What Is March Birthstone Color

Key Takeaway:

  • Aquamarine is the birthstone for the month of March, and is a precious gemstone that is part of the Birthstone collection.
  • Aquamarine is a unique birthstone that is associated with the Pisces zodiac sign, and is known for its crystal energy, icy blue color, and its use as a gemstone for courage and for balancing the Throat chakra.
  • The March birthstone color is a range of blue and green hues, with variations of an icy blue gemstone that is transparent and sea-colored. Aquamarine jewelry can be worn in many different styles, such as birthstone rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and charms, and can be paired with ocean-inspired jewelry such as mermaid, butterfly, and beach-themed designs.


Overview  - What Is March Birthstone Color,

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March Birthstone Color: A Comprehensive Guide to the Precious Gemstone Collection

March birthstone color is a fascinating topic for anyone seeking to add a touch of elegance to their wardrobe. The birthstone for March is Aquamarine, a beautiful gemstone that comes in various shades of blue, ranging from light sky blue to deep blue-green.

Aquamarine is a member of the beryl family, which also includes emeralds. It is a precious gemstone that symbolizes youth, hope, and health. The gemstone is believed to have various healing properties, such as calming nerves and reducing anxiety. People born in March often choose aquamarine as their birthstone, as it is said to enhance their creative abilities and encourage self-expression.

However, aquamarine is not the only gemstone associated with March. Bloodstone is another gemstone that is often included in the March birthstone collection. It is a dark green stone with red specks and is believed to have healing properties that help with blood-related issues.

If you’re looking to add a touch of elegance to your jewelry collection or seeking a unique gift, consider aquamarine or bloodstone. Don’t miss out on these precious gemstones that can add a touch of luxury to any outfit.

March’s Birthstone: Aquamarine


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Do you want to know more about March’s birthstone, Aquamarine? And its importance for the Pisces zodiac sign? Dive into our article and find out!

Aquamarine is a gem of courage, a throat chakra stone, and a crystal energy stone. It’s known for its icy blue color. Here, you’ll get brief explanations of:

  • What is Aquamarine? A transparent and tranquil stone with a sea-colored hue.
  • History and Origin of Aquamarine: Interesting facts and stories about this ancient gem.
  • Physical Characteristics of Aquamarine: It has a light blue, blue-green shade, and a cushion or marquise-cut shape.

What is Aquamarine?

Aquamarine is a sea-colored stone and a variety of the mineral beryl. It’s a transparent stone that’s known for its soothing properties. The gemstone derives its name from the Latin word ‘aqua’ which means water, and ‘marina,’ meaning the sea. It is known for having a distinctive blue-green color which looks like seawater on a sunny day.

Aquamarine has been used for centuries due to its beauty and healing properties. This soothing stone is believed to have calming effects on the mind, reduce stress levels, and promote emotional balance. Additionally, it’s known as one of the birthstones of March.

The history of this gemstone dates back almost 2,000 years ago when ancient Greek sailors wore aquamarine jewelry to protect them from ocean dangers. Furthermore, in ancient times, aquamarine was thought to be a magical talisman that could grant power and control over things such as love and marriage.

Before it became a popular birthstone, Aquamarine was believed to be the treasure of Atlantis – so wear it with caution or you might awaken the powers of the lost city.

History and Origin of Aquamarine

Aquamarine, March’s birthstone, has a rich history and fascinating origin. This gemstone belongs to the beryl family and has been used in jewelry for centuries. Ancient gemstones, like aquamarine, have been shrouded in myths and legends, making them even more intriguing.

According to mystical properties and astrological gemstone beliefs, aquamarine was believed to be a symbol of youthfulness and hope. It was also believed to protect sailors at sea and ensure safe travels. Aquamarine is named after the Latin word “aqua marina,” which means “sea water,” due to its mesmerizing blue-green hue that resembles the ocean.

Legend has it that mermaids used aquamarine as a talisman to keep their voices sweet while tempting sailors with their enchanting songs.

Interestingly, Brazil is the largest producer of aquamarine today; however, this gemstone can also be found in Madagascar, Zambia, Mozambique, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Gemstone facts reveal that apart from being March’s birthstone color, aquamarine was once thought to heal everything from eye infections to sore throats due to its association with water.

Get ready to be mesmerized by the hypnotic charm of aquamarine- the light blue stone that comes in cushion-cut and marquise-cut varieties.

Physical Characteristics of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a blue-green gem that is known for its physical characteristics. This light blue stone is unique in terms of its appearance and structure. Let’s take a closer look at what makes aquamarine so special.

Chemical Formula Be3Al2Si6O18
Color Pale to deep blue, blue-green, greenish-blue, or teal
Crystal System Hexagonal
Cleavage Indistinct
Luster Vitreous to resinous

Aquamarine is a cushion-cut or marquise-cut stone that has a hexagonal crystal system. It does not have distinct cleavage. The color of aquamarine can range from pale to deep blue, blue-green, greenish-blue, or teal. Its luster can appear vitreous to resinous.

When viewed under different lighting conditions, the color of aquamarine may also change. In addition, this gemstone may also have natural inclusions which add character and uniqueness to each stone.

To fully appreciate the beauty of an aquamarine piece of jewelry, it’s important to pair it with complementary colors such as whites, pastels, and golds.

Aquamarines are believed to calm the mind and body while enhancing courage and clarity of thought. They are also said to protect travelers during long voyages over water.

March babies get the best of both worlds with aquamarine: a blue gemstone that also looks green, making it the perfect birthstone jewelry for indecisive souls.

March’s Birthstone Color


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Learn about March’s Birthstone Color! It ranges from transparent to sea-colored to icy blue.

Here we offer tips on how to wear and pair Aquamarine jewelry. Ideas for March engagement rings, faceted gems, round stones, birthstone rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, stackable rings, charms, pendants, and ocean-inspired pieces like butterfly jewelry, mermaid jewelry, ocean wave jewelry, sea glass jewelry, and beach jewelry! Enhance your wardrobe and find the perfect piece of birthstone jewelry.

Shade and Variations

Aquamarine is a sea-colored stone widely used in jewellery as it symbolizes courage, tranquility and good luck. It comes in various shades and variations that make it stand out from other gemstones.

  • The primary shade of Aquamarine is sky-blue with greenish or bluish hues.
  • Santa Maria aquamarine is the most valued and has rich deep blue tones.
  • Maxixe aquamarines have vivid blue color, but tends to fade under light.
  • Africa’s Santa Maria aquamarines are known for their dark appearance with fine clarity.
  • Brazil’s aquamarines tend to be light-toned but can vary from pale sky blue to deep blue-green hues.

One unique characteristic of this transparent stone is its ability to exhibit different colors when viewed from different angles. This feature makes it highly sought after by gemstone enthusiasts.

The icy blue gem, Aquamarine, has been used since ancient times by sailors and seafarers for its believed ability to protect them during voyages. According to legend, Neptune gave the stone as a gift to mermaids as recognition for their services.

Wearing aquamarine jewelry is like wearing the ocean’s calmness on your fingers, neck, wrists, and ears.

How to Wear and Pair Aquamarine Jewelry

To create a cohesive and elegant look, it is essential to know how to style aquamarine jewelry. It is advised to adjoin pieces based on color and style. You may combine blue topaz or opal accessories with aquamarine gemstones. Wear stackable rings for an everyday look or birthstone earrings if you want something more formal.

Consider purchasing a March engagement ring with an aquamarine center stone. Aquamarine’s classic and timeless beauty makes it perfect for wedding jewelry. To add some charm, acquire a birthstone pendant or birthstone charm as accessories that include butterfly jewelry, mermaid jewelry, ocean wave jewelry, sea glass jewelry and beach jewelry.

With the faceted gem in a round stone shape, the necklace is stunning and will pair well with several clothing options effortlessly. Such versatility extends to the brick bracelet which usually comes in 14k gold-filling with initial charms available depending on the preference of the wearer.

You don’t want to miss out on the benefits that come from wearing this multifaceted gem set in either your birthstone necklace or birthstone rings. Apart from its aesthetic value, Aquamarine has healing qualities like calming emotions and enhancing reasoning abilities while inducing courage.

So style your aquamarine gem right and match it up appropriately because the possibilities are endless!
From bringing happiness to travelers to symbolizing love and peace, Aquamarine is more than just a birthstone, it’s a gemstone for life’s precious moments.

Symbolism and Significance of Aquamarine

Symbolism And Significance Of Aquamarine  - What Is March Birthstone Color,

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To comprehend the symbolism and importance of Aquamarine—the gemstone for March birthdays—you must be aware of its meaning and advantages. Throughout history, Aquamarine has been honored for bringing joy, love, and peace. It has also been a companion for travelers.

In this section, we will examine the birthstone symbolism, modern and vintage jewelry, heirloom and customized designs. Plus, we’ll talk about the calming effects and throat chakra advantages of this blue beauty. This makes it an ideal meditation aid. We will also talk about the healing properties and gemstone care of Aquamarine, plus ocean-inspired jewelry.

Meaning and Benefits of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is not only a beautiful gemstone but also has numerous meanings and benefits. As a calming throat chakra stone, aquamarine promotes communication, self-expression, and confidence. Its soothing energy is known to reduce stress and anxiety, making it an excellent meditation aid.

In addition to its spiritual properties, aquamarine’s stunning color makes it a popular choice for March beauty, fashion, and style. Its gentle blue-green hue pairs well with other pastels for a soft yet chic look.

Moreover, if you are looking for an engagement or wedding ring that symbolizes loyalty and commitment, aquamarine might be the perfect gemstone for you. It represents fidelity and fosters trust in relationships.

Overall, owning an aquamarine piece of jewelry can bring many physical and emotional benefits to one’s life. So why not add this captivating gemstone to your collection?
Bring the calming energy of the ocean into your life with aquamarine, the birthstone of March, known for its healing properties and perfect for ocean-inspired jewelry.

Healing Properties of Aquamarine

Aquamarine gemstone has been attributed with various healing properties due to its association with the ocean. The gemstone is known to promote calmness, stability, and courage while also helping to alleviate anxiety and depression. It is said to aid in communication, particularly in expressing oneself clearly and confidently.

Aquamarine can also be beneficial in physical healing. It is believed to help with allergies, sinus issues, and respiratory problems as well as aid in dental health by removing toxins from the mouth. This gemstone promotes good eyesight and a healthy immune system. Overall, aquamarine inspires peace of mind and positive energy.

To take optimal care of aquamarine jewelry, it is recommended to avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals or light for extended periods. Cleaning should be done using gentle methods like warm water and mild soap solution and storing it separately from other harder gemstones.

For those looking for ocean-inspired jewelry that offers both style and holistic benefits, aquamarine can be a perfect choice. Whether you wear it for physical or emotional healing or merely adorn yourself in this beautiful gemstone, aquamarine jewelry never goes unnoticed!

A special story related to aquamarine includes a man who gifted his daughter an aquamarine ring before she moved across the world for a new job. He hoped it would bring her calmness, stability, courage and inspire clarity of communication during challenging times far from her family. She cherished the ring as an enduring connection between them amidst distance & chaos experienced abroad.

Five Facts About March Birthstone Color:

  • ✅ The birthstone for March is aquamarine, a gemstone that ranges in color from light blue to greenish-blue. (Source: American Gem Society)
  • ✅ Aquamarine is associated with qualities such as courage, clarity, and peace. (Source: Crystal Vaults)
  • ✅ Aquamarine is a variety of the mineral beryl, which also includes emerald and morganite. (Source: Gemological Institute of America)
  • ✅ The largest aquamarine ever found weighed over 110 kg and was discovered in Brazil in 1910. (Source: Guinness World Records)
  • ✅ Aquamarine symbolizes youth, hope, and health, making it a popular gift for birthdays and anniversaries. (Source: Jewelry Shopping Guide)

FAQs about What Is March Birthstone Color

What is March birthstone color?

March birthstone color is typically a pale blue shade known as aquamarine.

What other colors can March birthstones come in?

While aquamarine is the traditional color for March birthstones, they can also come in shades of blue-green or green.

What is the meaning of March birthstones?

March birthstones are believed to bring courage, peace, and clarity to their wearer.

Can March birthstones be used in jewelry?

Absolutely! March birthstones, especially aquamarine, make beautiful additions to any jewelry piece.

What other gemstones are associated with March?

In addition to aquamarine, bloodstone is also considered a secondary birthstone for March.

Is there any significance to wearing a March birthstone if you weren’t born in March?

While there is no specific significance to wearing a March birthstone if you weren’t born in March, many people choose to wear birthstones as a symbol of their individuality or to promote certain qualities associated with the stone.

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