What Colors Go With Navy Blue Shirt

Key Takeaways:

  • Colors that complement navy blue include white, gray, beige, cream, light pink, and pastel colors. Stick to two or three colors and use the color wheel to choose complementary colors. Use accessories like ties, bow ties, suspenders, and pocket squares to add pops of color.
  • Colors that contrast with navy blue include orange, red, yellow, bright pink, purple, and green. Avoid using black, brown, dark green, deep purple, dark red, and dark orange with navy blue. Consider the occasion and setting when choosing color combinations.
  • To pair with a navy blue shirt, choose colors that match with it such as white, gray, khaki, and beige. Other color combinations include navy blue shirt with jeans, blazer, sweater, turtleneck, vest, tie, bow tie, suspenders, pocket square, patterned tie, polka dot tie, striped tie, plain tie, checkered tie, floral tie, and paisley tie. Experiment with color combinations to find what works best for you.

Colors that complement navy blue

To find the ideal colors to go with a navy blue shirt, we’ve compiled a list. We’ve split it into sections:

  • White
  • Gray
  • Beige
  • Cream
  • Light Pink
  • Pastel Colors

These sections have cool color combos that you can use to get the style you desire.


Complementing a navy blue shirt with white clothing is a classic and timeless combination. White brings out the richness of the navy blue and creates a crisp and clean look. An ideal option for casual and formal occasions, it is effortless to style navy blue shirt with white pants or shirts for a sophisticated appearance.

To style a navy blue shirt, opt for a white bottom to accentuate the blue tone effectively. A pair of white chinos can be an excellent choice when paired impeccably with a navy-blue dress shirt. The complementary color combo will make you look fresh and sharp without much effort.

Pro Tip: Navy Blue Shirt with white cotton pants works great for summers.

When wearing a navy blue shirt with gray pants or a gray shirt, you’ll show them who’s boss in the most sophisticated way possible.


Complementary to navy blue, gray is a versatile and sophisticated color choice. When paired with a navy blue shirt, a pair of gray pants creates an ideal monochromatic look for the office or formal events. Additionally, a gray shirt can easily complement a navy blue suit. This neutral color palette exudes elegance and professionalism.

To add visual interest to an outfit with a navy blue shirt, consider incorporating shades of gray in different textures and patterns. For example, wearing a charcoal gray tie or pocket square adds depth without contrasting too harshly with the navy blue base. Alternatively, pairing light gray sneakers with dark jeans and a navy blue polo is perfect for casual outings.

Gray also works well within pastel color schemes that complement navy blue. Light pink shirts paired with either dark or light gray pants are great options for springtime events and weddings.

According to Fashion Beans, “Navy Blue Is One Of The Most Versatile And Adaptable Colours In Menswear.”

Who said beige is boring? It’s the perfect partner for a navy blue shirt, whether you’re rocking khaki, cream, or beige pants.


Complementing navy blue with beige is a classic combination, perfect for both formal and casual settings. Beige adds warmth to the otherwise cool navy blue, creating an elegant and sophisticated look. Pairing a navy blue shirt with khaki or beige pants creates a smart casual ensemble that can be easily dressed up or down. For a more formal look, cream-colored pants and beige shirt are great options.

Additionally, when it comes to accessories, brown leather shoes and belt could perfectly complement this color scheme. A beige scarf could also add an extra dimension to the overall outfit. The simplicity of combining these two colors makes them a timeless duo that you can rely on in any situation.

By wearing this combination, one can radiate confidence without going over-the-top, while still looking effortlessly chic. So do not miss out on trying the timeless combo of navy blue and beige for your next outfit!

I heard navy blue and cream make a great couple, guess that makes them the ultimate power duo of colors.


When pairing a navy blue shirt with cream pants or a cream shirt, keep in mind that the contrast should be subtle yet noticeable. Avoid overpowering one color over the other. Instead, choose pieces that complement each other in different ways.

For example, a cream blazer or sweater worn over a navy blue shirt can create depth and texture while still keeping the overall look cohesive. Additionally, using cream accessories such as shoes, belts or scarfs can add pops of color without clashing with navy blue.

It’s important to keep in mind that dressing up for each occasion is crucial when complementing colors with a navy blue shirt. For instance, pairing these two colors might not be appropriate for a casual event but can create an elegant look for formal settings.

You don’t need a man to make you blush, a navy blue shirt paired with light pink will do the job just fine.

Light pink

Soft shades of pink are some of the top colors that complement navy blue. A great choice for any season, this color can add a touch of feminine elegance to an outfit. When paired with navy blue, light pink creates a stunning contrast that is both fresh and modern.

The combination of a navy blue shirt with pink pants is perfect for a casual summer look. The lighter shades will keep you cool while still looking chic. For a more formal occasion, try pairing your navy blue shirt with a light pink shirt or blouse. This classic combination exudes an air of sophistication and refinement.

To complete the look, consider accessorizing with metallic jewelry or shoes in gold or silver. Alternatively, you could add pops of contrasting colors such as bright red or yellow to really make your outfit stand out.

One cautionary tip to remember when considering light pink as part of your color scheme is not to go overboard. Too much pink can overpower the rest of your outfit and detract from its overall impact.

A friend once shared how she wore her navy blue shirt with light pink pants for her daughter’s graduation ceremony. She received numerous compliments on her stylish choice and felt incredibly confident throughout the day.

Why settle for a plain navy shirt when you can pastel it up?

Pastel colors

Soft and delicate colors that complement navy blue hues are known as gentle pastels. They are perfect for creating a serene and charming ambiance, especially during spring and summer. Pastel colors fall within a light color family, which means they work well with navy blue.

Pastel colors such as mint green, baby pink, lavender, coral, and sky blue can lighten navy-blue attire and create an exciting blend of soothing colors. They brighten up your looks while being highly versatile. The subtlety of pastels offsets the starkness of navy blue to create a refined result.

It’s worth noting that pastel colors should be used tastefully since overdoing them could come across as too colorful or unsuitable for formal events.

Lastly, we suggest pairing a pastel-colored shirt with navy pants or vice versa instead of going all out on one particular shade. It will help maintain balance in your outfit while still keeping it fashionable and stylish – showing off the perfect side of blending colors that complement navy blue!

Navy blue and black? More like navy blue and never coming back.

Colors that contrast with navy blue

We have a section for you to find the best colors to contrast with a navy blue shirt! We show you “Colors that contrast with navy blue.” Match your navy blue shirt with black, brown, green, or red pants. We’ve got solutions for you!

This section will give you info about colors that contradict navy blue. These are orange, red, yellow, bright pink, purple, and green.


Complementary colors to navy blue are essential in creating a harmonious outfit. Orange, a warm-toned color, is known for its striking contrast with navy blue. It is best suited for casual wear and can be paired with brown or khaki pants.

When pairing orange with navy blue, it is important to keep the outfit’s balance in mind. Orange accents, such as pocket squares or ties, look great when worn with classic navy suits. However, avoid pairing bright orange shirts or jackets with navy blue garments.

Unique details about combining orange and navy could include experimenting with different shades of each color. For instance, muted oranges like terracotta can blend well with deep blues to create an earthy-toned palette.

Once, a friend of mine wore an orange sweater over his navy blue button-down shirt. While it sounded odd at first thought – the combination left everyone impressed and looking dashing! Pairing a navy blue shirt with red pants is a bold move, but hey, if you’re not turning heads, are you even wearing clothes?


A bold and vibrant color, red is a great choice for contrasting with navy blue. When pairing a navy blue shirt with red pants or a red shirt, it is important to consider the occasion and setting. For a casual look, opt for lighter shades of red or mix and match with other complementary colors like orange or yellow. For more formal events or settings, darker shades of red can create an elegant and sophisticated look.

In addition to being mindful of the occasion and setting, it’s important to choose complementary colors wisely when pairing with navy blue. Using the color wheel can be useful in selecting complementary colors that pair well with both navy blue and red. Experimenting with different color combinations can also offer unexpected yet stylish results.

It’s best to avoid matching navy blue with dark tones like brown, black, deep purple, dark green, and dark red. Instead, opt for light pastels or bright pops of color when looking to contrast against a navy blue shirt.

I once saw someone attend a wedding wearing a bold outfit consisting of a deep navy blue shirt paired with bright red pants. It was an unexpected combination that turned heads and made an impression among guests in attendance.

Why choose between being a navy blue shirt enthusiast and a human highlighter when you can have both with navy blue and yellow?


Navy blue shirt pairs well with yellow pants or even a yellow shirt for a unique and bold look. Yellow is a bright and warm color that provides a refreshing contrast to the coolness of navy blue. When pairing these two colors, it’s essential to keep in mind their respective shades as well as the occasion and setting. For a casual daytime event, opt for pastel shades of yellow, while a deeper shade of navy blue looks perfect with mustard or golden yellow hues in formal settings.

To avoid creating too much tension between the colors, stick to two or three colors when combining different pieces of clothing. Use the color wheel to choose complementary colors that will blend well with each other. Some good options include white or beige bottoms alongside your navy blue shirt with yellow pants.

For those looking to experiment can try adding pops of color through accessories like belts, bags or shoes. However, it’s important not to overdo it and make sure there is enough contrast between all colors involved.

One fact proven by color psychology research suggests that the combination of navy blue and yellow is ideal for creating a sense of optimism and confidence among individuals. Who said opposites don’t attract? Navy blue and bright pink are proof that they do, and they look damn good doing it.

Bright pink

A vibrant shade, the color that is opposite of navy blue on the color wheel is ideal to create a contrast. A bright pink hue will add an appealing pop of color to any outfit. Pairing with navy blue will create an eye-catching, contemporary look.

When deciding on using colors that contrast with navy blue, it’s imperative to consider the occasion and location before settling on a bold shade like bright pink. The garment style that you’re pairing with the navy blue shirt will also significantly impact which contrasting colors are most suitable.

Pro Tip: Stick to one statement piece showcasing a contrasting color when coordinating your look for a more effective pop.

A navy blue shirt with purple pants is a daring fashion statement, just like prank calling the IRS.


Pairing navy blue with purple is a bold and daring choice for anyone looking to make a fashion statement. Purple is an excellent contrasting color, which adds depth and texture to the look. It works well in accessories like handbags or shoes, but also as the base garment in a navy-blue outfit. However, it’s essential to ensure that the shades of both colors complement each other when combining them.

When considering wearing a navy blue shirt with purple pants or shirt, choose a shade of purple that matches the intensity of the navy blue. Pairing light purple with dark navy blue can be too distracting, while dark purple can clash with lighter shades of navy blue.

Unique details include choosing different textures of fabrics when combining these colors. For instance, pair smooth silk tops in navy with an intricately ribbed plum skirt or woolen trousers in deep blue with satin blouses in lavender or violet.

It’s worth noting that since both navy blue and purple are colors that draw attention, it’s best to keep other accessories simple when wearing them together – sticking to monochrome colors like silver or gold jewelry and black shoes or keeping things minimalistic overall is ideal.

According to StyleCaster website, “Taking color cues from nature allows for some foolproof combinations like “navy paired with green.” Navy blue and green may be a classic color combo, but please don’t make me relive my middle school days of wearing a forest green polo with navy blue khakis.”


Navy blue can be paired with green, but it is important to choose the right shade. Olive green or forest green are good options for a subtle contrast, while brighter shades like lime or neon green can add a bold pop of color. When wearing a navy blue shirt with green pants, opt for neutral shoes to balance the look. For a more daring outfit, pair a navy blue shirt with a green blazer or sweater. Experiment with different hues and textures to find the perfect combination that suits your style.

To avoid clashing, it is best to stick to two or three colors when combining navy blue and green. Using the color wheel can help in choosing complementary colors that work well together. Consider the setting and occasion when selecting your outfit and use accessories like belts or scarves to add pops of color without overpowering the overall look.

When putting together an outfit with navy blue and green, it is suggested to avoid other dark colors like brown, black or deep purple which may make you look over-dressed. Instead, go for bold brights such as orange or yellow as they create a striking contrast.

Don’t miss out on chance of creating unique outfits by pairing your navy-blue shirts with some trendy-green garments!
Pairing colors with navy blue is like a game of chess – strategic and rewarding with the right moves.

Tips for combining colors with a navy blue shirt

Create stylish looks with navy blue! Stick to two or three colors so your outfit looks balanced. Use the color wheel to pick complementary colors. Think about the occasion and setting. Formal or casual? Accessories can add pops of color. Try ties, bow ties, suspenders, pocket squares, and patterned ties. Experiment to find your personal style!

Stick to two or three colors

Choosing the right color combinations for a navy blue shirt is essential to look stylish and fashionable. Consider sticking to a limited number of colors, ideally two or three, to avoid creating a cluttered and messy look.

To stick to two or three color combinations when styling your navy blue shirt, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select one dominant color that will serve as the primary focus of your overall look.
  2. Choose the main complementary color, which should be one or two shades away from the dominant color on the color wheel.
  3. If you want a third accent color, pick one that complements both dominant and complementary colors.

It is important to note that sticking to a limited number of colors doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself too much. You can always introduce interesting patterns or textures in your outfit using accessories such as shoes, belts, hats and scarfs.

Pro Tip: Try exploring different textures that match with your selected colors – this could be knits, leather or woven fabrics – they can add depth and dimension to even simplistic looks created by 2-3 colour combinations setting you apart from everyone else! Let the color wheel be your guide to avoid looking like a rainbow threw up on you.

Use the color wheel to choose complementary colors

Colors play a significant role in enhancing the overall look of an outfit. Using the color wheel to choose complementary colors can help you achieve the perfect color combinations.

Here is a 6-Step Guide to using the color wheel to choose complementary colors:

  1. Start by identifying the primary color of your outfit – in this case, navy blue.
  2. Look for colors that are opposite or diagonal from navy blue on the color wheel. These colors are known as complementary colors.
  3. Neutral colors such as beige, gray, white, and cream work great with navy blue since it is a versatile hue.
  4. Pastel shades such as light pink and other soft hues work well when paired with navy blue.
  5. If you are looking to make a statement with your outfit, bold and vibrant colors like orange, red, yellow, purple or green can add visual interest.
  6. Experiment! There is no right or wrong way to choose your complementing colors; try different variations until you find what works best for you.

It’s worth considering that the occasion and setting play a crucial role in choosing your color combinations. For instance, if it’s summertime outside or an informal event like a beach party or barbecue, brighter tones may be more suitable than neutral nudes.

Finally, when matching outfits with navy blue shirts; stick to two or three colors that go together rather than opting for too many different shades at once. Accessories like ties and pocket squares create opportunities to introduce bright hues subtly.

Using the color wheel is an easy yet effective technique for creating excellent complementing color combinations. Now that you know how it works and have some tips on how to use it correctly let your creativity take over! Whether it’s formal or casual, don’t be the guy in the navy blue shirt and neon green pants at the office holiday party.

Consider the occasion and setting

When choosing colors to combine with a navy blue shirt, it is crucial to consider the occasion and setting. The dress code of the event should guide your color choices. Keep in mind that more muted hues are better suited for formal settings while brighter colors are appropriate for casual events. Consider the location as well; for example, beachy or summery shades like yellow or pink may be well-suited for outdoor gatherings.

It’s important to keep in mind that what looks good on paper may not always translate into wearable outfits, so be mindful of your own personal style when picking complementary colors. Additionally, accessories such as jewelry or scarves can add pops of color without overwhelming an outfit. Experimenting with different color combinations can also lead to surprising results and fun outfits.

Fun fact: Navy blue was adopted as an official color by many navies worldwide after being introduced in the Royal British Navy’s uniform in the mid-19th century.

Accessories for a navy blue shirt provide the perfect opportunity to add a pop of color, or in some cases, a polka dot or paisley pattern.

Use accessories to add pops of color

Accessories are an excellent way to add pops of color to a navy blue shirt outfit. Using the right colors and accessories can help make the shirt look more stylish, trendy, and professional without being too overwhelming.

Here are four ways you can incorporate accessories to add pops of color to a navy blue shirt outfit:

  • Use a brightly colored tie – adding a colorful tie along with a navy blue suit or shirt is an excellent way to infuse life into your attire. Navy blue shirt with tie is considered as classic and timeless formal wear.
  • Add some flair with patterned or textured items – If you’re going for something that’s less traditional than stripes or plain ties, patterned options are always available. Options like polka dot, checkered, paisley, and floral ties allow you to be creative while still looking sharp.
  • Pair it up with bow-tie/suspenders/pocket square – Adding other accessories alongside the suit creates more texture in your look and makes it more exciting at any occasion.
  • Choose complementary pocket squares – Pocket squares allow for even more room for creativity when adding pops of color to an outfit. Stick with complementary colors on the color wheel or choose prints that feature both light and dark hues.

To ensure that your accessories match well together but not too overwhelming, always consider experimenting different looks using the navy blue shirt with patterned tie or solid-colored ties. One unique way also includes following themes based on occasion & season, contrasting brighter tones against darker shades (for example floral patterns against solid dark), & choosing fabrics sensibly like high-quality silk ties.

A fun fact about accessorizing a basic navy-blue shirt outfit is that bold orange pocket squares paired with brown shoes & belt has become one of the popular fashion trends today in corporate settings globally. Get wild with your color combinations and embrace your inner Picasso, or risk being mistaken for a navy blue uniform.

Experiment with different color combinations

To truly make your navy blue shirt pop, it is crucial to experiment with different color combinations. By doing so, you can incorporate several color schemes that complement or contrast with navy blue, providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Here is a 6-Step Guide to experimenting with color combinations:

  1. Take inspiration from nature and daily environments.
  2. Begin by choosing two or three colors to work with.
  3. Identify which colors complement each other using the color wheel.
  4. Play with shades and tints of your chosen colors to add depth and variations in texture.
  5. Incorporate neutral colors such as beige, white, or gray to balance out the look if needed.
  6. Accessorize using bold statement pieces like jewelry or scarves for a pop of added color.

It’s essential to take note of unique details during experimentation with different color combinations. You must observe how specific textures and fabric types have varying relationships between certain colors when choosing your outfits.

A prime example of historical importance regarding color combinations is during the Renaissance era when adults began dressing their children in pastel colors instead of darker tones, becoming a popular trend still evident today.

Why match navy blue with black or brown when you can turn heads with brighter colors instead?

Colors to avoid with navy blue

Wear your navy blue shirt with confidence! To look your best, it’s key to pick the right colors. Don’t clash or jar the style – know which colors to avoid. Here’s a list: brown, black, dark green, deep purple, dark red, and dark orange.


Neutral colors like brown should be avoided when styling with navy blue as it may result in a muddy and dull look. Instead, opt for complementary colors such as white, gray or even beige to create a refined and sophisticated aura. Combining navy blue with bright or pastel shades like orange, yellow, pink, purple and green will add a pop of color and contrast. Accessories can also help to elevate a plain navy shirt such as scarves or jewelry in complementary shades. Remember, the key is to keep it simple and not overdo it with too many colors.

Whoever said black goes with everything clearly never owned a navy blue shirt.


Navy blue is a versatile color that pairs well with many other hues. However, when it comes to pairing navy blue with black, it’s best to avoid this combination. The two colors are too similar, and combining them can create an outdated or uninspired look.

Instead, opt for colors that contrast or complement navy blue well. For example, if you’re looking to pair a navy blue shirt with pants, consider khaki, gray, or even light-colored jeans. If you’re wearing a navy blue shirt with a blazer or jacket, try pairing it with brown leather accessories for a classic look.

One unique detail to keep in mind is that while black may not work when paired directly with navy blue, some shades of dark blue can create the illusion of black as part of their undertones. So when selecting complementary colours for navy blue items consider including darker shades of blues in your selection.

Incorporating bold and bright colors can help add pops of interest and personality to any outfit. But overall when it comes down to creating an attractive and stylish look pairing your Navy Blue shirt with either Black Pants or Black Shirt has little place in this season’s fashion trends.

Dark green and navy blue: the perfect combination for a camouflage uniform, not so much for a fashion statement.

Dark green

Neutral colors like white, beige, and gray complement navy blue well. However, it is important to avoid dark green as it can clash with the navy blue and result in an unbalanced outfit. Instead, go for brighter greens like lime green or forest green to bring contrast to your navy blue shirt.

When combining colors with a navy blue shirt, it’s important to consider the occasion and setting. For a more formal event, stick with neutral complementary colors while incorporating brighter and bolder colors for casual events. Stick to two or three colors to maintain balance in your outfit.

Avoid using deep purple, brown, black, dark red and dark orange when pairing them with a navy blue shirt, as they will likely clash with the darker shade of the shirt. Instead, use the color wheel to choose complementary colors that will enhance your outfit.

Pro Tip: Add pops of color through accessories like ties or jewelry. This allows you to experiment with different color combinations without risking an entire outfit. Deep purple and navy blue, perfect for a Halloween costume – not so great for everyday fashion.

Deep purple

Navy blue is a versatile color that matches well with many other colors. However, when it comes to pairing navy blue with other colors, deep purple may not be the best choice. This is primarily because both these dark shades can create a dull and oppressive effect, making them difficult to balance.

Instead of deep purple, opt for a lighter shade of purple like lavender or lilac which works well against the darkness of navy blue. These shades complement navy blue and create a refreshing and calming effect when paired together.

When choosing complementary colors for your navy blue shirts, try to avoid pairing them with dark hues. Colors like brown, black, dark green, deep purple, dark red, and dark orange create an overwhelming visual presence when combined with navy blue.

To ensure that you never go wrong with your clothing choices when wearing navy blue shirts, consult a color wheel and stick to two or three colors. Play around with accessories like belts, shoes, bags, or even jewelry to add pops of bright contrasting hues to achieve an aesthetic look.

Don’t miss out on expressing yourself better through your clothing choices. By avoiding the colors mentioned above in combination with navy blue shirts and utilizing the creative tips mentioned above will allow you to flaunt any outfit confidently without any fear of overbearing effects.

Trying to match a navy blue shirt with red pants or a red shirt? Just remember: dark red is a color to avoid like the plague.

Dark red

Red, especially dark red, is a color to avoid when pairing with navy blue. It can detract from the overall look and feel of the outfit. Instead, try pairing navy blue with complementary or contrasting colors like white, grey, beige, orange, yellow or green.

When choosing to wear a navy blue shirt with red pants or shirt, it is best to opt for lighter shades of red such as salmon or pastel pink. This will add a pop of color without being too overpowering. Avoiding dark and heavy shades of red will keep the outfit looking balanced.

Dark orange

As a color to avoid with navy blue, a deeper variation like dark orange tends to create a jarring effect when paired together. While it may seem tempting to mix the two colors as they are complementary on the color wheel, they often clash and distract from an overall harmonious look. It is best to steer clear of dark oranges when styling an outfit or home decor with navy blue as the base color.

Instead, consider using lighter shades of orange such as peach or coral to add pops of warmth and brightness to navy blue outfits. These colors provide a pleasant contrast without clashing and make for sophisticated combinations. Another suggestion could be pairing navy blue with cobalt blue or light turquoise instead of going for a darker shade of orange.

When choosing hues to complement navy blue, it is important to keep in mind the shade intensity and how it interacts with different lighting settings. While experimenting with different combinations can lead to unexpected results, sticking to two or three main colors can help simplify the process and achieve a polished look. By avoiding colors that don’t mesh well with navy blue like brown, black, deep purple, dark green, and dark red— your fashion sense will not go astray!

Five Facts About What Colors Go With Navy Blue Shirt:

  • ✅ White is a classic and timeless color that goes well with navy blue, creating a sophisticated and clean look. (Source: Who What Wear)
  • ✅ Ivory or cream shades can also be paired with navy blue, adding warmth to the outfit. (Source: Esquire)
  • ✅ Light blue is a color that complements navy blue, creating a monochromatic look that is both stylish and subtle. (Source: Fashionbeans)
  • ✅ Grey is another color that goes well with navy blue, creating a modern and versatile outfit. (Source: The Trend Spotter)
  • ✅ For a bolder and more daring outfit, yellow can be paired with navy blue, creating a contrasting and eye-catching look. (Source: Glamour)

FAQs about What Colors Go With Navy Blue Shirt

What colors go with navy blue shirt?

Navy blue is a versatile color that goes well with many other colors. Some of the colors that look great when paired with a navy blue shirt are:

  • White
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green

Can I wear beige or khaki pants with a navy blue shirt?

Yes, beige or khaki pants look great when paired with a navy blue shirt. The combination gives a classic and timeless look.

What color tie should I wear with a navy blue shirt?

A tie is a great way to add some color and personality to a navy blue shirt. Some of the colors that pair well with navy blue are red, yellow, green, and beige. You can also go for a classic look with a black or grey tie.

Can I wear a navy blue suit with a navy blue shirt?

Yes, you can wear a navy blue suit with a navy blue shirt. Just make sure that the shades are different, so they don’t blend in together. Accessorize with a different color tie and shoes to add some contrast.

What color shoes should I wear with a navy blue shirt?

The best shoe colors for a navy blue shirt are black, brown, and burgundy. Black shoes go well with a more formal or serious look, while brown or burgundy shoes give a more casual and relaxed vibe.

How can I accessorize a navy blue shirt?

You can accessorize a navy blue shirt with a variety of items, such as a watch, cufflinks, a scarf, pocket square, or a belt. You can experiment with different colors and textures to add some personality to your outfit.

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