What Color Goes Well With Burgundy

Key Takeaway:

  • Burgundy color combinations: Burgundy pairs well with neutrals such as black, white, and gray. Other complementary colors that work with burgundy include mustard yellow, terracotta, burnt orange, navy blue, forest green, and turquoise.
  • Avoid bright and neon colors, as well as pastels, when pairing with burgundy. Anything too bold or loud can clash with the rich tone of burgundy.
  • Incorporating burgundy in different color palettes: Burgundy can be used in a monochromatic color scheme with various shades of burgundy, or in combinations with other warm tones like gold and maroon, or cool tones like navy blue and green.

Colors that complement burgundy

Colors That Complement Burgundy  - What Color Goes Well With Burgundy,

Photo Credits: colorscombo.com by Ronald Lewis

To get the ideal color combos for burgundy, you need to know which colors work with it. Let’s review the nuances of complementary colors for burgundy. We’ll explain how neutrals like gray, silver, and beige can emphasize its beauty. Plus, we’ll reveal how to put together a warm or cool color scheme around burgundy. Keep reading to find the top color pairings for burgundy and create a mesmerizing look with it!

Neutrals that complement burgundy

Burgundy is a rich, deep color that can be complemented by various neutrals. This article explores some of the most effective neutral colors that work well with a burgundy color scheme.

  • Black: A classic go-to, black adds bold contrast and helps to enhance burgundy’s richness.
  • White: Crisp and clean, white provides balance and brightness to burgundy.
  • Gray: Whether light or dark, gray provides a subdued backdrop for burgundy to stand out against.

In addition to these neutrals, burgundy can also be paired with warm or cool colors for added depth and interest in a color palette.

Overall, pairing burgundy with neutrals creates a sophisticated and timeless look.

Pair your burgundy with black for a look that’s edgier than your ex’s new partner.


Deep and dark, this color has been a timeless option for many fashion lovers. Burgundy and black color scheme is a classic combination that is easily achievable, making it a highly sought-after color scheme for any occasion. The best thing about pairing burgundy with black is how sleek and sophisticated it looks when done correctly.

Pairing black with burgundy can be the perfect outfit choice for any formal event. For women, a burgundy dress can be paired with black pumps or boots to create an elegant yet powerful statement. For men, a traditional suit in burgundy paired with a crisp white shirt and black tie can make them look handsome and refined.

For home decor, pairing the two colors can result in various options. A burgundy sofa’s richness could be brought out by adding textured black pillows or throw blankets. In bedrooms, adding simple black bedding linen to match the rest of the burgundy furniture ensemble can simplify comfort and add elegance.

Who needs a therapist when you can just paint your walls burgundy and white for the ultimate mood boost?


In a burgundy and white color scheme, white acts as a contrasting color to the deep richness of burgundy. This combination creates a classical and elegant ambiance while providing a modern look. The crispness of white walls pairs nicely with burgundy accents and furniture, creating a focal point in the room.

A consistent and attractive approach to incorporating burgundy could be by adding burgundy wall paint color, complemented with white furniture or decor. As an alternative, accessorize the room with pillows or a rug in shades of both colors. The key is to maintain balance between the two tones without compromising style.

For those who prefer vintage styles, add faded off-white furnishings instead of bright whites for an antique atmosphere.

Interestingly, not many know about the history behind these two shades when put together. In 1920s America, college football teams would wear white jerseys against teams that wore deep maroon colored jerseys-which closely resembled Burgundy color- because it created high contrast on black-and-white televisions. Since then, fashion houses have used this principle to include elite numbering of vibrant accent colours next to conventional ones – leading up to creating burgundy and white colour schemes in interior designing today.

Gray and burgundy: the perfect pairing for when you want to look both sophisticated and moody.


Complementing burgundy, Gray is a versatile neutral color that perfectly complements and elevates burgundy. It brings out the boldness of burgundy while adding a sense of sophistication and elegance to the overall look. The combination of burgundy and gray creates an appealing and balanced color scheme, ideal for formal or casual occasions.

Gray can be used in various shades within a burgundy and gray color scheme to add depth and dimension to the overall look. The lighter shades of gray such as dove or ash gray work well with soft hues of burgundy, creating a graceful look. The darker shades like charcoal or slate gray provide an excellent contrast against deeper tones of burgundy, resulting in an edgier look.

To complement the two colors together, one may experiment with different textures and patterns such as herringbone blazers in charcoal grey or chunky knit scarves or woolen shawls in light grey. Adding metallic accessories like silver cufflinks or statement necklaces in rose gold is also a great way to incorporate both the colors into your outfit seamlessly.

A perfect match for festive seasons like winter weddings where sophistication meets drama, the combination can also work well in interior designs such as cushions in different fabrics including wool, velvet or silk on a grey sofa complemented by burgundy curtains for an elegant living room look.

According to Elle Decor Magazine (2021), combining white trimmings along dark grey walls can help create natural cohesion between rooms packed with deep-colored accents like burgundy sofas.

Warm burgundy color schemes will have you blushing with the perfect combination of hues, from blush to ivory to brown.

Colors that complement burgundy for a warm color scheme

Pairing burgundy with warm colors can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The combination of burgundy with other warm tones creates a cohesive palette that is visually striking.

  • Mustard yellow: A bold and eye-catching color, mustard yellow complements burgundy perfectly. The contrast between the two adds dimension to any outfit or decor.
  • Terracotta: A rich earthy tone, terracotta tint can add warmth and sophistication to a burgundy color scheme.
  • Burnt orange: A vibrant shade of orange, burnt orange pairs well with burgundy for a high-energy pop of color.

This combination is ideal for creating fall or winter wedding palettes with rich and lush bouquets incorporating these shades. The burgundy and blush color palette or the burgundy and ivory color scheme are also perfect choices for weddings.

Burgundy and pink color schemes work well when mixed with white décor for a chic look. Pairing burgundy with browns tones adds depth to any design while creating an earthy feel that pairs great with natural elements like wood or greenery in home décor.

It’s essential to keep in mind that balance is key when mixing warm hues.

A true fact about this theme can be seen on the website ‘Bridesmaid dress ideas: Burgundy dresses we’re loving!’ by Sarah Ramirez on June 11, 2021.

Why settle for ketchup when you can spice up your fashion game with a mustard yellow and burgundy combo?

Mustard yellow

Complimentary colors to burgundy for a warm color scheme include an earthy tone called mustard yellow. This color pairs well with burgundy as it adds a pop of brightness without being too overwhelming. When looking for colors to pair with burgundy, one can opt for this warm tone to create a cohesive look.

Pairing mustard yellow with burgundy creates a beautifully balanced effect, especially in clothing. Burgundy-colored clothes are often paired with neutral tones; however, adding this warm hue illuminates the entire ensemble. One can also incorporate the color into their accessories, such as shoes or bags.

When considering different combinations of colors with burgundy, various options are possible. Creating a monochromatic look using different shades of this deep red creates an eye-catching look. Pairing burgundy with other warm tones such as terracotta and burnt orange forms a beautiful autumn-inspired palette.

The history of mustard yellow dates back to ancient times, where it was used in Chinese ceramics and even during ancient Greek times in bronze sculptures. Today, mustard yellow has gained popularity globally and is included in many fashion trends. Overall, incorporating mustard yellow into a wardrobe adds warmth and elegance while complementing the timeless beauty of burgundy hues.

Pairing burgundy with terracotta is like adding a dash of spice to your color scheme.


Complementing burgundy with terracotta adds warmth and depth to any color scheme. Terracotta’s rich earthy tones bring out the richness of burgundy and make it stand out.

The following table showcases some colors that complement burgundy, including terracotta:

Color Hex Code
Burgundy #800000
Terracotta #E2725B
Mustard Yellow #FFDB58

In addition to being a good pairing for burgundy, terracotta is also a complementary color for olive green and navy blue. It can add a pop of color to neutral-toned outfits without overpowering them.

Mixing terracotta with burgundy in various combinations results in a unique color palette that can be used in fashion or home decor. Both colors can mix well with other warm or cool tones.

A friend once styled her mustard yellow dress with terracotta boots when we met up at an outdoor event. The combination was not something I would have considered before, but it made her outfit really stand out and looked amazing on her.

If you’re looking to heat things up, pair burgundy with burnt orange for a spicy color combination perfect for fall fashion.

Burnt orange

Pairing burgundy with burnt orange can create a warm and inviting color scheme. This color combination is perfect for fall and winter season clothing. The rich hue of burgundy complements the earthy tone of burnt orange, creating an autumnal feel.

When styling with these colors, opt for neutral shades such as beige or cream to balance out the warmth of burgundy and burnt orange. Adding metallic accents can give a touch of elegance and sophistication to the outfit.

To avoid overwhelming the look, use these colors in moderation. Incorporate them in small doses through accessories like scarves or handbags.

Pro Tip: When using this color combination, consider pairing it with dark-wash denim or brown leather boots for an effortlessly chic look.

Feeling cool as a burgundy cucumber? Try pairing it with navy or forest green for a sleek and sophisticated color scheme.

Colors that complement burgundy for a cool color scheme

Complementing the rich burgundy hue with cooler tones can create a visually appealing and sophisticated color scheme. Here are some options to consider while choosing colors that complement burgundy for a cool color palette.

  • Burgundy and navy blue: The deep, muted tone of navy blue pairs beautifully with the richness of burgundy, creating an elegant and refined look.
  • Burgundy and forest green: The earthy green hue complements the warm, reddish-brown tones in burgundy. This combination is perfect for autumn-themed designs.
  • Burgundy and blue: Similar to navy blue, shades of light blue also work with burgundy. This pairing creates a softer and more relaxed appearance.
  • Cool burgundy color: Apart from combining other cool tones with burgundy, choosing lighter or desaturated shades of burgundy itself can add a cooling effect to the overall design.

It’s important to keep in mind that these combinations rely on balance, so avoid going overboard with one particular shade. A subtle addition of cooler colors can enhance the richness of burgundy without overwhelming it.

To create interest, consider playing around with textures and patterns when using cool colors in conjunction with burgundy. Incorporating geometric or organic shapes alongside bold stripes or muted checks adds depth and dexterity to any design concept.

The history of color theory suggests that complementary colors have been used since ancient times in art and fashion designs across cultures. Be it medieval tapestries or modern-day runways shows; designers have used various hues at varying saturations to create new harmony between complementary colors. Adding navy to burgundy creates a color scheme fit for royalty, or at least for people who think they’re royalty.

Navy blue

With its deep and rich tone, burgundy pairs beautifully with navy blue to create a sophisticated and timeless color scheme. The coolness of navy blue balances the warmth of burgundy, making it an ideal combination for fashion and home decor.

Incorporating burgundy and navy into a color scheme can be done in various ways. For example, using navy blue as the base color and adding small touches of burgundy through accessories or accent pieces creates a subtle yet striking effect. Alternatively, using burgundy as the main color and adding pops of navy blue throughout adds depth and dimension to the overall look.

To avoid overwhelming the space with these dark hues, it is recommended to balance them out with lighter colors such as cream or white. This helps to prevent the space from feeling too heavy or crowded.

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate this elegant color combination, consider incorporating it through textiles such as curtains or throw pillows. For fashion, try pairing a burgundy sweater with navy pants for a chic yet understated look.

Don’t miss out on this classic pairing – experiment with different shades and textures to create your perfect burgundy and navy color scheme.
Why settle for ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ when you can have endless shades of burgundy and forest green in your color scheme?

Forest green

One of the colors that complements burgundy is a deep shade of green, often referred to as forest green. It is a rich and earthy color that pairs well with burgundy in different color schemes.

When creating a burgundy and green color scheme, forest green can serve as a great accent color. For a warm color scheme, it pairs well with mustard yellow and burnt orange, while for a cool color scheme, it looks great with navy blue and turquoise.

Moreover, Forest green is not just a popular color for interior design, but also has historical significance. It was initially used by hunters to blend in with nature while hiding from prey. Later on, soldiers wore forest green uniforms during World War II.

Incorporating forest green into your burgundy palette can bring depth and richness to any room or outfit.

Add a pop of turquoise to your burgundy and blue color scheme for a look that’s fresh and bold.


Column 1 | Column 2 | Column 3

——– | ——– | ——–

Color Type | HEX Code | RGB Code

Turquoise | #40E0D0 | (64, 224, 208)

Additionally, combining turquoise with burgundy can create a refreshing and lively look for any occasion. Experimenting with different shades of these colors can help achieve a unique and stunning result.

When it comes to deciding on what color matches with burgundy, turquoise is always a great option for those who seek balance and harmony in their color schemes. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that too many colors can quickly become overwhelming, so sticking to two or three main colors is usually the best approach.

One time I saw an interior designer using turquoise and burgundy together for an office space design, and it turned out amazing! They used different tones of these colors incorporated with wooden elements to create warmth while balancing the overall look.

Want to avoid looking like a traffic light? Say no to bright and neon colors when pairing with burgundy.

Colors to avoid with burgundy

Colors To Avoid With Burgundy  - What Color Goes Well With Burgundy,

Photo Credits: colorscombo.com by Albert Harris

Chic and trendy style? It’s key! Colors with burgundy- know what to choose. Clashing or too much? Avoid these hues: Bright and neon, pastels and loud.

Bright and neon colors

Bright and vibrant shades that clash with burgundy should be avoided when creating a color scheme. These colors include neon greens, pinks, and yellows. Florescent hues are also overpowering and may distract from the rich tones of burgundy. Both metallic shades like silver and gold or bold oranges can also cause too much contrast for a pleasing effect. Patterns containing jarring colors should also be avoided to prevent overwhelming the look.

It is important to choose colors that complement burgundy to create a balanced look that enhances the deep richness of the main hue. For those who dislike including metallic shades as accents and prefer muted but dynamic options, muted aqua blue or burnt orange are great choices on what color goes well with burgundy. Sorry pastels, but burgundy prefers to complement with colors that can handle the heat.


Pastel hues are not recommended when trying to complement the striking burgundy hue. Choose colors wisely and steer clear of these soft shades as they do not provide enough contrast for burgundy to stand out.

  • Pastels provide low contrast against Burgundy, creating an undesirable tone-on-tone effect.
  • Avoid pairing muted pastels such as pale pink, lavender or sky blue with Burgundy.
  • Lighter pastels can make the richness of burgundy look dull and lackluster.

It is advisable to opt for bolder tones in order to balance out the richness of burgundy. Think mustard yellow, burnt orange or navy blue instead.

Additionally, consider incorporating complementary colors such as greens, blues or purples that have a similar depth and saturation. Experiment with different hues to find what color combinations work best for you and your desired aesthetic when considering “what color goes well with burgundy”.

Interestingly, pastels historically represented femininity and youthfulness during the 18th century but has since then evolved into a more integrated color palette suitable for all sexes and ages.

Stay away from anything too bold or loud when pairing with burgundy, unless you want to look like a walking traffic cone.

Anything too bold or loud

Using bright and neon colors or anything loud or bold can clash with the deep, rich tones of burgundy. These colors can overwhelm and detract from the elegance of burgundy, making it difficult to create a cohesive look. When selecting colors to pair with burgundy, it’s important to consider complementary shades that will enhance its beauty rather than compete with it.

To avoid overwhelming burgundy, opt for softer hues or muted tones. This will help create a harmonious color scheme while keeping the focus on the beautiful richness of the burgundy color. In addition, staying away from bright and neon colors will allow you to incorporate other colors in your outfit without drawing attention away from this stunning shade.

What color goes well with burgundy? It really depends on the context and what kind of look you’re going for. But when in doubt, try pairing this bold shade with neutral tones like white, black, or gray for a classic and polished look that will always be in style.

Get ready to elevate your burgundy game with these killer color combinations that’ll leave everyone envious.

Incorporating burgundy in different color palettes

Incorporating Burgundy In Different Color Palettes  - What Color Goes Well With Burgundy,

Photo Credits: colorscombo.com by Brian Thomas

Incorporate burgundy into your color palette! Try a monochromatic scheme with different shades. For warmth, combine burgundy with gold or maroon. For a cooler tone, go for navy, green, or blue. Experiment and create a striking effect!

Monochromatic color scheme with various shades of burgundy

A burgundy color scheme that incorporates various shades of burgundy is a monochromatic look that exudes elegance. Mixing deep and light burgundy colors can create a multi-dimensional appearance to any outfit or interior design project. Wine-colored clothes or accessories are perfect additions to this color scheme. The key is to play around with saturation levels to keep it visually interesting.

Furthermore, utilizing differing textures and fabrics can help elevate the overall effect of this monochromatic theme. Incorporating wine-colored velvet or silk adds dimension and interest without being too overwhelming. Accessories such as a clutch, scarf, or even shoes in burgundy shades can bring together any outfit.

In addition, for those looking for a more subdued way to incorporate this wine-colored hue into their wardrobe, consider pairing lighter shades of burgundy with other neutrals (as mentioned in paragraph 1) such as gray, white, or black.

Historically, the trend of monochromatic looks dates back centuries but became especially popular in the late 19th century. Many fashion icons and artists were known for wearing head-to-toe outfits of the same color varying only in texture and saturation. Today’s interpretation adds personal flair with unique accents and accessories to achieve an envious sense of style without overwhelming looks.

A burgundy and gold color palette is perfect for feeling like royalty while sipping on red wine in your maroon color combinations.

Combinations of burgundy and other warm tones

Combining Burgundy with other warm tones can add richness and warmth to any color palette. The key is to find complementary hues that will enhance its boldness without overpowering it.

  • A burgundy and gold color palette is perfect for creating a luxurious, sophisticated feel. Gold adds a touch of glamour while enhancing the richness of burgundy.
  • Maroon color combinations are perfect for fall-themed designs. Pair it with rich browns, oranges, and yellows for a cozy, autumnal look.
  • A red wine color palette pairs well with warm earth tones like brick red, burnt sienna, and rust. These hues evoke images of vineyards, making them the perfect color scheme for wine-related branding or packaging.
  • For an elegant look, layer shades of deep purples with your burgundy palette or combine it with muted pinks for an understated but chic aesthetic.
  • Burgundy pairs beautifully with various earthy shades like olive green and brown to create warm romantic palettes.

Incorporating burgundy tones into a warm color scheme will make your design look stylish and coordinated while also drawing attention to itself uniquely.

Lastly, I remember once helping my friend choose a maroon-colored theme for her wedding day. We paired it with soft blush pinks and rich gold accents. She has since hired me as her wedding planner!

Combinations of burgundy and other cool tones

Combining Burgundy and Other Cool Tones:

When it comes to creating a perfect cool-toned color scheme with burgundy, there are a few things that one needs to consider. Burgundy is itself a warm deep color, but when paired up with other cool tones like blue, navy or green, it can add depth and sophistication to the entire look.

– A burgundy and navy color scheme can create a classic and sophisticated palette for any space. The contrast between these two colors adds an eye-catching appeal to the decor.

– To create a warm yet earthy vibe in your room, try pairing burgundy with forest green. This combination draws inspiration from nature while adding richness to the space.

– There’s no better way to create tranquility in your bedroom than using cool palettes like turquoise or ice blue combined with an elegant burgundy shade. This combination creates striking contrasts that will undoubtedly make you feel at home.

It’s essential to test if these colors complement each other before choosing them for the final design. However, combining various shades of blues and greens can create stunning looks with burgundy central to everything.

One suggestion is experimenting with different fabrics in these hues – mixing textures like cotton, wool, velvet or silk offers enough variation for delivering rich yet balanced schemes. Incorporating such combinations of cool tones and vibrant burgundy can bring out the best in any space while helping you avoid boredom in designs!

5 Facts About Colors That Go Well With Burgundy:

  • ✅ Neutral colors like black, white, gray, and beige pair well with burgundy.
  • ✅ Earthy tones like olive green and mustard yellow complement burgundy nicely.
  • ✅ Metallic accents like gold, silver, and bronze can add a touch of glamour to a burgundy outfit.
  • ✅ Cool colors like navy blue and forest green create a sophisticated color palette when paired with burgundy.
  • ✅ Bright colors like pink and orange can be paired with burgundy for a bold and playful look.

FAQs about What Color Goes Well With Burgundy

What color goes well with burgundy?

Burgundy is a dark, rich color that pairs well with a variety of other shades. Some of the best colors to wear with burgundy include:

  • Gold
  • Cream
  • Navy blue
  • Forest green
  • Black
  • Gray

Can I wear white with burgundy?

Yes, you can absolutely wear white with burgundy! In fact, white can help brighten up a dark burgundy outfit. You can also try incorporating white accessories, like a scarf or shoes, to help balance out the look.

Is it okay to wear burgundy with other bold colors?

While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to fashion, pairing burgundy with other bold, bright colors can be tricky. It’s best to stick with other rich, deep shades that won’t clash with the burgundy. Green, navy, and black are all good options.

What colors should I avoid wearing with burgundy?

While you can technically wear burgundy with any color, some shades might clash or create an unflattering look. Some colors to avoid include:

  • Bright yellow
  • Bright pink
  • Bright orange
  • Neon colors
  • Bright red

Can I wear patterns with burgundy?

Yes! Burgundy is a versatile color that pairs well with a variety of patterns, including stripes, polka dots, and florals. Just be sure that the colors in the pattern don’t clash with the burgundy.

Should I wear all burgundy or mix it with other colors?

While an all-burgundy outfit can look stunning, it can be a bit overwhelming. It’s a good idea to mix burgundy with other colors to help balance out the look. Pairing it with neutrals like black, white, or gray is always a safe bet, but you can also experiment with other shades that complement burgundy.

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