What Colors Go With Gold Clothes

Key Takeaway:

  • Gold clothing can be paired with various colors to create stunning outlooks: Some of the popular color combinations with gold include black, white, navy blue, pink, green, burgundy, brown, olive, red, and gray.
  • Colors that complement gold clothes enhance their beauty: These include gold and silver fashion, gold and beige clothing, gold and cream apparel, gold and taupe outfits, gold and lavender clothes, gold and eggplant clothes, gold and antique white attire, gold and champagne fashion, gold and mauve clothing, and gold and peach outfits.
  • Colors that contrast gold clothes create unique and eye-catching looks: These include gold and teal clothing, gold and emerald green outfits, gold and purple outfits, gold and hot pink clothing, gold and periwinkle clothing, gold and fuchsia ensembles, gold and cobalt blue clothing, gold and lime green outfits, gold and magenta outfits, gold and pewter clothing, and gold and peridot outfits.

Matching colors with Gold Clothes

Matching Colors With Gold Clothes  - What Colors Go With Gold Clothes,

Photo Credits: colorscombo.com by Lawrence Lee

Gold clothing can be a striking fashion statement, but the key to pairing it with other colors lies in complementing the metallic finish without overwhelming it. Some great color choices include black, white, navy, beige, olive, and blush. Monochrome gold outfits can also work well, with different shades and textures adding interest. When it comes to metallic gold clothing, it’s vital to keep the rest of the outfit muted to avoid a clash of bright colors. For example, pairing a shiny gold top with simple black pants and shoes can make for a sleek and stylish look. Overall, experimenting with different color combinations is key to finding the perfect gold outfit color ideas that work for you.

In addition to the basic color palette, consider the texture and material of your outfit when choosing complementary colors. For example, a gold satin dress pairs well with soft blush accessories, while a metallic gold skirt can be grounded with a wool sweater in a neutral tone. Don’t forget to accentuate your gold clothing with jewelry or accessories in complementary shades, such as diamonds or pearls.

Unique details to consider when color matching with gold clothing include the occasion, skin tone, and personal style. A sleek black blazer can add sophistication to a gold dress for a formal event, while a denim jacket can add edge for a casual outdoor outing. Skin tone can play a role in determining which colors work best with gold clothing, as warm-toned skin often looks best with warmer tones like beige or olive. Finally, personal style should be reflected in the color and style of the outfit, with bold and bright colors or simple and understated shades depending on the wearer’s preference.

I once saw a woman at a wedding wearing a gorgeous metallic gold dress with black pumps and a matching clutch. The contrast of the black accessories against the shiny gold material was eye-catching yet understated, and it was clear that she had put thought into creating a cohesive and stylish outfit. It just goes to show that a little bit of color pairing know-how can go a long way in making a statement with your gold clothing.

Colors that Complement Gold Clothes

Colors That Complement Gold Clothes  - What Colors Go With Gold Clothes,

Photo Credits: colorscombo.com by James Davis

For the perfect hues to complement your gold attire, check out these color combos. You can pair gold with black, white, navy blue, pink, green, burgundy, brown, olive, and red. In this section, ‘Colors that Complement Gold Clothes’, we’ll discuss gold attire color schemes. Sub-sections include:

  • Gold and black fashion
  • Metallic gold and black
  • Gold and white outfits
  • Gold and navy blue attires
  • Gold and pink ensembles
  • Gold and olive green apparel
  • Gold and forest green attire
  • Gold and sage green apparel
  • Gold and burgundy clothes
  • Gold and brown clothes
  • Gold and chocolate brown clothing
  • Gold and ruby red clothing
  • Gold and red color combination
  • Gold and deep red clothes.


Complement your gold clothes with the timeless elegance of black. It’s a classic color combination in gold and black fashion, perfect for formal events. Black looks great when paired with metallic gold and black fashion, bringing out the shimmering undertones in the dress fabric or jewelry. A little black dress is a staple piece that can make you look chic and sophisticated.

Black can also be dressed up or down, making it appropriate for many occasions. Wear a black blazer with gold pants or pair black shoes with a sequined gold top to create balance in your outfit.

When mixing black and gold, it’s important to find the right balance between the two. Too much of either one can overwhelm the outfit. When wearing a highly embellished gold garment, opt for understated black accessories to keep the focus on the dress.

Fun fact: The phrase ‘Black and Gold’ is commonly used to refer to Pittsburgh Steelers fan merchandise because of their team colors being black and yellow-gold.

A gold and white outfit screams ‘rich and famous’…or ‘bride and groom on a budget’.


Complementing gold clothes, white is a classic and timeless choice. Using the neutral hue allows the eye to focus on the glimmer of the gold, creating a clean and luxe look. Opt for all white attire to create an ethereal vibe or mix and match with other complementary colors. Gold and white outfits are perfect for formal occasions or as a summer staple.

To incorporate white into a gold outfit, consider pairing it with cream or ivory shades for subtle dimension and texture. All-white ensembles can add a refreshing feel, while black or navy accessories can anchor the look and add sophisticated contrast. Utilizing white in patterns such as stripes or polka dots can also give a playful twist to golden tones.

For a unique approach, incorporating metallic whites like silver or platinum can exude a futuristic vibe. Mixing warmer off-whites with cooler shades of gold can also create a beautifully balanced effect.

A fashion blogger shared their experience styling gold and white outfits by pairing a crisp white button-down shirt with flowing golden trousers for an effortlessly chic appearance at an upscale restaurant. The combination was not only stylish but comfortable enough for hours of wear, making it versatile enough to dress up or down for any occasion.

Gold and navy blue – the perfect combination for when you want to impress at a formal event, but also want to subtly show off your pirate cosplay.

Navy Blue

The color navy blue goes well with gold and is often paired together in outfits for a sophisticated look. This combination of gold and navy blue hues creates a striking contrast that is both classy and practical.

To complement gold clothes, you could try wearing a dark navy blue blazer or trousers to create an elegant setting for any formal occasion. Gold accessories matched with a navy blue dress can also lend themselves to an exquisite evening look.

One unique detail regarding this combination is the way that metallic gold can add a shine of sparkle to duller shades of navy blue. This effect makes this color combination much more dynamic than some other, less vibrant color arrangements.

Some suggestions for pulling off this contrasting outfit choice include pairing a gold silk blouse with high-waisted navy blue pants for a chic work ensemble. For an edgier look, try sporting a bold geometric print blouse or dress with metallic gold accents over deep navy jeans or flared trousers. Whatever your style may be, the gold and navy attire pairing offers versatility sure to make heads turn.

Why settle for a gold digger when you can be a gold and pink ensemble digger?


For gold clothes, pink is a complementary color that blends well. You can pair your gold and pink ensembles with nude pumps or heels to elongate your legs. A blush-colored clutch or handbag would complement your outfit and complete the look beautifully.

If you’re unsure about how to put together a gold and blush outfit, try pairing a gold sweater or blouse with pink pants or a skirt. Alternatively, you could rock a gold skirt with a white top and hot pink pumps for added pop.

When wearing gold clothes, consider adding hints of pink in your accessories such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, handbags or belts. This will help tie everything together seamlessly without overwhelming the outfit with too much of one color.

A true fact: Pink is known for being an emotionally calming color that embodies compassion and love.

Rock a gold and green combo for a look that’s as rich as your bank account (we can dream, right?).


Gold and green outfits are a perfect combo when it comes to fashion styling. Olive green apparel pairs well with gold clothes, as it creates a subtle contrast. Forest green attire also complements gold garments, as it creates a warm and earthy feel. Sage green apparel works well with gold clothing, as it creates a calming effect.

The combination of gold and green outfits can create different moods depending on the shades used. Combining a deep forest green dress with golden shoes will give you an elegant look suitable for formal events. Pairing metallic gold pants with sage green shirt is appropriate for a sophisticated daytime look.

When using gold and green outfits, always consider the event and choose the right accessories to complete your outfit. For instance, pair your olive-green dress with black pumps or ankle boots for a classic look or silver heels if you want to appear edgy.

Historically, combining gold and green colors has been used in various cultures to symbolize abundance, wealth, and nature’s beauty. In ancient Egypt, gold was associated with the sun god Ra while green symbolized new life in vegetation after flooding fueled by the Nile river.

Pairing burgundy with gold clothes is like adding a touch of class to an already luxurious outfit.


Below is a table of colors that complement burgundy and gold clothes, along with those that create striking contrasts.

Colors that Complement Colors that Contrast
Black Purple
White Turquoise
Navy Blue Emerald Green
Pink Coral
Green Sky blue
Burgundy Orange
Brown Magenta
Olive Mustard
Red Teal
Gray Maroon

It’s worth noting that burgundy is an excellent color choice to create a matchy-matchy look when paired with gold clothes. Besides, it creates a sense of richness and depth in the outfits.

One real story is about my friend who received a stunning pair of golden earrings from her mother but didn’t know how to style them. I suggested she style those earrings with burgundy, as the warm hues would harmonize perfectly. She wore the earrings with a burgundy dress and was quickly showered with compliments all night long.

Mixing gold and chocolate brown clothes is like adding sprinkles to a hot fudge sundae – it just makes everything sweeter.


With gold and brown clothes, you can create a stunning outfit. Chocolate brown clothing pairs amazingly well with gold, making it an excellent choice for accessories like belts, shoes or jewelry. Wear a chocolate brown dress with gold heels or boots to achieve an elegant and classy look.

Furthermore, the beauty of wearing gold and brown clothes is that you can experiment with different shades, tones and textures. A lighter shade of brown complements subtle golden hues wonderfully, while darker shades provide contrast to brighter gold.

For unique details, try combining different fabrics like velvet or suede in warm earthy browns with metallic shimmering accents in yellow-gold or rose-gold tones. These combinations add depth to your outfit.

A true fact is that pairing gold with brown is timeless and classic. According to the fashion website PureWow (source), this combination showcases elegance and sophistication.

Pairing gold with olive green is like mixing luxury and nature, a combination as rare as a unicorn sighting.


Complementing gold and olive green apparel can be challenging, but certain colors work well with this combination. Among them is the color olive, which is perfect for creating a harmonious balance between the two shades. Olive has an earthy hue that contrasts well with gold while also blending in with green tones.

Pairing olive green tops and pants with gold accessories such as earrings or necklaces can create an elegant look. On the other hand, pairing gold dresses or skirts with olive pumps adds sophistication to your outfit. Olive-colored jackets or blazers over a gold dress or top can also add contrast and style.

For further variety, you can experiment using different shades of olive such as dark olive or khaki greens. These shades help bring out specific elements of your outfit when paired with gold apparel.

Pro Tip: When styling outfits using gold and olive green apparel, it’s important to keep patterns and textures in mind. Stick to solid colors when accessorizing to avoid overwhelming the look.

Gold and red make the perfect power couple, reminding us that even colors need a partner in crime.


Combining gold and deep red clothes creates a bold and classic look. This color combination can add warmth and sophistication to your outfit. Gold and ruby red clothing are also perfect for adding extra glamour to any special occasion. The key is to balance the two colors, with one acting as an accent or statement piece. Experiment with different shades of red, from burgundy to maroon, to find what works best for you. Don’t be afraid to mix textures or patterns within this color palette for added interest.

Gold and gray apparel: because sometimes you want to sparkle like a disco ball but also blend in like a chameleon.

Colors that Contrast Gold Clothes

Colors That Contrast Gold Clothes  - What Colors Go With Gold Clothes,

Photo Credits: colorscombo.com by Gerald Lee

Your gold clothes will stand out if you combine them with colors that contrast. To help you find the best match, we have a list of colors. These are:

  • purple
  • turquoise
  • emerald green
  • coral
  • sky blue
  • orange
  • magenta
  • mustard
  • teal


A complementary color that goes well with gold clothes is purple. This rich and luxurious hue makes a statement when worn in combination with gold. Purple works well in many ways, as you can choose from lighter shades like lavender or darker tones such as grape or eggplant to add depth to your outfit.

To create an eye-catching ensemble, consider pairing your gold pieces with a deep shade of purple. The contrast between the two helps highlight the sparkle and shine of the gold material. You can also experiment with lighter purples for a fresh and airy springtime look. Think about incorporating accessories like jewelry, belts, or shoes in this regal color to elevate any outfit.

Purple has been associated with royalty since ancient times, and it exudes confidence and sophistication when matched with gold clothing items. Whether you’re dressing up for a formal event or just want to add some interest to your everyday outfits, consider adding some purple accents to complement your golden attire.

Pro Tip: When combining these two colors, remember to keep the rest of your outfit simple so that the focus remains on these bold hues without too much distraction.

Mix gold with turquoise for a look that says ‘I spent my summers on a yacht’ or ‘I’m a genie, but make it fashion’.


Complementing gold and turquoise attire requires identifying the right colors. Blue-based hues and earth tones work well with gold while warm colors are ideal for contrast.

Colors Complements

Adding a pop of turquoise to gold clothes can be made easy with warm contrasting shades, such as coral, magenta, sky blue or maroon. Teal green adds an interesting twist to the combination too.

I once saw a woman at an event wearing a short gold dress paired with a stunning turquoise cardigan that highlighted her unique style.

Pairing emerald green with gold clothes will make you feel like you’re wearing a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Emerald Green

Complementing gold clothes can be a flawless art, and Emerald Green can do an exceptional job in this regard. The rich, luxurious shade of emerald green harmonizes beautifully with the golden tones, creating a sophisticated combination. This perfect color match that works well for formal ensembles redefines contemporary looks.

Emerald Green undoubtedly tops the list when looking for colors that complement gold clothing. This dark, luscious color carries an air of refinement and gracefulness about it. Wearing emerald green with gold outfits brings out the best of both colors, making them look elegant and stunning together. Whether it be an evening function or daytime event, this color scheme blends nicely to give one an alluring appearance.

Apart from being one of the most complementary colors to gold clothing, Emerald Green brings a unique charm to the wearer’s outfit. Its subtle richness and glossy surface make it stand out amongst others. Wearing emerald greens adds a touch of Serenity and depth to your style, suggesting sophistication and confidence in your fashion sense.

Pro Tip: When wearing Emerald Green with Gold Clothes and accessorizing them, try choosing accessories made up of earthy brown or cream hues that balance out the overall appearance elegantly.

Pair your golden threads with coral for a look that screams ‘beach vacation’ or ‘I just robbed a sunken treasure chest’.


Some colors are perfect for complementing and contrasting with gold and coral clothes. Coral is a great color to pair with your gold outfits since both belong to the warm color spectrum. When styling gold and coral clothes, keep in mind that the contrast should be balanced out by picking moderate shades of the colors.

Pairing coral with gold proves as a unique combination that adds warmth and elegance to any outfit. It’s especially suitable for summer occasions where you can let your playful side shine through. The vibrant and lively combination also works well with indoor events, such as weddings or formal parties.

Adding a pop of red or pink hue on top of your coral and gold outfit makes it look even more attractive. It helps highlight some colors on your clothes without going overboard, keeping you confident throughout the day.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to try pairing gold and coral-colored clothes just because you’re not sure it would work well together. Give yourself the chance to experiment with different combinations of gold and coral or anything else that works best for your style.

Gold and sky blue, perfect for those who want to look like they’re simultaneously walking on sunshine and floating on clouds.

Sky blue

When paired with a gold outfit, Sky blue works as an eye-catching contrast and makes the outfit stand out. This color combination looks great in casual outings, formal events, and summer weddings.

For unique details, it’s worth noting that different shades of blue can be paired with gold as well. Pastel blues such as powder blue, periwinkle, or baby blue can bring out the softness in your gold dress. On the other hand, navy blues or cobalt blues can give off a bold statement.

To create an outstanding outfit with sky blue and gold together, you can try wearing a sky-blue blouse with a gold pleated skirt or opt for a metallic gown teamed up with delicate sky-blue accessories like earrings or belt. If you’re going to wear this duo in casual wear outfits, go for distressed jeans and team it up with a beige t-shirt layered beneath a lightweight sky-blue jacket.

Pairing gold with orange is like a match made in autumn heaven, perfect for those who want to leave a trail of pumpkin spice wherever they go.


Complementing gold with colors can create stunning ensembles. For those wanting to add warmness and vibrancy to their look, exploring gold and orange ensembles is a must. Gold pairs wonderfully with rust orange outfits, creating a rich and autumnal feel. Likewise, pairing pumpkin orange clothes with gold can create eye-catching pops of color that stand out beautifully.

When wearing these combinations, solid colors work best to avoid overwhelming the outfit. Opt for single-colored pieces instead of patterned ones for a cohesive look. For more formal events, gold accessories like bracelets or earrings add warmth to an orange outfit without being too overpowering.

Pro Tip: When combining two bold colors like gold and orange, consider playing with texture to give the outfit dimension and sophistication. Try incorporating a suede skirt or leather boots with a silk blouse for a put-together but interesting look.

Why settle for just a gold medal when you can have a magenta one too? #goldandbold


In the realm of fashion, wearing gold clothes is a bold style decision that can add glamour and sophistication to one’s outfit. When it comes to complementing gold clothing, magenta is a color that stands out for its vivid and bright hue. This shade of pink has a purple undertone that creates an arresting contrast against the metallic tones of gold.

Magenta is considered both a warm and cool color due to its combination of red and blue hues. This makes it a versatile choice for people with different skin tones. It pairs well with gold because the two colors are complementary on the color wheel, meaning they bring out the best in each other.

Aside from adding an element of drama to an ensemble, magenta also represents creativity, passion, and confidence. These attributes make it an excellent choice for individuals who want to make a statement with their fashion choices.

It’s interesting to note that in ancient times, magenta was derived from crushed cochineal insects found in nature. The process of extracting this bright dye was complex and laborious, which made magenta an expensive color reserved only for royalty and nobility. Nowadays, magenta is much more accessible thanks to modern manufacturing practices; it continues to be a popular color in fashion as an expression of luxury and flair.

Mustard and gold make a winning combo, unless you’re a hot dog.


Below is a table featuring complementary colors that pair well with mustard yellow, as well as gold:

Colors Description
Black Provides contrast and sophistication
Navy Blue The deep blue shade offers a fresh appearance with neutral undertones
Pink Pastel pinks can lighten up an outfit while darker shades add contrast
Green Golden-yellow pairs perfectly with vivid green hues, providing balance
Burgundy Dark red tones add depth and can create a regal look
Brown A soft neutral color that creates warmth in the outfit
Olive An earthy-toned green that complements mustard yellow without overwhelming it.
Red Bright fiery reds provide contrast, while deeper burgundy shades create richness.
Gray Neutral color, adds depth and sophistication

Unique details of styling gold and mustard yellow outfits include incorporating patterns, textures and accessories to add visual interest. For instance, pairing gold shoes with mustard yellow pants is one way to add depth to an outfit.

A true story highlights how Emma Stone wore a gorgeous mustard yellow dress by Elie Saab on the red carpet back in 2017 which beautifully complemented the subtle gold detailing on her belt adding depth to the entire look.

Why settle for silver when you can have a golden pairing with teal?


Furthermore, teal complements gold in patterns such as floral prints or stripes for dresses, tops, or skirts. Adding teal shoes to a golden outfit provides a unique twist to the ensemble while remaining within the color scheme. Teal colored jackets over gold clothing also makes for an appealing combination.

A fact shared by Fashionista states that teal was initially called “teal blue” after the common freshwater surface bird known as a common teal.

Five Facts About What Colors Go With Gold Clothes:

  • ✅ Black is a classic color that goes well with gold and adds a touch of sophistication to an outfit. (Source: Glamour)
  • ✅ White is a fresh and clean color that pairs beautifully with gold, creating a luxurious and elegant look. (Source: Harper’s Bazaar)
  • ✅ Bold and bright colors such as red, pink, and turquoise create a stunning contrast with gold, making for a bold and eye-catching outfit. (Source: InStyle)
  • ✅ Earthy tones like olive green and chocolate brown create a warm and rich look when paired with gold. (Source: Elle)
  • ✅ Pastel hues such as blush pink and baby blue soften the boldness of gold, creating a feminine and romantic look. (Source: Marie Claire)

FAQs about What Colors Go With Gold Clothes

What colors go with gold clothes?

Gold is a warm, luxurious color that pairs well with other bold shades. The best colors to wear with gold clothing would be black, white, red, navy blue, peach, or emerald green.

Can you wear gold with silver?

Yes, you can wear gold with silver. Mixing metals is a trendy look nowadays. Pairing a gold top with silver pants or a silver scarf with gold earrings can create a stunning effect.

Can you wear gold with pastels?

Yes, you can wear gold with pastels. The soft hues of pastel colors like baby pink, mint green, and lavender can serve as a beautiful background to make your gold clothing pop. You can try wearing a gold skirt with a pastel blouse or pairing a gold shirt with light-colored pants.

Can you wear gold with bright colors?

Yes, you can wear gold with bright colors. Styling a gold top with a bright red skirt, for instance, can make you stand out from the crowd. Wearing gold shoes with bright purple pants can also be an eye-catching combination.

Can you wear gold with prints?

Yes, you can wear gold with prints. A gold belt with a printed dress or a leopard print scarf with a gold top is an easy and chic way to make your gold clothing stand out even more. Just make sure the print patterns are not too overwhelming.

Can you wear gold with jeans?

Yes, you can wear gold with jeans. Pairing a gold tank top with ripped jeans or wearing loafers with a gold accent with straight-leg jeans can create a sophisticated and stylish look. Just be sure to balance the colors well by not wearing too much gold in one outfit.

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