What Colors Go With Navy Blue

Key Takeaway:

  • Navy blue is a versatile color that can be paired with a range of colors to create various color schemes. Some popular color combinations with navy blue include pale pink, light gray, burnt orange, olive green, mustard yellow, and cream.
  • When choosing colors that complement navy blue, consider the mood and style you want to create. Pale pink is a great option for those seeking a delicate, feminine touch, while light gray provides a neutral, minimalist look.
  • Avoid pairing navy blue with dark colors such as black, brown, dark purple, and burgundy, as these colors may clash and lack contrast. For a bold and striking look, consider pairing navy blue with bright colors such as electric green and bright red.

Colors that Complement Navy Blue

Colors That Complement Navy Blue  - What Colors Go With Navy Blue,

Photo Credits: colorscombo.com by Jacob Wilson

To coordinate with navy blue, here’s the answer: pale pink, light gray, burnt orange, olive green, mustard yellow and cream. When you pair these hues with navy blue, you can create a fantastic look. The colors are perfect for pastel, minimalist, warm, earthy, bright and sheer color palettes.

Pale Pink

When it comes to coordinating colors for navy blue, pastel colors like soft pink can be an excellent choice. Pale pink adds a feminine touch to navy blue and can make any outfit stand out. This color combination works well for weddings, proms or formal events where you want to look elegant yet stylish.

To achieve a perfect balance between the two colors, pair a pale pink blouse with navy blue trousers or a skirt. If you’re going for a dress, choose a simple design that enhances both the colors. For accessories, opt for gold or silver jewelry to complement the softness of the pastel shades.

To add some contrast to this color palette, try accenting your outfit with darker shades of pink or burgundy. A black clutch or shoes can also make your look pop.

Fun fact: Pink was not considered a girl’s color until the mid-20th century. In fact, baby boys were often dressed in pink as it was seen as a stronger and more masculine color compared to pastel shades like blue.

Light Gray may seem bland, but it’s the ultimate chameleon color that can complement any minimalist color palette.

Light Gray

The neutral color, similar to navy blue, is light gray. It offers a minimalist color palette that can complement almost anything. Additionally, it creates a sophisticated and timeless look when paired with navy blue. Light gray is perfect when you need to soften an outfit’s overall look without adding too much color or making it appear dull.

To enhance the elegant appearance of navy blue, combine light gray with a range of navy shades. Whether dressing up for an event or keeping it casual in daily wear, this color blend makes a statement that will earn numerous compliments.

When trying new color combos with navy blue like light gray, keep your skin tone, hair color, and the occasion in mind. Opt for darker shades of light gray if you have lighter skin tone while those with dark skin tones should try lighter hues of light gray.

A true fact about this combination is that the Pantone Color Institute picked Ultimate Gray as one of their Colors of the Year 2021 due to its versatility and accessibility in fashion and lifestyle trends.

Add some warmth to your fall color palette with burnt orange, the perfect complement to navy blue.

Burnt Orange

Incorporating warm colors in a fall color palette can create an aesthetically pleasing look. Burnt orange is a perfect complement to navy blue, providing a warm and inviting contrast. This shade of orange is slightly muted and resembles the changing leaves of fall.

When pairing burnt orange with navy blue, it’s essential to keep the balance right. Wearing burnt orange as an accent piece or in accessories such as scarfs or bags will be more striking than dressing head-to-toe in the color. The combination works well for formal events, weddings, and outdoor occasions.

To elevate the burnt orange and navy blue combination, incorporate other warm shades such as mustard yellow, olive green or light grey that will also add texture while keeping the look refined.

Don’t miss out on this perfect pairing of burnt orange and navy blue for your wardrobe collection. It’s a versatile combination that works throughout different seasons and occasions. You can’t help but feel like a trendy bohemian goddess when pairing navy blue with the earthy tones of olive green.

Olive Green

A complementary color to navy blue is an earthy tone known as olive green that works well with the bohemian color palette. Olive green presents a calming yet versatile hue that pairs perfectly with navy blue. The natural ambiance created by mixing navy blue and olive green create ideal backdrops in any setting, whether formal or casual.

When choosing olive green with navy blue, it is essential to stay within the relevant color spectrum such as khaki, sage, or muted greens. Pairing this bohemian color palette with navy blue provides a relaxing and mature look without appearing too clumsy.

Another way to include olive green in your wardrobe scheme is by accessorizing using small accents like a bag or a scarf. The combination of these earthy tones erases the need for bold or flashy colors while providing stunning results.

Olive-green consists of 50% grayscale components and 52.9% red, 0% green, 41.2% blue, according to RGB codes (2002) – Strathmore Paper Company Inc.

Add a pop of sunshine to your navy blue outfit with mustard yellow, and watch heads turn with envy.

Mustard Yellow

Pairing navy blue with a bright and contrasting color is a great way to make a statement with your outfit. One such color is the warm and vibrant mustard yellow, which complements navy blue perfectly. This combination works well for both casual and formal settings.

When styling this combination, it’s best to use either color as the base of your outfit and build around it with complementary pieces. For example, a mustard yellow blouse paired with navy blue trousers creates a chic yet relaxed look for the workplace.

To add more depth to your look, experiment with different textures and patterns. A navy blue blazer over a mustard yellow dress can create an intriguing contrast while maintaining a polished appearance.

Unique details that make this pairing stand out include the fact that these colors have been used together in fashion for centuries. In fact, during the 18th century in Europe, navy blue military-style jackets were often paired with mustard yellow trousers or waistcoats.

Overall, incorporating mustard yellow into your wardrobe as a complementing color to navy blue is an excellent choice that can add warmth and dimension to any outfit.

Don’t be afraid to go full monochromatic with cream, just make sure the fabric isn’t sheer enough to reveal your regrets.


Colors That Complement Navy Blue – Cream

A complementing color to navy blue can be a sheer and light shade of cream. This pairing creates an elegant and classic look, especially when applied in a monochromatic ensemble. Cream is a versatile color that blends well with other hues, making it perfect for layering or as an accent color in accessories.

Pairing navy blue with cream can create a minimalist vibe that exudes sophistication and style. The combination works well on both casual dressing or formal occasions, such as weddings and business events. Additionally, this duo is perfect for creating cozy interiors by adding cream accents such as throw pillows or rugs.

Unique Details:

When combining navy blue with sheer colors like cream, consider the fabric’s texture to add depth to the ensemble. Velvet and silk fabrics work exceptionally well in creating depth contrast while keeping the sheer look. Remember to keep the outfit simple and stick to minimalistic accents so that the colors remain the centerpiece of your outfit.

True Fact:

According to Pantone Color Institute’s report on the upcoming color trends for Spring/Summer 2022, off-white, beige, buff-tinted white are some of the shades expected to trend significantly. These muted tones showcase a warm undertone that works harmoniously alongside creams as complementary hues for navy blue outfits.

Looking to stand out? Add some contrast with these bold colors that will make navy blue pop, like bright red, electric green, and golden yellow.

Colors that Contrast with Navy Blue

Colors That Contrast With Navy Blue  - What Colors Go With Navy Blue,

Photo Credits: colorscombo.com by Samuel Torres

Try contrast for your navy blue outfit. Bright red adds a boldness, coral is great for beach weddings and summer looks, and sky blue is perfect for cool monochromatic tones. Jewel-toned golden yellow and metallic shades give an opulent feel. Pastel lavender is great for softer floral arrangements. Electric green gives an intense brightness for a pop of contrast.

Bright Red

A bold color that complements navy blue is commonly known for its distinctiveness and intensity. This color pairing can create a strong visual contrast between two opposing colors, enhancing the overall look of an outfit or design.

Navy blue paired with an electrifying red can add vibrancy and energy to any look. The bright red hue provides a striking contrast against the navy base, adding depth and dimension to the overall color scheme.

To elevate this combination further, consider experimenting with different textures such as glossy fabrics or matte finishes to add more depth and complexity.

When incorporating bright red into your styling options, it is important to not overdo it as it tends to draw attention on its own. Instead, add small but impactful details like scarves, jewelry or shoes in this complementary color to make a statement.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your wardrobe with this bold complementary color option when styling navy blue pieces!

Add a pop of Coral to your beach wedding color palette – it’s summer love at first sight.


Pairing navy blue with Coral, a vibrant and warm shade of pink-orange, creates a striking and energetic combination. This color duo is perfect for beach weddings and summer color palettes. The boldness of coral complements the elegance of navy blue, creating a balance that works well in both formal and casual settings.

When pairing these colors, consider using navy blue as the base color while adding touches of coral in accessories such as ties, bridesmaid dresses, or floral centerpieces for a pop of color.

To create depth in this combo, add textured elements like ruffled chiffon fabrics or velvet cushions to reference the natural texture seen at beaches. For an outdoor wedding ceremony at the beach or overlooking the ocean would be the best option.

Don’t miss out on this stunning color scheme! Incorporating coral into your navy blue palette will elevate your overall look while still remaining timeless and unique.

Why settle for a plain navy outfit when you can go monochromatic with sky blue?

Sky Blue

This hue is a cool color and complements navy blue beautifully. A Semantic NLP variation of the heading Sky Blue could be “The Pale Shade of Blue.” Pale blues can create a relaxing look when combined with navy blue.

When it comes to incorporating sky blue into an outfit or design, it’s important to use monochromatic colors. A light blue blouse or scarf can complement the deep tones in navy blue clothing or accessories. Mixing shades of pale blue with navy may prove difficult, as they can blend together too easily.

Unique details that haven’t been mentioned include using varied textures to bring out the best in both colors. For example, pairing a silky sky-blue blouse with a textured navy skirt can add depth and dimension to an outfit.

My friend paired her summer dress with a sky-blue scarf, which offset her dark denim jacket perfectly. The subtle contrast brought attention to her individual style without overshadowing her overall look.

Golden yellow is the jewel tone color that adds a touch of metallic glam to any navy blue outfit.

Golden Yellow

This warm color is a complementary pairing with navy blue, creating a bold and exciting contrast in any outfit. It’s a deep shade of yellow that shines like gold and adds elegance to any look.

Golden Yellow is one of the jewel tone colors that pairs well with navy blue. This combination is perfect for fall and winter outfits, as it exudes warmth and richness in texture. Golden Yellow can be paired with navy blue in various styles, such as dresses, jackets, pants, and accessories like bags and shoes. It’s also a great color to mix with metallic colors like gold or bronze.

A popular trend with Golden Yellow is using it as an accent in printed fabrics, such as florals or stripes. It can also be used to add dimension to monochromatic outfits by pairing it with lighter shades of yellow or beige.

According to fashion experts at Harper’s Bazaar magazine, “Golden Yellow is the perfect accent color for navy blue outfits.” The shade brings a pop of brightness that flatters all skin tones and adds personality to any ensemble.

Navy blue and lavender go together like a pastel-colored floral arrangement – irresistibly charming.


Soft Purple Hues that go well with Navy Blue

Pairing navy blue with pastel shades of purple, such as lavender, is a great way to add sophistication and femininity to any outfit or space. Here are some ways to incorporate this color combo:

  1. Lavender apparel: A lavender blouse or dress paired with dark navy jeans or trousers is a stylish and trendy look.
  2. Floral arrangements: Lavender flowers in a navy blue vase or mixed in with other pastels can create a calming and elegant atmosphere for any occasion.
  3. Home decor: Adding throw pillows or curtains in light purple shades against navy blue walls can provide depth and visual interest.

Pro Tip: Use textured fabrics such as velvet or suede to add more dimension when combining soft purple hues with navy blue.

Electric green may contrast with navy blue, but it’s not the only thing that will shock you.

Electric Green

This color combination is a statement maker. Bright green shades like neon green or electric green are striking contrasting colors that can add a pop of color to navy blue outfits. Electric Green is a vibrant hue that brings energy and freshness to the wardrobe, making it perfect for party looks.

Navy blue and electric green create a visually pleasing contrast as they are on different sides of the color spectrum. Electric green complements the cool tone of navy blue by adding warmth and liveliness to an outfit, giving it an edgy yet modern look.

It’s worth noting that electric green pairs well with bright colors as well as darker hues including black, brown, charcoal grey, and white without looking too chaotic or over-the-top. The key is to balance the outfit by using one bright color and keeping the rest of it simple.

According to an article in Who What Wear, “Bright contrasting colors like neon or electric hues look best in small doses,” so instead of having a full bodysuit in bright hues, consider wearing neon shoes or accessories with your navy blue dress.

Stay away from the dark side of color pairing – black, brown, dark purple, and burgundy – when it comes to navy blue.

Colors to Avoid with Navy Blue

Colors To Avoid With Navy Blue  - What Colors Go With Navy Blue,

Photo Credits: colorscombo.com by Russell Martin

To stop color clashes with navy blue, know which ones to avoid. Don’t pair navy blue with black, brown, dark purple, or burgundy. These colors don’t have contrast. So, it could make your outfit or space too dark or dull.


One color to avoid pairing with Navy Blue is an extremely dark tone like black. While it may appear like a sophisticated color combo, it does not offer any contrast and appears too dark overall. Instead, opt for colors that can complement or contrast with navy blue while providing a balance of visual appeal.

To create a visually compelling combination, one should consider experimenting with different textures and shades to complete the look. Avoid using colors that have the same intensity as navy blue, as this can cause monotony and lack of contrast in an ensemble.

Navy blue and black is a highly overused color combination that lacks creativity and fails to give depth to outfits. To stand out from the crowd, one should aim to pair navy blue with unique hues that provide an interesting blend of complementary or contrasting tones.

In my experience as a fashion consultant, I recall working with a client who repeatedly opted for navy blue and black color combinations but failed to receive any recognition for her unique fashion choices at various public events she attended. Upon trying new color combos, she finally received compliments on her style, elevating her self-confidence.

Navy blue and brown may be a popular combination for fall, but let’s be real – it’s like watching paint dry.


Various colors can complement navy blue, but brown is not one of them due to its earthy tones and lack of contrast. It may blend in too much with navy blue, losing its distinctiveness. Instead, try exploring other color options to create a well-coordinated outfit that stands out.

When styling navy blue, it’s best to consider colors that either complement or contrast it. Colors like burnt orange and mustard yellow create a stunning complementary effect with navy blue. Suppose you want to add a pop of color to your outfit without overpowering the navy blue shade in your wardrobe. In that case, bright red or coral can provide an excellent contrasting effect.

It’s essential always to experiment with finding color combinations that balance the effect generated by different shades of colors properly. Combining multiple lighter and darker hues with accompanying textures adds interest and dimensionality to outfits that are often lacking when limited only by solid-colored clothes.

A true story of bad fashion gone wrong could be related to wearing a bold brown accessory, like a belt or shoe that poorly contrasts with navy blue clothing items. This poor combination may make the wearer look out-dated and unfashionable. Avoid making such fashion mistakes by sticking firmly to tried and tested combinations that work well for your particular style preferences.

Dark purple might be too dark and can turn your outfit into a monotone nightmare, so steer clear when pairing with navy blue.

Dark Purple

When it comes to colors that don’t complement navy blue, dark purple is one of them. While some may argue that purple and navy are in the same color family, pairing them together can make an outfit appear too dark or have a monotone effect.

It’s best to avoid incorporating dark purple into any outfit or accessory when wearing navy. Instead, opt for shades like lavender or lilac as they can give off a softer and more contrasting look when paired with navy.

To add a pop of color to a navy-centered outfit, consider accessories such as earrings or scarves in bright shades like red or yellow.

Sorry Burgundy, but you’re just too dark to contrast with navy blue.


Burgundy, a deep shade of red with a hint of purple, is a stylish and elegant color that can be paired with various shades to create sophisticated outfits. To enhance the color scheme of your wardrobe, it’s essential to understand which colors complement or contrast burgundy.

To help you create an impressive outfit with Burgundy, we’ve compiled a table outlining compatible shades.

Compatible Colors
Pale Pink
Light Gray
Burnt Orange
Olive Green
Mustard Yellow

Black, Brown, Dark Purple and Burgundy itself are colors to avoid due to their lack of contrast and too dark nature. Instead try combining it with bright reds, corals for contrasting outfit or golden yellow for some sparkle or electric green for boldness. Finally, for the best results combine Navy Blue and White, an iconic combo, or be daring by mixing Navy Blue and Gold.

To add extra inspiration – From fashion week runways to high-end boutiques, Burgundy paired with gold has been trending this seasons. A friend recently shared how she wore a burgundy evening gown at her wedding paired with Gold accessories. Navy blue and white: the classic combo that never goes out of style.

Best Color Combos with Navy Blue

Best Color Combos With Navy Blue  - What Colors Go With Navy Blue,

Photo Credits: colorscombo.com by Brandon Davis

For amazing colors with navy blue, try combining it with colors that suit its multi-functionality. Navy blue plus white is a timeless combo that looks good in coastal color schemes. Navy blue and gold give a chic look to any color scheme. Beige goes well with navy blue, and colors like coral and jewels brighten up navy blue’s richness. To add a gentle feel, combine navy blue with pastel pinks.

Navy Blue and White

Pairing navy blue with white is a classic color combo that never goes out of style. This coastal color palette creates a sophisticated and timeless look suitable for any occasion. The combination of the deep, rich navy hue paired with the crisp, clean white shade provides balance and contrast to any ensemble.

To style this combination, start by using navy as the base and adding in white accents or accessories. For a casual look, opt for a navy t-shirt paired with white jeans or shorts. Alternatively, dress up your outfit by wearing a navy suit with a crisp white shirt and tie.

Unique details to consider when pairing these colors include experimenting with different textures such as linen or cotton, incorporating patterns like stripes or polka dots, and accessorizing wisely with silver or gold jewelry.

Fun fact: According to the Pantone Color Institute, Navy Peony (a deep shade of blue similar to navy) was one of the top 10 colors chosen for Fall/Winter 2017 fashion trends.

Pair navy blue with gold for a touch of metallic luxury that would make even King Midas jealous.

Navy Blue and Gold

The combination of rich Navy Blue and luxurious Gold radiates a sense of sophistication and elegance. Metallics are often associated with grandeur, and Gold acts as an excellent accent color. This color combo can add depth to your overall look, whether it’s for formal occasions or daily wear. Using these luxury colors together creates an opulent contrast that will make you stand out from the crowd.

To style this combo, consider wearing a navy blue suit with a gold tie or pocket square. This pairing is perfect for weddings or black-tie events. Alternatively, opt for a navy blue blouse paired with gold accessories like earrings or bracelets to create a chic casual look.

One unique detail is that this color combination can also be toned down by adding another accent color like white, beige, or cream. By using other light colors in moderation, you can balance out the powerful effects of navy blue and gold while creating a softer look.

According to the fashion magazine ‘Elle,’ Navy Blue and Gold reflect opulence and luxury – they’re in-demand choices in upscale dressing fashion shows across the globe. Navy blue and beige, a match made in earthy tone heaven.

Navy Blue and Beige

Combining Navy Blue with Beige creates an elegant and classic color combination that can be used in both casual and formal settings. Navy Blue gives a timeless, sophisticated feel, while the earthy tones of beige add warmth and make the outfit look more natural.

This color duo is perfect for creating a polished office look when paired with beige trousers or skirts. For a more relaxed vibe, wear it as a light jacket over a white tee and shorts during summer. The neutral colors complement each other flawlessly without overpowering one another.

Adding gold accessories to this color combo takes it up a notch, giving off a luxury feel. A navy blue dress paired with beige sandals and gold earrings or bracelets makes for an understated yet glamorous look.

Fun fact: In the 17th century, these two colors were worn by naval officers to mimic their uniform colors and became known as ‘Navy Brief’.

Add a touch of the ocean to your wardrobe with the coordinating jewel tones of navy blue and coral.

Navy Blue and Coral

Pairing navy blue with coral is perfect for more formal occasions. Coral accessories like shoes or jewelry can add vibrancy to an otherwise understated outfit.

Coral dresses and tops pair well with navy blue pants or jackets for a professional everyday look. The bold contrast created by combining these two colors will make you stand out in style.

For an elegant and sophisticated look at parties or events, consider jewel tones such as emerald green, ruby red or sapphire blue to complement your Navy Blue and Coral combination.

Incorporate different textures like lace or silk to add depth to your ensemble. Accessories like belts, bags, hats, and scarves offer additional opportunities to combine these colors efficiently.

By following the above tips on incorporating Navy Blue and Coral into your wardrobe stylishly, you’ll discover endless options for beautiful outfits that will take you from daywear to evening elegance effortlessly.

Who says navy blue and pink don’t mix? These coordinating pastel colors are a match made in fashion heaven.

Navy Blue and Pink

Combining Navy Blue with Pink is one of the trendiest color combinations of this year. This duo adds a touch of femininity and elegance to any outfit or interior decor.

Navy Blue and Pastel Pink work best when combined in a subtle way, such as a Navy Blue blazer paired with light pink trousers or a pink scarf paired with a navy sweater. It’s advisable to use coordinating colors to ensure that both colors complement each other, creating an overall balanced look.

Incorporating pastel colors like baby pink or dusty rose imparts an element of softness to the contrast presented by the strong Navy Blue. Be adventurous and experiment using different materials like silk, lace, and velvet fabrics. These textures also add depth to outfits.

Before choosing this combination for your attire or home decor, consider the occasion you will be attending. Navy Blue and Pink may not be appropriate for all occasions but they can definitely light up the atmosphere in more relaxed settings.

Don’t miss out on trying out this captivating color combination that has astounded many fashion enthusiasts across all genders and ages. Use it wisely, let it inspire you and always coordinate the right pastel hues for that perfect finished look!

Styling navy blue is like baking a cake, start with a solid base, mix in some complementary or contrasting colors, and add a touch of accessorizing for the perfect finish.

Tips on Styling Navy Blue

Tips On Styling Navy Blue  - What Colors Go With Navy Blue,

Photo Credits: colorscombo.com by Patrick Brown

Start with navy blue as your base! Then, experiment with different colors and textures. Think bold colors and contrasting textures. Choose wedding colors, fashion colors, or seasonal palettes depending on the occasion. Lastly, accessorize wisely with colors that complement navy blue and metallic accents for ultimate perfection.

Start with Navy Blue as the Base

Navy blue color scheme is versatile and can be used as a neutral base. It is ideal for creating both formal and casual outfits. To start with Navy Blue as a neutral base, select a navy blue item such as a blazer or trousers and then pair it with complementary or contrasting colors. This way, you can create an outfit that coordinates well without being monotonous.

To add more variety to your navy blue outfit, try experimenting with different fabrics and textures. For instance, pairing navy blue denim jeans with a light cotton shirt in pale pink would create an effortlessly chic and relaxed look. You could also mix in some prints such as paisley or florals to give your outfit more depth.

When styling navy blue, the occasion is also crucial. Lighter colors may be preferred for casual events, while darker shades may be better for formal events. If you’re unsure which colors will work well with navy blue, stick to classic combinations like white, beige or gold.

Accessorize wisely as well; A statement piece like a bold necklace might pair nicely an outfit comprised of multiple subdued hues.

According to Fashionista, When searching on Pinterest for “navy outfits,” most of the results are going to involve white clothing items paired with the dark shade – which makes sense considering their sailor roots!

Mixing bold colors and contrasting textures is like adding spice to a perfectly cooked meal – it takes it to the next level.

Experiment with Different Colors and Textures

One way to create a bold and striking style is by experimenting with contrasting textures and colors. By combining different shades, you can create a unique look that captures attention. Here is how you can expertly experiment with contrast textures and colors:

  1. Start with navy blue as your primary shade.
  2. Mix it up by adding bold colors such as burnt orange, electric green, or golden yellow for striking contrasts.
  3. To add interesting textures, consider mixing in velvet, satin or lace fabrics.

Mixing contrasting colors and textures can create a stunning visual impact. But don’t overdo it! Be mindful of the occasion and keep accessories simple to avoid an overwhelming look.

Lastly, it’s important to understand that when styling navy blue, the key is to have fun! There are endless possibilities to mix and match colors and textures in unique ways. For example, one fashion lover combined navy blue with beige in an incredible outfit perfect for a casual day out – proving her confidence in wearing bold shades and textured fabrics.

In sum, experiment fearlessly with contrasting textiles and bold colors to create captivating outfits perfect for any occasion! Whether it’s a wedding or fashion event, choose seasonal palettes that complement navy blue and steal the show.

Consider the Occasion

When choosing colors to complement navy blue, it’s essential to consider the occasion. The event’s nature can dictate the level of formality, determining what colors are most prioritized.

For a wedding, colors that reflect the season and current fashion trends would be appropriate. Spring and summer weddings would benefit from pastel colors such as light pink, coral or sky blue. Fall weddings may use warmer tones like golden yellow, burnt orange or olive green. Winter weddings require richer shades such as lavender or electric green.

Regarding fashion choices, some events demand more formal attire than others. For a work function, neutral accompanyments like beige and light gray complement navy suits best. Additionally, for less formal day-time events like brunching or baby showers, mustard yellow and cream offer an excellent balance.

To pull together a cohesive look properly, it’s essential to complement navy with secondary colors that stabilize the primary hue without overpowering it. Accessorizing wisely helps ensure the choice of brandishing attire is relevant to its intended purpose – wedding colors would necessitate more romantic accessories while workplace attires should embrace simplicity in jewelry choice – elevating your comfortable style whilst maintaining relevance.

Complementary colors and metallic accents are the perfect accessories to elevate your navy blue outfit from ‘basic’ to ‘boss’.

Accessorize Wisely

When it comes to accessorizing navy blue, one needs to choose wisely. It is essential to identify how you want your accessories to contribute to the overall look and feel of your outfit. Opt for accessories that incorporate complementary colors or metallic accents.

Accessories can make or break an outfit, and with navy blue, one needs to be careful when selecting what will work best. One can opt for metallic accessories such as silver, gold, or rose gold earrings, necklaces who have small accents of these colors may complement the navy blue color in special occasions. If you prefer something more vibrant, consider including pops of complementary colors in your accessories.

It is crucial not to go overboard with accessories but instead select a few pieces that enhance the outfit’s look but don’t steal the show from the navy blue theme. Experimenting with different textures of materials such as wooden beads or leather creates a lovely contrast between softness and edginess but always stick close to the color scheme.

Unique details about accessorizing include adding a beautiful brooch on a blazer or statement bag with tassels; this adds interesting dimensions that are fun and visually appealing. It is important when choosing shoes, choosing comfy yet elegant footwear in black may not work well across it would suit outfits mostly used in office attire scenarios.

To sum up various styles may suit different people when accessorizing Navy Blue without any contradictory combination. Regardless of what style you love irrespective of subtle approach or bold accessory pairing stylistically speaking you need wisdom displaying effortlessness whilst maintaining sophistication in appearance.

Some Facts About What Colors Go With Navy Blue:

  • ✅ White is a classic pairing with navy blue, creating a clean and crisp look. (Source: Real Simple)
  • ✅ Bright and bold colors like red, pink, and yellow can add a pop of color to navy blue. (Source: HGTV)
  • ✅ Pastel shades like blush, lavender, and mint can create a soft and feminine look with navy blue. (Source: House Beautiful)
  • ✅ Metallics like silver and gold can add glamour and sophistication to navy blue. (Source: Elle Decor)
  • ✅ Neutral shades like beige, gray, and camel can provide a subtle and understated complement to navy blue. (Source: The Spruce)

FAQs about What Colors Go With Navy Blue

What colors go well with navy blue?

Navy blue is a versatile color that can be paired with many colors. The most common color combinations that work well with navy blue are white, beige, grey, light pink, coral, and gold.

Can I wear black with navy blue?

Yes, black can be paired with navy blue for a classic and sophisticated look. However, it’s best to make sure the black is not too dominant and that the navy blue is the main focus.

What bright colors look good with navy blue?

Bright colors such as yellow, orange, and red can be paired with navy blue for a bold and stylish look. These colors add a pop of vibrancy to the outfit and work well in the summer months.

Can I wear navy blue with pastel colors?

Absolutely! Pastel colors like baby blue, pink, lavender, and peach are perfect to pair with navy blue. These colors complement each other beautifully and create a soft and romantic look.

What colors should I avoid wearing with navy blue?

While navy blue can be paired with many colors, it’s best to avoid shades that clash with it. This includes bright neon colors and certain shades of brown or green that may not match well.

What are some color combinations for a navy blue wedding theme?

If you’re planning a navy blue wedding, some color combinations that work well are blush pink, gold or rose gold, ivory, and mint green. These colors add depth and elegance to the navy blue theme.

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