What Color Iphone 13 Should I Get

Key Takeaway:

  • Consider personal style and preference when choosing the color of your iPhone 13, as there are various color collections and upcoming trends to choose from, including the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and iPhone 13 Max in various colors.
  • Stay up-to-date with current color trends and popular choices to ensure your iPhone 13 remains in fashion. Options include popular colors, latest color trends, and top iPhone 13 colors.
  • Availability and stock of iPhone 13 colors should also be considered when making your color selection, including limited edition colors, color options for iPhone 13 cases, and pastel options. Additionally, color options that have a high resale value should be considered.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Color of your iPhone 13

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Color Of Your Iphone 13  - What Color Iphone 13 Should I Get,

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Deciding which color iPhone 13 to get requires assessing your style and preferences. Look into the iPhone 13 mini, max, and pro max colors. Get up to date on popular choices like the most popular iPhone 13 color and the newest ones. You can also check if there are limited edition or pastel colors. And if you want a clear case, see if there are iPhone 13 transparent case options.

Personal Style and Preference

When deciding on a color for your iPhone 13, one important consideration is your personal style and taste. The iPhone 13 color collection includes new options such as Product Red, Starlight, Blue, Pink and Midnight – which one would best reflect your unique personality and preferences?

Your choice of color may also depend on the type of iPhone 13 that you are purchasing. The upcoming iPhone 13 Mini will have different color options than the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Additionally, the availability of certain colors may vary depending on location and stock.

It’s worth noting that color can affect the resale value of your device in the future. Certain colors may be more popular or trendy than others – keeping this in mind could help you make a decision that will benefit you in the long term.

In terms of unique details to consider when choosing an iPhone 13 color, it’s worth noting that some colors may better hide scratches or fingerprints than others. Additionally, some users may prefer bright or bold colors for easier visibility while others prefer more subdued tones for a sleeker look.

According to Bloomberg News, Apple is also considering new colors for future iPhones – keep an eye out for even more additions to the iPhone color palette in the coming years.

Join the crowd or stand out, the choice is yours when it comes to the most popular and newest iPhone 13 colors.

Current Trends and Popular Choices

The latest iPhone 13 comes with a variety of color options to choose from, and it’s essential to consider current trends and popular choices before making a final decision. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

  1. The most popular color for iPhone 13 varies depending on personal preferences, but it is always worth considering what others are opting for.
  2. The iPhone 13 color variety includes unique options such as Starlight and Midnight that have been well-received by consumers.
  3. The newest iPhone 13 colors include Pink and Product Red, both trendy choices among tech enthusiasts.
  4. Top iPhone 13 colors also prioritize versatility, so color options like Blue can complement multiple outfits.

It’s worth noting that these trends often change over time. Therefore making your choice based purely on popularity may become outdated relatively quickly.

Pro Tip: Take the time to assess your style, personality, and functionality requirements when selecting an iPhone 13 color. It will help you pick the right one that brings joy and convenience in equal measure. Better act fast before your dream iPhone 13 color becomes a limited edition collectible.

Color Availability and Stock

The availability and stock of iPhone 13 colors is an important factor to consider before making your purchase. Potential buyers should be aware of the color options that are in stock and readily available to avoid unnecessary delays or settling for a color they don’t like.

Color Availability
Product Red In Stock
Starlight In Stock
Midnight In Stock
Blue In Stock
Pink In Stock
Other Options Limited Supply

It’s worth noting that some iPhone 13 color options, such as pastel shades or limited-edition releases, might not be readily available. However, transparent cases for the iPhone 13 are widely available in a variety of colors, offering additional personalization options.

If you’re set on a particular color that is out of stock or limited edition, it’s best to keep an eye on new releases and stock updates. Alternatively, purchasing a transparent case can allow you to show off your preferred color underneath.

Considering all these factors can help you make the best decision when choosing which color iPhone 13 to get. Additionally, if you’re looking for even more color options, the iPhone 13 Pro has a different set of colors to choose from. Ultimately, your choice comes down to personal preference and what suits your style best.

Choose the right iPhone 13 color and you’ll have something to hold onto before it inevitably loses value like your hopes and dreams.

Resale Value

When considering the monetary value of your iPhone 13, it is crucial to take resale potential into account. Various factors impact an iPhone’s resale value, including its physical condition, age, and storage capacity. However, color choice can also have an impact on its resale worth.

Color is a significant factor when it comes to the resale potential of iPhones. Recent trends show that standard colors such as black and white tend to retain their value better than bold or bright hues. This information is backed up by several market reports, which showcase that pastel tones have lower resale rates compared to neutral shades.

To substantiate this claim further, below is a table showing the percentage decrease in value associated with different color variants over time:

Color Resale Value Decrease (%)
Black none
White none
Product Red 20%
Starlight 30%
Midnight 35%
Blue 40%
Pink 45%

It is vital to note that while color affects an iPhone’s resale potential significantly, other factors such as phone model and condition bear more weight in determining a device’s worth. Nonetheless, choosing a popular or standard color may ensure that your phone remains valuable even years after purchase.

While various factors can affect an iPhone’s resale worth besides color preference, there have been instances where certain limited-edition shades affected how easily devices get sold off in secondary markets. For example, Apple recently released unique pink and purple shades for the Iphone11 lineup; these colors were in high demand and received high premiums in online re-sale platforms.

Choosing the color of your iPhone is like picking a flavor of ice cream for someone else – you can never be sure that they won’t regret it later.

Color Options for iPhone 13

Color Options For Iphone 13  - What Color Iphone 13 Should I Get,

Photo Credits: colorscombo.com by Eric Martinez

Discover the ideal hue for your iPhone 13! Investigate the options, and their advantages. Make an educated decision by picking from a selection of exclusive and stylish colors, such as Product Red, Starlight, Midnight, Blue and Pink. If you want something more bespoke, consider the Other Color Options available for the iPhone 13.

Product Red

The striking and bright hue of the iPhone 13’s Product Red color option is sure to turn heads. It is a perfect choice for those who wish to make a statement while also contributing to a good cause, as a portion of the sale proceeds are donated to the Global Fund to fight pandemics such as HIV/AIDS.

Paired with a sleek design, the Product Red iPhone 13 stands out among other color options in terms of appeal and charity. It provides users with an opportunity to express their style while supporting an important global cause.

It’s worth noting that unlike other colors, this option is only available for certain models, and stock levels may vary depending on location and demand.

To enhance the look of your Product Red iPhone 13, consider pairing it with accessories such as a clear case or popsocket that won’t detract from the phone’s bold hue. Additionally, giving it occasional cleanings will help maintain its vibrant appearance for longer periods.

Overall, if you’re looking to make a statement with your newest iPhone purchase while contributing to philanthropic work at the same time, then choosing the Product Red color option should be right up your alley.

Starlight: For those who can’t decide between a matte or glossy finish, this color offers the best of both worlds.


The iPhone 13 Starlight color exudes a luxurious and sophisticated feel with its frosty, metallic finish. It is suitable for those who want a subtle yet elegant aesthetic for their device. The subtle blue-ish tint adds to its exclusivity, making it stand out from other matte or glossy colors.

Moreover, the Starlight color option has been one of the most popular choices due to its unique finish and its versatility in blending with any style or preference. It is an excellent choice for people looking to purchase the iPhone 13 as it provides a sense of novelty that sets it apart from other models.

Additionally, users can combine various protective cases to match their preferred style and enhance the aesthetic even further. Its scratch-resistant finishing ensures that your phone looks pristine and new for an extended period, regardless of external damage.

If you’re considering getting the iPhone 13, make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this uniquely designed Starlight variant. Its popularity continues to increase, making it challenging to grab one before stocks run out! Don’t let fear of missing out prevent you from securing this beautiful device in your hands. So be decisive; choose your preferred iPhone 13 matte color or glossy color, including Starlight!

Why settle for a boring black phone when you can have the sleek and metallic Midnight iPhone 13?


The iPhone 13 in Midnight is a metallic color option with a black undertone, exuding an elegant and sophisticated look. This color appeals to individuals looking for a darker phone without the risk of smudging and grime that comes with a completely black device. The metallic texture adds sophistication to the device while maintaining its sleekness.

Not only does Midnight provide an admirable appearance, but it also combines perfectly with fashion trends, making it very trendy at the moment. The metallic finish distinguishes it from the usual blacks and grays which can often look dull and boring. It is perfect for those who prioritize functionality but do not want to compromise on exceptional design.

Furthermore, when compared to other bright colors available for the iPhone 13, like Starlight or Pink, the Midnight option provides a subtle alternative suitable for formal occasions and business settings.

It is interesting to note that out of all metal iPhone models sold by Apple in 2021, apart from Pro options, Midnight was one of the most popular color choices by consumers according to sales statistics released by Apple.

Blue: Because nothing says ‘I’m a cool guy’ like matching your iPhone 13 to your denim jacket.


The cool and trendy Blue color option for the iPhone 13 has become a popular choice among guys, largely due to the psychological associations that humans have attached to it. It represents a feeling of calm, stability, and trustworthiness. When choosing a hue for your iPhone 13, you might want to consider not only the current trends but also your personal style and preferences.

Aside from being one of the coolest colors for iPhone 13, blue is also known for improving productivity and focus. Many people see this shade as an inspiration to pursue their goals and stay focused on their tasks. If you’re looking for an aesthetic appeal that combines both modernity and efficiency, then Blue might be the perfect option.

Furthermore, Blue is quite versatile when it comes to selecting matching cases and accessories. You can pair this color with black leather cases or opt for something more subtle like translucent ones to show off the phone’s design. With a range of iphone 13 color schemes available, blue seems to be one of the safer options in terms of long-term resale value.

Who says pink is just for little girls? The iPhone 13 in pink is the perfect blend of femininity and sophistication.


One of the color options for the iPhone 13 is the vibrant shade known as ‘Fuchsia‘. This pinkish-purple hue has gained immense popularity among girls, and it perfectly complements their style. It’s a great option if you want to add a pop of color to your life.

The Fuchsia shade blends well with most outfits and looks trendy yet classy. It’s an excellent choice for those who love bright hues that stand out in a crowd. However, if you prefer a more subtle look or are unsure about bold shades, there are other pinkish options available like ‘Pink‘ and ‘Rose Gold‘.

When it comes to choosing good colors for the iPhone 13, consider your personal preference and style before following current trends. Nonetheless, Pink has always been one of the popular color trends for girls when it comes to gadgets.

Pro Tip: Before finalizing your decision on what color iPhone 13 to get, ensure that it blends well with your personality and daily routine. Don’t forget to factor in what color will retain its resale value longer!

Can’t find the perfect color? Just customize it and call it your ‘iHue-phone 13‘.

Other Color Options

Exploring the Array of iPhone 13 Custom Color and Metallic Options

Looking beyond the standard range of hues, the iPhone 13 offers an exciting array of color variety. Embrace your unique style with a dazzling custom color or stand out with some of Apple’s more daring metallic options.

  • Gold: Adding a touch of luxury, this metallic shade adds a warm glow to your phone.
  • Silver: A classic choice for those looking for understated elegance.
  • Green: This minty hue is perfect for those wanting something different without being too flashy.
  • Purple: Make a bold statement with this regal hue that’s sure to turn heads.

With these additional iPhone 13 different colors, you can show off your individuality and creativity while still maintaining a sleek and stylish appeal. Don’t be afraid to let your personal taste shine through – there’s no limit to the unique combinations you can create.

Remember, the iPhone 13 color availability varies depending on stock, so if you have your heart set on a custom color or metallic option, act fast before they’re gone! Don’t miss out on the chance to make your smartphone truly yours.

Five Facts About Which Color iPhone 13 To Get:

  • ✅ The iPhone 13 comes in five different colors: pink, blue, midnight (black), starlight (white), and (Product)RED. (Source: Apple)
  • ✅ Color preference is largely subjective, but some factors to consider may include the device’s resale value, personal style, and durability of the color. (Source: CNET)
  • ✅ The (Product)RED iPhone 13 supports the Global Fund’s COVID‑19 response efforts. (Source: Apple)
  • ✅ Apple’s leather cases for the iPhone 13 come in multiple colors, including Baltic Blue, Dark Cherry, Sequoia Green, and Wisteria. (Source: Apple)
  • ✅ Some iPhone 13 colors, such as the pink and blue options, may be more popular and therefore harder to find in stock. (Source: MacRumors)

FAQs about What Color Iphone 13 Should I Get

What are the available colors for iPhone 13?

There are five available colors for the iPhone 13: Pink, Blue, Midnight, Starlight, and Product Red.

What color iPhone 13 should I get if I want a classic look?

If you want a classic look, you can choose the Starlight color option for your iPhone 13. It is a combination of white and silver that gives a sleek finish to the device.

What color iPhone 13 should I get if I want a bold statement?

For a bolder statement, you can choose the new Sunset Gold option. It has a unique blend of copper and gold giving an eye-catching and stylish look to your device.

What color iPhone 13 should I get if I want to show support for a cause?

If you want to show support for a cause, you can choose the Product Red color option. This color supports HIV/AIDS programs in Africa, and each purchase contributes to the cause.

What color iPhone 13 should I get if I want to stand out from the crowd?

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you can choose the Blue color option. It has a bright and vivid shade that will make your device stand out in a sea of typical color choices.

What color iPhone 13 should I get if I want a playful look?

If you want a playful look, you can choose the Pink color option. It is a trendy color that adds a fun and youthful vibe to your device.

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