly wearing sweatpants.

Business Meetings

For formal business meetings, selecting an appropriate suit color is critical. The color should not be too bold or over the top, but rather neutral and professional to convey a sense of confidence and competence. The suit’s color should complement the meeting’s atmosphere and set the right tone.

When deciding on the perfect suit for a business meeting, one must take into account factors such as skin tone, personal style, and occasion. Earthy colors like grey or navy blue could work wonders in this case as they indicate seriousness and balance. One could always highlight their personality through unique accessories while being careful not to come across as too bold.

While black may appear to be an ideal choice, it can often be perceived as harsh and even confrontational. Brown and beige suits, on the other hand, can be too casual for some business meetings. A burgundy suit will help you stand out from the crowd while still appearing professional.

Certain accessories match well with specific colors of a suit at business meetings-a white shirt speaks volumes about one’s professionalism while a crimson tie suggests ambition. When selecting shoes for a business meeting, ensure that you choose closed-toe leather shoes that look straightforward yet stylish.

The best places to buy quality suits for such critical events would be department stores or online retailers which cater to high-fashion formal wear for men with authentic brands. Alternatively, bespoke tailors are also becoming increasingly popular options as they provide made-to-measure garments that put forward one’s uniqueness.

History emphasizes that more than just the merit behind what employees say lies in how they present themselves-the first impressions count! Therefore dressing strategically in a business setting could make all the difference between landing your dream job or losing out on lucrative deals whilst making client deals successful!

What better way to say I do than in a perfectly tailored suit that makes you look like a GQ model?


Choosing the perfect suit for weddings is vital to look your best while complementing the celebration’s theme. The color and style of the suit should match the wedding’s formality level, location, season, and time.

During formal weddings, men should opt for classic colors such as navy blue or charcoal gray. Avoid trendy styles or bold patterns that may distract from the bride’s beauty.

For a beach or outdoor wedding in summertime, lighter shades such as beige or light gray suits work well. Linen suits are also popular choices that provide excellent comfort.

Wedding attire can vary based on location and tradition. For instance, Indian weddings require men to wear special ceremonial clothing, while Scottish weddings usually feature men wearing traditional kilts and jackets.

Don’t forget to add accessories such as ties, pocket squares, and dress shoes that match your suit’s color and style. They add an elegant touch to your overall appearance.

Missing out on an opportunity to look stunning at a wedding is a mistake nobody wants. Therefore, consider all essential factors while choosing your suit’s color and style to get away with a timeless look at weddings. Who says you can’t wear a suit to a casual event? Just remember, the brighter the color, the more laidback the occasion.

Casual Events

For casual events, it’s important to choose a suit color that matches the occasion and your personal style. Keep in mind that casual events provide more flexibility in terms of color choices. You may opt for lighter shades such as beige or brown to add a touch of warmth to your outfit, or go for brighter hues like burgundy if you’re feeling adventurous. The key is to strike a balance between sophistication and relaxation.

When choosing a color for your casual event suit, think about the time of day and setting. For daytime events, lighter colors work best, while darker colors are more suitable for evening affairs. A light grey or beige suit paired with a crisp white shirt can look effortlessly stylish for outdoor summer events like garden parties or barbecues. For evening events like cocktail parties, dark navy blue or black will give you a sleek and sophisticated look.

Pro Tip: It’s common to see patterns on suits at casual events but make sure they match well with the occasion and setting before wearing them.

Complete your look with trendy suit accessories like tie bars, pocket squares, and lapel pins – it’s the little details that make the difference.

Matching Accessories to Complement the Suit Color

Matching Accessories To Complement The Suit Color  - What Color Suit Should I Get,

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Compliment your suit color with matching accessories! For a put-together and stylish look, match your shirt, tie, and shoes. Then add trendy extras like bow ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, tie bars, and lapel pins. This section covers it all!


A suitable shirt can add elegance and coherence to a suit combination. Ensure that your shirt’s color coordinates well with your suit color, so it visually complements the overall look.

When choosing the appropriate shirt for your suit, take into account its style, material, and fit. A crisp, ironed cotton shirt offers a more professional appearance than a casual linen or denim shirt.

For formal events and business meetings, consider wearing a classic white or light blue shirt to exude an air of professionalism. A patterned or brightly colored shirt could be appropriate for more casual occasions.

It is crucial to select the right collar style that suits the occasion as well. A turn-down collar provides a classic aesthetic, while a spread collar can modernize the look.

According to GQ Magazine, Thomas Pink’s Marcella evening shirts are commonly worn by British Royals in their official uniforms.

Your tie should complement your suit, not compete with it – unless frat boy chic is the look you’re going for.


Matching the right tie to your suit color is crucial in creating a cohesive and well-put-together outfit. The tie should complement the color of your suit and enhance your overall look. Opt for ties that either match or contrast with your suit color, depending on the occasion. It’s important to consider the style and material of the tie as well to ensure it complements the suit appropriately.

To match a navy blue suit, stick with ties in shades of blue or other cool colors like gray or silver. For a gray suit, opt for a darker colored tie such as burgundy or navy blue. For black suits, any classic patterned tie in colors such as red, blue, or silver will work well. Brown suits pair beautifully with green, orange, or yellow ties, while beige suits go perfectly with earth toned ties like brown and green.

When considering materials for your tie, silk is a classic option that works well with most suits. Wool ties are great for fall and winter seasons while cotton or linen options are perfect for summer events.

I once attended a wedding where one of the groomsmen wore an ill-fitting black suit with an oversized novelty tie that clashed heavily with his red shirt. Not only did it stand out in all the wrong ways but it also took away from how dapper he could have looked had he chosen a more subtle and cohesive outfit combination.

Step up your shoe game or risk looking like a clown in your new suit.


The shoes you choose to complement your suit color play an important role in creating a complete and polished look. It is crucial to keep in mind the occasion, suit color, and personal style when selecting shoes.

Leather Oxfords or Derbies in black or dark brown are considered the safest options to wear with a suit, as they match almost all colors and styles. However, for more fashionable looks, bold colors like burgundy, red or blue can be paired with matching ties.

In addition to color coordination, shoe quality is also essential. Good quality shoes not only provide durability but also add an elegant touch that enhances the overall appearance of your outfit.

Unique detailing like brogues or wingtips adds personality to the overall look while providing a more casual feel. Make sure to keep them polished and well-maintained to maintain their longevity and sophistication.

It has been said that the origin of shoes can be traced back to around 8,000 BC when humans began crafting footwear made from animal hide. Shoes have since then evolved significantly over time and are now an essential part of any formal outfit.

When it comes to buying a suit, you have three options: pay an arm and a leg for a bespoke suit, settle for an off-the-rack suit, or make the leap for a custom suit that’s worth skipping a few meals for.

Where to Buy Quality Suits

Where To Buy Quality Suits  - What Color Suit Should I Get,

Photo Credits: colorscombo.com by Justin Carter

Want quality suits? Your answer is where you buy them! To get the best out of your choice, there are three options – department stores, online retailers, and bespoke tailors. Each has its own advantages. These include fabric choices, designer suit brands, affordability, and fashion-forwardness.

Department Stores

Department stores are popular places to buy quality suits. They offer a wide range of options for different budgets and styles. You can find suits from various well-known brands and designers in department stores. You can also try on the suit before buying it, ensuring the perfect fit. Department stores often have sales and discounts available, making them budget-friendly options. Additionally, they provide alterations services for an extra fee if necessary. Shopping at department stores saves you time as you can buy all the necessary accessories like shirts, ties, shoes under one roof.

Shopping at select department stores like Nordstrom or Macy’s has numerous benefits. Not only do they offer a huge selection of men’s suits from affordable to luxury brands but their customer service is unmatched. The expertly trained staff will assist you every step of the way in finding the perfect suit for your needs – from color to style, fabric, and size. Shopping for a suit becomes stress-free as they pay attention to detail making sure it fits well which could save you the hassle of having to visit a tailor after buying it.

Department Stores have different collections that cater to specific demographics that you can choose from such as slim fit, classic, modern fit, etc. Most have an online store with easy shopping accessibility and even free shipping promotions.

A colleague once shared how he had bought his wedding suit at Bloomingdale’s men’s section during evening hours when parking was free avoiding heavy traffic heading back home brought peace not only to his pocket but his mind too!

Need a new suit? Online retailers have got you covered, literally.

Online Retailers

As a modern consumer, shopping for clothes has never been more convenient with the rise of online retailers. These retailers offer a wider range of suits at competitive prices. When searching for a suit online, ensure that you check the size chart provided by the retailer and read the reviews from other customers to verify quality and fit. Some popular online retailers for suits include Indochino, SuitSupply, and Bonobos.

When purchasing a suit from an online retailer, pay close attention to their return policy in case it doesn’t fit or is not up to your expectations. Additionally, make sure that you are buying from a reputable retailer to avoid any scams or poor quality suits.

Pro Tip: Take accurate measurements before ordering to ensure that you get the best-fitting suit possible when buying from an online retailer.

Nothing says luxury like a suit tailored specifically to fit you like a glove, courtesy of a bespoke tailor.

Bespoke Tailors

People seeking a personalized and exclusive suit may opt for bespoke tailors. These tailors provide exquisite sartorial craftsmanship, with suits made to order according to the client’s body measurements, style preferences and occasion. What sets bespoke tailors apart is their attention to detail, high-end fabrics, customization options like button placement, lapel width and lining choice. They ensure the perfect fit and create a unique piece. It’s important to research for reputed tailors and schedule appointments in advance as these suits can take weeks or months of production time.

To invest in bespoke tailoring is to invest in quality, heritage, and sophistication. No machine-made suit will ever match the precision of a well-fitted handmade one crafted by an experienced tailor who has honed his skills over generations. Experts believe when you have bespoke suits tailored; you gain more than just attire – it’s an experience akin to a work of art that radiates confidence.

Individuals may want to research thoroughly before committing financially as these types of tailored suits can get quite expensive due to the materials used and customization requirements. However, most would agree that it is worth it in terms of quality, longevity, and pride associated with wearing something so unique & special.

Do not shy away from investing in bespoke tailoring if given a chance as this option ensures that you receive personalized attention from design conception until completion whereby perfection is guaranteed down to the smallest details.

Five Facts About What Color Suit You Should Get:

  • ✅ Classic colors like navy, charcoal, and gray are versatile options for suits that can be worn for various occasions. (Source: The Idle Man)
  • ✅ Lighter colors like beige or light gray are better suited for summer weddings or outdoor events. (Source: Men’s Journal)
  • ✅ Black suits are more formal and can be appropriate for black-tie events, but should be avoided for daytime events. (Source: Real Men Real Style)
  • ✅ The fit of a suit is just as important as the color, so be sure to get measured and try on different styles before making a purchase. (Source: GQ)
  • ✅ Ultimately, the color of a suit should complement your skin tone and personal style. (Source: Esquire)

FAQs about What Color Suit Should I Get

What color suit should I get for a job interview?

If you’re going for a job interview, it’s best to stick to classic colors like navy blue, charcoal gray, or black. These colors will make you look professional and put-together.

What color suit should I get for a wedding?

The color of your suit depends on the wedding theme and time of day. For a formal wedding, a classic black or navy blue suit is ideal. For a summer or daytime wedding, lighter colors like beige, khaki, or light gray can work well.

What color suit should I get for a prom?

For prom, it’s best to go with a classic black, navy blue, or charcoal gray suit. Neutral colors will make you look polished and sophisticated.

What color suit should I get for a date night?

If you’re going on a date night, you can have a bit more fun with your suit color choice. Deep colors like burgundy, forest green, or even navy blue can make a statement while still looking classy.

What color suit should I get for a summer event?

For summer events like outdoor weddings or parties, it’s best to opt for lighter colors like beige, khaki, or light gray. Pastel shades like light blue or pink can also be a great choice.

What color suit should I get if I want to stand out?

If you want to stand out, you can try bold colors like red or even a patterned suit. However, keep in mind that this might not be appropriate for all occasions.

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