What Colors Go With Red

Key Takeaway:

  • Understanding Red Color: Red is a powerful and energetic color that is often associated with passion, love, and danger. Different shades of red can have different meanings and evoke different emotions. When pairing red with other colors, it’s important to consider the shades and their corresponding meanings.
  • Colors that Compliment Red: When looking for colors that go with red, there are a variety of options. Complementary colors to red on the color wheel include green, blue, and purple. Warm colors like orange and yellow can also pair well with red. Neutral colors like white, black, and cream can help balance out a bold red. It’s important to consider the purpose of the color combination and the overall mood you want to achieve when choosing matching colors for red.
  • Colors to Avoid with Red: When pairing red with other colors, it’s important to avoid clashing combinations like red and green (which can look too Christmassy). Muted or dull colors can also make a red shade look flat and uninspired. Metallic colors can compete with a bold red and cause visual confusion.

Understanding Red Color

Understanding Red Color  - What Colors Go With Red,

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Understanding the Psychology and Matching Colors of Red

Red, a vivid color that symbolizes romance and passion, also holds power, confidence and energy. Color psychology of red is often associated with danger, excitement, and warmth. Shades of red and their matching colors play a crucial role in achieving a balanced and attractive design. Incorporating a complementary color like green or blue can enhance the impact of red. However, it’s vital to use caution as overuse of red can result in a garish and overwhelming effect. Experimenting with different tones and shades of red can help achieve a perfect balance.

Colors that Compliment Red

Colors That Compliment Red  - What Colors Go With Red,

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Discover the ideal red color combos that fit your style! Check out Colors that Compliment Red. Here you’ll find a wide selection of colors that go with red, red color schemes, and complimentary colors with red.

Explore Color Wheel Basics with the color wheel and red, Warm Colors such as autumn combos with red and orange, Cool Colors like red and blue, red and green, red and gray, blush pink and red, navy blue and red, and olive green and red. Plus, Neutrals like red and black, red and white, red and cream, red and silver, and red and bronze.

Color Wheel Basics

Color Wheel Basics:

The color wheel with red showcases how colors are visually related to each other. Primary, secondary, and tertiary colors make up the color wheel. Red is a primary color that is opposite green on the wheel. To create a harmonious color palette, choose colors located close to or in complementary harmony with red.

Primary Colors Secondary Colors Tertiary Colors
Red Orange Red-Orange
Yellow Green Yellow-Green
Blue Violet/Purple Blue-Violet

Complementary colors are located directly across from each other on the wheel, creating maximum contrast when used together. Analogous colors consist of two to five adjacent colors on the wheel that create a harmonious palette. Triadic color schemes are made up of three equally spaced colors on the wheel.

Colors that compliment red:

Using warm colors like oranges, yellows, and pinks can augment the energy of red without clashing. Cool hues such as blues and greens balance red tones without overwhelming them. Neutral shades like white, black, gray and beige blend well with red accents in various decorating and fashion styles.

I once heard of an interior decorator who incorporated various shades of red into a client’s living room design by using neutral greys for walls and accent features like pillows and curtains with vintage floral prints in shades of pink-reds reminiscent of roses. The overall effect was romantic yet sophisticated amidst traditional furnishings; proving how versatile this passionate hue can be!

Mixing red and orange is like a match made in autumn heaven, with tangerine as their wingman.

Warm Colors

Colors that evoke warmth and energy are known as fiery colors or warm colors. Warm Colors encompass shades that fall between red, orange and yellow on the color wheel. They tend to be vivacious, lively, cheerful and inviting. When paired with an appropriate hue of Red, Warm Colors have the ability to create a stunning combination.

Red goes well with oranges and yellows, such as tangerine, coral or peach giving it an uplifting and flamboyant quality. Autumn Color Combinations with Red are also a hit, where burgundy or rust tone is matched alongside red for a rustic yet warm look.

Pro Tip: To mix different hues of orange with red in home decor or fashion, use lighter shades of the hues to steer clear of overwhelming your space or outfit.

Mixing red with cool colors is like adding ice to your favorite drink – it creates the perfect balance.

Cool Colors

Cool colors can be excellent companions to red, helping to tone it down or create a more sophisticated palette. Blue is one of the go-to cool colors that pairs perfectly with red. When combined, these colors provide a classic and timeless look that works beautifully in home decor and fashion. Similarly, gray can balance out the boldness of red without overshadowing it, making it an ideal complementary color. Green and purple are other cool colors that can complement red, although they need to be used carefully to avoid creating an overly energetic appearance.

Unique details to consider when pairing cool colors with red are the different combinations in which they can work together. For example, navy blue and red color combination is particularly trendy right now and provides a chic touch of Americana style. Blush pink and red color combination is another option for those who want something softer but still visually interesting. Lastly, olive green and red color combination create a warm-toned contrast that works well in outdoor-inspired decor themes.

Pro Tip: Try experimenting with different shades of your chosen cool colors to find the perfect match for your particular red shade. And remember – while there may be certain guidelines when it comes to pairing colors together, ultimately what matters most is finding the comfortable harmony you enjoy seeing!

When it comes to red, neutrals are like a supportive sidekick in a superhero movie – they never steal the show, but they always enhance the main character’s powers.


Neutral colors can be combined with the color red to create a bold and classic look in any setting.

  • Neutral shades like white, cream and beige act as a subtle background for the pop of red color.
  • The black and white with red color combination provides an elegant and timeless appearance.
  • With metallic or earthy tones like silver and bronze, one can add depth to the design scheme.
  • Incorporating shades like gray, taupe, or charcoal into a room decorated with red accessories helps balance out the boldness.

When using neutrals with red, it is important to use the right proportion of each shade. This ensures that neither color overpowers the other and instead they complement each other beautifully.

A well-coordinated interior design requires careful planning. Remember that you can achieve stunning designs by using different color combinations like:

  • Red and white color combination
  • Red and black color combination
  • Red and cream color combination
  • Black and white with red color combination
  • Red and silver color combination
  • Red and bronze color combination

Don’t hesitate to explore various options!

Mixing red with muted or dull colors is like pairing a pop star with a mime – it just doesn’t work.

Colors to Avoid with Red

Colors To Avoid With Red  - What Colors Go With Red,

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Red is a bold and dominant color that goes well with different hues. However, certain colors may not complement red and may offset the desired effect. To achieve the perfect look, it is essential to be mindful of clashing colors, muted or dull colors, and metallic colors that do not blend well with red. Here are some colors to avoid with red:

  • Avoid pairing red with bright orange or neon colors that may compete with, clash, or overwhelm the red.
  • Muted or dull colors like beige, pastels, and subdued colors may make red appear too vibrant or overly dominant.
  • Metallic colors like gold, silver, or bronze may reflect poorly on the red and cause it to lose its luster.
  • Black and red may look chic but can also create a somber, heavy, or overly dramatic impression. Be mindful of the context in which you are wearing black and red.
  • Green can be tricky as it can complement or clash with red. Be mindful of the shade and intensity of green you choose to pair with red.

It is worth noting that personal preferences play a crucial role in color coordination. If you are unsure about matching colors, consult a color palette to help you find the right complementary shade. For a cohesive look, consider the occasion, the setting, and the desired effect.

As with many matters of personal style, color coordination is an evolving process. It is interesting to note that the notion of avoiding certain colors when matching red has evolved over time. Historically, red was a statement color representing power and passion, and it was often paired with vibrant and bold hues. However, with changing tastes and trends, the color coordination of red has evolved to reflect more subtle and sophisticated looks.

Using Red as an Accent Color

Using Red As An Accent Color  - What Colors Go With Red,

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Using Red as an Accent Color

Red can be a bold and striking accent color when used correctly. Choosing the right shade of red is important and can make a significant difference in the overall look. Using red in home decor can add energy and warmth to a room, while incorporating red into fashion can create a statement piece or outfit. When deciding what to wear with red, neutral colors like black, white, and beige are safe options. For a pop of color, a complementary hue like green or blue can be paired with red.

When accessorizing with red, it’s best to keep the rest of the accessories simple and stick to classic pieces. A simple gold necklace or diamond studs can complement a red dress or top.

True Fact: According to Elle, pairing red nail polish with a red dress can sometimes be overwhelming, so opting for a neutral or nude shade on the nails is recommended.

Five Facts About What Colors Go With Red:

  • ✅ Red generally pairs well with neutral colors like black, white, and gray. (Source: Real Simple)
  • ✅ Red can also be paired with complementary colors like green or blue for a bold look. (Source: Better Homes & Gardens)
  • ✅ Red and yellow is a popular color combination in many fast food restaurant logos because it is associated with hunger and impulse buying. (Source: NY Times)
  • ✅ Red and pink can be a surprisingly harmonious color combination, as they are both shades of red. (Source: Elle Decor)
  • ✅ Gold and metallic accents can also complement red in home decor or fashion. (Source: House Beautiful)

FAQs about What Colors Go With Red

What colors go with red for home décor?

Colors that go well with red for home decor include neutral shades like beige, white or gray, or bold complementary colors like black, green or blue. You can also add metallic accents like gold or silver to enhance the look.

What colors go with red for fashion?

When it comes to fashion, colors that go with red include black, white, navy, emerald green, and mustard yellow. You can also experiment with patterns or prints, such as stripes, polka dots, or floral designs.

What colors go with dark red?

Dark red is a bold and statement-making color, and it pairs well with other rich shades like navy, forest green, and purple. You can also tone it down with neutral shades like beige, taupe, or ivory.

What colors go with bright red?

Bright Red is a color that speaks for itself and can be paired with neutral shades of gray, beige, or black. For a more vibrant look, try pairing bright red with orange, turquoise, or mustard yellow.

What colors go with red for weddings?

Red is a popular color for weddings, and it pairs well with other romantic colors like pink, champagne, navy, and gold. You can also use shades of green or blue for a more natural or rustic look.

What colors go with red for branding and marketing?

When it comes to branding and marketing, red is a bold and attention-grabbing color. It pairs well with neutral colors like black, white, or gray for a more professional or sophisticated look. If you want a more playful or vibrant look, try pairing it with yellow or orange.

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