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  • Complimentary Colors for Burgundy: Colors that often go well with burgundy are blush pink, pale pink, beige, cream, gray, and off-white. Shades of blue such as navy, cobalt blue, baby blue, and teal can also offer a pleasing contrast. For a monochromatic look, mix and match varying shades of burgundy with accent pieces in a similar color family.
  • Colors To Avoid With Burgundy: Bright shades of red, orange, and yellow are not recommended to pair with burgundy as they can clash or overpower the overall color palette. Instead, consider complementary colors or neutral shades to pair with burgundy.
  • Accent and Accessory Colors: When styling with burgundy, gold, metallics, greens, earthy tones, black, and white can be used to accent or accessorize. As it is a versatile color, burgundy can be used in fashion accessories, home decor, and even outdoor living spaces.

Colors that Compliment Burgundy

Colors That Compliment Burgundy  - What Colors Go With Burgandy,

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No need to search further! We’ve got the perfect colors to match your burgundy scheme. From pink hues for home decor and outfits to neutral tones for makeup and fashion trends, and shades of blue for floral arrangements or dinner party ideas, you’ll find the best hues to make a seamless, coordinated look.

Pink hues

Complementing burgundy with pink hues can create an elegant and feminine look. Several shades of pink can complement burgundy outfits seamlessly, including blush, rose, and dusty pinks.

Below is a table showcasing the different pink hues that pair well with burgundy:

Pink Hue Complementary Tone
Blush Subtle
Rose Bold
Dusty Pink Muted

Incorporating these hues can add depth and dimension to your burgundy room ideas, wedding color schemes, or outfit ideas.

A pro tip for styling with these colors is to experiment with lighter or darker shades depending on the occasion or desired look. Consider using blush tones for a daytime event while opting for richer or deeper pinks for evening events.

Neutral colors are the perfect compliment to burgundy, whether you’re decorating your home, updating your fashion trends, trying out some new makeup looks, or experimenting with burgundy hair color ideas.

Neutral colors

Complementing burgundy with neutral shades creates a sophisticated palette, perfect for almost any setting. The focus is on creating depth and contrast, rather than bold hues. Lighter shades of beige and cream work well in home decor when paired with burgundy throw pillows or curtains. In the fashion world, nude heels or understated brown handbags complement burgundy outfits effortlessly.

For makeup looks, neutral tones can be used as a subtle base before adding deeper shades of burgundy to create a classic and timeless look. In hair color ideas, using light brown or blonde highlights provide the perfect balance against dark burgundy tresses.

When it comes to accentuating the vibrant tones of burgundy, using metallics can create an eye-catching effect. Gold accessories such as jewelry or shoes create a warm glow against the rich hue while maintaining an elegant appearance. Greens and earthy tones are also complementary to burgundy and add natural elements in both home decor and fashion trends.

Mixing black and white with burgundy accents provides an opportunity to incorporate patterns into your style and add dimension without being too overwhelming. Monochromatic looks with different shades of burgundy can be balanced by mixing textures such as leather, velvet or satin fabrics for clothing options.

Pairing burgundy with shades of blue is like a perfect harmony – it’s the burgundy nail art design, the burgundy floral arrangement, and the burgundy dinner party idea you never knew you needed.

Shades of Blue

Complementing burgundy with shades of blue is an excellent way to add dimension and depth to your ensemble. Blue hues such as navy, royal, and powder blue look great paired with burgundy. These colors create a contrast that works well for both casual and formal events. Mixing blue patterns with burgundy pieces can make you stand out in a sophisticated way.

Another way to style blue with burgundy is by experimenting with accessories such as belts, jewelry, bags, or shoes. A pair of navy shoes with a burgundy dress will give you a chic look. Burgundy nail art designs and floral arrangements are some excellent choices for parties or formal events. Using blue table cloths or napkins also works since it brings out the richness of the burgundy dinner party ideas.

It’s essential to keep in mind when pairing colors to find balance between the pieces you want to use. One way to incorporate various shades of blue with burgundy is by mixing prints in different textures. Mixing stripes or polka dots with plain colors in similar tones will show off sophistication without going too over-the-top.

For instance, at my friend’s wedding event last summer, she was wearing a lovely strapless burgundy gown made of flowing chiffon fabric that blended perfectly against her husband’s navy suit and white shirt. Their room decoration was filled up entirely using rich blues that made their photos look perfect!

With burgundy, avoid looking like a Christmas decoration by steering clear of bright reds and yellows.

Colors to Avoid with Burgundy

Colors To Avoid With Burgundy  - What Colors Go With Burgandy,

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Creating a stunning burgundy decor requires knowledge of what colors to avoid. A great color palette can yield a pleasant and inviting atmosphere, with burgundy wall paint, leather furniture, kitchen, and bathroom decor. However, some combinations can take away from the beauty of this dark red. In this section, we will discuss colors such as orange, yellow, and bright reds that should not be used with burgundy accents.

Orange and yellow hues

Warm hues like orange and yellow should be avoided when pairing with burgundy. These colors can clash and create a distracting effect, taking away from the richness of the burgundy tone. Instead, consider cool or neutral colors for a more cohesive look when decorating with burgundy wall paint or incorporating burgundy leather furniture in your interiors.

To avoid clashing, opt for cooler shades like blue or green that blend better with burgundy. For an earthy vibe, incorporate greens and earthy tones into your decor. If you’re looking to create a sophisticated monochromatic look, black and white make excellent accent colors to complement burgundy kitchen decor or bathroom ideas.

It’s important to note that bright shades of red should also be avoided when pairing with burgundy as it can cause a confusing clash and distract from the luxurious effect of this color. Consider muted shades instead for a harmonious match.

Most importantly, staying true to your personal style will ensure successful use of these colors together. As with any design choice, experimenting is key to finding what works best within your space.

Adding bright shades of red to your burgundy decor is like trying to sneak in a juicy watermelon at a grape party.

Bright shades of Red

Bright red shades are not recommended to be paired with burgundy as they can clash and create an unappealing color combination. Instead, opting for deeper and muted shades of red would complement burgundy better.

Deepened or muted shades of red are a great alternative to pair with burgundy accessories such as burgundy curtains and drapes, burgundy throw pillows or a burgundy accent wall. Using these shades will create a harmonious color scheme that does not overpower the rich tones of burgundy.

It is vital to remember that bright red shades such as cherry or scarlet should be avoided when styling an outfit or room with burgundy elements. These brighter hues can come off as jarring alongside the deep and subdued tones of burgundy.

To add on, using similar earthy colors like brown or orange-arounds with burgundy can provide an appealing and coordinating look that goes well together. Additionally, incorporating neutral colors like ivory or beige can provide balance when styling accessories like a burgundy area rug.

I recall when my friend tried pairing her bright red couch set with her new burgundy accent wall – it was a complete disaster as the bright red overpowered the beautiful deep tones of the wall! This experience taught us how crucial it is to choose complementary colors properly.

Gold and earthy tones are like salt and pepper to your burgundy fashion accessories – the perfect finishing touches.

Accent and Accessory Colors

Accent And Accessory Colors  - What Colors Go With Burgandy,

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To spice up your burgundy accessories, experiment with different accent and accessory colors. Creating a unique color mix can help you stand out. To make the most of burgundy fashion, try these three options:

  1. Gold and metallic tones work well with burgundy high heels, bags, jewelry, ties and suits.
  2. Earthy greens look great with burgundy dresses, lipsticks, nail polish, hair accessories and winter/fall outfits.
  3. Classic black and white makes a timeless combo.

Gold and metallics

Gold and Shiny Elements

When it comes to the colors that compliment burgundy, gold and metallics are some of the most elegant choices. These colors have been known to add a touch of sophistication and glamour to any outfit you pair them with.

  • One way you can incorporate these elements is by wearing burgundy high heels or handbags with gold accents.
  • Burgundy statement jewelry paired with shiny metallic tones can elevate simple outfits, making them perfect for special occasions.
  • For those looking to spice up their formal wear, adding in a burgundy tie for men or opting for a full burgundy suit, complete with metallic details, can make quite the fashion statement.
  • A muted tone like rose gold also works well with Burgundy.

It’s important to note that when using these colors as accessories or accent pieces, they should complement your attire rather than overpower it. Too much shine and shimmer can ruin an otherwise chic look.

Unique Details

While it’s true that gold and metallic hues work well with Burgundy, another pop of color in the form of earthy greens can bring balance to an outfit. Consider adding contrast through a deep olive coat paired with a simple burgundy dress or accessorizing with moss-colored boots.

Historical Significance

Gold has been considered a symbol of wealth and elegance throughout history. From ancient Egypt’s portrayal of pharaohs adorned in golden crowns to modern society’s love for opulence on red carpets sightings – the color has stood the test of time. Metallics have transcended trends and become timeless.

BONUS: It is essential always to mix larger accessories such as handbags or shoes in bold burgundy tones with lighter accessories such as jewelry pieces accented by soft gold or silver tones. If you’re looking to accessorize your burgundy dress, go green or go home. Earthy tones will add a natural touch to your outfit and make the burgundy pop.

Greens and earthy tones

Complementing burgundy with greens and earthy tones is an excellent choice for those looking to add a natural touch to their attire. These shades blend well with burgundy dresses for women, creating a deep and rich color combination that enhances the overall look. Earthy brown hues are particularly suitable for fall outfits, while green tones can be used as accents to highlight details such as burgundy lipstick shades or nail polish.

To perfect the pairing, use darker green colors such as olive or forest green, adding a unique contrast without clashing with the burgundy shade. Earthy browns like rust, terracotta also make excellent combinations in selecting accessories like burgundy hair accessories. If looking to escalate your formal attire easily, then combining black or white with burgundy can do wonders.

Pro Tip: When pairing greens and earthy tones along with burgundy winter clothes, ensure that accessories are subtle and minimalistic. This allows the colors to harmonize smoothly, not overpowering the shade of burgundy emphasized in the outfit without making it more theatrical than you intended it to be.

Black and white may be classic, but paired with burgundy they become modern and chic – just like your new burgundy car.

Black and White

The combination of black and white with burgundy adds a classic and timeless touch to any outfit or decor. When styling with these colors, consider using them in equal proportions to create a balanced look.

Using black as the dominant color can create a sleek, sophisticated style, while using white as the dominant color can add a fresh and airy feel. A popular trend is to mix prints or patterns in black and white for a bold statement piece.

For example, when exploring burgundy office decor options, adding black and white accents through artwork, throw pillows, or desk accessories can bring a modern edge into an otherwise traditional space. In fashion, pairing a burgundy dress with a black blazer or white blouse can elevate the outfit from ordinary to chic.

Don’t miss out on the versatility of burgundy by limiting its use to fall or winter. Incorporate it into your spring/summer wardrobe with lighter fabrics and playful prints. Experiment with different textures like denim, linen or lace.

Add touches of burgundy into unexpected places such as kitchen appliances or car models for a unique and personalized twist. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to incorporate this deep wine color into every aspect of your lifestyle – whether it’s in fashion or interior design. Transform any space into a burgundy dreamland with these stylish tips and accessories fit for a king (or queen) of the wine-colored throne.

Styling Tips

Styling Tips  - What Colors Go With Burgandy,

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Style your space with burgundy! Party decor, holiday decor, table settings, silk bedding, velvet furniture, upholstery fabric, outdoor cushions, throw blankets, and bath towels.

Here are 3 tips to help you:

  1. Monochromatic look – Elevate your space with a single color theme.
  2. Statement pieces – Make a bold statement with standout pieces.
  3. Pattern mixing – Combine different patterns to create a unique look.

Monochromatic look

Achieving a monochromatic look with burgundy is about creating a cohesive and harmonious outfit or color scheme using varying shades of the color. Using burgundy stationery sets, burgundy notebooks, burgundy school supplies, burgundy pens and pencils, burgundy office chairs, and burgundy bookcases as inspiration can help in creating this look.

To achieve a monochromatic look with burgundy, start with a base piece in the color. This could be a dress, blouse or pants. Look for variations of the shade that compliment one another such as deep wine hues paired with lighter pinkish tones or muted purples. Layering pieces like jackets or scarves can also create depth to the overall look.

Accessorizing with different textures can add interest without overwhelming the outfit. For example, pairing velvet shoes or suede bags with smoother clothing materials can playfully play off textures while still staying within the same color scheme.

To avoid looking too uniformed, mix up accessories like jewelry in differing metallic finishes such as gold or silver to break up the ensemble further.

Incorporating different patterns into the otherwise monochromatic look can also help balance things out. Think subtle prints like stripes or polka dots that don’t distract from the overall tone you’re trying to create.

In summary, using coordinating colors and accent pieces will help create an effortless and chic monochromatic look to any wardrobe.
Add a touch of burgundy elegance to any room with statement pieces like burgundy picture frames and scented oilsjust don’t forget to extinguish the burgundy candles before you leave.

Statement pieces

Statement Pieces are dynamic additions to the ensemble that make it stand out. These pieces command attention and create a sense of depth in any outfit, making them perfect for occasions that call for a bold statement.

  • Experiment with textures: Try pairing burgundy with a textured item, such as a tweed jacket or leather purse.
  • Bold jewelry: A statement necklace or large earrings in shades of gold can be an outstanding addition to any burgundy outfit.
  • A pop of color: Add a pop of color to your burgundy ensemble by trying accessories like burgundy picture frames, burgundy wall art, burgundy candles, or even using burgundy scented oils and essential oils.
  • Mixed-patterns: Mix and match patterns with your statement piece. For example, pair a contrasting floral print blouse with a checkered scarf for an eye-catching look.
  • Shoes are an important accessory: Selecting the right shoes can make all the difference when it comes to completing an outfit. Pairing your signature piece with shoes in earthy tones or metallics can highlight the iconic beauty of the burgundy hue.

Unique details about Statement Pieces include their ability to bring out confidence and creativity from individuals who wear them. They are especially helpful when you want to cover up any areas of insecurity since they draw attention away from those areas.

A true history behind Statement Pieces is that fashion icons like Coco Chanel were famous for incorporating bold statement pieces into their ensembles. Their fashion choices often inspired others to imitate their styles, resulting in trends that remain popular today.

When it comes to pattern mixing with burgundy, think of it like pairing the perfect burgundy tea blend or wine variety with your favorite cheese – it’s all about finding the right combination to satisfy your taste buds.

Pattern mixing

Pattern Coordination with Burgundy Shade

To match the compatibility of burgundy, pattern mixing is an essential aspect to look upon. By matching and contrasting shades, it provides a harmonious balance to elevate the outfit’s resultant visual appeal. Here are five ways to mix patterns for your burgundy looks:

  • Pairing gingham or striped prints synergistically
  • Mixing floral and animal prints thoughtfully
  • Contrasting polka dots or geometric designs through moderate picks
  • Working with plaids and checks in vibrant combinations
  • Combining abstract prints with solid lines exceptionally

Moreover, creating a patterned outfit with variety must have subdued elements woven in between the two patterns. Add silhouette accessories like colored belts, scarves, bags along with neutral color jackets or cropped tops will enhance the overall vibe.

A unique touch can also be added by introducing burgundy tea blends, burgundy wine varieties, burgundy cheese pairings, or even burgundy cocktail recipes to complement your look.

Pro Tip: Start with a single statement piece and emphasize using it as the central point of the outfit around which we can rotate complementary pieces.

Some Facts About What Colors Go With Burgundy:

  • ✅ Neutral colors like white, beige, black, and gray pair well with burgundy for a classic look. (Source: The Trend Spotter)
  • ✅ Complementary colors like green and blue can also be paired with burgundy for a bold and trendy look. (Source: The Spruce)
  • ✅ Metallic colors like gold and silver can add a touch of glamour to burgundy outfits or decor. (Source: HGTV)
  • ✅ Earthy tones like olive green and camel can create a warm and cozy feeling when paired with burgundy. (Source: Who What Wear)
  • ✅ For a pop of color, burgundy can be paired with bright colors like pink, yellow, and orange. (Source: Elle Decor)

FAQs about What Colors Go With Burgandy

What Colors Go With Burgundy?

Burgundy is a beautiful, warm, and rich color that can be a bit tricky to pair with other colors, but there are some colors that work particularly well with burgundy.

What Are Some Colors That Go Well With Burgundy?

Some of the colors that go well with burgundy include black, white, gray, navy, green, and gold.

Can I Wear Burgundy with Bright Colors?

Yes, burgundy can be paired with bright colors like pink, yellow, and orange. However, when wearing burgundy with bright colors, it’s important to make sure that the other colors don’t overpower the burgundy.

Is It Okay to Combine Different Shades of Burgundy in an Outfit?

Yes, combining different shades of burgundy can add visual interest to an outfit. However, be careful not to overdo it and make sure that the different shades complement each other.

What About Prints and Patterns?

When it comes to prints and patterns, burgundy looks great with stripes, polka dots, and floral prints. Just make sure that the prints or patterns don’t clash with the burgundy.

Can I Wear Burgundy in the Summer?

Yes, burgundy can be worn in the summer. Pair it with cool and light colors like white or light blue for a fresh and summery look.

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