What Colors Go With Red Hair

Key Takeaway:

  • When styling red hair, it is important to consider complementary colors that bring out the warmth and natural beauty of red hair. Earthy tones like brown and shades of green are great options for redheads looking for a subtle and refined look, while cool hues like blue and purple create a stunning contrast with red hair.
  • Contrasting colors like jewel tones and bold and bright colors are perfect for those looking to make a statement with their style. These can be paired with neutrals like black and white for a pop of color or worn on their own for a vibrant and daring look.
  • When it comes to hair accessories, metallics like gold and silver, as well as hair ties, scarves, hats, and headbands, are all great options for adding an extra pop of style to your red hair look. Additionally, makeup options such as eye shadows, lip colors, and blush should be chosen to complement the red hair color.
  • Finally, for nails, red tones, metallics, and cool tones are all great options to complement red hair. When choosing colors for red hair, it is important to consider color theory and personal style to create a cohesive and stunning look.

Clothing Colors for Red Hair

Clothing Colors For Red Hair  - What Colors Go With Red Hair,

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Clothing Colors for Red Hair

Red hair is a beautiful feature that complements several clothing colors. The perfect color choices for red hair will give an excellent look to anyone who wears them. Here are some red hair fashion tips to elevate your style game:

  • Green: Emerald greens, olive greens, and forest greens look stunning on redheads.
  • Blue: Navy, cobalt, and deep blues are excellent choices to balance the vibrant red hair.
  • Orange: Tangerine, peach, and coral tones complement red hair, making it stand out more.
  • Purple: Lavender, plum, and deep purple shades are ideal for enhancing the richness of red hair.
  • Neutral: White, cream, black, and gray shades make the perfect base for a red-headed outfit.
  • Metallic: Golds, silvers, and rose gold are great choices to add some sparkle to a red-haired look.

In addition to these suggestions, redheads can also try experimenting with prints to add visual interest. Stripes, florals, and animal prints work best for redheads. A little tip, opt for fine prints rather than bold ones.

It’s important to note that not all redheads are the same, and skin tones vary. So, the perfect color match may differ from person to person. Therefore, it’s essential to try different hues of each color until you find the ones that you feel most comfortable with, complementing your skin and red hair.

According to research, people with red hair have fewer hair strands on their head, averaging around 90,000 follicles, unlike blondes and brunettes who have around 140,000 hair strands.

Complementing Colors

Complementing Colors  - What Colors Go With Red Hair,

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Your fiery red hair needs the perfect shades to show off its natural beauty. For red-haired people, the color theory suggests warm colors and earthy tones. Greens, earthy colors, and cool hues like blue and purple go great with red hair. Let’s explore each of these options in detail!

Shades of Green

Colors in the green family are an excellent choice for complementing red hair. Olive, sage, and forest greens look stunning on those with red hair and fair skin tones. The subtle shade of green makes the red in the hair more vibrant, giving a delicate yet luxurious feel. Green clothing also brings out the green undertones present in redheads’ eyes.

For a bolder look that still complements the fiery locks, try emerald, Kelly or lime green shades. However, light greens such as mint can wash out pale skin tones, so it’s essential to test shades before committing to certain clothes.

It’s important to note that not all greens complement red hair equally; warm-toned greens pair best with warmer-toned reds like ginger or copper while cooler greens work well with cool-toned reds like cherry or burgundy.

Redheads can also mix and match by pairing their green tops with neutral bottoms such as black or beige pants for a balanced and classic look.

In different cultures worldwide, green is often associated with growth and renewal. In Ireland, for instance, it is their national color and a symbol of heritage. As one of the easiest complimentary colors to pull off when wearing red hair, it’s clear why many choose to wear this calming hue daily.

Who knew that redheads looked so good in earthy tones? It’s almost like they were born to wear brown!

Earthy Tones

Clothing colors that complement red hair include earthy tones such as beige, taupe, and olive green. These colors enhance the warm undertones of red hair and provide a subtle balance. Earthy tones also pair well with brown clothing to create an organic and grounded appeal.

In addition to their earthy appeal, these colors are versatile and can be worn on both casual and formal occasions. They pair well with other natural materials such as linen, cotton, and leather to create an effortless yet sophisticated look.

To add some dimension to your outfit, consider pairing earthy-colored pieces with jewel-toned accessories or bold prints. This will add personality without taking away from the easygoing nature of earth tones.

Story: “I was hesitant to try earthy tones because I thought they wouldn’t suit my red hair. But after trying out a taupe blazer with my brown dress pants, I felt more confident and grounded in my appearance. I now enjoy experimenting with different shades of green and beige in my wardrobe.”

What do red hair and cool hues have in common? They both look amazing with blue and purple clothing!

Cool Hues

Cool Tones: Colors that have a cool undertone, such as blue and purple are the perfect fit for red hair. These shades complement each other, making them an ideal choice. Blue clothing enhances the warmth in red hair and helps to create a balanced look, while purple clothing creates a sophisticated contrast.

Moreover, combining these colors with grey can also be an excellent choice. Soft grey hues with cool undertones can help to bring out the richness of red hair.

Additionally, when it comes to cool tones, one should pay attention to the color intensity and fabric texture of the clothing they choose. Matte or structured fabrics add dimension to any outfit while providing a sleek appearance.

For those who want to make a statement, wearing bright blue or jewel-toned clothing with red hair can be daring yet complementary.

Red hair? Don’t be afraid to clash with some jewel tones, because who says matching is always better?

Contrasting Colors

Contrasting Colors  - What Colors Go With Red Hair,

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For a striking look with your red hair, explore complementary colors. We’ve created the “Contrasting Colors” section, with “Jewel Tones”, “Bold and Bright Colors”, and “Neutrals with Pops of Colors” sub-sections. These sub-sections provide keywords to match different shades of red-tinted hair – copper, auburn, and strawberry blonde. We suggest colors and clothing styles that work well with your natural features. This way, your outfit will show off the beauty of your red hair color!

Jewel Tones

  • Shades of deep purples, such as amethyst and eggplant, look great with copper hair color.
  • Dark blues like navy and royal blue pair well with auburn hair color.
  • Emerald green, ruby red, and magenta complement strawberry blonde hair color.
  • Deep shades of teal like peacock blue or forest green look stunning on all shades of red hair.

To make jewel tones stand out even more on your red locks, try incorporating them into small features like jewelry or handbags.

Wearing jewel tones can also enhance the appearance of your skin tone by making it more radiant. So go ahead and incorporate these bold colors into your wardrobe for a truly regal look.

When choosing jewel tones, opt for richly pigmented fabrics to help the colors pop. Velvet, silk, and suede are all great options.

Accessorizing with metallics like gold or silver can also add extra glimmer to any outfit featuring jewel tones.

Incorporating Jewel Tones is an excellent way to highlight the beauty of red tinted hair while also creating a sophisticated ensemble that is sure to turn heads.

Red hair and bold colors – a match made in fiery heaven.

Bold and Bright Colors

For those with red hair, bold color choices can be an excellent way to make a statement. Vibrant hues such as hot pink, electric blue and bright orange can add a pop of fun and excitement to any outfit.

These bold and bright color options can complement the warm undertones found in most red hair shades. Bright colors are particularly useful when worn as accent pieces such as with a scarf or jewelry item.

If you’re feeling especially daring, consider trying out more adventurous pieces such as neon green leggings or an eye-catching yellow jacket. The key is to ensure that the color complements your natural hair tones and does not overpower your look.

As with any clothing choice, take into account where you’ll be wearing these bold color choices for red hair. Lively events like music festivals or beach vacations provide the perfect opportunities to experiment with louder colors.

I once knew a woman who had gorgeous red locks that always shone in sunlight. She was incredibly passionate about fashion design and experimenting with different colors on her creations. On one occasion, she wore a stunning yellow maxi dress that made her stand out from the crowd at a friend’s wedding – making her glowing complexion even brighter under the sun!

Who says redheads can only wear earthy tones? Add a pop of color with black or white clothing, or go for some metallics to really make that fiery hair shine.

Neutrals with Pops of Colors

Pairing neutrals with vibrant pops of color can be a great way to accentuate the beauty of red hair. The key is to choose colors that complement the red tones instead of distracting from them. Blacks and whites can work well as neutral base colors, while metallics such as golds and silvers add a touch of glamour.

When it comes to choosing the pop of color, blues and purples can be flattering on redheads. However, greens should be used with caution as they might clash with some shades of red hair. Earthy tones like beige or olive can also work well in this pairing.

Red hair and black clothing have been a classic duo for years, providing a bold yet elegant contrast. On the other hand, pairing red hair with white clothing offers a fresh, minimalist approach that highlights the hair’s vibrant hue.

Historically, black was seen as too harsh for red hair, but today it is embraced as a classic combination. Similarly, metallics were once only limited to jewelry but are now incorporated into hairstyles and accessories for added flair. Red hair plus metallic hair accessories? Hello, siren vibes!

Hair accessory colors for red hair

Hair Accessory Colors For Red Hair  - What Colors Go With Red Hair,

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Want to bring out your red locks? Accessorize them with the right hues! We’ve got the best shades of hair accessories for you. Consider metals, hair ties, scarves, hats, and headbands. Check out the perks of each sub-section. Pick the accessories that suit your hair type and style best.


Gold and Silver Accessories for Red Hair

Accessorizing red hair with metals can enhance the overall appearance. Gold accessories complement red hair when the shades of gold are warm and rich. The color of silver accessories goes hand-in-hand with cool-toned shades of red hair.

Gold Accessories Silver Accessories
Chunky gold necklaces Sleek silver watches
Gold bangles Silver bracelets
Cufflinks and tie bars in gold tones Silver earrings

Moreover, incorporating colors into metal accessories can add a unique touch, such as choosing white or black enamel on gold or silver pieces. Colorful gemstones also complement red hair.

Redheads have been associated with myths and legends, including stories about their magical powers. In medieval times, it was believed that a woman’s jewelry could impact her fertility and her child’s sex. It was thought that wearing gold would result in having a boy, while wearing silver would result in having a girl. However, modern science has dispelled these myths.

Accessorize with hair ties and scarves, because redheads always need to turn up the heat.

Hair Ties and Scarves

Hair Accessories for Red Heads

When it comes to selecting hair accessories for red hair, it’s important to choose colors that complement and enhance the natural hue of your locks.

Hair Ties and Scarves:

  • Hair ties in earthy or neutral tones can contribute a polished look
  • Silk scarves in jewel or cool tones add an element of elegance
  • Suede bands in shades of green achieve a relaxed vibe
  • Patterned Headbands with hues of pink or orange express a touch of fun

For more inspiration, keep in mind that different textures, sizes, and materials will contribute to achieving various styles.

Pro Tip: When choosing hair accessories for red hair, don’t be afraid to experiment with bold colors and patterns. Just be sure to balance the shades with complementary makeup and clothing options.

Note: Redheads look stunning in hats and headbands, making them perfect for hiding from the sun and exes alike.

Hats and Headbands

Pairing hats and headbands with red hair can be challenging. Here’s a guide on what works best.

Hats for Red Hair:

  • Neutral hues like beige, navy blue, and black pair well with red hair.
  • Gray beanies look great on lighter shades of red hair.
  • Fedora or floppy hats in darker browns and reds work well for darker shades of red hair.

Headbands for Red Hair:

  • Chunky knitted headbands in pastel hues complement light shades of red hair.
  • Elastic headbands in earthy tones like olive green and burnt orange look great on copper-red hair.
  • For bright tinted red hair, go for a simple black or white headband to keep the look polished.

Red-haired individuals with larger heads should opt for hats that have adjustable straps or sizes.

Pro Tip: If you’re wearing a hat all day, opt for one that is made of breathable materials like cotton or wool to prevent sweat buildup that may damage your locks.

Redheads, don’t be afraid to match your makeup to your fiery tresses – embrace those bold and bright lip colors!

Makeup Colors for Red Hair

Makeup Colors For Red Hair  - What Colors Go With Red Hair,

Photo Credits: colorscombo.com by Nathan Davis

Red hair? Enhance it! With the right makeup, you can highlight your unique features. Check out these sub-sections:

  • Eye Shadows – bring out the beautiful eyes
  • Lip Colors – for complementing lips
  • Blush Colors – for adding a natural touch of color

There you go!

Eye Shadows

Eye shadows are an essential makeup tool that complements the beauty of red hair. Here are five tips on choosing the best eye shadow colors for red hair:

  • Earthy tones like brown, taupe, or terracotta bring out the natural beauty of red hair while providing a subtle glow to your eyes.
  • Green shades like emerald or forest green create an alluring contrast with copper-toned hair, making your eyes stand out.
  • Cool hues like lavender or blue add a touch of sophistication to redheads while contrasting the warm tone of their hair.
  • Bronze and golden colors highlight blue-green eyes beautifully and work well for both day and evening events.
  • Neutral colors like beige or creamy tones create a versatile base for any eyeshadow look while balancing out the bright intensity of red hair.

It is essential to determine which eye shadow color works well with your skin tone. Remember that there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to applying makeup with red hair as you can mix different shades to complement your unique features.

A fun fact about eye makeup is that ancient Egyptian women used malachite, a green mineral mixed with oil, to make green eyeshadow centuries ago.

Choosing the right eye shadow for your fiery locks is easy when you know what compliments your skin tone and overall style. By following these tips on colors that go with red hair, you’ll create stunning looks time and again.

Red hair and lipstick is like a match made in beauty heaven, but choose wisely or risk looking like a clown.

Lip Colors

Accentuating your red hair with the right lip color is essential to complement your overall look. Red hair and lipstick can be a tricky combination, but choosing the right shade can elevate your beauty game.

  • Opt for bold and bright colors to enhance your bold fiery hair color. Coral, tangerine, and fuchsia shades add a playful touch to your makeup.
  • Cool tones like mauves, plums, and berries look great on redheads with cooler undertones. Consider using brown-based nude shades if you have warmer undertones.
  • Redheads also rock classy classic colors like true red, brick red or a deep berry shade to highlight their lip pout.
  • If you’re not a fan of bold lip colors, opt for sheer balm or gloss in peachy or rosy hues. These shades add a subtle hint of color without overpowering your makeup look.
  • Avoid shades that contrast heavily with your skin. Light pastels and pale pinks can wash out redheads by creating an unflattering contrast that dulls down the natural warmth of their hair color.
  • Bronze metallic lipsticks are perfect to wear during warm months as they perfectly match the warmth of a redhead’s luscious locks.

For long-lasting wearability, choose matte finish lipsticks as they stay put through eating and drinking. To make sure your lips stay hydrated throughout the day while wearing bold liquid mattes, exfoliate them beforehand.

If you have freckles or pink undertones in your skin-tone due to red hair gene association. In that case, consider using lighter coral shades instead of bright mouthful glossy finishes.

Don’t shy away from experimenting with different hues! Test different formulas until you find ones that match your style for different occasions.

Embrace the power of colored lips; finding your perfect shade can make you feel confident and put together while highlighting your red mane. Go find your perfect match with our lip color recommendations!

Blushing redheads always make a statement with the right shade of blush.

Blush Colors

  • Neutral Shades: When choosing blush, it is best to opt for neutral shades such as peach, soft pinks or tawny hues that compliment red hair.
  • Avoid Bright Pinks: Avoid using bright pink blushes as it can clash with the red tones in hair and create an unbalanced effect.
  • Highlighters: For a subtle look, try using highlighters on cheekbones instead of blush.
  • Bronzers: If you want a sun-kissed look, opt for bronze colors that work well with red hair.
  • Matte or Satin Finish: Consider using matte or satin finishes as shimmery or glittery finishes may clash with the natural warmth of red hair.
  • Blend Well: No matter which shade you choose, blending well is crucial for a polished look.

When selecting the perfect blush color for those with red hair, keep in mind that skin tone plays a vital role. People with fair skin should select lighter shades while people with deeper skin tones should go for richer pigments.

To avoid looking washed out or overdone, it’s important to apply blush lightly and gradually build up the pigment until the desired level is reached.

Incorporating these tips into your beauty routine will help you select the perfect blush color to complement your stunning red tresses. Don’t let fear hold you back from trying new shades – embrace the possibilities and have fun experimenting!

Paint the town red with these stunning nail polish colors that perfectly complement your fiery locks.

Nail Polish Colors for Red Hair

Nail Polish Colors For Red Hair  - What Colors Go With Red Hair,

Photo Credits: colorscombo.com by Elijah Moore

Choose the right nail polish for your red hair! Three distinct color groups:

  • Red tones bring out the warm hues of your locks.
  • Metallics add luxurious detail.
  • Cool tones create a trendy contrast with the fiery tones of your hair.

Red Tones

Colors with red tones can complement the fiery locks of red hair beautifully. Shades like maroon, rust, and burgundy provide depth to an outfit while also accentuating the natural complexion of redheads. They can be paired with contrasting colors for a bold and fashionable look or paired with earthy tones for a more subdued appearance.

Pairing red nail polish with red hair is always a go-to option for complimenting and highlighting this unique hair color. Other nail polish shades in the warm-toned spectrum, such as copper and gold metallics, can also add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

If you want to keep your outfits understated, integrate cool-toned colors like navy blue or emerald green into your wardrobe. These shades create a beautiful balanced contrast that brings out the vibrancy in red hair. Experimenting with complementary color palettes will do wonders in creating an ensemble that enhances your unique natural features.

Don’t forget to have fun using different accessories in complementary colors like metallic headbands, deep green silk scarves or even bold-colored hats to add a playful pop of color to your ensemble. By keeping these tips in mind when choosing colors for your clothing, accessories, makeup, and nail polish — you’ll feel confident knowing you’re maximizing the beauty in your striking and unique red hair!

Add some shine to your fiery locks with metallic nail polish – because red hair deserves to be the center of attention.



To complement red hair, adding metallic elements to outfits or accessories will create an eye-catching contrast. It:

  • Adds a complementary spin to any piece of attire
  • Helps reflect the light and adds depth, while avoiding excess shine
  • A versatile option for formal occasions or everyday wear.

When it comes to nail polish, metallic shades are popular choices that complement red hair. It:

  • Metallic nail polish with red undertones can provide a sophisticated look.
  • Rose gold accents on nails can add subtleness and warmth
  • Silver tones offer a sleek and elegant look that pairs well with gowns for black tie events.

Remember that incorporating metals into outfits or beauty looks does not mean going overboard. It’s essential to balance the metallics with neutral or calm colors so they don’t stand out too much.

Incorporating metallic nail polish with red hair may seem daunting, but finding the right shade can be done easily by selecting from a variety of tones ranging from copper to silver. To create statements using metallic colors is about blending them in subtlety with accent pieces rather than overwhelming your whole outfit or makeup.

Paint your nails in cool tones to match your fiery red hair and watch as heads turn, with both envy and confusion.

Cool Tones

Cool Nail Polish Colors for Red Hair

Colors with cool undertones complement red hair beautifully. Shades of blue and green provide a stark contrast that emphasizes the warmth in red hair. Additionally, pastel colors such as lavender and pale mint also work well.

To enhance the coolness in nail polish colors, opt for metallic shades such as silver or platinum. These shades add depth and shine to your nails while staying true to the color palette.

Pro Tip: To really make your nails pop, try adding a layer of glitter topcoat over your cool-toned nail polish. This creates a beautiful sparkle that will catch everyone’s eye.

5 Well-Known Facts About Colors That Go With Red Hair:

  • ✅ The color green complements red hair, as it is directly opposite on the color wheel. (Source: All Things Hair)
  • ✅ Earthy tones like brown, beige and gold work well with red hair, creating a more natural look. (Source: Byrdie)
  • ✅ Blue is a contrasting color that can enhance red hair, especially for those with cooler-toned skin. (Source: Harper’s Bazaar)
  • ✅ Redheads can also experiment with purple, as it can complement the warm tones in their hair. (Source: L’Oreal Paris)
  • ✅ Metallic shades like copper and bronze can also bring out the natural highlights in red hair. (Source: Cosmopolitan)

FAQs about What Colors Go With Red Hair

What colors go with red hair?

While red hair looks great on its own, some colors can complement it nicely. Shades of green, blue, purple, and pink bring out the best in red hair. Neutral colors such as black, white, gray, and beige also work well with red hair.

Can I wear red with red hair?

Yes, absolutely! Wearing different shades of red can create a striking monochromatic look. You could also pair red hair with complementary shades like green, white, or navy.

What about bold colors like yellow or orange?

Sure! These colorful shades can make red locks pop. It’s important to choose the right shade, though. Golden yellow and burnt orange tones tend to work best with red hair.

Can redheads wear earth-toned colors?

Absolutely! Earth-toned colors, including browns, tans, and olive greens, complement red hair nicely. These colors provide a warm, autumnal look that is perfect for the cooler months.

Should I avoid wearing certain colors with red hair?

Not necessarily. However, some colors may clash with red hair and make your features less noticeable. For example, avoid wearing bright pinks, oranges, and yellows that have cool undertones.

What about patterns and prints?

Patterns and prints can be a great way to add some visual interest to your outfit. Stripes, polka dots, and florals can all work with red hair. Just be sure to choose patterns with colors that complement your hair tone rather than clash with it.

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