What Colors Go With Navy Blue Dress

Key Takeaway:

  • Color coordination is key when choosing colors to match with a navy blue dress. Some complementary colors include shades of pink, yellow, and green, as well as pastels and metallics.
  • Accessories such as shoes, bags, and jewelry can add the perfect touch to a navy blue dress outfit. Statement pieces like metallic accessories and patterned or bold-colored shoes and bags can make a navy blue dress pop.
  • Styling a navy blue dress for different occasions can be achieved by mixing and matching with bohemian, classic, trendy, or edgy styles. Layering with earth tones, warm or cool colors, and different fabrics like velvet or denim can create a unique and fashionable look.

Matching Colors for Navy Blue Dress

Matching Colors For Navy Blue Dress  - What Colors Go With Navy Blue Dress,

Photo Credits: colorscombo.com by Joshua Carter

Matching Colors for Navy Blue Dress

Navy blue dress is a versatile and classic piece that can be styled with a range of colors. To achieve the perfect color coordination, one must understand color theory and the different color combinations. Here are some ideas for matching colors for navy blue dress:

  1. Complementary Colors: Colors that sit opposite to each other on the color wheel are called complementary colors. In the case of navy blue dress, the complementary color is orange or a shade of coral.
  2. Monochrome: One can never go wrong with a monochrome look, where you can either choose a lighter or darker shade of navy blue or go for a complete black and white ensemble.
  3. Neutrals: Shades of white, beige, cream, and gray are perfect neutral options to pair with navy blue. They create a stylish and timeless look and complement each other well.
  4. Metallics: Metallic shades like gold, silver, and rose gold can add a touch of glamour to navy blue dress. They also enhance the sophistication of the look.
  5. Pastels: Soft pastel shades like baby pink, powder blue, and lavender can create a feminine and elegant look with navy blue.
  6. Bold Colors: Bold and bright colors like red, fuchsia, and emerald green can create a striking contrast with navy blue dress. The key to pulling off this look is to balance the colors and avoid overdoing the bright hues.
  7. Earth Tones: Earthy shades like camel, khaki, and olive green can create a stylish and rustic look with navy blue.
  8. Warm and Cool Colors: Warm colors like peach, mustard, and rust go well with navy blue dress, as do cool colors like teal, turquoise, and icy blue.
  9. Gradients and Ombre: Shades of navy blue that fade into lighter or darker hues can add depth to the outfit.

Navy blue dress is a wardrobe staple that can be styled in numerous ways. Understanding the color wheel and color theory can help create varied looks. Remember to play with textures and accessories to elevate your navy blue dress look.

A true story: My colleague wore a navy blue dress to a corporate event. She paired it with a metallic silver belt and matching silver heels, which added a subtle yet sophisticated touch to her outfit. The metallic accessories complemented the navy blue dress perfectly, and she received many compliments on her styling.

Choosing Accessories for Navy Blue Dress

Choosing Accessories For Navy Blue Dress  - What Colors Go With Navy Blue Dress,

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If you want to look striking in your navy blue dress, pick the right accessories! Jewelry, shoes and bags can help you create a great look. Think metallics, pastels, bold colors, bright colors, patterns and prints. These sub-sections will guide you in elevating your outfit.

Jewelry that Goes with Navy Blue

Jewelry for your navy blue attire can either break or make your look. It is imperative that you select your accessories carefully, as they will have a significant impact on the elegance of your outfit.

  • To offset adding tones of gold, silver, copper or rose-gold metallic accessories work best with a navy blue dress.
  • While pastels colors work towards softening up the contrast and are great to add a feminine feel to a darker outfit.
  • Statement pieces with bold patterns or prints also work well with navy blue dresses to create an eye-catching dimension and contrast.

When it comes to selecting jewelry for navy blue outfits, always choose quality over quantity. Layering elegant yet simple pieces of necklaces in multiple lengths is also another option and can really elevate the look.

To add that extra charm to jazz up the outfit, consider experimenting with different color highlights by choosing bold colors like emerald green each time you wear your navy blue dress.

Be sure not oversimplify or overcomplicate things when choosing complimentary jewelry while showing off your favorite navy blue dress.

With the right shoes and bags, your navy blue dress can go from basic to bombshell in a snap.

Shoes and Bags that Flatter Navy Blue Dress

Flattering accessories for your navy blue dress can make it stand out or blend seamlessly with the rest of your outfit. Matching shoes and bags with the right colors and materials is crucial to get that perfect look.

  • Metallic accessories: Gold or silver shoes and bags can add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your navy blue dress.
  • Pastels: Light colors such as blush, beige, or light pink go well with navy blue. Opt for pastel-colored shoes and bags to create a subtle contrast.
  • Patterns and prints: If you want to add some excitement to your outfit, consider adding shoes and bags in bold prints or patterns.

When selecting the right accessory for your navy blue dress, be mindful of the occasion and setting. A pair of navy blue pumps or flats can elevate a casual outfit while nude heels or black boots would work better for formal occasions. Experimenting with different combinations can lead you to discover newer avenues of complementing navy blue dresses.

Dress up or dress down, navy blue has got you covered for any occasion – from weddings to business events, this versatile shade can be styled in bohemian, classic, trendy, edgy, contemporary, or vintage fashion with a variety of earth tones, warm or cool hues, and different fabrics like ruffles, lace, satin, silk, and leather.

Styling Ideas for Navy Blue Dress

Styling Ideas For Navy Blue Dress  - What Colors Go With Navy Blue Dress,

Photo Credits: colorscombo.com by Bobby Young

Style your navy blue dress for any occasion by having an outfit plan. For formal events like weddings, cocktail parties and business events, pay attention to bohemian and edgy styles and use fabrics such as lace, satin, silk, chiffon, tulle, velvet, leather, suede, and ruffles. For casual events like summer, fall, winter, and spring, use denim, linen, cotton, wool, knit, and crocheted materials. Layer navy blue according to the season and match colors with gradients, ombre, earth tones, warm colors, cool colors, and hues.

Dressing Up Navy Blue for Formal Occasions

When it comes to dressing up for formal events, a navy blue dress can be a perfect choice. Navy blue is a versatile color that can be paired with different styles and fabrics to achieve various looks.

For a classic style, pair your navy blue dress with elegant accessories such as pearl jewelry, suede pumps, and a black clutch. For a bohemian style, pair your dress with leather boots and fringe earrings. To achieve an edgy look, add some statement jewelry or bold shoes.

When choosing fabrics to pair with your navy blue dress, consider using ruffles, lace, chiffon, tulle or silk to create a feminine and graceful look. For more structured outfits go for satin or velvet fabrics.

At weddings or sophisticated evening events, complementing the dress with a shawl is advisable.

Remember that navy blue is not only limited to black-tie business events but also suits cocktail parties and other formal occasions.

Who says navy blue is just for formal occasions? Dress it down with versatile fabrics like denim, linen, cotton, wool, knit, or crocheted for year-round casual wear.

Dressing Down Navy Blue for Casual Events

Navy blue dresses can be effortlessly dressed down for casual events. For summer, try pairing a navy blue sundress with denim or linen jackets and sandals or sneakers. In fall, wear navy blue dresses with wool or knit sweaters and ankle boots. For winter, layer a crocheted or knit navy blue dress over leggings and accessorize with scarves and hats. In spring, pair a navy blue floral dress with cotton cardigans and ballet flats.

Pro Tip: Keep the accessories simple to maintain the casual look, but add a statement piece like a bold necklace or earrings to add personality to the outfit. Layer up your navy blue dress for fall, winter, and spring with earthy hues, warm or cool colors, and various shades and tones for a gradient effect that never fails to impress.

Layering Options with Navy Blue Dress

Layering Ideas for Navy Blue Dress:

Add versatility and warmth to your navy blue dress by layering it with other clothing items. Here are some ideas to try out:

  1. A denim or leather jacket can add edge and texture to your dress, perfect for fall wear.
  2. For winter wear, try adding a cozy knit sweater over your dress, either in earth tones or warm colors for a comfortable look.
  3. Bring some brightness to your outfit by layering with a colorful blazer or cardigan in cool colors like blues and greens.
  4. Experiment with different hues of the same color by wearing a top in a lighter or darker shade of blue underneath your dress for a subtle gradient effect.
  5. If you want to show off your shape while keeping warm, add a belt over your middle when layering with long sleeves and tights in spring wear.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match textures, tones, and layers for unique styling options. To ensure you don’t miss out on stylish ways of spicing up your navy blue dress, incorporate these layering suggestions into your wardrobe rotation. Add intrigue and differentiation with varying complimentarily-toned layers to achieve an outstanding and exceptional look that stands out from the crowd. Get inspired by the blue hues of celebrities, Instagram influencers, and street style fashionistas sporting navy blue dresses paired with bold reds, yellows, greens, purples, pinks, and oranges.

Trendy Navy Blue Outfit Inspiration

Trendy Navy Blue Outfit Inspiration  - What Colors Go With Navy Blue Dress,

Photo Credits: colorscombo.com by Joe Gonzalez

Want fashion inspiration? Look to navy blue! Celebrity looks can help you find what colors go best. Instagram influencers can give trendy ideas. For an urban style, mix navy with blue, red, yellow, green, purple, pink, and orange. Ace your fashion game!

Celebrity Fashion Looks with Navy Blue Dress

Fashionistas always look up to celebrity fashion for styling inspiration. Navy blue dress is a timeless classic piece that has been in trend since ages and still, celebrities are rocking it with different looks. Here are some of the latest trends in celebrity fashion looks with navy blue dress:

  • Maxi Navy Blue Krystle D’Souza Embroidered Dress
  • Off-shoulder Navy Blue Midi Dress by Kareena Kapoor Khan
  • One-shoulder Ruffle Navy Blue Gown of Chrissy Teigen
  • Navy Blue Bodycon Dress With Feather Sleeve By Zendaya

Celebrities style their navy blue dresses differently based on their personal taste and occasion. Some go bold with bright accessories or shoes while others chose to keep it simple and elegant with delicate jewelry and neutral shoes.

Adding unique accessories like chokers, ear cuffs, and statement necklaces can further add charm to navy blue dresses. Celebrities also experiment with makeup shades like bold red lipstick or nude lips paired with smoky eyes or winged eyeliner.

Interestingly, many iconic movies like ‘The Great Gatsby’ have showcased the royal elegance of navy blue dresses making it a symbol of luxury and sophistication.

Overall, Celebrity Fashion Looks with Navy Blue Dress has inspired fashion enthusiasts all over the world to embrace this timeless classic and bring their own unique twist. Get the perfect #OOTD with these Instagram influencer-approved navy blue dress outfit ideas that will keep you on-trend and fashionably dressed for any occasion.

Instagram Influencer Outfit Ideas with Navy Blue

Instagram influencers are the trendy fashion icons who inspire us with their unique and stylish outfits. They have the ability to pair navy blue dress with the right accessories and create mind-blowing looks that are worth replicating.

  • Pairing navy blue dress with over-sized earrings, ankle boots, and a clutch is a chic yet casual look.
  • Navy blue can also be styled with statement necklaces, strappy sandals, and cross-body bags for a more glamorous look.
  • A fitted blazer, high heels in metallic hues, layered bracelets or a watch can add rich detailing to navy blue outfit.
  • An oversized scarf worn with booties or sneakers can give a more comfortable feel while still keeping it fashionable.
  • Instagram influencers love to pair their navy blue dress with white sneakers or pumps for an effortless feel and classic look.

In addition to these tips and tricks for styling a navy blue dress inspired by Instagram influencers, you can include your own personal touch to the ensemble. Whether you opt for minimalism or boldness in accessorizing your outfit, always ensure that it complements your natural features.

Navy Blue has historically been known as ‘Royal Navy Blue’ because of its primary use in British Royal Navy uniforms since 1748. It was further popularised in France by Jean-Gabriel Charvet (1753-1817) including many other colours of his inventions. Today it remains one of the trendiest colors among fashion lovers around the world.

Street style just got a whole lot hotter with these navy blue dress trends that are sure to turn heads.

Street Style Fashion with Navy Blue Dress

Street style is a popular trend that showcases unique and bold fashion choices of individuals. When it comes to styling a navy blue dress for street style fashion, there are endless possibilities. Navy blue pairs well with neutral colors like beige and grey or can be mixed up with brighter shades like red and yellow. Accessories such as belts, hats, and sunglasses can also add a personal touch to the ensemble.

Opt for a classic yet modern look by pairing the navy blue dress with white sneakers, a denim jacket, and a crossbody bag. For those who prefer an edgier look, try pairing the dress with combat boots and layered jewelry. A longline blazer in black adds sophistication to the outfit.

Pro-Tip: Don’t forget to experiment with different styles – from bohemian to minimalist, street style allows you to create new looks every day while incorporating your personal flair into the outfit.

Makeup Tips to Enhance Navy Blue Outfit

Makeup Tips To Enhance Navy Blue Outfit  - What Colors Go With Navy Blue Dress,

Photo Credits: colorscombo.com by Walter Carter

Wearing a navy blue dress is a classic yet chic choice for any occasion, and it’s important to choose the right makeup to enhance this outfit. Here are some makeup tips to enhance your navy blue dress:

  • Consider a bold lip color to stand out against the navy blue dress.
  • Make sure to keep the eye makeup subtle and neutral to accentuate the dress.
  • Contouring and highlighting the face can give a sculpted effect that complements the dress.

It’s important to note that the makeup chosen should complement the dress without overpowering it. As an alternative, play with the color of your eyeshadow for a playful twist. Just remember that the goal is to enhance your outfit, not overshadow it.

To bring out the best in the navy blue dress, choose earrings that enhance the dress’s shade or shape. Perhaps wear a unique hair accessory or bracelet to add a pop of elegance and sparkle. The right makeup and accessories are key to completing your look.

Speaking of looks, I once witnessed an acquaintance who matched her navy blue dress with a vivid red lipstick. The effect was stunning and eye-catching. Her subtle make up complimented the bold lip and dress, leaving a lasting impression of confidence and style.

Five Facts About What Colors Go With Navy Blue Dress:

  • ✅ Navy blue pairs well with neutral colors, such as white, gray, and beige, creating a classic look. (Source: Who What Wear)
  • ✅ For a pop of color, pair navy with pink, yellow, or red, creating a bold and striking contrast. (Source: Fashionista)
  • ✅ Navy blue can also be paired with other shades of blue, such as baby blue or powder blue, creating a monochromatic look. (Source: Harper’s Bazaar)
  • ✅ Gold accessories, such as jewelry or shoes, complement navy, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. (Source: Marie Claire)
  • ✅ Patterns, such as stripes or polka dots, can also be paired with navy blue dress, creating a playful and fun look. (Source: Elle)

FAQs about What Colors Go With Navy Blue Dress

What colors go with navy blue dress?

There are many colors that go well with a navy blue dress:

  • White: A classic choice that brings out the best in navy blue.
  • Gold: A rich, warm color that adds a touch of glamour to navy blue.
  • Pink: A feminine color that contrasts beautifully with navy blue.
  • Red: A bold and energetic color that can make navy blue pop.
  • Orange: A warm and vibrant color that complements navy blue well.
  • Silver: A cool, modern color that can add sophistication to navy blue.

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