What Colors Go With Olive Green

Key Takeaway:

  • Colors that complement olive green include earthy tones such as sedona red, mustard yellow, and taupe; shades of blue like navy blue, turquoise, and sky blue; and colors of the sunset such as coral, peach, and burnt orange.
  • Olive green can also be paired with colors that contrast it, such as bold and bright colors like hot pink, bright purple, and electric blue; white colors like pure white, creamy white, and off-white; and black and gray colors like charcoal gray, slate gray, and jet black.
  • Patterns and prints that work well with olive green include floral prints, animal prints, geometric prints, stripes, and polka dots.
  • Materials that pair well with olive green include denim, leather, wool, and linen.
  • When matching colors with olive green, consider using the color wheel, color schemes, and color psychology to create a cohesive look. Additionally, think about the style of wardrobe or decor, the texture of fabrics, and the specific shades of olive green and complementary colors.

Colors that Complement Olive Green

Colors That Complement Olive Green  - What Colors Go With Olive Green,

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Unsure of what colors will match your olive green attire? We have the answer! Our “Colors that Complement Olive Green” section can help. Earthy tones like sedona red and mustard yellow, shades of blue such as navy blue and sky blue, and colors of the sunset like coral, peach, and burnt orange all look great with olive green!

Earthy Tones

Colors that Work in Harmony with Olive Green are often described as ‘grounded hues’ or ‘warm tones found in nature.’ These colors include shades of Sedona Red, Mustard Yellow, and Taupe. These earthy tones complement Olive Green effortlessly through their organic warmth and cozy vibe. Sedona Red is an excellent choice to pair with Olive Green because it adds depth and richness, making the pairing bold yet sophisticated. Mustard Yellow is also perfect for creating contrast, giving the combination an exciting twist while Taupe‘s softness offers balance.

To create a cohesive look when working with Earthy Tones such as Sedona Red, Mustard Yellow, and Taupe, consider incorporating shades of brown. Brown is a versatile color that provides a natural transition between multiple colors and creates harmony within your outfit or decor. A pair of brown boots or leather bag can tie the entire look together effortlessly.

Additionally, if aiming to create a minimalistic appearance, simply adding different shades of beige would produce an understated style that’s both subtle and easy on the eyes. Incorporating off-white also works great because it provides a clean backdrop for bolder tones to pop.

Lastly, When paired together with Earthy Tones like Sedona Red’s warmth, Mustard Yellow’s vibrancy plus Taupe’s subtlety add instant elegance to any look or setting.

It’s funny how everything old becomes new again over time. Earthy colors currently being trendy was once part of my youth that made me cringe as I associated them with blandness; I now appreciate how they calm me down while making me feel genuinely connected to nature.

If you’re feeling blue about what colors complement olive green, don’t worry – shades of navy, turquoise, and sky blue are here to save the day.

Shades of Blue

Blue hues complement olive green with a cool and soothing contrast to its warm and earthy tone. Navy blue exudes confidence and sophistication, adding depth and richness when paired with olive green. Turquoise is a bold color that attracts attention while blending seamlessly with olive green. The softness of sky blue creates an elegant, dreamy harmony when combined with olive green.

In addition to being versatile colors, navy blue, turquoise, and sky blue are ideal for providing a calming effect that complements the warmth of olive green. These shades work well in casual as well as formal settings. A unique factor about these shades of blue is their ability to add depth without overwhelming the combination.

When using navy blue, it’s best to stick to neutral accessories for consistency. Targeting one accessory in turquoise or sky blue helps create a focal point without disrupting the overall pairing of two colors. Combining navy blue or any other shade of blue with olive green provides endless possibilities in terms of style and fashion.

There are numerous ways to combine these colors effortlessly – from adding different shades through materials like silk scarves or leather bags to dressing up in floor-length gowns – the necessary accessories can differ based on your event and mood!
Olive green and sunset hues – a match made in color heaven, just like a burnt orange sky at dusk.

Colors of the Sunset

Colors that resemble the shades of a resplendent sunset work well with olive green. Coral, peach and burnt orange are some of these colors that complement olive green beautifully. Incorporating these warm hues to your ensemble can add depth to an outfit and make it more elegant. These rich tones evoke feelings of joyousness, romance and warmth.

When paired with olive green, these colors create a striking contrast that emphasizes the beauty of each color. The shades are perfect for casual wear as well as formal events like weddings or date nights. Whether used as accents or statement pieces, these colors will accentuate the timeless appeal of olive green.

It is noteworthy to mention that when incorporating coral, peach and burnt orange into your wardrobe, it’s essential to pair them thoughtfully to avoid overdoing the look. Consider pairing a burnt-orange scarf with an olive-green top for a pop of color. Alternatively, incorporate coral accessories like earrings or bracelets into your outfit for subtle yet stylish highlights. When done correctly, these colors can elevate any look effortlessly and tastefully.

Olive green may be subtle, but paired with bold and bright colors, white, black, or gray, it becomes a statement-making masterpiece.

Colors that Contrast Olive Green

Colors That Contrast Olive Green  - What Colors Go With Olive Green,

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For an eye-catching color scheme that makes olive green pop, go for bold hues like hot pink, bright purple, and electric blue. Whites like pure white, creamy white, and off-white also work well. For a more contrasting effect, add black and gray tones like charcoal gray, slate gray, and jet black.

Bold and Bright Colors

Color combinations that are bold and bright can be used to create stunning contrast with olive green. Vibrant colors like hot pink, bright purple, and electric blue can add an element of excitement and liveliness to the olive green outfit or setting. These colors create a remarkable visual contrast, making the olive green stand out and drawing attention to it.

Pairing olive green with hot pink creates an interesting juxtaposition of feminine and earthy tones. Incorporating bright purple highlights the richness of the olive green while adding a pop of color that’s youthful and fun. Electric blue adds a sense of energy to the mix without being too overwhelming.

Pro Tip: When using bold and bright colors, keep in mind that they should be used sparingly to avoid overpowering the outfit or space. Use them as accents or accessories rather than as the main focal point, allowing the beauty of the olive green to shine through.

White goes well with olive green, but be prepared to do a lot of laundry if you wear pure white around kids or clumsy adults.


In the world of fashion, colors that complement olive green are important to create a perfect look. When it comes to pairing white with olive green, it is crucial to consider the shades in which white can be found. Pure white, creamy white, and off-white all serve as complements to olive green. These different shades can be used to create a beautiful contrast or subtle harmony within an outfit.

For example, pure white gives a fresh and bright look when paired with olive green while creamy white provides a more classic and elegant look. Off-white, on the other hand, adds warmth and depth to an outfit. It is important to choose the right shade of white that will complement the olive green garment you are wearing.

It is worth noting that regardless of the shade of white chosen, it should be worn with care. Pure white tends to show dirt and stains easily while creamy white may need extra attention when pairing accessories or additional garments.

Incorporating different materials like cotton or silk into these outfits can help add structure and texture while also creating a dynamic overall ensemble. Feel free to experiment with various fabrics and textures for added dimension in your wardrobe.

Lastly, remember that personal style preferences should always guide color choices. If experimenting with unconventional combinations feels right for you – indulge it! Ultimately make sure you feel confident and comfortable in whichever color combinations you choose.

Pairing olive green with black and gray is like adding a touch of mystery and sophistication to your outfit.

Black and Gray

Neutral colors like charcoal gray, slate gray, and jet black are great contrasts to olive green. These cool hues pair well with the warm undertones of olive green and create a sophisticated look.

Charcoal gray complements lighter shades of olive green and creates an elegant monochromatic look when paired with darker shades. On the other hand, pairing slate gray with olive green gives a refreshed and modern look. Jet black is perfect for creating a dramatic flair when paired with olive green, especially in statement pieces like coats or dresses.

Incorporating these neutral colors in your outfit will make the olive green stand out while balancing it with a classic touch. With the right styling, this color pairing can be used for both casual and formal events.

Bring out the wild side of your olive green with some fierce animal prints or add a touch of whimsy with delicate floral patterns.

Patterns and Prints that Work with Olive Green

Patterns And Prints That Work With Olive Green  - What Colors Go With Olive Green,

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For your olive green outfit, you need to add balance with patterns and prints that fit. Here’s how: Floral prints, animal prints, geometric prints, stripes, and polka dots. These will work perfectly with olive green.

Floral Prints

Floral Pairings for Olive Green

Floral prints can make an excellent pairing with the rich and earthy tone of olive green. The bright and bold flower patterns add a pop of color to the ensemble and complement the neutral hues of olive green.

Some key points to consider when pairing floral prints with olive green are:

  • Size Matters: Go for small or medium floral patterns as they complement the subtle shade of olive green.
  • Color Placement: Pick florals that have shades like peach, coral, burnt orange, or even red in them. These colors work well with olive green.
  • Balance is Key: If the leafy branches in the print are too dark, then opt for florals that have lighter leaves and vice versa.
  • The Right Occasion: Floral patterns are versatile but choose the right occasion before opting for them. Smaller patterns work well for formal events while larger ones are okay for casual events.
  • Choice of Fabric: Choose lightweight fabrics like chiffon or cotton so that they drape around your body without adding bulkiness to your outfit.
  • Accessorize Wisely: Keep your accessories minimalistic with floral prints. Too many accessories will only clash with each other.

For an added touch of sophistication and elegance, try pairing darker-hued floral prints with olive green fabrics like silk.

Pro Tip: When matching your clothing with any pattern, stick to one dominant color from the pattern and make sure it matches well with all the other pieces you’ll be wearing.

Unleash your wild side with animal prints that complement the earthy charm of olive green.

Animal Prints

Animalistic Patterns That Go Well With Olive Green

Animal prints are becoming increasingly popular nowadays and are an emerging trend that complements the color olive green well. The sophisticated texture and pattern of animal prints often bring a modern-looking appearance when styled with other clothing pieces.

  • Animal prints have the ability to add dimension and depth to your outfit, while still remaining complementary to olive green.
  • Patterns like leopard and cheetah print work very well alongside olive-green basics like pants or jackets for an adventurous, eye-catching outfit choice.
  • It’s important to remember that the key here is balance – there’s no need for too much animal print as it can easily overpower the subtle green tones found in olive green outfits.
  • Consider picking one item of clothing with an animalistic pattern as a focal piece, perhaps a scarf or blouse, and pair it with more neutral-colored pieces such as khaki trousers or black heels.

Pro Tip: Remember Animal prints come in different styles and patterns. Experiment them by incorporating unique accessories which have leopard prints on them for a chic look.

Geometric prints and olive green: a match made in pattern heaven.

Geometric Prints

Geometric patterns are an excellent choice to pair with olive green because the sharp lines and shapes create a stylish contrast. These patterns range from simple stripes to complex tessellations and can add dimension to any outfit. Opt for shapes such as triangles, rectangles or diamonds in shades of blues, oranges, or even metallics. Geometric patterns provide a modern edge that complements the earthy vibe of olive green.

To enhance the look further, have fun with clashing geometric patterns. Choose prints in different scales but within similar colour families. For instance, you could wear a diamond print top in navy blue over form-fitting leggings with bold neon green parallelograms. Sticking to one dominant colour will keep it cohesive but interesting.

A great example of geometric print’s popularity is the ’60s shift dresses made famous by designers Pucci and Mary Quant – which used colourful geometric prints as their signature styles. These designs inspired various fashion trends over many decades making them timeless – including today when geometric prints are back on-trend.

Incorporating geometric elements into daily attire depends largely on personal style preferences; however, olive greens make it easier for all kinds of looks embellished with attention-grabbing designs paired impeccably!

Get ready to make a statement with stripes and polka dots paired with olive green – because sometimes, you need to mix a little chaos with earthy tones.

Stripes and Polka Dots

Stripes can go hand in hand with Olive Green as they give an informal look to the outfit. Thin stripes can make olive green outfits formal, while wide stripes can enhance their casual nature.

Polka dots are just as useful when it comes to pairing them with olive green. They produce an elegant and bohemian vibe when combined with bright colors like yellow or red.

Combining polka dots and stripes together might sound peculiar, but it can produce stunning results. Vertical stripes can be paired with small polka dots on a top or a skirt, creating a dressy look.

Olive Green outfits with polka dots or stripes may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but for those daring enough to try it, the result is usually appealing.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to style your wardrobe with some vivid patterns like stripes and polka dots that complement your olive green clothing effortlessly.

Pairing denim with olive green is like a match made in fashion heaven, while leather and wool add a touch of sophistication and linen brings a breezy feel to the earthy tone.

Materials that Pair Well with Olive Green

Materials That Pair Well With Olive Green  - What Colors Go With Olive Green,

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Olive green pairs well with many materials. Try out denim, leather, wool, and linen. Each of them bring something unique. Denim is great for casual wear, while leather has a more formal look. Wool gives warmth, and linen is comfy.


  • Denim jackets or shirts would complement olive green pants or skirts perfectly.
  • Denim jeans are a timeless classic and pair effortlessly with olive green tops.
  • To add texture to an outfit, a denim vest or jacket can be layered over an olive green dress.
  • Tapered denim pants are great for creating a stylish but comfy look when paired with olive green sneakers or sandals.
  • A denim skirt in various shades of blue would complement different hues of olive green in accessories like bags, belts, and shoes.
  • For a more edgy vibe, distressed denim shorts can be paired with an olive green tank top and ankle boots.

Interestingly, the history of denim dates back to France and Italy in the 16th century where it was known as “serge de Nimes”. Leather and olive green make the perfect pair, just like Bonnie and Clyde, Thelma and Louise, or PB and J.


The following table shows different types of leather materials that can be paired with olive green:

Type of Leather Description
Cowhide Leather thick and durable leather, great for jackets and bags
Suede Leather soft and supple leather, great for boots and jackets
Lambskin Leather smooth and lightweight leather, great for coats and skirts
Patent Leather glossy finish on leather, great for shoes and accessories

Leather complements olive green in a variety of textures, including smooth finishes like patent leather or rugged finishes like suede. It also pairs well with other materials such as denim, wool, or linen.

It’s interesting to note that leather has been used for clothing for centuries. It was first used by ancient civilizations such as the Greeks and Romans who wore leather pants, sandals, belts, armor, etc. Fast forwarding through history shows how designers have incorporated it into modern fashion seamlessly.

Wool and olive green: a match made in cozy heaven.


Furthermore, the combination of wool and olive green enables the creation of beautiful patterned pieces such as checks, herringbone, or tartan designs. These patterns not only add style to an outfit but also help break up the monotony of single-colored clothes.

For an extra tip, when it comes to wool fabrics, choose high-quality materials such as merino or cashmere for better looks and durability.

Pairing olive green with linen is like a match made in color heaven – earthy yet soothing, and perfect for any season.


When pairing linen with olive green, consider opting for lighter shades of linen such as off-white or beige to create an elegant contrast that complements the muted tones of olive green. The combination of these materials creates a comfortable yet stylish outfit suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

Pro Tip: When washing linen, avoid using hot water as it may shrink the fabric. Instead, opt for cold water and let the item air dry.

Final Thoughts and Considerations

Final Thoughts And Considerations  - What Colors Go With Olive Green,

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When considering color matching with olive green in your wardrobe or interior design, you must have a basic understanding of color theory and color psychology. Experiment with monochromatic and analogous color schemes, and incorporate accent colors that complement olive green, such as burgundy or mustard. Think about your personal style and the mood you want to convey, whether it be rustic or modern, coastal or urban. Don’t be afraid to mix natural and metallic textures, such as wood and brass, to add visual interest. In summary, use these tips as a guide and trust your intuition when choosing colors for your olive green ensemble or decor. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunities that careful color selection can offer.

Some Facts About What Colors Go With Olive Green:

  • ✅ Olive green complements warm colors like mustard yellow and burnt orange. (Source: Elle Decor)
  • ✅ Neutral colors like beige, gray, and navy also pair well with olive green. (Source: Real Simple)
  • ✅ Olive green can be paired with bold colors like magenta and fuchsia for a fun pop of color. (Source: The Spruce)
  • ✅ Metallic accents like gold and bronze work well with olive green, adding a touch of glamour. (Source: House Beautiful)
  • ✅ Olive green can also be paired with other shades of green, like sage and emerald, for a monochromatic look. (Source: Architectural Digest)

FAQs about What Colors Go With Olive Green

What colors go with olive green?

Olive green is a versatile color that can be paired with many other shades. Some of the best colors to wear with olive green are:

  • Navy Blue: A deep navy blue pairs well with olive green for a classic and sophisticated look.
  • Mustard: This warm, golden shade is perfect for adding a pop of color to an olive green outfit.
  • Cream: A subtle and elegant neutral, cream can be paired with olive green for a soft and feminine look.
  • Brown: Browns such as chestnut, chocolate, and caramel complement olive green for an earthy and natural look.
  • Burgundy: This deep, rich red adds a touch of luxury to an olive green outfit.
  • Gray: A cool and chic neutral, gray pairs well with olive green for a modern and sophisticated look.

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