What Colors Go With Burgundy

Key Takeaway:

  • Burgundy color combinations can include white or off-white, pink or rose colors, gold or nude tones, light or dark gray, olive or sage, navy or blue, and many other options, depending on the desired effect.
  • Complementary colors to burgundy may include yellow, purple, and teal, while contrasting colors like black and charcoal or mustard and rust can add depth to an outfit or room.
  • When decorating with or wearing burgundy, consider the overall color palette, such as a warm autumn palette or a sophisticated jewel tone palette, to create a cohesive look and feel.

Matching Colors for Burgundy

Matching Colors For Burgundy  - What Colors Go With Burgundy,

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Burgundy color combinations are an elegant choice for any fashion and interior design. The right colors can enhance the beauty of burgundy while the wrong colors can clash and make it look dull. Here are some pointers on matching colors for burgundy:

  • Burgundy and pink: Pink adds a feminine touch to burgundy. Use light pink hues with burgundy for a romantic and sophisticated look.
  • Burgundy and mustard: Mustard adds warmth and depth to burgundy. This combination is perfect for fall-themed outfits and interiors.
  • Burgundy and navy: Navy is a classic color that complements burgundy perfectly. Use a navy blazer or accessories with burgundy outfits for a polished look.
  • Burgundy and gold: Gold is a regal color that pairs well with burgundy. Use gold accents like jewelry or metallic décor with burgundy for a luxurious ambiance.

It is important to keep in mind the color intensity and contrast while pairing burgundy with other colors. Avoid using colors that are too bright or too dark as they can overpower burgundy. Experiment with the shades and textures to find the perfect combination.

Pro Tip: When creating a burgundy color palette, mix and match different shades of burgundy with neutral colors like beige and cream for a sophisticated look.

Colors that Complement Burgundy

Colors That Complement Burgundy  - What Colors Go With Burgundy,

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For the perfect color combos with burgundy, look no further! Here you can find the best options. If you’re trying to pick the right colors for a room, outfit, or any other project, start by selecting from these sub-sections. Learn how white, off-white, pink, rose, gold, nude, light grey, dark grey, olive, sage, navy, and blue can work with burgundy for beautiful results.

White and Off-White Colors

When it comes to a burgundy and white color scheme, white and off-white colors work magnificently. These light shades offer a nice contrast to the deep burgundy hue while also adding an elegant touch. Cream, ivory, pearl, and beige are other fantastic complementary colors that help produce a stunning, polished impression when paired with burgundy.

To fully enhance the look, consider utilizing fabrics of different textures that blend both hues. For instance, try pairing an off-white silk blouse with a burgundy wool skirt or dress pants for a balanced look. You can also wear a delicate white lace top with high-waist burgundy pants for added sophistication.

Pastel-colored accessories like earrings will add subtle pops of color without detracting from the main attraction. White shoes and handbags will complete your outfit while keeping it fresh and clean.

What’s interesting is that white and off-white colors are often used in modern weddings featuring the burgundy tone as they help create an inviting atmosphere filled with warmth.

Source: https://www.homestratosphere.com/burgundy-color/

Who needs a bouquet of roses when you can just wear burgundy and pink together?

Pink and Rose Colors

Pink and Rose Hues for Burgundy

Pink and rose hues are great pairings to complement burgundy because of their subtlety and sophistication. The vibrations that they give off create a dynamic contrast, yet remain harmonious with burgundy.

  • A blush or baby pink shade can create a romantic vibe when paired with burgundy.
  • Rose gold adds an elegant touch to the deep, rich tone of burgundy on accessories.
  • Dusty rose creates a chic and relaxed ambiance when combined in clothing or accent pieces with burgundy.
  • Hot pink is perfect for adding a pop of fun color into an outfit paired with more muted tones like burgundy.

For a cohesive look utilizing this color combination, try pairing a pink blouse with burgundy pants or vice versa. A rose-toned dress accessorized with a complementary color bag can be completed by shoes in either hue.

Burgundy and pink color combination might seem quite challenging at first, but it gives way to surprisingly stunning outfit combinations that effectively evoke uniqueness and style.

One example of how this works so well is the timeless pairing of burgundy pants worn shirtless along with nude pumps is definitely going to elevate anyone’s office attire game beyond measure!

Add a touch of glam to your burgundy wardrobe with gold and nude shades, because who says you can’t look like royalty on a budget?

Gold and Nude Colors

Colors that are similar to gold and nude complement burgundy very well. Burgundy and gold color scheme creates a luxurious ambiance, whereas the burgundy and champagne color palette make a modern and chic look. For a softer touch, the burgundy and rose gold color scheme is ideal.

These colors can be incorporated into clothing, accessories, and home decor. A statement piece of jewelry in gold or nude tones will add interest to an outfit while matching with burgundy. A nude-colored scarf paired with a burgundy sweater creates warmth during colder seasons. The golden accents on a throw pillow or lampshade create an inviting atmosphere in any room.

For bridesmaids’ dresses, a burgundy gown complemented with gold or nude shoes adds elegance to weddings held in fall or winter. In addition to this, the wedding décor can also include champagne accents for a cohesive look.

Historically, during the Byzantine Empire rule, the use of gold was restricted only to members of the imperial family and high officials. The color symbolized power, wealth, and prestige. Later it became associated with divinity and religion as well. Even today, gold signifies sophistication and grandeur when paired with opulent colors like burgundy.

Burgundy and grey – the perfect color duo for when you want to look classy, without trying too hard.

Light and Dark Grey Colors

Pairing burgundy with light and dark grey creates a beautiful color scheme. The sophisticated combination emanates understated elegance, which is perfect if you’re looking for an elevated yet understated look. Light and dark grey colors pair elegantly with burgundy, making them great options to include in your wardrobe as neutrals.

Grey may seem dull, but it can be styled in various ways when paired with burgundy. For instance, try a light grey knit jumper with a deep red woolen skirt, black tights and ankle boots for an understated yet chic winter ensemble. Conversely, wear grey tapered trousers paired with a long-sleeved burgundy top; accentuate the outfit with silver jewelry to add some shine and sophistication.

If you want to make your ensemble captivating by adding some panache, you could opt for metallic accessories such as silver or gold-colored shoes or bags. Another alternative is to pair the outfit with statement jewelry items in mixed metallics like gold and silver.

Pro Tip: When pairing burgundy and grey together, remember that it’s best practice to start by choosing a primary color. This will allow both colours to work cohesively without either one overpowering the other – ensuring that you have balance between the shades in your wardrobe.

Pair burgundy with olive green for a color scheme that screams ‘I’m sophisticated, but also love nature…and wine.’

Olive and Sage Colors

When it comes to matching colors for burgundy, olive and sage colors are a great choice. These earthy tones complement each other well, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Olive greens and sage greens are both muted colors that add a touch of sophistication to any outfit or interior design. Paired with burgundy, these colors create an elegant look that is perfect for the fall season.

Incorporating the burgundy and olive green color scheme into your wardrobe or home decor can also be a budget-friendly option as these colors are versatile and can be used in various ways.

Many designers have utilized this color scheme in their collections over the years. For example, fashion label J.Crew released a collection featuring this color combination in their fall/winter 2013 line. This collection included pieces such as burgundy pants paired with an olive green sweater, which showcased how well these two colors work together.

Overall, incorporating olive and sage colors into your burgundy color scheme can create a truly chic and timeless look that is sure to impress.

Burgundy and navy: for when you want to look professional, but still have a little edge to your outfit.

Navy and Blue Colors

When it comes to matching colors for burgundy, navy and blue are a perfect complement. The burgundy and navy color scheme creates an elegant and classy look, while the burgundy and blue color palette provides a stylish and modern appearance.

The combination of burgundy with navy or blue creates a balanced contrast that is pleasing to the eye. This pairing works well in both formal and casual settings, making it a versatile choice for any occasion.

Incorporate navy or blue into your outfit through accessories like scarves, hats, belts or shoes. A burgundy dress paired with simple Navy or Blue heels creates an effortless yet chic look. Alternatively, opt for Navy/Blue trousers/dress pants to pair with Burgundy top.

Interestingly, the burgundy and navy color scheme has been popular since the 17th century when they were used together in European uniforms. This pairing was also widely used during the Victorian era in interior design schemes. Today’s designers continue to draw inspiration from history by incorporating this timeless combination into their creations.

Pair burgundy with bold and bright hues for a color palette that screams ‘notice me, I’m fabulous!.’

Colors that Contrast Burgundy

Colors That Contrast Burgundy  - What Colors Go With Burgundy,

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Uncover colors that pair with burgundy! Contrast the deep red of burgundy with strong colors, such as burgundy and orange. For a less subtle look, try a burgundy and black palette with pastels and charcoal hues. Other colors that coordinate with burgundy include mustard and rust, burgundy and teal, and a deep purple scheme with oxblood, grape, and berry shades.

Bright and Bold Colors

For a modern look, one can combine burgundy with bright shades of yellow or orange. The combination of burgundy and orange color scheme creates a warm, fall-inspired outfit that will add interest to your wardrobe. Accessories in burnt orange or mustard hues pair perfectly with this color palette.

It’s important not to go overboard with bold colors; keeping the rest of the outfit simple is key. Pairing them with black, white or neutrals will balance the look and achieve a cohesive finish.

In ancient China, only members of the royal family were allowed to wear burgundy attire. The dye was made from special ingredients that made it difficult for commoners to obtain the same shade. This exclusivity made wearing burgundy garments a symbol of power and prestige among the nobility.

Add a touch of sweetness to your burgundy outfit with the blush color palette, because being pretty in pink never goes out of style.

Pastel Colors

Pastel Tones for Burgundy and Blush Color Palette

For a soft and sophisticated color palette that pairs beautifully with burgundy, pastel tones are an excellent choice. With undertones of white, these shades provide a subtle contrast to the deep red hue. Colors such as pale pink, lavender, mint green, baby blue, and peach all work well with burgundy.

When selecting pastel tones to pair with burgundy, think about creating balance in the overall look. Too much brightness can overpower the richness of burgundy; instead, opt for a muted or powdery version of each pastel color. For example, a dusty rose complements burgundy much better than a bright fuchsia.

To create a harmonious look with pastels and burgundy, consider using them in equal measure throughout the decor and attire. For instance, bridesmaids can wear long gowns in varying shades of blush while carrying burgundy bouquets adorned with pale ribbons or crystals. The same delicate tones can be reflected in floral centerpieces or table settings by incorporating small arrangements of pastel-hued roses alongside deeper-toned blooms.

Incorporating pastels into your wedding color palette will create a feminine yet elegant atmosphere that is perfectly suited to this romantic pairing of burgundy and blush.

Give your burgundy outfit a dark side with the burgundy and black color palette – perfect for when you’re feeling a little Gothic.

Black and Charcoal Colors

The perfect complementary tone to burgundy is the black and charcoal color palette. When looking to create a darker, more sophisticated look, this color pairing is ideal. Burgundy has warm undertones, and when paired with the cool tones of black or charcoal, it creates a balance that elevates any outfit.

This combination provides an edgy and sharp look that is sure to make a statement. The dark hues of black and charcoal bring out the richness of burgundy while simultaneously creating a distinct contrast. This pairing can be seen in various fashion items such as shoes, bags, and accessories.

Unique details for this color combination could include playing with textures such as suede or leather in each hue or opting for patterns that incorporate both colors. A simple way to incorporate this color scheme into your wardrobe would be by pairing a burgundy sweater with black pants or vice versa.

I once saw a woman wearing a stunning burgundy dress with black heels at an event. The combination was elegant yet bold, and it perfectly reflected her confident personality. It proved how versatile the burgundy and black color palette can be when incorporated correctly into one’s wardrobe.

Burgundy and mustard, a color pairing that’s both spicy and sweet – like a good hot dog.

Mustard and Rust Colors

Mustard and rust are rich and warm colors that complement burgundy beautifully. These shades create a stunning color palette that exudes warmth and sophistication. When paired with burgundy, mustard adds a pop of yellow while rust brings in an earthy red hue.

To incorporate the burgundy and mustard color palette into your wardrobe, you can opt for a mustard-colored blouse or sweater paired with burgundy pants or skirt. Alternatively, you can opt for a burgundy dress with mustard accessories like shoes or a purse. For a more subtle approach, incorporating burgundy and mustard through jewelry, scarves or socks can add color accents to any outfit.

When it comes to incorporating the burgundy and rust color scheme into your decor, consider adding rust-colored curtains or cushions to contrast against deep burgundy walls. Choosing furniture pieces in muted rust tones can also create a warm atmosphere when paired with other dark shades such as brown or black.

Overall, using the right combination of accessories and clothing in these colors can add depth and richness to any outfit or decor scheme. The key is to strike the perfect balance between boldness and subtlety, allowing each color to shine without overpowering one another.

Feeling blue about pairing burgundy? Teal and turquoise will have you feeling like a mermaid in no time.

Teal and Turquoise Colors

Teal and Turquoise colors are an excellent choice to complement Burgundy. These cool-toned, blue-green shades match flawlessly with the deep reddish-brown hue of Burgundy.

Here’s a table that showcases some unique color combinations for the Burgundy and Teal color palette:

Teal/Turquoise Shade Complementary Colors
Deep Teal Mustards, Beige, Cream
Turquoise Blue Peach, Blush Pink
Light Teal Silver, Charcoal
Dark Turquoise Ivory, Light Gold

To fully understand the potential of these colors together into styles and outfits requires a well-informed fashion sense. When being styled correctly, burgundy paired with teal or turquoise creates an exceptional high-contrast palette that draws attention without being glaring. To add a touch of sophistication to this dynamic color pair, try using delicate golden accessories.

If you want to add some depth to your color palette, embrace the grape and oxblood shades of purple and make your outfit berry chic.

Purple and Violet Colors

Purple and violet colors perfectly complement burgundy, creating a wonderful grape color palette. These hues add depth and richness to any outfit or décor scheme. Pairing burgundy with deep purple in particular can create a stunning oxblood color palette, while adding in lighter shades of purple or violet can produce a compelling deep berry color palette.

The combination of burgundy with purple and violet creates a marvelous deep purple color scheme that will make any look feel luxurious. Mix and match clothes, shoes, or accessories featuring these shades to create a vogue wardrobe or home décor theme.

One unique detail worth noting is that pairing darker shades of purple or violet with burgundy tends to enhance the richness in both colors. In contrast, using lighter purples with burgundy can add an airy touch to the ensemble.

A true fact: According to Pantone Color Institute, one of the trendiest colors for fall 2021 is named “Rhodonite,” which features hints of both burgundy and deep purple within its hue.

Burgundy: for when you want your home to feel like a cozy autumn embrace.

Decorating with Burgundy

Decorating With Burgundy  - What Colors Go With Burgundy,

Photo Credits: colorscombo.com by Lawrence Sanchez

Burgundy is a warm color that enhances the beauty of a space in an autumn or earthy color palette. When Decorating with burgundy, it’s essential to consider the color combinations that complement it for an appealing look. You can pair it with colors like gold, navy, beige, and green to create an elegant interior vibe. Additionally, incorporating burgundy through accessories like throw pillows, rugs, or curtains can bring warmth to a living space. To complete your decorating with burgundy color, use natural materials like wood and leather for a cohesive look. In fact, incorporating burgundy in your decor improves your mood, as research suggests.

Fashion and Burgundy

Fashion And Burgundy  - What Colors Go With Burgundy,

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Burgundy is an elegant color that complements numerous outfit choices. Regarding color matching with burgundy clothes, navy blue or cream are an excellent option for formal wear, while forest green or mustard yellow are ideal for casual wear. When it comes to color coordination with burgundy, metallics like gold or silver can add a touch of glamour. Furthermore, outfits with burgundy colors can be complemented by evening wear colors such as black or deep purple, giving a sophisticated appearance. Additionally, formal wear colors with burgundy can be paired with neutral colors for a professional look. Overall, burgundy is versatile and can be paired with different colors, allowing you to create various outfits.

Weddings and Burgundy

Weddings And Burgundy  - What Colors Go With Burgundy,

Photo Credits: colorscombo.com by Harold Allen

Burgundy is a popular wedding color that exudes elegance and sophistication. When it comes to weddings and burgundy, the possibilities are endless. You can opt for a burgundy wedding color scheme, which pairs beautifully with gold accents and greenery. Burgundy floral arrangements are another way to incorporate this rich hue into your big day. For a soft and romantic look, consider a burgundy and blush color palette. Alternatively, a bold and regal look can be achieved with a burgundy and champagne color palette. Remember to use these colors tastefully throughout your wedding décor to create a cohesive and polished look. Pro Tip: Use burgundy sparingly to avoid an overwhelming effect.

Other Color Palettes to Consider

Other Color Palettes To Consider  - What Colors Go With Burgundy,

Photo Credits: colorscombo.com by Noah Lopez

When choosing color palettes to pair with burgundy, there are many options to consider to create a cohesive and stylish look. Here are some recommended alternatives:

  • For a rustic feel, pair burgundy with earthy colors such as olive green, mustard yellow, and warm brown tones.
  • For a bohemian vibe, pair burgundy with warm pinks, oranges, and purples to create a colorful and free-spirited atmosphere.
  • Vintage lovers can pair burgundy with muted greens, blues, and grays to create a timeless and elegant color palette.
  • A cozy color palette can be created by combining burgundy with shades of cream, beige, and light gray to promote a warm and inviting atmosphere.

In addition to these popular options, a sophisticated look can be achieved by pairing burgundy with shades of navy blue, forest green, and gold. A touch of romance can also be added by pairing burgundy with lighter shades of pink or blush.

Unique color pairings can also be created, such as a gothic color scheme by combining burgundy with deep purples and blacks. For a regal feel, combine burgundy with shades of purple, gold, and royal blue. Jewel tone color palettes can also be created by adding shades of emerald green, sapphire blue, and ruby red to burgundy.

In a true story, a friend of mine combined burgundy with shades of deep teal and gold accents to decorate her living room. The result was a rich and decadent color scheme that felt both luxurious and cozy. Choosing the right color palette to pair with burgundy can truly enhance the overall look and feel of any space.

Five Facts About What Colors Go With Burgundy:

  • ✅ Burgundy pairs well with neutral colors such as black, white, and gray. (Source: The Trend Spotter)
  • ✅ Bright colors such as yellow and green can add some contrast to burgundy. (Source: The Color Guide)
  • ✅ Earthy tones like beige, tan, and olive complement burgundy nicely. (Source: Hues & Vibes)
  • ✅ Metallic colors like gold and silver can elevate the look of burgundy. (Source: The Fashion Tag)
  • ✅ Burgundy can also be paired with other jewel tones such as emerald green and royal blue for a luxurious feel. (Source: Who What Wear)

FAQs about What Colors Go With Burgundy

What Colors Go With Burgundy?

Burgundy is a rich, elegant color that can be paired with a variety of other shades. Here are six complementary colors to consider:

What Colors Can I Pair With Burgundy For A Bold Look?

If you’re looking to make a statement, try pairing burgundy with bright, contrasting colors. Some great options include mustard yellow, coral, or magenta.

What Are Some Softer Colors To Pair With Burgundy?

If you prefer a more subdued look, pastel shades can work well with burgundy. Consider pairing it with baby blue, lavender, or pale pink.

What Neutral Colors Go With Burgundy?

If you’re looking for a more classic look, neutral colors can complement burgundy nicely. Gray, black, and white are all great options.

What Metals Can I Pair With Burgundy?

Burgundy pairs beautifully with both gold and silver. Consider accessorizing with metallic jewelry or incorporating metallic accents into your decor.

What About Patterns?

Burgundy works well with many patterns, including plaids, stripes, and florals. For a cohesive look, consider choosing a pattern that incorporates burgundy alongside other complementary shades.

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